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I was traveling through Mexico a few years ago when I decided to stay for a week in a small family run hotel in a town on the Pacific coast but little did I know what I was getting myself into. Apparently it was the job of one of the younger sons of the family to come by and clean the rooms each day. He looked to be in his early twenties, maybe 5'8", with brown eyes, jet black hair, a slender but muscular body and an ass that it looked like you could bounce quarters off of. The first day I stayed there I'd just finished smoking a joint a few minutes ago when I heard a knock on the door. I looked out the window and saw him standing there holding a broom. I opened the door and let him inside and I don't know if it was the weed or what but the instant I saw him I had a powerful urge to find out what kind of heat he was packing and just how tight his ass really was. I watched him move around the room and he may have noticed the look of lust in my eyes because it seemed like he was bending over facing away from me every few minutes and making sure to pause and hold that position just long enough to give me a great view of his ass.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I asked him in Spanish if he wanted to smoke a joint. He immediately agreed and I sparked one up. While we passed it back and forth I couldn't help but stare at his crotch and at what looked to be a sizeable bulge forming there. Before long the joint was gone and I was horny as fuck. I looked him in the eyes and smiled as I reached out and started to massage his cock through his jeans. When he smiled back at me I knew it was on. I dropped to my knees, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans then pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. His cock sprang out like a fucking jack in the box and bitch slapped me in the face. He was rock hard and I was impressed. He had a thick, cut, 9-inch pole that was just begging to be deep throated. Damn I thought to myself, when I saw what a fat cock he had, my jaw is going to be sore tonight.

He grabbed my hair firmly in one hand and pulled my head back while he used his other hand to guide his cock across my lips. When I started opening my mouth to take him inside he pulled his cock away and shook his head no. He was teasing me and letting me know that he was in complete control and I was fucking loving it. He continued rubbing his cock all over my face and lips while I gave him a deep ball massage for a few minutes until he finally positioned himself to enter my mouth. I looked up at him and he smiled as I opened my mouth to take him in. He inhaled sharply and groaned as I starting sucking hard on his swollen head rolling my tongue around and around the rim of his helmet and fluttering it side to side across his sensitive tip. I was just getting warmed up sucking his cockhead when I felt his hand applying pressure to the back of my head encouraging me to take him into my throat.

I looked up to make eye contact with him as I prepared to take him down. I've always had a small, tight throat and a tight opening to it and it took me a lot of practice before I was able to take a big fat cock all the way down it. I maintained eye contact with him as I punched him through the opening and slowly started to take down inch by inch. I could tell by the surprised look on his face and the grunts and groans coming out of him that he wasn't expecting my throat to be so tight. I took it nice and slow not wanting to make him cum too soon. When I got him all the way down so that I was banging my chin on his balls I held him there allowing him to wallow in the sensation of having his big dick completely engulfed inside my esophagus. I worked him slowly up and down pulling back until just his head was in my mouth and frantically sucking and licking it for a few seconds before cramming him back down my throat.

I sucked him like that for a while and I was surprised that he hadn't started gushing cum yet. Just as I was getting ready to start sucking him like a jackhammer and finish him off I felt his hands take a firm grip on either side of my head. He immediately started pumping hard and fucking my throat for all he was worth while I played with his balls. My heart started racing because I knew he couldn't last very long like that. After about a minute of hard, manic face fucking I felt his balls tighten up in my hand and he looked down at me with a look that said you're about to get your reward for blowjob well done. With a loud grunt his body started to spasm and his cock started erupting cum like a geyser. His first bomb went off halfway down my throat and his next one in my mouth filling it with hot, gooey, sticky, salty and delicious cum. He tried to use his third blast to give my face a cum shower but he had too much power left and it went sailing over my head and into the wall. He adjusted his aim and jacked out another couple shots covering my face and hair with cum. As he finished I took his head back into my mouth to suck any residual come out of his hole and I looked up to find him with a stupid, satisfied grin on his face. He then looked at his watch and thanked me but said he had to go. As he got dressed he told me not to worry that he would be back later that night to finish what we started. I couldn't wait.

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