I had been corresponding with Amy for months. She had found my site, and it had taken a while before I flipped her from curious to committed.

I should tell you, I train submissives for a living, and a very good living it is. I have a reputation for quality and efficiency---it doesn't take long before I can hook up the highest bidder with one of my girls. The client's happy, the girl's happy, and my bank account's happy too.

Getting back to Amy, she was perfect. Her parents were dead (hey, I hate to be cold about it but it's one less complication), she'd been divorced for years, and she hated her job. She was pretty if a little chubby, and I knew just how to fix that.

She followed all my rules, put her stuff in storage, quit her job and showed up at my door. She was of average height, had big brown eyes and brown hair, and a great smile.

"You know what you've got to do, bitch," I growled, getting her prepared for what was to come. She looked a little nervous but stripped right down to nothing. Her tits were good, not huge, but that would be fixed too, the rest of her smooth and hairless. "Very nice," I said. "Let me show you to the room."

The training room is very simple. There's a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, which stays on all day and night for instructional videos, a pad on the floor, a toilet, sink and shower. Spartan but adequate. Some hooks on the wall if it becomes necessary, although I don't think torture is the way to go. My submissives choose their program and are usually very willing to do whatever is required to please me. I monitor them on a closed circuit TV, taping their training. The tapes go with them to their new owner, kind of like a baby book.

"Okay, here's the deal. You'll be watching some videos of our offerings. You can decide what program you want to enroll in. Any questions?"

Amy shook her head. She was looking a little lost, but I had every hope she would enjoy herself soon.

I locked her in the room. I watched her sit cross-legged on the mattress.I popped in the tape. Amy was about to be entertained by the Alternate Kennel Club, the Garden Girls and Satan's Satins. If she didn't like what she saw, I was ready to pull out the promos from the other groups.

Amy sat goggle-eyed through the program. I saw her grab her clit early on and watched her cum too many times to count. A very good sign. What she saw turned her on, and I had a pretty good idea which plan she'd pick. Just to be on the safe side, I repeated the whole show again.

When it was over, I entered her room. "Well, bitch?" I asked.

She was blushing, her eyes downcast. "The AKC, I think," she whispered.

"An excellent choice. You saw what will be expected of you?"

"Yes, Master."

"You'll have the chance to perform your first task." I snapped a collar around her neck. "On all fours, bitch." She complied immediately. She crawled after me out the bedroom door and I grabbed a leash by the kitchen door.

My backyard's absolutely private. She followed me down the steps slowly. I led her to some hydrangea bushes. "Do your business."

I watched her flush all over. She licked her lips and closed her eyes. Before I could count to ten, she was pissing a hot yellow stream onto my grass. I took my pecker out and sprayed her haunches as she let go. She was a natural.

"What do you say, bitch?"

"Thank you, Master."

For the next few weeks, I kept her on strict rations, just cum mixed with Slim Fast. She watched training videos during her waking hours, and slept through them, getting subliminal info as she snoozed. There were standards she had to meet for the AKC. Just like any good breed of dog, she had to know what was expected of her and look a certain way. I arranged to have breast implants for her immediately. The "Bitch in Heat" tattoo on her shaved cunt would come later.

When she was sufficiently healed from her boob job, I decided to give her the lab instead of the lecture. She'd paid attention to the videos and was a fabulous cocksucker, taking all of me with such enthusiasm I got a little sorry I'd be selling her. She lost all her shyness and could crap happily in the yard with no embarrassment. She licked up her dinner from a bowl on her floor. She begged to take my cock up her ass or in her cunt a jillion times a day, her cute little pink tongue hanging out. She was one happy puppy. And so was I.

She was now whippet-thin, her big tits sticking straight out. I had introduced her tail to her, a long brown curve of fur that was stuck into a massive but plug. She practiced wagging it and giggled like a little kid. I let her get dressed one day so she could get her tattoo, and when she went into her room, I watched her trace it in wonder, her big brown eyes shining. She was ready.

Her potential owners arrived one night, and it was time to put her through her paces. You've seen the Westminster Kennel Club shows, right? Some guy runs around in a circle with the dog. Well, we didn't run, but we walked. Amy stopped to sniff every dick and asshole. She removed her tail while she got pounded in the ass as she was sucking on some monster cock. She stayed as they sprayed her with cum and pissed on her. She shit in the backyard with a dozen pairs of eyes focussed on her pearly white ass.

"Very impressive." I put her in her cage and she curled into a ball, watching through her thick fringe of lashes to see who she was going to go home with. She wanted to be Best in Show so bad, and was willing to do anything to get that blue ribbon. The club met once a month, and there was plenty of competition to see whose bitch could beat the rest. I didn't belong, of course, but I'd been to several of the shows, and of course, I had them on tape. The AKC had a substantial membership on the Internet.

After an excellent round of bidding, I was $100,000 richer and Stan Phillips was hauling her crate into his Land Rover. Amy whined a little. I knew she'd miss me, and I sure as hell would miss her. But Cathy was due tomorrow. No rest for the wicked.

About a year later, Stan invited me over for a drink. Amy met us at the door, her tail wagging, even skinnier than I remembered. She snuffled my khakis and Stan laughed. "Down, bitch, you'll get it soon enough." We took her in the yard and she peed near a lilac bush. When we went back in he said, "You have my permission to stand and get us our drinks."

Amy barked happily. When she stood, I noticed the marks on her ass. "Yeah," Stan said sadly, "you did a great job housebreaking her, but there have been a couple of things we had to work on. She wasn't too thrilled to be fucked when she was in heat, but I'm making my money back on her when it's her time of the month. Some friends of mine are really into that, but Amy didn't like the taste of her own blood when I told her she had to clean them off. Look," he said. He passed me a photo album. "She's won Best in Show three months running. Good girl, bitch!"

Amy had come back in the room with a tray of drinks and snacks. She took her position at her master's feet, a look of pure love in her eyes.

"Are you going to breed her?" I asked.

"God, no. I had her spayed first thing. You want her to suck you off for old time's sake?"

I had to admit I did. I put my drink down and leaned back. Amy's talented paws pulled my zipper down, her tongue dripping with drool. Her mouth was warm and welcoming. She licked my shaft throroughly, not missing a spot. I stuffed my cock in her mouth and she sucked and swirled, taking me in deeper til I felt myself slip deep down into her throat. She made a faint growling noise but didn't stop her incredible suction.

I opened my eyes to see Stan. He'd pulled out her tail and was thrusting into her greased butt hole, sliding in and out, bucking faster, which caused Amy to suck harder. I knew I was close and could tell from Stan's face he was nearly there too. I pushed Amy's head into me until I could feel her warm nose on my belly. "Now, bitch, now!" Stan screamed, and we both shot our loads into this beautiful bitch. I watched Amy swallow my cum and then clean up her master.

"Wow," I said.

"Best bitch I ever had, buddy," said Stan. "Thanks again. She was worth every penny."

Amy had crawled into her kennel and lay on her dogbed. Stan and I made some sandwiches and talked late into the night. Turned out he'd like a playmate for Amy and I told him I'd see what I could do. We were interrupted by a sad bark and a rather unpleasant smell. Amy had shit in a corner of her cage and we hadn't even noticed.

"Damn it. Bad dog!" Stan turned, winked at me and whispered. "She does this every now and then. She wants to be punished."

"I never disciplined her, except with a rolled-up newspaper."

"She's graduated to a strap. Want to stay and watch?"


"Come, bitch. Take care of your mess."

Carefully Amy wrapped up her poop in the newspaper that lined her cage and crawled out to put it in the outside trash can. She put her nose on Stan's shoe and looked at me, a sly smile on her face. Who would have thought it? Turned out she is totally into pain.

She yipped a little as the strap came down on her ass, turning it a most attractive shade of red. Stan patted her on the head when he was done and she licked his hand.

"It's late, I gotta go," I said. I'd gotten pretty turned on again but I had a Garden Girl trainee back home that would take care of me. That's Garden of Eden, and she'd make Adam proud.

"Don't forget to get me another puppy. I'm willing to pay the same price. Don't put me through another auction."

"No problem. Are you sure Amy will be okay with it?"

"Listen, you should see her lick pussy at our meetings. The other bitches love her. She's so eager to please. How do you think she won those blue ribbons?"

Two surprises in one night. I looked at Amy, sleek and satisfied. She smiled radiantly and I knew she really was totally housebroken, even if she had an 'accident' now and then.

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