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Housemate Deception


I watched my Amelia, my new flatmate walk to the kitchen. I took a moment from my videogames to watch her walk past. She was only wearing a shirt and panties. It hadn't taken her long to get comfortable around me, her having only been here for a month. She reminded me of myself a few years ago. I was only three years older, but I noticed despite being a girl that Amelia was a bit of a loner and only had few, but loyal friends.

She was nineteen, tall and skinny with a blond bob. I couldn't help but notice her long legs as she bent over, giving me a peek of her white panties as she bent over to look in the fridge. Feeling a twitch in my groin, I quickly readjusted myself. Our flat was a heatbox. I was only wearing a singlet and soccer shorts. I guess I had gotten pretty comfortable around her as well.

"What are you up to tonight?" I asked casually.

"Nothing much, Vin." She replied, her head still in the fridge. "I'm low on cash. I was just going to watch a movie tonight. What about you?"

"It's a boring night in for me as well. All I was going to do was smoke a joint and read, but if you're keen, I've downloaded a couple of movies. Maybe we could watch one of those."

To tell the truth, I had plenty to do tonight. But the idea of hanging out with Amelia in her skimpy clothes seemed to override everything else.

She liked the idea, so as I rolled a joint, she got onto my computer and chose a movie we could put on the tv. We smoked the joint and sat down to watch the movie she chose- some crappy horror movie I downloaded but had no real interest in watching. We sat on opposite ends of the couch. I was a little disappointed, but occasionally I'd sneak a quick look at her, growing more and more aroused as I checked out her legs again. Her shirt had ridden up, giving me a decent view up her legs. My view seemed to glide over to those perfect panties. I was worried she caught me a couple of times when she looked over in shock. At one stage I think I saw her glancing over at me with a cute little smile. A few minutes in, it started to rain heavily outside, chilling our unit. Amelia jumped up and skipped to her room, returning with a blanket.

"Mind if I sit a bit closer? This blanket is good, but with you under it as well, we'll be warm and toasty in no time."

I couldn't help but agree. She sat right next to me, draping us both under the blanket. Feeling the buzz from the weed, I welcomed her being closer to me and before long she was leaning on my shoulder. Being this close to her was driving me crazy. I had to slightly twist my body away from her so that my raging erection didn't go anywhere near her. My heart was beating in my throat. Throwing risk into the wind, I nervously wrapped an arm around her. Instead of acting weirded out, she accepted the gesture and snuggled in closer. I could feel her tense and flinch at the scary moments in the movie. Before too long, a romantic moment happened in the movie. The main character began to get it on with some random big-breasted bimbo. Of course her breasts had to be pulled out and splayed across the screen as she pretended to bounce on the main character.

I chanced a quick glance at Amelia and was surprised to find her already looking into my eyes.

"What do you think of her," she asked. "Her boobs are huge! Mine are so tiny compared to hers."

I looked at Amelia and looked at her chest quickly. Not that I needed to, I had already snuck glances at her body at every opportunity. She was right, her breasts weren't anywhere near the size of the actresses'. Amelia's were smaller, about the size of a B-cup, but the matched her skinny figure well. From what I could tell she had perky nipples. As I looked down before I noticed that her nipples were hard and poking through her light shirt.

"Big boobs aren't always a good thing," I said as casually as I could. "You need to look at the person they're attached to. Huge boobs don't always look right on anyone."

"Do you think mine suit me?" asked Amelia as she looked into my eyes again.

I was taken back. As much as she had bounced around the unit wearing next to nothing, she had never been this forward with me before.

"Yeah. You're tall and slender and your chest matches your figure." Did I just say that?

She made a satisfied sound and snuggled in closer, putting her head across my chest. Seriously if she was going to keep getting closer like this, she was going to feel my hardness any second.

The sex scene in the movie was really drawn out. Despite the arousal I was feeling, I was nervous about Amelia getting closer and closer. As my flatmate she was out of bounds, I decided when she first moved in. I thought it was a good idea to not shit where I eat, especially when you've signed a year long lease with it. All the same however, I couldn't help but think she was into me as well.

She snuggled closer and I felt her elbow graze my erection. I twitched involuntarily and nervously looked down at her to see if she had noticed. She didn't seem to. I quietly breathed out a sigh of relief and tried to focus on the movie when I felt her hand slide over the top of my penis. I looked down and found her blue eyes looking into mine, a cheeky grin on her lips.

"Is this because of me or the movie?" she asked, with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

I swallowed my nervousness and didn't say anything. Instead I just leaned my head down and kissed her. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths as her hand caressed the top of my manhood through my shorts. We lied like that for a while, tasting each other and forgetting the movie. I ran my hands over her body, feeling what I had been aching for for the last month. I ran my hands over her ass, teasing the edges of her cotton panties. I felt up her body, my hands eventually cupping her young breasts, so soft and firm. I felt a moan rise in her throat, stopped by my mouth. Her hand left my penis. I shuddered as she felt her way down to the leg hole of my shorts and ran her fingers up my thigh to wrap around my naked shaft. As she stroked my hard cock, my hands found their way under her shirt, going up until I found her hard nipples. We both paused for a moment. I quickly grabbed her shirt and pulled it up over her head. She made no effort to stop me. As she sat before me topless, I lapped up her beauty as I took in the soft glow of her pale white skin. In the dim light from the television she looked both beautiful and sexy. I pulled off my own shirt and pulled her in close under the blanket and kissed her, feeling her naked chest on mine. She ran her hands over my hard chest and stomach. With a quick movement she pulled down my shorts and grabbed my shaft, slowly stroking it. I tried to reach towards her panties, but she gently stopped my wrist.

"Not tonight. I want to take care of you." She said, her smile disappearing for a moment when she stopped me.

Without another word, she slowly lowered her head down towards my rock hard shaft. She breathed in deeply, seemingly taking in its scent. Then slowly, she reached down and kissed the tip of my shaft. She kissed her way down to my shaven balls and gently kneaded them with her hand. She kissed her way back up to the top of my erection and softly wrapped her lips around the head. Her mouth was hot, wet and soft. As she lowered her head, taking more of me into her mouth, her eyes never left mine. She straddled my left leg and slowly grinded on it as she gave me the best head I had ever had in my life. She eagerly swallowed my cock, coating it with saliva and massaging it with enthusiasm. The pleasure was overwhelming and I felt the distant stirring of an orgasm deep inside of me. Pulling her head up to my own, I kissed her deeply. I pushed her back and got on top over and began to lick and suck on her nipples, pausing occasionally to kiss her and nibble on her neck and earlobe as I rubbed her breasts in circular motions.

Again, I tried to reach for her panties, but she stopped me.

"No." She said firmly, as she massaged my wet penis.

"Why not? I just want to make you feel good. Like you've made me feel. We don't have to have sex... I just want to return the favour."

"That's not it." She said reluctantly. "I'm just not sure if you're ready for me. All of me."

"All of you?" My curiosity was captured.

Amelia looked at me apprehensively and stopped stroking me. She seemed lost at finding words.

"I've seen the pictures you keep on your computer." She said, her voice rising slightly.

"Pictures? What, like my porn?" Like that mattered. Every male I knew had porn or some version of it somewhere in their home. As long as she didn't find my HIDDEN porn I had nothing to worry about. Although it was a bit dodgy that she looked through my personal files without my permission.

"Yeah, I'm not talking about the normal porn in your documents folder." She said, as my blood ran cold.

Oh god. She had found the hidden stuff. I thought I had buried that stuff deep in my files. How did she manage to have found it? Was this some sort of prank? Did she want to see if I really liked girls? Did she think I was some sort of creep?

As I panicked in my own mind, Amelia must have taken my silent terror as anger and looked like she wanted to cry. Instantly, any anger I had disappeared. For a minute neither of us spoke while I tried to find my words.

"That stuff was just a phase. I don't know why I kept it." I stammered. "I know you must think it's weird, but to me a girl is a girl, regardless of what she has between her legs." Oh crap. The secret is out.

What else could I say? It was far from a phase. For years now I had been collecting pictures of cute and passable cross dressers and transsexuals. I've been with girls before, but there was something just so... hot about them. I think it was because they looked so much like what they wanted to be and that their efforts weren't in vain. A lot of the pictures I collected of cross dressers and transsexuals actually looked more feminine than some of the girls I'd seen. For years it had been my deepest, darkest secret, something I hadn't even told my best and oldest friends. And now all of a sudden someone I barely knew knows!

Amelia watched me for a while. I could almost hear the cogs turning in her head as she decided what to say. I had a lump in my own throat, worried that her reaction might not be what I'm hoping. Then again if she knew my secret already, why would she take things as far as she did a couple of minutes ago? I honestly didn't know what she would say.

"I know you've been checking me out." She said simply.

"You're an attractive girl." I said, confused. Shouldn't she be grilling me about my 'exotic' porn?

Amelia looked deep into my eyes. She leaned forward, so close I could feel her breath and her beautiful face filled my vision. She kissed me deeply and passionately. Her kiss was filled with longing and affection. I was so lost. What was going on here?

She leaned back, once again and stood up on her knees which were straddling my thighs. She took a deep breath and stiffened. Before I could ask her what she was doing, she grabbed the waistband of her white panties and pulled them down quickly. Her pubic hair was trimmed short and neat into a thin landing strip, ending at the cleft of her vagina. I took a sharp breath and reached out to explore this new part of her body. The rest of her.

Before I could touch her however, it happened.

Amelia's sex was only just out of my reach before she shifted her hips. Suddenly, before my eyes, a small penis and balls were where her vagina should be. My eyes widened in realization. Amelia had tucked her equipment in so well I didn't realize her true gender. I watched in amazement as her tiny penis became erect, free from concealment. Her penis was already small enough flaccid and would have been lucky to be a third of the length of my decent eight inches. Slowly I lifted my gaze and looked at her naked before me, taking her in properly for the first time ever. It was an overwhelming experience as I took all of her in at once, this angel of a girl. With her light blond hair, porcelain-shite skin, hips to die for and cute little penis, I was lost for words.

"When I first moved in, I wasn't planning on telling you. Only three other people know my parents and one best friend. I've been on hormone replacement therapy since I was 12. I never wanted to be a boy and my parents accepted me and helped me become a girl. I thought I could hide my 'secret' until I saved enough to get a sex change. I thought that no one would accept me like this."

Amelia shifted uncomfortably and looked like she was going to cry again.

"But then I moved in with you, Vin. And it felt good when I knew you found me attractive. I always knew you looked when you could and my confidence grew. Then one day you went outside for a cigarette and I saw that you left your door open and a video paused and I couldn't help but look. It was a ladyboy posing in lingerie. I'm sorry I looked through your files, but I couldn't help myself! I never knew I could be attractive like this! That people can and will accept me! And it was all thanks to you! Until two weeks ago, I was scared of boys and their advances. They might find me attractive as a girl, but how would they really react when they saw... the rest of me?"

I was dumbfounded. I like to think I'm a pretty reasonable guy, but this was the first time my porn had helped someone. Then again, this wasn't a normal situation.

"I'm glad my porn has helped you," I said slowly. "But you'll have to give me a second... this is a lot to digest."

Amelia was still as she kneeled over me. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and she began to shake. Like an idiot, I shook myself out of my stoned stupor and realized. Here was a girl, like other girls but different, ashamed of her own body. But she took a chance with me of all people, and here I was, killing her confidence that she had fought so hard for. Yeah, she had invaded my privacy but I had to stop her before she began to cry. In a moment of clarity I knew what I had to do.

I kept my mouth shut as I sat up to get closer to Amelia. My actions were going to speak louder than any words I could say. My lips met hers and I kissed her as I pulled her body onto mine. We laid back, our hands searching each other's bodies. My hands came to rest on her ass, pulling her ever closer. I could feel the heat from her little erection as it pressed against mine. As my tongue tangled with hers, I risked sliding a finger towards her rosebud. With a moan of approval Amelia raised her ass to give me better access. My fingers came to rest on her cute little asshole as I pressed lightly, rubbing it. Amelia backed up, only a little, trying to grind her ass harder against my fingers.

Amelia stopped and said, "Will you make me a woman?"

"Amelia, you already are a woman."

She smiled. She was so adorable and sexy at the same time. I couldn't help but smile back. She climbed off of me and took off to her bedroom. A moment later she returned with a bottle of lube. I accepted it and shifted her onto the couch again, facing away from me. Amelia was on all fours, her gorgeous round ass facing me. I took in a deep breath, full of longing. Between her white cheeks was her little pink rosebud. I rubbed some lube onto my fingers and began to trace small circles around her entrance. As she quivered, I watched her tiny testicles shake. She was hairless from behind. In my mind I knew I was looking at a male ass, but it was so cute and feminine. I pushed a finger in, marvelling at the heat and tightness of her body. For a while I gently worked her ass with one finger, until it I was able to fit another in. After a few minutes I managed to fit in three. As I watched her grind back in pleasure, I couldn't resist.

I leaned forward and gave her asshole a quick little lick. I felt Amelia gasp and lean back against my face. She grasped my hard cock and began to suck the top half as she stroked the lower half with her hands. I could feel her tongue circling the head of my cock. The sensations driving me crazy killed any self-control I had. I pushed my tongue into her ass, swirling it around and making Amelia shake. I cupped her tiny balls with one hand and played with them as I did my best effort to fuck Amelia's ass with my tongue. Amelia began to moan louder. It wasn't long before she was a shaking mess on top of me.

I pushed Amelia forward as I grabbed the forgotten bottle of lube. Quickly I slathered my shaft in lube and positioned myself behind her, my erection ready to enter her. Slowly I began to push myself forward, into her. The top of my penis began to work its way in. Once the tip had slid in, Amelia relaxed, giving me less resistance. I continued to push in, taking my time. A couple of times I had to stop when Amelia made pained moans, but she never told me to stop.

Suddenly she pushed back against me. It felt like I had just ploughed into magma, my shaft pushed to the hilt into her ass. My dick was enveloped in wet, tight heat. I leaned forward and turned Amelia's head so I could kiss her cheek. Together we started at a slow rhythm. I made sure to be gentle and let Amelia work at her own pace. I was just happy to enjoy the ride, watching her round ass pushing my shaft in and out. When she picked up the pace I grabbed her shoulders and began to match her rhythm. It wasn't long before I was slamming her against the arm of the couch. Amelia was a panting mess, her legs jelly as I slammed into her harder than any other girl I'd been with. I reached down and squeezed her tits, tweaking her nipples, never slowing down from the pace I was keeping. We were both covered in sweat as we fucked on the couch. The only noise that accompanied the heavy rain was the loud slap of my groin against Amelia's ass as she panted and moaned. I turned into an animal as I pushed myself to fuck her faster, my balls colliding against hers at every stroke.

One of Amelia's arms reached back and grabbed my hip, pushing me back softly. I slowed down and stopped, regretting that I couldn't reach the welling orgasm that was deep inside my balls. I pulled myself out of her and let her get up. She turned around and pushed me onto my back.

"I know you're going to come soon. I this to be special... for both of us." She said as arousal beamed off of her perfect features.

Amelia straddled me, grabbing my cock and pointing it upwards. She lined herself up, and I watched her lower herself onto my shaft gently. Her little shaft bounced and bobbed pointing at me as she allowed me inside her.

She leaned forward, showering me with kisses, her erection pressed between us. I began to fuck her, no, make love to her. My animalistic lust was gone. I wanted to show Amelia that she was what she thought she was. Our lips met in a kiss full of want. I wrapped my arms around her as my cock pumped in and out of her without a hurry. Despite the slowed pace I was not going to last much longer.

I felt Amelia increase the pace slightly, her mouth never leaving mine. I slowly rotated my hips, matching her pace. Without a word, she leaned back and grabbed my hands. Using them as leverage, she arched her back as she grinded me deep into her. She was bringing me closer at every movement. A thin strand of precum ran from the tip of her penis onto my stomach. Passion took over both of us as we moved together. Our sex was slow and deliberate, as we matched tempos and worked together. I was mesmerized by her beauty as I watched gyrate on time of me.

I felt Amelia clench down, finally pushing me over the edge. I took a sharp breath and rammed myself deeper into her one last time, grunting as I exploded inside of her. She came at the same time, moaning loudly as she released, spurting hot semen all over my stomach and chest. I filled her with cum and was lost in pleasure. Our orgasms were overwhelming and felt like an hour of intense pleasure in ten seconds. As I still jetted inside of her, Amelia fell onto me and found my mouth once again and kissed me as she squirmed on my chest, her semen sticky and hot between us. After our orgasms finally ended, we were completely spent.

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