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House Hunting


"But I don't want to move. Its not fair."

Well, this wasn't going good I thought to myself. My company had offered me a promotion but it meant moving to DC in a few months.

"The kids like their school, I like this neighborhood"

Ok, I had to think of some other way to make this sound good but I couldn't really think of any. " How about you and I go up and look at houses next week? We'll get the feel of the land and see if there is anything we like. "

"That wont work, what will we do with the kids?" She asked.

"I bet I can get my sister to watch them." I answered. Well, at least that was all I could think of as I was standing there. The rest of the week didn't go a whole lot better, but my sister did come down to watch the kids. Diane and I drove up on a Sunday after noon so we could start looking the next day. I'd even arranged for us to stay in a pretty nice place. A buddy of mine from college had a huge town house down by Dupont circle. It was one of those older ritzy places that that is only a couple of blocks from the white house and every other neighbor has gobs of money. It was a little outside our price range, but it was really nice. Mark, the owner, was a lawyer at one of those Washington power brokers that is on the take from every major corporation that wants something from its local congressman.

The congressional schmoozing paid well but the hours sucked. He was always off to some conference or another and put in those 60-hour weeks. That was probably the reason his wife left him after three years. Money can't buy everything, but it did buy a really nice place. He was off for the whole week lining the coffers of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe by getting the congressional delegation of New Hampshire agree to some sort of federal subsidy for maple sugar candy. Or at least that what he told me. It didn't really matter to us as long as he let us borrow his place.

I pushed open the front door and we sort of peered in like kids in someplace we knew we shouldn't be. The damn place was bigger than our house and was three stories high.

"Very nice" Diane remarked. "I'll take one of these"

"Yeah, you and me both" was all I could retort. We walked slowly through the halls past the kitchen that looked like you could roast an OX in, up the stairs past the study to the top floor where the guest room was. It was nicely done, probably by some hired interior decorator. Mark didn't have taste nearly this good. Everything was neatly arranged, probably by some cleaning lady who came by once a week. I did notice that all the pictures of Mark and his wife and kid were gone. He'd still had some the last time I'd visited but it had been over a year since she'd left.

"Hey, come look at this." I heard from down the hall. I headed for the sound and found Diane standing in the middle of what must have been the master bedroom. A cherry king bed sat in the middle of a rather sizeable room that that had pale blue walls long curtains. A mirror covered one wall opposite a set of bureaus that had to be antiques. Diane walked up to the bed and ran her hand across the navy satin sheets. She giggled and flopped on top.

"Want to do me?"

"Come on, get up, that not where we are supposed to sleep. Get off the man's bed" I sort of wailed.

"Spoil sport"

She actually looked disappointed. We finished un packing and went out for a bite at one of those trendy bistro places that isn't really any better than McDonalds, but cost ten times as much. When we got back to the house we found his bar. I had to admit it was very well stocked. In fact it had everything needed to make a long island ice tea. After the first one I was feeling a bit more relaxed as we sat on the couch. I leaned over and kissed her gently. She responded with one of those soft warm kisses that makes the back of my neck warm. I could smell the hint of her perfume behind her ear as I traced my lips gently down her neck to the area next to her collarbone. A little nibble there and she arched her head back and sort of sighed.

She took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

"Want to go up stairs?"

Damn right I did. We scurried up like two horny teenagers whose parents were out. Diane went over to the suitcase and got out some clothes and went into the bathroom. I slid out of my jeans and kicked off my shoes. I stopped to look when the door opened. She'd put on a blue camisole that came with these awesome little blue panties. Little spaghetti straps covered her shoulders that were just next to her blond hair hanging down to her neck. The best part was that the camisole did nothing to cover her long legs and there was just a hint of ass.

If I had known how to whistle I certainly would have. She handed me my toothbrush and said "I don't plan on getting out of bed once I get in."

That was fine with me. I went into spit and finish while she waited. I came back out but the bed was empty. Ok, where is she? I looked out in the hall and headed for the light at the end of the hall. What was she up to? I came to the room we'd been in earlier, only now the comforter was pulled back and my wife was sitting in it.

"Get out of there." I said. "Our room is down there"

"Oh, you big baby. This bed is so big compared to that one in the guest room. Besides, if you are worried about staining the sheets, I'll wash them before lawyer boy comes home. Now come here."

She did have a point. I slid over next to her and ran my hand up the silky blue fabric of her camisole to where her nipple was clearly trying to poke through. I peeled back the sheets a bit and admired her legs set against the backdrop of the navy satin sheets. I kissed her again and slid my left hand down to her thigh, relishing the slight moan as I slid it up to the elastic of her panties. I could taste the alcohol on her lips. I moved one hand to each side of the thin fabric that covered her and lifted it slowly over her head. I tossed it on the chair in the corner.

"You won't be needing that " I told her. Her smile and kiss told me I was probably right. My hands slid back along her body again and explored every inch of her skin. Her breasts cupped in my hands as I traced small circles around them. I leaned forward and kissed her nipple, feeling it get harder to my tongue. I kissed each as I continued down to the little clothing she had left. My finger slid up to slide under the remaining fabric and touched her. It felt different. I looked up and she had a huge smile on. I touched her again. My fingers slipped under the little strings that held the bottoms on and pulled. She lifted her hips slightly to make it easier. I stopped and my cock got even harder. There wasn't any hair there. She'd only done that once before.

"You like it?" she asked


"I did it this morning when I took my shower before we drove up. I figured you deserved a little treat for your big promotion."

I ran my finger over it and slid it down between her lips. She was soaking.

"It makes me hot too" she said.

I smiled and pushed her back onto the pillows. I slid my face lower till I was inches from her and I knew she could feel my breath against her wetness. My tongue slid forward and just barely touched her skin. The gasp told me all I needed. I traced my tongue from the very bottom of her opening, up, up to the slightly swelling at the top. She tasted sweet and sexy. My tongue slid from side to side and her hands griped the pillows over her head. I licked her slowly up and down using my tongue to separate her lips and make small circles as I tasted her insides. Another moan told me I was doing good. I moved my tongue faster and faster until she grabbed my head and pulled it up.

"I want to feel you in me"

I sat up and pulled off the rest of my clothes. Shit, I'd left the condoms down in the bag by the back door.

"I'll be right back" and I ran down the hall. I'm not sure she knew where I was going. It was good thing it was dark in the rest of the house as my friend was sticking up in front of me as I went. Now, where in the hell was that bag. There it was. I grabbed the bag and turned to go back up the stairs. Click. What the hell, the front door started opening. This wasn't a good position to be found standing in. I leapt back around the corner so I could go around the other way and close it. My heart raced as I realized that someone was coming in. This was going to be embarrassing. Mark was home. Not supposed to be here. Especially as I was hiding bare assed naked in his hallway. He tossed his keys on the table and threw his coat over the chair. Ok, if he goes into the study where the bar is I'll run upstairs. I wonder if Diane heard him and made it back to our room. He didn't go to the bar. He's heading for the stairs. Ok, this is where I jump forward and over come the awkward moment before he goes up. But I couldn't. I'm still not really sure why. He slowly walked up the stairs to his room. The back of my brain said "go after him"

I heard her voice "Hurry up, I'm waiting"

He stopped, looked down the hall towards the guest room and then stepped into his room. I stood at the bottom of the stairs.

"Well…. Hello….., you must be Diane, I'm Mark"

I could only picture the scene. She'd pulled up the sheets to her chest covering her self. He noticed her clothes on the chair and walked over to them.

"Expecting someone else I suppose," he said.

"Well, yes" her voice. "I'm very sorry about this, we were, well just, you know…"

"Is he coming back?" his voice from just inside the door. That was probably my cue to come up to the rescue but I stayed put almost in a panic. I slowly started up the stairs and from the third to the top stair I could see through the side of the door. Mark was sitting in the chair and was holding the clothes I had removed just minutes before.

"If you'll just pass me those I'll let you have your bed back" Diane said.

He just sat there twirling her panties.

"You know" Mark said, "I was having a pretty bad day until I got home. My deal fell through, the pissant congressman wouldn't cave and my flight was delayed. Until now, today was a total loss. Damn, Rich did always have good taste in women. You know…. in general I have a rule. I get to fuck all the beautiful naked women in my bed. That is my bed you are in, you are quite good looking and from what I have here it would appear that you are quite naked. Tell you what, if he comes back before I get undressed, I'll give you your things back."

With that he began to undo his tie. Now was the time for me to rush in. She looked at him then at the door with a slightly pensive look. My heart was beating faster as his jacket hit the chair. His hands undid the cuffs on his shirt and he set them on the dresser. The crisp white oxford flopped to the ground.

"Are you sure he's coming back?" One shoe hit the ground then the other. He reached down and pulled off his socks. She could just get up and wrap the sheet around her and walk out. Yes, that's what she should do. His hands crossed in front and he pulled off his t-shirt. Time for me to go in NOW. His hands undid his belt and his pants and shorts fell to the ground at his feet. She wasn't staring at the door any more.

"I guess he's not coming back," he said as he walked to the bed. His left hand reached forward and slowly grasped the sheet. She didn't move, didn't get up. He sat on the bed in front of her and slowly pulled the sheet back. Now it was like watching a very erotic movie, only this was real. He ran his hand up and touched her shoulder, flicking her hair back. I could see her breathing heavy, fear…, anticipation…., desire….. He slid forward and kissed her shoulder as his hands began to slowly explore her body. His hands were open as they caressed and ran over her breasts. Now he leaned forward and took her nipple between his lips. It seemed to stiffen under his touch. Her eyes closed and her head leaned back as he began to kiss first one then the other, still moving his hands across her body. Her hands relaxed and the sheet began to slip down until there was nothing between them. He moved his mouth up her chest to her neck until he leaned forward and kissed her once, then again, and then she kissed him back. I swear I could see their tongues touching as the pace increased and the fervor began to build. Oh god, he was going to fuck her. And I was going to watch.

He rolled over and sat next to her so he was facing the door and placed his hands on her pulling her gently so that her back was facing the door.

"Do you suck Rich's cock?"

I don't think it was so much a question as a request, but she seemed to get it. She slid down his body so that when his head went back I knew she'd taken him in her mouth. I also knew how good it felt. Until now I'd been the only cock she'd ever sucked. Her head moved up and down, his hands lightly playing with her hair. Mark looked over at the door as if he knew I was watching. My own cock, rock hard at the thought how good her warm wet moth felt and the erotic excitement of watching my wife suck someone else's cock. Her head moved up and down and he watched admiringly as he continued to play with her blond strands. Her head came up and I could see a strand of precome, like a glass string from her lips to the head of his cock. It hung there momentarily, then fell, part on her chin and the rest across his abdomen.

He slid his hands to her sides and pulled her forward so that she was now straddling him, one knee on either side of him. His cock wet with her saliva resting on her inner thigh. She held his shoulders as he reached down and pulled himself to align with her. I could see the head slide up and part her lips, where I had intended to be moments earlier. He slid along not quite entering her but teasing her, seeing how wet she was. He planned to take full advantage of my tongues preparations. It was liked the tip of his swollen cock was being kissed by her lips. The absence of hair, and her shaved smoothness highlighting their skin together. Then he moved one hand to each hip and pulled her down.

Her head rested on his shoulder as the head of his cock disappeared into her. He stopped and let her adjust to his girth. He wasn't much longer than me, but he was thicker. He pulled her lower and lower. I watched inch by inch as her body encased it. When all I could see was his balls and her ass, I knew he was all the way inside her, deep up where only I'd been the last fourteen years. I could hear small moans coming from her body as he lifted her up and then slid her back down. He would lift her until just the head was in her and then thrust his hips up into her again, and again, and again. He was good, very good. As she slid down I marveled at how her lips took him in and then tried to hold on as he slid back out. Her skin against his, nothing between them. Her ass rotated from side to side as she rode his cock. His hands were now free to roam her body as she fucked him harder and faster, grinding herself against his pubic bone. Her breathing became more rapid and I could sense she was getting closer and closer. His hands roamed her back, one in the small of her back, the other cupping her magnificent ass.

"That's it Diane…, come all over my cock …., come hard for me"

That was enough to send her over the edge. Her head arched back as she sat up straight, her hair hanging down, her face scrunched up and then she threw her head forward, her mouth open as she began to come, twitching and gasping. Her face contorted in that wonderful expression that only lovers share. Her ass grinding harder and harder against him as she worked to get every bit of release she could. My own cock was as big as it had ever been and was ready to explode.

Mark looked up at her and continued to hold her hips. Now he was fucking her slowly as she collapsed on his chest. Her head rested on his shoulder.

He held her waist and rolled to the right so that he was now on top with her legs spread wide for him. His knees pushed her thighs apart, his balls flopping down as he slid into her from above. He held himself above her, his arms extended, the muscles in his shoulders very pronounced. Her hands moving up to grab his face and pull him down to kiss her as they fucked. His ass moved up and down and this time it was her turn to run her hands across his body. She drew her knees up closer to her body like she did with me when she wanted me to go deeper, or when we wanted to conceive. Her hands continued to dance across his back and I watched as they now held his ass pulling him into her. His cock disappeared again and again into her shaved mound. She had done that for me. He started to groan and I knew that he was close. His back tensed up and arched, then his ass drove into her hard one last time and he kissed her as he came in her. She must have felt it as he came as she whimpered as each spurt filled her, setting off another spasm deep inside her, her head thrashing from side to side until he reached down and held it steady.

"Oh yes, come in me" she said between kisses, their mouths locked together, her hips once again grinding under him, his balls resting in the crack of her ass as they emptied their contents into my wife. Her back arched and her legs locked around him to keep him from getting away, the two of them a withering mass of flesh and intertwined arms and legs.

Her words sent me over the edge, my own balls contracted and a rope of white shot out and hit the floor, releasing the tension that had been building as I watched. My cock deflating as I watched them play out their final scene. He stopped moving and I could see the beginning of his thick viscous fluid starting to run down her crack and leak out from around his cock. I silently wondered how long it had been since he'd had any. Spent and mentally exhausted, I slid down the hall to the guest bedroom and climbed in. The light was off. I don't know how long I lay there before I felt someone climb on top of me. In the darkness I could make out her silhouette and I knew she was still naked. She flicked her hair back and leaned down and kissed me.

"You didn't come back," she said before she bent down and kissed me softly on my lips. I could taste him on her warm wet lips. " Did you watch? I hope you did because this was a one-time deal. " She kissed me again "I brought you a present" she whispered in my ear. "Its from Mark". She slid up my body and held my head pulling it closer. I could smell the after effects of their coupling. My face was where it had been before I went for the condoms, only now the taste was much different. Her lips were looser and as my tongue touched the bottom of her slit she twitched and I could taste him in her. First a little, then more and more seemed to ooze out. It had been a while since he'd had any. I had to make amends for not coming back and I was determined to get every drop. My hands slid up and held her ass. Her crack was slippery with their juices. She reached up and held the head of the bed to steady herself. My tongue slid over her lips making her mine again. As I licked I could feel her tense and her body twitched again and again forcing small amounts of him out until I was sure there was no more swimming inside.

She collapsed next to me and cuddled up resting her head on my chest. I stroked her hair as we began to drift off. She kissed me again and whispered in my ear "You never told me that Mark was black."

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