tagLoving WivesHotwife Iris Goes to Party w/Jack

Hotwife Iris Goes to Party w/Jack


"Are you sure you're okay with this?," queried my beautiful 45yo wife.

"Heck, yes," I said. "I am a little nervous…but in a good way. I think this is kind of exciting. I'm surprised YOU are not more nervous."

"Oh, I am. But Jack is such a darling. And I think it's so cute that he wants to show me off to his friends," said Iris, as she continued to get ready for her 'date'.

As you may have previously read, I had recently started to 'share' my voluptuous and Rubenesque HotWife, with a very courteous, handsome, and mature, 28yo, named Jack. We had 'found' Jack, using an online service, and he (and even his younger brother, Jason), had enjoyed my wife's sexual prowess, on several previous occasions.

Apparently, Jack had been telling his buddies about the vivacious MILF that he had met, but they didn't believe him. Even though they had read about hot, older women, hooking up with younger studs, it was too much for them to envision that their lifelong friend was actually lucky enough to have such a relationship.

Despite Jack's athletic (6'1" and probably 195lbs.) and handsome looks (dark, short-cut hair w/green eyes), apparently he had never really had any longtime girlfriends. My guess was that he was a lot like me, when I was his age; someone who lusted for older women, never feeling that girls of his own age were nearly as interesting.

Jack had asked my curvy wife (actually…it was more like a lot of begging in a charming sort of way), to be his escort at an annual summer party, held at the house of one of his friends. Kent and Jack had been buddies since grade school, and Kent's family had always held a late summer party, and invited scads of people. In recent years, Kent's parents had trusted Kent to host the party himself, as they would be off on vacation. Jack said, although the crowd was mostly 20-somethings, there would be some older folks there, too. Jack knew many of his 'doubting' friends would be in attendance, and he'd score 'major points' if he had my HotWife on his arm.

Although a little reluctant, at first, Jack's persistence and my encouragement helped push my MILF into accepting. We've never discussed it, but I've always suspected that my HotWife had a 'thing' for 20-something guys. In our 4+ years of matrimony (the second marriage, for both of us), I have often caught her watching VH1, alone. (I'm 'cool' with it; I've even fantasized about taking her to a VH1 'Spring Break', so she can flirt with as many college studs as her heart desires.)

I could tell Iris was excited to go, but she also insisted that I tag along in the background. That was fine with Jack, and he said Kent would be cool with it, too; I'd arrive at the party a little later than those two, and hangout and observe.

As my MILF got dressed, I started to get very turned on. Iris wore a long jean skirt, with a slit in the back, and a zipper than ran up the entire front. She had it unzipped to knee level. My HotWife's pretty red toenails contrasted nicely against the white straps of her 3", wedge, espadrilles, that had straps that wrapped around her ankles several times, before being tied in a bow. Over the straps, Iris had already put on her silver anklet, that fittingly said 'MILF'. For her top, my HotWife put on a red, satin halter (tying around the neck), with a large keyhole in the front, giving fabulous glimpses of her 38FF cleavage. The halter had a very low back, and the bottom of it flowed over the top of her jean skirt.

She looked absolutely fabulous. Her long, dark brunette, hair danced on her bare shoulders, and her tanned back was mostly exposed, displaying the all-over tan that she'd been working on this summer. (When Iris tans, she looks like she's from the Mediterranean; very olive skinned) But, as gorgeous as my 'Red, White, & Blue' dressed wife looked, I was most stunned by the fact that she was braless, and her naked breasts were pressed firmly against the satin fabric that encased them. .

"Honey……you're going braless?" I stammered.

"Uh-Huh," my MILF said with a smile, as she continued her make-up.

"But…but…in all the times I've asked you to go braless, you've never agreed," I asked with a quizzical look.

"Well, I want to make Jack's friends jealous," my HotWife said with an evil smile. "And I also thought I'd get two for my money, as I thought it'd be quite the tease for you."

I started to imagine how those 20-something boys would be ogling Iris's massive mammaries, as they pressed against the silky, smooth, red satin. It was more than I could stand. I came up from behind her, and reached around to cup her breasts through the thin, silky fabric, and kissed my MILF's luscious neck. The feeling of the satin against her breasts, was heavenly. When I tweaked her nipples, she feigned objection.

"Hey, hey, HEY…", my HotWife protested as she spun away with a big, beautiful smile. "You're going to muss me up."

As my sexy MILF turned to face me, my eyes immediately spied my handiwork; Iris's nipples were rock hard and were very obvious as they pressed against the red fabric.

"Honey…you're going to drive those young boys, wild," I said as I reached out and tickled Iris's erect left nipple.

"I know. I am being bit of a naughty girl, aren't I?" she said with one of her patented devilish smiles.

"Yeah," I said, "but that's one of the reasons I love you," as I gave her a peck on her pretty red lipsticked lips. "I suppose you're also wearing that new thong I got you?"

"Hmmmmm, maybe…" Iris said with her evil grin.

I had recently gotten my HotWife a thong that said on the front:


you are about to


I was really hoping my MILF was wearing it, 'cause I couldn't wait to see Jack's expression when he saw it.

When I gave it to her, I playfully said that this thong had to have a rule:

There could be NO teasing! If she allowed anyone to actually read it, she had to go through with it.

Iris had worn it once before, for our date last weekend. She hadn't told me, and I was pleasantly surprised when she flashed me with it, while we were in the car. It was an incredible turn on for me, and Iris said she got a 'rush' wearing it, knowing that she had just 'flashed' her invitation.

As my MILF walked around, making her last minute preparations, I noticed the 'girls' were bouncing around, despite being held fairly firmly by the red satin halter.

"How does it feel, walking around braless?" I asked, noticing that the stimulation had re-erected my HotWife's nipples.

"It's different. I'm going to have to move real slow, and not walk around too much. If you see me get up to dance, you'll know I'm drunk enough that I no longer care if the boys see 'the girls' jiggling," my MILF said with a laugh.

"Well I wouldn't worry. I can't imagine that you're going to have any trouble getting guys to fetch your drinks," I said with a smile.

I looked out the window, and saw Jack had pulled up. Iris was ready to go, and I escorted her to Jack's car. He didn't get to see the 'show' that I had just seen, as my HotWife had put a lightweight scarf around her, covering the obviousness of her bouncing boobies.

"Okay, Jack. She's all yours," I said as I gave my gorgeous wife another peck on her lips. "And, if your friends have any doubt that Mrs. C. is a bonafide MILF, all they have to do is look at her anklet."

Jack looked down, and caught the silver lettered anklet that said 'MILF', as it dangled on my wife's right ankle. He smiled and said, "Nice anklet, Mrs. C." said Jack. "Okay, Mr. C. We'll see you at the party. Kent's expecting you."

As they pulled away, I could tell that Jack thought my HotWife was as 'HOT' as I thought she looked.

I gave the two of them a good head-start, and then navigated the 20-minute ride to Kent's parents house. When I walked up to the door, I could hear the music from the backyard, and all the other sounds you'd expect to hear at a very large party. The person who opened the door for me, turned out to be Kent. He was a very nice, tall (6'4"?), slim, red-headed young man, and we exchanged pleasantries.

"WOW, Mr. C. Your wife looks incredible. I'm glad you both could make it. Have a good time."

"Thanks, Kent," I said as I made my way to the backyard.

It took me a while to navigate through all of the guests. As I looked around, I was having trouble spotting where my MILF was, but then I saw a gaggle of 20-somethings gathered around a chair. Sure enough, there on her 'throne' was my HotWife, eagerly being entertained and attended to, by Jack and his friends (I assumed). Iris caught sight of me, across the yard, and gave me a knowing look. With my presence established, I found an empty chair, and sat back to enjoy the show.

Among Iris's friends, she is kind of known as the 'Dear Abby' of all things sexual. One of her friends once held a 'sex-toys-party', and Iris said she had to answer questions for her more novice friends. I've always known her to be quite self-assured in any 'sexually charged' setting, and I was not surprised to see my HotWife enrapture her young and adoring fan club.

I could tell by what was happening that some of the topics of conversation were her anklet and her tattoos (a dragon on the neck and a fairy on her lower back). The scene seemed quite sexually charged. My MILF was sitting with her legs crossed and exposed by the slit in the jean skirt. Her buxom breasts jiggled and teased every time she laughed (she had removed her scarf), and her marvelous cleavage was on prominent display any time she bent over. Jack let his friends monopolize Iris's attention, as he stood towards the back of them. He looked over and saw me, and gave me a proud smile and nod.

The 'boys' were quite respectful, and quite gentlemanly. They made sure my beautiful MILF never finished a drink without another one being handed to her within a few moments.

As the evening wore on, Jack coaxed my HotWife into joining him for a few slow dances. With each song they seemed to move ever more 'close', while swaying to the song. After the second round of dances, I noticed that the zipper on my MILF's skirt had been raised even higher. (I assumed Jack had wanted to 'expose' more of my wife to his friends.) When Iris got back to her chair, nearly her entire right leg was exposed as she crossed her legs. I could tell that she was quite 'tipsy', and with it, she was becoming ever more flirtatious. I loved it.

When I saw Kent come over with a round of watermelon shots, I really started to wonder where this evening was headed. With her second round of shots, my HotWife looked over at me, raised her glass, and gave me a smile.

Iris does not get 'loaded' very often. But when she does, she can get very horny. And, after her third watermelon, I figured the evening might get a bit wild and crazy. In between the shots, my MILF was even talked in to a few fast dances with Kent, despite the fact that her bountiful breasts swung and bounced beneath her blouse.

It had started to get on in the evening, and quite a few guests had left. When my HotWife got up for a restroom break, I headed toward the house, to see how she was doing.

"HI, honey!" Iris said, grinning ear to ear.

"Are you having a good time?" I asked as my sexy wife hung on my shoulders.

"Yep! Those boys are so nice…and so cute! Excuse me…I need to go pee." As my MILF made her way to the bathroom, I remembered that my 'proper' wife never says 'Yep' unless she's pretty loaded.

I walked over and motioned to Jack. I wanted to see how he was doing, and give him some ideas. Kent's house backed up to a lovely park, and I suggested he take my HotWife for a little moonlit stroll. Jack then walked over and talked briefly with Kent, and his good friend headed off to the house, and quickly returned with a blanket.

When Iris emerged, she made a beeline to Jack, and I could tell he was offering to take my MILF for a walk under the moon, as I had suggested. My HotWife glanced back at me, and motioned with her head where they were going. I, dutifully, followed at a distance.

The two of them were far enough ahead, that I couldn't really hear their conversation. Iris's right arm was through Jack's, as they strolled out into the quiet night. She glanced back once, to make sure I was following, all the while looking content in the presence of her young stud.

When they reached the playground, in the middle of the park, it looked to me that Jack was proceeding with my idea. He stopped underneath a set of small monkey bars, and bent down to give my MILF a deep, passionate kiss. His fingers gently tweaked my HotWife's nipples, and then found their way down to Iris's love box.

By now, the jean skirt was totally unzipped, hanging on solely, because of the button at the waist. Jack had plenty of access to reach in and caress my MILF's clit, which Jack knew, was the 'ON' button that ignites my HotWife's passions.

While we were at the house, I had told Jack that Iris enjoys a little soft restraint, and he should give it a try. My wife and I have explored some bondage in our love life. We even attended a 'class' in BDSM that I had found (if you can believe that)! What I discovered during the class, is that my sexy HotWife does enjoy being tied up and 'taken' (in a safe way, of course).

One time, when we were still dating, we re-created a faux rape scene, where I came in to her apartment in the middle of the night. Iris went to sleep that night, knowing I would sneak in and surprise her, tie her up, and 'do' her, sometime before she woke. (I've even caught her having a dream where she had put her hands above her head, as if she's handcuffed, and heard her moan "fuck me…oh please…fuck me.") But I digress.

Besides the blanket, Kent had also brought Jack two scarves. While deftly maintaining his lip-lock, our young stud proceeded to tie a scarf around each wrist, and then reach up and tie the other end to the monkey bar handles. With her arms spread and above her head, my beautiful MILF's breasts seemed to reach out and beg to be fondled. This invitation did not go wanting, and Jack immediately began to fondle and caress my HotWife's voluptuous curves, and Iris giggled, as she always does, when her boobs are 'played' with.

He reached up and rubbed her neck and back (which she loves), and then untied the halter at the neck, exposing the 'girls' to the cool night air. Iris giggled some more, as Jack undid the bottom of the halter, and let it fall to the ground. From afar I marveled at how incredibly sexy my HotWife looked, as she stood topless before our young friend, hands tied up and restrained by the monkey bars above.

Jack skillfully gave every inch of skin a rub, a touch, a lick, or a grope. Iris's nipples are very sensitive and 'playing' with her breasts enhances her mood. From behind, Jack reached around, grabbing a naked breast in each hand, and kneaded the two mounds together while pinch my MILF's nipples.

"Oooooohhhhhhh," my HotWife moaned.

While Jack's left hand continued to fondle Iris's wanting tits, his right hand slipped down and popped the button on the jean skirt, and it fell to the ground, leaving my sexy MILF naked, except for her thong, her anklet, and her espadrilles. Jack quickly moved his right hand inside my HotWife's thong and re-found her 'ON' button. He proceeded to drive my MILF into throws of passion as both her clit and nipples were being worshipped by Jack's skillful hands.

In the midst of her moans, my HotWife started to giggle.

"What's so funny, Mrs. C.?" quizzed Jack.

"I was just imagining your face when you read my thong," Iris teased.

"Huh? Read your thong?" puzzled Jack, and he moved around to the front and saw:


you are about to


"Oh my…now that is what I call an invitation, Mrs. C.," said Jack and he eagerly scooted down my MILF's thong just enough to expose her lusting love box. Quickly, Jack undid his jeans and whipped out his 7+"of raging manhood, so he could make the thong's prediction come true. He reached around and grabbed a big butt cheek with each hand and pulled my MILF's pelvis toward him until the tip of his rigid pole was pressed against my horny HotWife's pussy.

"Oh, Jack…yes…stick it in me…fuck me Jack!!" moaned Iris, as she felt his stiff cock start to penetrate her. I laughed to myself, as I chuckled at the sight of my horny HotWife being so oblivious to being tied up and naked, in the middle of a park.

As Jack's thrusts penetrated further and further, it became obvious that his cock was fully inside my sexy wife's sex starved pussy. By now, my MILF was now tilted backwards, as Jack had pulled her thick legs away from the kiddie monkey bars. My HotWife's hands grabbed onto the handles of the monkey bars, as Jack's thrusts hastened in speed.

"Ohhh….OHHH….OH, Jack...OH Gawd…yes…Jack…YES!," moaned Iris, apparently getting close to orgasm.

As I've shared before, normally it takes my MILF a while to reach her first 'O', and I was surprised to see her cumming so quickly. I'm guessing that between all the flirting, the booze, Jack's stimulation, and the bondage, my HotWife was primed to be 'taken' by her young stud.

"Uh…Ohhhh…ummmm…Uhhh…OHH…OHHHHHHH…," groaned Iris, as the wave of her first 'O' engulfed her body, which was obvious by the look on her face, her erect nipples, and the way she clenched the scarves.

The still rigid Jack withdrew, and circled my MILF, so he could now fuck her doggy style. He walked my HotWife back, so she was now leaning forward, and plunged his cock into her very wet pussy. This new position made Iris's tits dangle in a most delightful way. Jack quickly picked up the pace, and new groans of pleasure emanated from my lusting MILF.

I must say, it was such a HOT scene to see my wife being 'done' doggy style, with her big boobs dangling and swaying, as her young stud banged his pelvis against her bountiful buns. I also thought it was a turn-on the way Jack had left her thong on, mid-way down Iris's thick thighs. My MILF was bent over, her arms were restrained and up in the air, she was naked except for her shoes, her anklet, and her partially removed panties. The sight of Iris's hanging titties must have excited Jack, as he reached around and grabbed a boob with each hand, all the while continuing his rhythm.

Jack knew that my HotWife was multi-orgasmic, and also knew that her second and subsequent orgasms come fast and hard after she's reached her first one. So, I wasn't surprised that I soon heard…

"…OH…Oh, gawd Jack….OH…OH…OHHHHHHH," as Iris reached her second climax.

Jack's rhythm slowed, but continued, and I could tell from their faces that both were enjoying themselves. With all that was going on, it was little wonder that none of us had noticed that we were no longer alone.

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