tagNonHumanHouse Across the Street

House Across the Street


My picture window faces the vacant house in the otherwise wooded lot across the street. My computer backs up to the window joined by an overstuffed chair shaped perfectly for lounging. I notice the vibrant colors as the leaves change. I utilize no curtains. In my desk I keep several different shaped dildos in the place of pencils and staplers. In my thirties I am far less modest than I was as an undergraduate and more appreciative of the phenomenons of nature.

A few years ago, four engaging college boys resided in the house that directly views my expansive window. With my lights turned out they could get an excellent midnight show by computer light. I always pretended not to be aware of them as they stood together, or individually, in their bedroom windows with cocks in hand. I enjoyed leisurely late nights fucking myself to their hungry eyes.

Today, unusually warm for Fall, I loosen up a bit with written erotica before I choose to add visual sensuality to my pleasure. When viewing a woman being taken by a group of boys, I always like audio. She invariably screams with the delight of so many hands and tongues on her singular body. This is when I open my desk drawer and choose the tool of my craft.....a perfectly molded cock with witch to masturbate. A large blue dildo likely occupied the wet dreams of four college boys. Today's clear g-spot tickler works the same magnificent magic; all I miss is the audience.

Sadly, the boys are no longer. In an extravagant pill-party, lethal pharmaceutical cocktails ended the lives of two of those boys and one young lady who was likely thoroughly enjoying their company. The survivors have moved away.

Several weeks ago I witnessed an unfamiliar shape in the upstairs window of the house as I began to disrobe in front of the blue-light of my computer screen. It was a female figure with the most incredibly illuminated breasts. She was watching me, in obvious arousal, as she pinched her nipple. She pressed the other breast against the chilled glass. Shockingly turned-on, and safe in my own home, I responded with mimicry. My fingers squeezed my own nipple hard and I arched my back to expose my D-cup breasts at their fullest capacity. Her mouth showed momentary surprise at my lack of fear....no full-fleshed being had appreciated her glory in months. A wicked smile crossed her lips as she beckoned to me with her free hand.

In the spirit of the upcoming Harvest Moon, I stepped outside in the dimly lit night. Crossing the street, a slight breeze wrapped the small of my back. I am unaccustomed to the gentleness of another female. The delicacy soothed any anxiety.

Inside the house there was a frightening absence of vision. My phantom friend was obviously touching me on my thighs but I could no longer see her. Cool, feather-like sensations moved from my ass to inner thighs in a wave. I grew incredibly wet. My juices were like lava compared to the temperature of her attentions. I wished the opposites to join inside me.

A flicker of light made me look to my left. The curly-haired boy I remembered drawing frequently in a sketch book stood watching me shudder with satisfaction as each stroke moistened my pussy. His dark eyes were as ravenous as I remembered. He points.

I now see the shimmer of the tall, blond boy whose moans used to make me climax when I rubbed my nub to the sound of him nailing his girlfriend from behind as she was bent over the front porch banister.

As soon as I catch glimpse of them, they disappear. They seemed to be moving closer together. Closer to me. I turn around in half circles. Reaching my hands out in the pitch black room. Unsure if I want to feels emptiness or solid girth.

Frigid breath is on my belly. My female seductress is still with me. The girl is moving up towards my breasts. One nipple puckers as what feels like an ice cube is applied. This cannot be happening. The ice cube is enveloping my nipple. I gasp before my nipple numbs. My voice is the only sound in the room.

A frosty force pushes my back as my nipple slips out of the cold suction....feminine hands press my body forward so that I am bent in half. I am clutched in this position; my flesh goose-bumps. Fear begins to set in.

My leg kicks out away from my other as if I deliberately spreading to allow access. I scream into the silent dark. Ghostly penetration terrifies me. First a draft, I am entered by smooth, hard coolness. My juices begin flowing as the form glides smoothly along my pussy walls.

The first impression is that of my own pink glass dildo. Except the thrust of this toy is at it's own ferocious pace. It teases me with an occasional slip.....the cold runs over my clit. I am delightfully surprised by the ecstasy I am in and begin to consciously tell myself let go of fear. Moans escape my mouth. The sound eerily echoes. I am on fire, yet freezing. I am alone, yet taken. My breath comes rapidly. "More!" I yell to the darkness. "Deeper!"

Quieted almost immediately, my open mouth is filled with an enormous frigid rock. It spirals in and out. Completely and fantastically teeming with sleek spectral dick, I suck and lick in raging horniness. I am entirely full of two refreshingly cold, hard entities!

The rhythm continues. Increases. My body held firmly in place allowing for release to the sheer sensual invasion of my body. My hot pussy clenches the icy rod that is sliding back and forth. My mouth hums against the artists dick. As I shake with orgasm a flood of icy cum explodes in my mouth. A trickle of glacial semen runs down my thigh.

Suddenly, I crumple to floor. Left in otherwordly juices, in my own world.

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