tagFirst TimeHouse Cleaner Teaches Father Dale Ch. 2

House Cleaner Teaches Father Dale Ch. 2


I was sooooooo horney. I knew that the next day I was going to be his teacher .I snuck out and got into my car. My head was swimming with thoughts of how I was going to do this.

It was my day off, and I knew that father Dale would be in the church practicing his homily. I put on my slinkiest dress & that was all! The top barely covered my big tits. Did my make-up & hair like the girl in the video. I put on an over coat and drove to the church. No one would be suspicious cos my car was always there.

I walked up the stairs to the church. I was very nervous .I locked the church up tight.

Father Dale was talking as if the congregation was there. I took off my over coat and adjusted my dress so it revealed my tits more. I slowly walked up the isle. Father dale stopped in mid sentence and stared as I approached him. I walked up the stair to where he was standing. “Father Dale, I’m going to be your teacher tonight. Will you be ok with this?”

Father Dale was speechless and just nodded his head.

I motioned him to his chair. He looked around to see if anyone was there.

“I locked up tight. I checked everywhere and there is no one here.”

I knelt before him, took his head in my hands and kissed him gently, but seductively. He moaned as our tongues touched.

“Father? Are you a Virgin?”

His face went a crimson red. He nodded.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I’m a lucky teacher!” I smiled at him.

I left the top button and his white collar in place. Just for the sexy picture of taboo sex. I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and kissed each place where a button should be. I got to the bottom of his shirt I the rest that was tucked in, out. I spread the shirt open and softly kissed his nipples that where now rock hard. He moaned out load.

“You like that, Father?”

“ Oh. Yeah!” He purred.

I traced my way down to the top of his pants with my tongue.

“Father, I want you to do to me just what I did to you.”

“I will guide you if you need help, but I know you’ve been practicing.”

Father Dale looked up quickly and stared at me.

“Yes, I planted the tape and I watched you. You are a very sexy man, Father.”

He smiled and with trembling hand removed the straps to my dress to expose my luscious melons. He cupped each one and looked at me for approval. I arched my back to push my tits towards him. He took each nipple in his fingers and softly pinched them. They were rock hard. He pulled me to a standing position & started to mock the video he had been practicing with. I moaned with every touch. His tongue was hot. He began sucking my nipples like a baby.

“Ohhhhhhhh Father that feels sooooooooo good!”

I stroked his head and face as he sucked each nipple, one at a time.

“ Are you sure you haven’t done this before? Father?”

He didn’t stop sucking and shock his head, no.

“ You are a natural!” I said with a smile as I looked down to watch him suck.

The he trailed down my tummy as I did to him. He twirled his tongue as I did. Fuck! It felt great!!

I reached around to the back of my dress and undid it. Father Dale went back to a nipple and was sucking. I let the dress fall to the ground. Father Dale stopped sucking and stared at my naked body.

He unzipped his pant and reached for his cock.

“Just pull out your balls and cock like you do when you watch yourself stroke your cock. That is sooooooooo sexy.”

Father Dale smiled and did exactly that! His cock sprang free and his balls hung with relief.

“ What a beautiful sight!”I praised him.

“Now then, lets switch places. I’ll sit and you kneel.”

I flung my legs over each arm to introduce my wet cunt to Father.

“ You remember this part Father.”

“Yes, Liz I do. I love the look of your bald pussy, but I don’t know what to do.”

“ That’s what I’m her Father, to teach you!”

I reached down and pulled my lips open. I started to finger my self.

“This is what I do when I’m at home remembering you with your cock in your hand.”

Father Dale took his cock in his hand and started to stroke it.

“Like This Liz?” He had a grin on his face.

“Yes, Father mmmmmmmmm. Now suck on my tits again trail your way down to my juicy cunt and lick it like the guy in the video”

Father Dale eagerly did as he was told.

When he got to my cunt, I guided his head with my hands. Father Dale started to lick my clit.

“Oh fatherrrrrr, yesssssssss a little harder ,,, yessssssssssss mmmmmmm now take my clit in your mouth and suck it like you do my tits. Fuck yesssssssssssssssss!! Keep doing that.mmmmmmmm Oh yes what a good student you are!! A natural born cunt licker!

I stroked the sides, back on his head as Father Dale sucked, and licked his new found passion. Father Dale licked the sides of my lips taking each on and sucking it all the length of my cunt. Then licked from my ass hole to my clit. When he got to my clit, he sucked it like a small penis. “ Oh Father, suck me … yessssss I’m cummingggggg yessssssssssssss”

I came with such a force I shot out my cum like a guy. All over Father Dales clothes.

He sat back with cum on his face and all over him smiling.

“MMMMMMm That tasted really good!”

I finally got my self back to this world and traded places with him again.

This time I told Him I was going to treat him for a job well done.

“ I want you to remember this position tomorrow when you sit her .”

I took his pant down past his knees and took his cock in my mouth. With the expert tongue I have I liked and sucked him till he was ready to explode.

I knew he was close .

I stopped sucking his cock

He pleaded with my not to stop.

I took him my force to the altar and laid him on it .I got up beside him and straddled his raging hard cock.

“Ok. Father Dale I’m going to ride your cock . I have taken precautions so I can’t get pregnant. Cum in my hot cunt. I’m going to talk dirty to you while I pump your cock with my cunt, Ok with you?”

Father dale was in another world, a world of ecstasy. I could say and do what ever I wanted here. He was entirely in my control. I rode his cock slowly at first. I wanted to feel his every move, his every inch of his beautiful cock. Father Dale was a fast learner. He grabbed my tits and sucked them hard, while I slowly pumped his cock. Then I leaned back with my hand behind me so father Dale could watch his cock go in and out of my cunt .He got the rhythm down to a science and started to thrust his hips hard against my pumping. Faster and harder, we went until Father Dale called out.

“Fucking Jesus I’m cuming”

Father Dale thrusted his hips hard into my wet cunt. He shot so much cum that it was gushing out of my cunt. I took the time to finger my wet cunt with his cock still deep inside me. Father Dale watched my fingers as the brought me to an awesome, incredible orgasm. My cunt throbbed all over his cock. Father Dale softly said

“ That feels so good on my cock. Your throbbing pussy muscles.”

We lay there for a while to catch our breaths.

Father Dale stroked my tits and sucked on my nipple while he regained himself.

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