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byDonna Williams©

As I showered off last nights bedroom romp, my mind kept going back to what John had fantasized about. It seemed that his particular fantasy came up more often than not, and it probably came up in his mind when he didn’t vocalize it. I wondered?

I had finished my shower, dried off and dressed in a pair of old sweats and bellyless T, when John finally woke. “Mornin’ love,” he groggily said. “My turn in the shower, eh?”

“Yea, after last night I think you had better.” I went and made coffee and returned to ask John what he wanted for breakfast. He had already finished his shower, and was standing there in his boxers, shaving.

“Would you like cereal or something hot for breakfast?” I asked.

“What have you got that’s hot?”

“A hotwife!”

He stopped shaving and looked back at me through the mirror, and smiled, “Mmmm, a hotwife sounds good!”

“So, you’d like a hotwife for breakfast, eh?” And as our little conversation continued I noticed his cock had sprung up and through the fly of his boxers. “Maybe another time,” I finally said, stopping the teasing. “How about some French toast?”

* * *

Later that day, as I sat catching up on some email, my mind wondered to my conversation with John. I don’t really know why I thought of it, but did a Google search for hotwife and found it had a meaning I would never have thought of, i.e., “A wife who is viewed as being sexually uninhibited with the freedom and the inclination to enjoy sex with her husband as well as other men.”

Reading further down the page there was a phrase I hadn’t heard of either, “Cuckold Husband.” It was defined, in part, as “husbands who want their wives to enjoy sex with different men or, to reverse the motivation, they want to have select men take their wives to bed. The cuckold husband may be turned on by having a wife that is known as being "hot, uninhibited, and willing, if not desirous, of regularly having sex with men.”

I then looked through several more pages that matched the Google search, and most confirmed the definitions I had initially found. I turned the computer off at that point, and sat there thinking, and more than a little confused.

* * *

“Hey baby, how’s my little hotwife?” John asked while snuggling up to lick my ear as we lay in bed that evening. “I’ve been horny all day, thinking of you.”

I had to find out what he meant by ‘hotwife’ to see if it matched what I found out. So, I rolled over, reached down to check how horny he was and found he wasn’t hard at all. “Hmm,” I thought.

I didn’t move my hand, but just let it rest there, “Oh? Have you really been think of me?”

“All day.”

So far, I felt no change in his arousal. “I would have thought you’d have been thinking of me and my lover lying here in the throws of sexual passion while you slaved away at work?” That did the trick. His cock started to stiffen. “Or would you rather have been here watching?”


I grabbed and squeezed his cock. “Oooh, you like that idea, eh?” I asked, after I gave it a few wanks. “Just me and my lover . . .You watching from the chair . . .Did you have someone in mind for me to cuck you with?”

Moaning, he replied, “It is one of my fantasies, but I hadn’t ever put a face to your lover.”

“Why not? You wouldn’t want me to go out and find some strange cock would you? Or would you?”

“I . . . I . . . ,” he was on edge now, and so fast too I couldn’t believe it. So I stopped.

“Oh my God, don’t stop!” he pleaded, reaching for my hand to replace it on his cock.

“Oh no,” I said firmly. “A good cuck wants to see his hotwife satisfied first.”

“Huh? What . . .?”

“You want to get off? Then go down on me!” He’d never done that. He thought sucking a clit was too close to sucking cock. His cock slowly shrank in my hand. “What’s the matter? It is one of my desires, you know.”

“Yea, I know, but . . .”

"Men and women do it all the time. Hell even women do it together!” He was instantly hard again. I proceeded to manipulate his cock some more. “Ohhh, another hidden fantasy?” I asked. "Would you like to see another women go down on me?" He was getting close again, and I could tell his mind was fantasizing again. “Tell me!” I ordered, stopping again.

He was quite frustrated at this point. “Please, Donna, don’t keep stopping on me? I need to get off!”

“You need?! What about what I need. If you want me to get you off, get up on your hands and knees between my legs,” I instructed. “We are going to get you past your phobia, and use your fantasies to do it.”

As he reluctantly got into position, he asked “How?”

“Close your eyes. Now, I'm not really into other women, but let's take one fantasy at a time. Keep you eyes closed and pretend you are a woman, a lesbian, and in bed with another woman. It is her first woman-on-woman experience, and although she is hesitant, you've managed to get her in bed. Are you imagining it yet?"

"I'm trying."

"Keep you eyes closed and imagine what you think a woman, such as yourself, would do to convert a woman, such as myself, to lesbianism. Then begin to act it out."

He was hesitant, and didn't appear to be making any headway (no pun intended) into putting himself into a lesbian woman's shoes. "What are you waiting for, Christmas?" I asked.

"I'm trying," he said with some frustration. "I must be thinking too hard. I mean, like how did she manage . . ."

"She who?" I interrupted.

"The lesbian. How did she . . ."

"Your supposed to be her, so you should be asking 'How did I manage'. Manage to what?"

"Ok. How did I manage to get you in bed if you aren't into women?" he asked.

"Well . . ." I paused to think. "I guess that's a good question. Let's see, you like women, right?"

"Of course."

"But I haven't had any sexual experience with another women, only other men, right?"

"Right again."

"Hmmm. Ok, I'll tell you what. Let's start from the beginning."

"The beginning?"

"Yes. Lets say you've invited me over for wine and to talk, and then proceed to seduce me," I suggested.

"And how am I supposed to know how to do that, as another woman, I mean."

"Why just about the same as you would as a man."

"Yea, but how would that be pretending I'm a lesbian?"

"Well . . . Oh, I know, we'll dress you up as a woman!"

He sat back, a little stunned at what she said. "Huh?" he asked.

"Yeah, that'll work. You get to fantasize about two women making love, and I get you to finally go down on me! Come on, get off the bed. Let see if we can find you something to wear. Then I have to get dressed also."

Before he knew what was happening I had him in a bra, panties, a garter and seamed stockings, all in red. "Wait, is all this necessary? Why can't I just put on a dress or something?"

"Because, you have to feel the part. Feel like a sexy woman. Someone that could seduce another." I then produced a cashmere sweater dress, that would stretch where necessary to fit him. After stuffing his bra, I handed him the outfit to put on.

"Mmm, this is soft!" he remarked. He pulled on the skirt and then the top. I watched as he started petting the material over his arms. I then had him sit so I could put a pair of ankle strap heels on him. As he sat on the edge of the bed he started rubbing the material over his thighs, feeling how the material felt on conjunction with the stockings. I heard a little moan escape his lips.

I slid a hand under his skirt and felt for his cock. He was hard again, but I didn't make any comments, just gave it a gentle squeeze and he moaned again. Standing abruptly, I helped him to his feet. "Come on, let's get some makeup on you so your faces matches the rest of your image," I instructed him.

I sat him at my vanity and did him up in a very sultry look. I then took out his ponytail, and ran a brush through his hair a couple of times. "Here, take this brush and go into the living room and brush it through your hair for ten minutes, while I get changed. While your doing that, try to get into the part you are to portray? Then set out some white wine, and some cheese and crackers."

I checked on him a couple of times, while I was getting ready. He was so engrossed in feeling the softness of his outfit he didn't even notice. I did, at one point, however, have to remind him to get out the wine to let it breathe.

Once I had finished getting ready, I snuck out the front door, turned and rang the bell. I waited, and waited some more, then opened the door and went back inside. "John?" I called. "Where are you? I've been waiting outside for you to invite me in!"

He reappeared and appeared a little shook up. "That was you? I nearly had a heart attack when you rang the bell! Then I could find you!"

"Well, I was just trying to get into the part of being your invited guest," I giggled. " I guess I should have let you know what I was up to. Now come on, let's start over. I'll go out and ring the bell again, and you come and invite me in. Now remember, you're a women, try to think of what you've seen me do when I've had women come visit."

So, we started again, and he invited me in, giving me a hug and an air kiss on the cheek. He then invited me over to the couch, and sat close to me. He managed a little small talk and I could see he was trying hard, so I made it easy for him. At one point I remarked on how nice his outfit looked.

"Why thank you," he responded. "You should feel how soft this material is."

At that point I petted his arm, "Ohh, that is nice," I remarked. "Does it feel just as nice wearing it?"

He took the hint, "Oh yes! We're close to the same size, would you like to try it on?"

"I'd love to!"

We then went into the bedroom so he could slip out of it and I could try it on. "My, it is comfortable, isn't it?" I remarked.

"Yes it is. Let me show you something else!" He then led me over to the bed and sat me down. "Feel how nice it is over your stockings!" he commented, as he sat beside me in his lingerie, and rubbed my leg through the skirt.

"Mmmm, that does feel good," I remarked, looking him in the eyes.

He then leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips, then did it again.

I moaned, "Mmmm, that's nice too." Soon we were in a hard lip lock with our tongues wrestling. He forced me back on the bed.

"Oh Donna, I want you so bad! Let me show how nice it can be?"

"OK," I whispered.

He then pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties down, then bent over and kissed me right on my clit, and I let out a little moan. He then flicked his tongue over it, raising another moan out of me. At this point he began to gently suck on it.

"Oh yes, yes, that's so nice Vicky," I called out. I had been calling him Vicky all evening.

Although he had never done this before, he must have read about it, because he soon had me in the throws of an orgasm.

Once I had calmed down, he lay beside me and we cuddled. He rubbed the material on my belly. I then commented, "That was great Vicky, I mean John. Was it as bad as you thought it would be?"

"No it wasn't. Once I got into it, I enjoyed it."

"I liked the whole evening, too. What about you? Did you like everything? I asked.

"I guess so. It was different, that's for sure. And that outfit felt nice," he responded.

"Well then, maybe we should do this more often?" I teased, but he didn't refuse. "Now, Vicky," I made a point of using his fem name, "it's my turn to make your little clitty feel good."

* * *

It had been a few months since we brought Vicky out. During this time, we played our little lesbian act a few times. More often than not, actually. When we had 'normal' sex, he would continue to refer to me as his hotwife. And on occasion, when he was dressed as Vicky, I would call him a hotwife. He seemed to dig those times too.

"You know," he commented one night, "You've had your fantasy fulfilled, what are we going to do about my fantasy?"

"Which one?" I asked.

"You know, the one where you take a lover and cuckold me!" He sure gets hard fast when this subject comes up.

"Do you really want to see it fulfilled?" I asked.

"Well . . . I suppose, but I'm not really sure. I mean, I didn't like the idea of going down on you, but soon learned to enjoy it. And I get so aroused when we talk about you being a hotwife."

I gave his hard cock a squeeze. "Well, your little buddy sure likes the idea anyway," I giggled. "But I don't know if I could have sex with someone else, outside of our marriage I mean."

"I've thought about that, but if you have my permission, it should be ok," he remarked. I asked, "Why don't we just pretend that you are someone else, like we pretend you are Vicky?

"I've tried that in my own mind, but I can't be someone else and watch you at the same time."

"So you want to watch?"

"I think so."

"Hmmm, I'll have to think on it."

After I had thought a bit, I suggested, "Maybe, if you were having sex with someone else at the same time, I wouldn't think I was cheating on you. You know, we could get a hotel or motel room with two beds, and you could watch me at the same time." His cock didn't fade at the suggestion, and in fact took that moment to explode. I, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about him having sex with some strange woman.

* * *

A couple of weeks later, he asked me if I had thought more about the subject. I had, but was now wondering if he was more interested in having sex with other women. I had read about couples getting into swinging, but I didn't think I could be as charitable as him when it came to permitting him to have extramarital sex.

"Yes John, I've thought more about it. In fact, I was going to bring it up tonight, but since you've asked. Just last week a gentleman came into the shop, and, while there, actually hit on me."

"Really?! Do tell."

"Not much to tell actually, except that he's been in a few more times. Persistent I'd say. He want's to take me to lunch tomorrow."

"Did you agree?" he asked.

"Well, no, not yet. I wanted to get your input. He said he'd come by again before lunch to get my answer."

"Go for it!" he exclaimed enthusiastically. "Now, let's go to bed!"

* * *

Rick did come by and take me to lunch. In fact, it was a longer lunch than I anticipated, as we got to talking and then got on the subject of John's fantasy of me being a hotwife. I had to explain to him what a hotwife was.

Rick said he'd really like to make John's wishes come true. I voiced my concerns about how I would feel I was cheating, even though I had Johns permission, and how I might go along with it if John had a date also, but that I was also concerned about John having sex with another woman.

Rick commented, "Maybe you'd feel better if it was another man instead."

"What?" I asked.

"Sorry, just thinking aloud."

"Yeah, but you said something about another man, and John?"

"Well, you wouldn't have to worry about him running off with another woman if it were a man instead, is all."

"Haw, hee hee," I laughed. "That would be funny, in a way. I mean, . . . well let me tell you about another hotwife. Her name is Vicky." I was actually thinking that if John were humiliated as Vicky, he'd cease with wanting me to cuckold him.

* * *

I was rather horny late that night and managed to get John dressed as Vicky, and while we were enjoying each others company, I asked, "Vicky?"


"Rick and I had a long talk at lunch."

"Oh, that's right, I almost forgot about that. NOT!" He laughed. "So how'd it go?"

"He said he'd like to make your wishes come true, but is a little hesitant about having another guy watching him."

"Oh, I see." he sounded a little disappointed.

"No, wait now, he didn't say you couldn't watch, altogether. He just wants to meet with me again and go over some details so he'll feel more comfortable. You think that you'd still want to watch if we could work it out so he'd feel more comfortable with you being in the same room?'

"I guess so, what would that entail?"

"I'm not really sure. I told him that I wanted you to have a partner also, so that you could watch us while having sex with your partner. I think he wants to help me choose someone he'd feel comfortable with, to be your lover."

"I don't see any problem with that," he replied. * * *

The following Thursday evening, while John was again dressed as Vicky, I said, "Guess what Vicky? Rick has found someone to be your lover, and I've approved. You think you'd be up to letting things happen tomorrow night?"

"I've been on edge with anticipation ever since you started talking to Rick. Heck yea, that sounds like a plan."

"Ok then. I've taken tomorrow off from work so I can get things together. I'll check us into the Starbeam Hotel on 8th, near your office, you know it?" I asked.

"Yea, I've seen it. Doesn't look too seedy."

"Well, we'll want to go out for dinner, then maybe a bar or club. I'll pack us a few things, and you can come by the hotel after work. I'll call you at work with the room number, and we can change for a night out. How's that sound?"

"Like I said before, sounds like a plan."

* * *

"Hello honey," I said to John as I let him in the room. "I'm just about finished getting ready, why don't you take a shower, and I'll set your things out. You'll need to shave again. When your done, get dressed and meet me in the hotel's lounge. OK?"

"Why don't you just stay up here and wait for me?"

"Well, our dates will be in the lounge waiting, and I figured to go ahead and keep them company while you prepared yourself."

"OK then."

"Now don't keep us waiting too long. I'd hate to have to have Rick come up and spank you for being late. He's big enough to do it too."

"Very funny, ha ha. Don't worry, I am anxious to get the evening started too. So, what does my date look like?"

"Blond, a gorgeous blond. Now, don't get your hair wet it would take forever to dry. I put a shower cap in the shower, so use it."

After he got in the shower, all I had left in there was a lilac scented shower gel, I set out Vicky's stuff, grabbed his wallet and put everything in a ladies wallet and tossed it into a little purse. Then I threw his car keys and male clothes into a carry all, and took them to my car. I wished that I could have been there to see the reaction on his face when he found out all he had were Vicky's things to wear, and had no way home.

* * *

Rick, Dave (Vicky's blind date) and I sat in the lounge wondering when John, I mean Vicky, would come down. He'd been a while. I figured he was weighing his options and saw they were pretty few. Then he'd probably wonder if I would carry out my threat of sending Rick up to get him.

Rick saw me smile real wide. "What? Did he do it? Is he here?"

"Yes indeed. All made up and looking quite like a lamb being led to slaughter," I responded. I waved over to Vicky.

When he got to the table, he was quite subdued. "Gentlemen, this is Vicky. Vicky, this is Rick and that is Dave. Let's sit and get better acquainted, shall we?"

"Well, Vicky," started Rick, "Donna's told me quite a bit about you, but failed to say how pretty you were."

I kicked John in the shin. Startled, he responded, "Th-th-thank you Rick."

Dave remarked, "I have to agree with Rick, not quite what I expected."

"Thank you Dave, you're not quite what I expected either. My w..., I mean, Donna's not really told me a lot about you, only to say you were blond."

"Well, I did say 'gorgeous blond'. Did I lie?" He didn't have an answer.

We chatted a bit, though John was still quite subdued, and appeared to be shy. The guys never let on they knew who he really was, and kept him off balance with questions and comments. Of course, John knew that Rick knew, but had no idea if Dave knew.

"Vicky? You seem pretty quiet. Are you always this shy?" asked Dave.

"Aw, leave her alone Dave. Obviously she's just taken with your good looks," I remarked. "I'm sure she'll loosen up as the night progresses, right Vicky?"

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