tagFirst TimeHouse Call Ch. 02

House Call Ch. 02


I'd never even kissed a guy before and here I was with a complete stranger. Him kneeling on the floor in front of me, and me sitting on the side of my bed, us both passionately kissing and madly fondling each other. He continued to thrust his fingers in and out of my tight cunt while I moaned and loosed his pants, letting his large cock spring to attention.

'Oh wow' I bit my lip, and touched the first cock I'd ever laid eyes on. It was thick and veiny and I liked it. I wrapped my hand around it and he groaned, I could see moisture at the tip and used it to lubricate my strokes. He lulled his head back and let me build him up until his body was rigid. I could tell from his breathing he was so close and I wanted to take him all the way, but he stopped me.

'Mmmmh, not yet,' he said tensely, pushing my hand away.

My whole body was searing with desire, I wanted him inside me. He was so big and powerful, I could feel his brawn from the way he handled me. I loved feeling slightly helpless and vulnerable. I pushed myself closer to him, wrapping my arms around his neck, and he suddenly lifted me off the bed. He was getting up and taking me with him, his huge arms made no effort with my weight. I wrapped my legs around him and continued frantically kissing him. I could feel his cock grazing my wet pussy lips just below me, the sensation caused some of my juices to trickle down onto his shaft.

The next time I opened my eyes I saw we were on the other side of my room, and my drawing desk was just below me. It was the perfect height for him, standing, to slide his cock right into me. I felt his head tracing the edges of my lips. Just then I thought to mention something,

'This is my first time,' I said, out of breath. He paused his hands and looked at me seriously, then laughed.

'You don't have to say that to turn me on,' he shook his head and ran his hands up and down my legs, intermittently toying with my lubricated clit.

'I'm serious! I just wanted, oooh, to say, mmmh.. Something before, mmmmh!' I leaned back on the tilted desk and lifted my legs over his shoulders. He was looking down at the hot little pussy aching for him, and it seemed like he was thinking. I was so riled up I just wanted him to thrust in right then. I took his cock in my hand and aimed it toward my sweet tight hole.

'And you wanna lose it to me?' He said, I could tell he was almost bursting with the desire to be inside me, but he waited.

'Yes!' I almost screamed, 'it's not a big deal, I just want you to fuck me right now. Please!'

And without further adieu he unceremoniously slid his cock inside me. Pain and pleasure intertwined inside me and sent shivers through my body, 'Oh God!' I yelped, and looked down at his cock, only halfway in.

'Holy shit, you really are a virgin,' He moaned and pulled himself out a little, then pushed in again, slowly thrusting and getting himself further inside me. He was being gentle with me, which was strange to see in a man of his stature, but I appreciated it in the beginning. Soon the pain subsided and pleasure replaced it with full force. I gyrated my hips along with his thrusts, my pussy heating up and eager for him to pound me.

'Oh Derek, fuck me hard.. Yeah.. Yeah, just like that, oh! Ohh! Aaah! Ohhh fuck!' My moans got louder and cruder as he began fucking me like a feral beast. The desk rocked with our movements and I gripped the edge, voicing my delight.

'Oh fucking hell, yes! Fuck me! Fuuuck me, ahh!'

He took the backs of my knees from his shoulders and pushed them back toward me, so my feet were in the air and my pussy was fully at his mercy. I grasped his bulky upper arms and my nails dug into his flesh. He threw his head back, clearly in ecstasy. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me, growing larger, and each second he grew, my pussy seared with peaking orgasm.

My hips gyrated wildly and he lifted me off the desk, by my hips, to pound the last of the overwhelming wave of pleasure into me. During the seconds of my cunt walls tightening around his cock, he erupted inside me. I felt the warmth of the liquid being pumped into me and I pulled him out, stroking him to the finish of his powerful orgasm.

'Ugh, holy fuck' He moaned gutturally, and emptied the rest of his load on my belly. He gently moved my legs down onto the desk and let me stand. My knees weakened for a moment and my head was still light, I leaned on him and kissed him, after a few moments I pranced away.

I quickly retrieved a towel from my ensuite and wiped his creamy seed off me. When I returned he was sitting on my bed, apparently dazed. His pants were still at his ankles.

'Christ you're tight,' He sighed and patted his knee for me to sit, which I obeyed. I whipped my legs around him again, so I was straddling him. I giggled and kissed him, my raw pussy grinding lightly on his now flaccid cock. I pushed him down so he was laying on the bed.

The feeling of my still moist pussy must have excited him, or maybe it was the way I was sitting up on him, like I was riding him, and playing with my own nipples that stiffened his cock again.

'And you're an amazing fuck,' I replied smugly, 'But how 'bout we see what I can do?'

. . .

We screwed senselessly like rabbits for the next two hours, then I made him leave, in case my parents came home early. The computer was fixed, and I was deflowered, satisfied and raw. He left his card and I pinned it to my corkboard, using the number many times on nights where my new found masturbation wouldn't satiate my aching need.

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