House of Whores

byDeadly Joker©

"Yeah, who's your pick?" Fiona was on his other side, and she brushed his neck gently with her gloved hand.

There was a moment of silence where only Belinda's breaths, from her exertion as the last dancer, filled the air. Then a buzzing alarm came from the kitchen.

Belinda turned back and looked down at her father's face, over the curve of her ass, "That's the pizza. Maybe we'll decide who's best later, hmmm?"


The girls seated him at the head of the table. Bundles of candles burned at the centre of the table, and on the shelves and cabinets surrounding them, throwing strange light and shadows. All the glasses were filled to the brim with wine, and the girls would fill up their father's glass whenever it was less than half-full. By the time they moved back to the living room, which was now also bathed in candlelight, the glasses they brought with them held the last of a second bottle of wine.

Bruce settled into the centre of the large leather couch in front of their wide-screen television, and Belinda snuggled in against his left side, while Fiona snuggled against his right side. Without asking, Samantha climbed up on his lap and curled up, resting her head against his chest.

The film the girls had picked out, The Legend of Hell House, played on the DVD player. Bruce had begun the film with an arm around each of the girls at his side. Soon, Fiona discreetly grasped his hand and slipped it downward, so that his hand was on the heat of her breast, palm touching the warm naked flesh. Bruce tried to gently pull his hand away, but Fiona held it down against her. Bruce stopped trying to pull away, and gave his daughter's large breast a squeeze. Fiona snuggled in more closely, and Bruce kept his hand there

Every so often Bruce would squeeze or caress Fiona's soft breast with his right hand. Seeing that all the girls seemed to be focused on the action on the screen, he moved his left hand down off Belinda's shoulder, and cupped her left breast lightly. Hesitating a moment, he then rested his hand there, occasionally caressing and squeezing her breast through the bra and slippery silk.

At one point in the film, one of the characters, a usually faithful wife now a woman in the grip of demonic lust, wandering around in a translucent nightgown, snarled to another man: "All together. Naked, drunk, clutching, sweating, biting. Touch me. Touch me or I'll find someone who will!"

Bruce's fingers pressed into the breasts of his daughters, and his cock moved against Samantha's ass.


The film ended and the credits rolled. Samantha said, "I gotta use the little girl's room," and sprung off her father's lap, the tent of his erection now obvious to everyone.

Samantha quickly came back, but when she tried to swing herself back down into her father's lap, her foot swung over the coffee table and ­-smash!­- her father's wine glass was struck, cracked as it tipped over onto the table, and was left as three large pieces of ragged glass in a small puddle of wine.

"Oh shit!" Samantha leaped up. "Sorry! Shit."

Belinda leaped up as well, out of the embrace of her father. "What the fuck are you doing, you drunk little cunt!?!" She grabbed Samantha by the pigtails, bent her over, and flipped up her kilt. -spank!-spank!-spank!- rained down the blows on both her ass cheeks. Bruce could see the multi-coloured teddy bear designs on her panties. He kneaded Fiona's breast. "This cunt's fucking drunk! Daddy didn't give you wine so you could break his fucking glass, did he? Go clean it up, quick!" -SPANK!­­-

Samantha rushed off to the kitchen as quickly as her high-heels could carry her. She came back with a trash can and a wet cloth, and quietly disposed of the broken glass and wiped the coffee table clean.

Belinda, hands on hips, looked down at her work. She growled, "Might as well take all the other glasses to the kitchen too. Then get back here for your punishment."

Samantha came back and stood in front of her father, eyes to the ground, even though it was Belinda giving the orders. "Get down on your hands and knees! C'mon, Fi, I'm gonna need help teaching the bitch a lesson."

They positioned Samantha so that her side was to her father, and Belinda crouched at her front, while Fiona knelt behind her.

"Spank her little ass 'til it's glowing like a jack-o-lantern!" Belinda ordered. Fiona flipped up Belinda's kilt and began spanking both of her cheeks with a gloved hand. Sometimes she'd stop and rub her hands over her sister's ass, pulling and kneading the now-inflamed skin so that more of her panties would slip off her asscheeks and down into her crack. Then Fiona would begin spanking again, forehand and backhand: -spank!-spank!-spank!-

Fiona would look over at her father, and when he looked at her masked face, or at the jiggling and rippling of Samantha's ass, she'd smile at him.

In front of Samantha, Belinda hand one hand gripping Samantha's head, while she tried to shove as much of her other hand as possible into Samantha's mouth. "C'mon bitch, take it! Fuckin' take your punishment." Samantha's saliva-spattered lips were stretched over the knuckles of her sister's hand. Belinda tried to find an angle to work her whole fist in, but could only get to the point that trying to work her hand in deeper would result in gurgling, chocking, and flying spittle.

Samantha's eyes were wide and panicked and tearing up, and her nostrils flared, but when she looked to her father for any help, she saw a man slouched down into the couch, eyes half in trance. With one hand he was slowly rubbing up and down the outline of the erect cock in his pants.

"Fuck!" Belinda withdrew her hand from Samantha's mouth, leaving a trail of saliva. Samantha coughed, and more of her spit dripped down to the Indian rug on the floor.

"We need something else to punish this bitch." Belinda turned her gaze to her father. "Daddy, why don't you get your cock out and shove it down your daughter's throat here? It's just what she needs, to learn her lessons from her Pimp Daddy."

"N-No," Bruce croaked. "That...That's too much."

"Aw, c'mon." Belinda put her hand in front of Samantha, and Samantha used her lips and tongue to clean off the gobs of spit. "Just slide that big cock of yours down her throat - it's what she needs."

Bruce bit down on his lips, and shook his head side-to-side.

"Hmph. Fine then," Belinda said. "Fuckdoll Fiona? Can you get that dildo from your room? You know, that big black one you've got stashed away?"

Fiona rushed back quickly, waving the dildo around like it was a prize she'd just won. It was large and thick, with veins down the shaft and a suction cup at the end. Fiona handed it Belinda, and went back to fondling, caressing, and punishing her sister Samantha's ass.

Belinda held the dildo and aimed it at Samantha's mouth, who opened up her lips like a goldfish. The head of the dildo pushed inward.

Belinda didn't do much until she felt the first hint of resistance and heard the first choking sounds. Then a grin spread across her face and she furrowed her brow, beginning to push in, pull it out a bit, rotate, push it in again - all to shove it deep down Samantha's throat.

Saliva ran past Samantha's lips, along the dildo and onto Belinda's hands again, where it would drip down onto the floor. The sounds were of gagging, of Fiona's spanking and slapping of ass, and of Belinda's occasional commands such as: "Take it! Dirty bitch! Fuckin' whore, Slutty Samantha is right!"

Belinda lodged the dildo as far as she could in Samantha's throat, and then drew her hands back. She looked over to her father. "C'mon Daddy, fake cock is alright, but this ho needs her pimp's cock to teach her a lesson. Real, hard, pulsing cock."

Bruce muttered something under his breath, pressed his eyes shut for a moment, and bit down on his lips.

He opened his eyes again, saw the debauched display in front of him, and began unbuckling his pants.

His shoes were off, and he slipped down his pants and moved toward Samantha, hard cock sticking out front of the jacket he still wore. He used one hand to pull the black dildo out of Samantha's mouth, and tossed it away. Samantha gasped, trying to get air into her lungs.

Bruce pushed his cockhead into her open mouth.

"This what you want? This what you girls want me to do? C'mon little baby girl, take my cock. Oh! Oh, suck it!"

Bruce shoved his cock into his daughter's hot wet mouth. He looked down and saw her eyes looking up at him, looking up at the man that had placed his cock between her lips and was pushing it into her mouth.

"Oh fuck, your mouth's so soft and wet! Mmmm, take my cock, take it into your mouth! Down your throat!"

Belinda drew up beside her father and caressed one of his buttcheeks with her hand, a few fingers playing along his asscrack. "Fuck yeah! Finally smartened up, huh Daddy? Yeah, give her that thick cock!"

Fiona was looking on as well. Now she'd stopped any spanking, and just looked at her Daddy pump her sister's mouth, while Fiona's hands slowly worked between Samantha's legs. "How does it feel, Daddy?" she asked.

"Fuck! It feels fucking good baby!" He was moving his hips. "Your little sister's mouth sucks me so sweet! Awwww yeah!"

"Mmmm, let's try something, Daddy." Belinda said. "Push your cock down into her throat, as far as you can and hold it there." He thrust in, and took a pigtail in each fist, pulling Samantha against him. There was still a good bit of his cock between her lips and his abdomen.

"Now," Belinda said, "I'm just going to hold her nose closed like this...Remember, keep your cock in there!" Belinda held her sister's nose, and struggling sounds came from deep in Belinda. Her cheeks began to puff out.

"Oh shit! I can feel her throat spasm on my cock! Fuck!"

Samantha's cheeks were puffed round, and tears began welling in her eyes, trickling down her cheeks. More muffled sounds came from her throat, and then suddenly her face slipped down her father's cock until her nose bumped against his stomach.

"Oh fuck! I'm in your fucking throat! Your throat feels so good on my dick!" Bruce looked down and saw his daughter's face as he forced it down on his cock, puffed and tearful and turning red. "Just a little more baby. I'm just gonna fuck your throat a little more." Bruce began making evil fuck-strokes, feeling the helmet of his cockhead move up and down his daughter's throat.

He saw the red flush of her face turn deeper and darker, and then finally took mercy and pulled away.

Samantha heaved, trying to get fresh air into her lungs. Spit and bile dripped out of her mouth.

She wasn't breathing normally yet when her father went back to her, held her head with one hand and plugged her nose with the other. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. "Oh fuck yeah, I need more," her father growled. "More skullfucking."

He did it a few more times. After the first time it was easier for Samantha to deep-throat her father, letting his cock slide down as far as it could. He'd fuck her then, not letting her breathe, taking delight as her throat clenched around his cock.

Her father drew back, "Fuck, I need a better angle of attack." He stood up on his feet, knees bent, and had Samantha kneel in front of him. He was doubled-over, shoving her face into his crotch and using his ass-muscles to move his cock in the slimy mess, and the hand that had been on her nose was now free. He used it to reach down and smack her ass, saying, "Bad bitch! Fuck yeah! Take it! Take it! Take it! Nasty!"

Sometimes a gob of fluid would force its way past his cock, and shoot out with her cough onto his cock and balls, hanging and dripping from his pubic hairs.

He pulled off, her head still in one of his hands, when Samantha broke out suddenly in a powerful bawling. Many more tears began streaming from Samantha's face, and her body was wracked with sobs. Bruce began to try to force his cock in again, past the trembling lips, but then shook his head and then drew back.

"Oh baby," he said, kneeling down and hugging her, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. "Baby, I...I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry. I'm an animal."

Bruce felt the shoulder of his jacket getting wet with her tears. He looked off to the side where his other two daughters knelt, but they looked on with stillness.

After some time Samantha's sobs grew less dramatic, and she finally pulled herself off her father, wiped her runny nose with a hand, and looked up at him.

"Oh baby dear," Bruce said, having trouble looking at her. "I'm so sorry...I didn't hurt you too bad, did I?"

Samantha sniffled, and her voice was hoarse, "Daddy it's not that...well...what I mean is, I guess it kinda hurt, on the surface. But...But it felt so good deep inside." She ran a hand up and down her chest to illustrate. "In here. Like a fire burning.

"That's why I was crying. It was just so fuckin' intense"

"Huh?" Her father frowned.

Samantha wiped away a few stray tears, and then began unbuttoning her father's jacket. "Let's get this thing off of you...the tears should dry out.

"What I meant is...It was just so fuckin' good I had to cry, you know?" She reached down to his cock, which was only half-hard now. She stroked it a few times, and then lowered her mouth. "I mean, you're just so big and beautiful...slurp"

She sucked his cock a bit, and then drew off, and looked up at him with a smile and said, with her throat still sore from his cock, "You're gonna fuck my throat some more, right?"

"Ungh...You bet, baby." Her father moved her over, laying her down on her back on the coffee table, head hanging down over the edge and facing him.

"Oh yeah Daddy," Fiona had crawled up beside him, "fuck that slut's mouth." She held Samantha's head down against the table edge.

Bruce put his cock into her mouth, and began pumping, hearing his daughter's struggles. "Oh, fuck, that's good baby...You make your Daddy feel good."

Samantha's head was pressed against the edge of the table, giving Bruce full access to her throat. He looked down at her outstretched neck, rubbing it gently. "Oh fuck...fuck, I'm close baby." Fiona's hand was on his butt, tapping its fingers to the beat of his thrusts.

"Oh FUCK!" Bruce leaned forward, gave a few last, hard thrusts, then fell forward and sucked on Samantha's panty-covered pussy, and came in his daughter's mouth.

Both Samantha and her father moaned and writhed, while Fiona and Belinda moved their hands over the entwined couple, worshiping the scene they'd brought to pass.

Bruce finally pulled himself off and looked down. He pulled his shrinking cock out of Samantha's mouth. Her face was streaked with cum and spit.

"Oh fuck." Bruce shook his head, disbelievingly, as he looked down at the scene. He stumbled backward, and settled himself on the couch again.

He looked at his two other daughters lovingly try to clean Samantha's face up; sometimes using fingers to scoop up fluid into her mouth, sometimes lapping away with their tongues.

Then, moving together as if in a pack, they crawled toward their father again. Belinda again sat on his left, running her hand over his chest. Fiona on his right bent over and took his right nipple in her mouth, nibbling and sucking gently. Samantha curled at his feet. Samantha said, "Fuck! My panties are soaking wet." Bruce saw them leap into the air a moment later, and land on his naked stomach.

"You really like the rough stuff, huh Dad?" Belinda said it into his ear, but loud enough so that the other girls heard. He didn't say anything, so she continued, "It's okay, we found all your hidden videos and magazines a long time ago. And all that stuff on your computer too.

"Not to mention hearing you and Mom go at it over and over way back when. I bet you really miss how she fucked you huh?" Belinda's voice was soft - loving and gentle.

"Yeah, your mother was really something," Bruce said. He looked into Belinda's eyes. "I mean, we used to fuck like crazy. Mad. She was so nasty. So beautiful and sexy, but downright dirty too. I think she was even kinkier than me."

Bruce laughed. "Man, if she was around and you pulled this shit on her, she'd fuck you girls over so hard, you'd be sore for weeks.

Belinda nibbled on her father's ear. "Well, now you've got us to fulfill all your desires. We wouldn't mind if you fucked us over. Not a bit."

Bruce sat up, dislodging Belinda and Fiona. "No, no. Look, we all had a bit too much to drink, and got carried away. We'll all go to our separate bedrooms and feel stupid about this in the morning, huh? We can stop this. Now.

"I should get dressed first. Where are my pants? Ah, there-"

Fiona grabbed her father's pants off the floor, and ran out into the hallway. The three in the living room heard the front door open, then slam shut a open later.

Fiona strode back, and stood in front of her naked father, who was now standing as well. "Hah! I threw your pants away Daddy!

"Do you think that's fair? What, you get off an then it's bedtime for everyone? We've got needs too!"

Bruce stood there for a moment, and then lunged toward his daughter. "Fucking BITCH!" He slapped her across her masked face, and then used the hair coming out the top of her mask to pull her down to the floor. "Fucking, fucking nasty bitch!"

"Ow! Ow Daddy!"

He shoved her down on all fours. "Get that fuckin' big ass up in the air!"

Fiona looked back at her father kneeling behind her. His eyes had a sparkle of something, but no hint of rational thought. She pushed her butt up at him.

"Ow! Owie Daddy! You're spanking it hard!"

"Keep it there! Keep your fat ass in my face or I'm really gonna make it hurt!" He spanked her ass, especially the parts of her cheeks that burst past her tight leather hotpants.

He looked over to the couch. Belinda was running her hands over Samantha, like a surreptitiously lesbian teacher molesting her favourite little student.

"Oh fuck! You're really laying into my ass, Daddy!"

"Your big ass. Say it!"

"My big ass. You like my big ass, Daddy? You like spanking it?"

"Your sexy big fat ass. Say it, Fi!"

"Oooh, Daddy likes to punish my sexy big fat ass? I love to show it to you Daddy. Make my sexy big fat ass burn!"

"Ungh!" Bruce grunted with lust. He squeezed Fiona's butt, then pulled down the zipper of her pants, spreading the two parts of her shorts onto each of her legs.

He spread open her asscheeks with his hands, and looked down at the crinkled brown pucker of her asshole.

"Oooh! Daddy's face is up my ass!" Fiona called out, bucking backwards. "Keep it up there. Fuck, use your tongue! Suck my ass!"

Bruce pulled back, adjusted his hands to get a better spread of Fiona's ass, and spit into the crevice. He dove in again, lapping his tongue up and down, trying to push inward.

Bruce was absorbed in eating butthole when he heard Belinda's voice above him. "You like ass? I got an ass too, baby."

He looked up and saw Belinda's skirt-covered ass bouncing and bobbing above him. From her other side, Samantha reached around and slowly pulled up on Belinda's skirt, exposing the swell of her ass, then the g-string panties that ran over the mound of her pussy and hid in her asscrack.

Belinda saw her father looking up at her, and squatted down, rubbing her cheeks against his face. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Wanna find out why they call me 'Backdoor Belinda'?"

Bruce pressed his face into Belinda's ass. Then he drew back and pulled her panties over a cheek and off to the side and dived in, licking her asshole.

"Oh baby," he said, "I know it's wrong, but I want dessert first." He lapped at her ass. "I want this ass right now. Is that okay?"

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