tagIncest/TabooHousesitting Ch. 06

Housesitting Ch. 06


When Henry woke the next morning, he briefly wondered why he was surrounded by pink. Then he remembered the events of the night before. He was naked in his stepsister's bed after spending most of the night fucking her.

Kirstin wasn't in bed with him, though, which was unfortunate since his cock was painfully hard. Henry stroked it for a few minutes, letting thoughts and images from the previous night flow through his brain, then decided that it would be better if Kirstin was the one stroking him. He got up and went to find her.

As he passed the bathroom, he heard the shower running. It made sense that was where Kirstin would be; she'd showered before they'd gone out to dinner the night before, but hadn't showered since, and they'd definitely gotten down and dirty in the meantime. Just thinking about fucking Kirstin in the men's room at the restaurant made Henry's cock jump.

He opened the bathroom door and was greeted by a cloud of steam. Over the sound of the running water, he heard moans and gasps. Was Kirstin masturbating in the shower? Henry pushed back the shower curtain.

Kirstin had the hand-held massage showerhead in her hand, aimed straight at her pussy. Her other hand was occupied with the nipples on her gorgeous tits. She looked at Henry and smiled. "I was hoping you'd wake up soon."

"But you decided to entertain yourself in the meantime?" he asked.

"Sure, why not?" She aimed the showerhead at his hard-on. "Doesn't that feel good?"

"Yeah, but you're getting water all over the floor."

"Then get in here and let's have some fun."

Henry stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain closed. Not that anyone would find them; his father and Kirstin's mother were away for the weekend. They'd asked Henry to look after the house while they were gone, even though Kirstin lived there and was old enough to take care of things. From what she'd told Henry, she spent a lot of her free time taking care of her own horniness.

Kirstin aimed the showerhead at his cock again. "This is fun!" she exclaimed.

"Give me that."

"Make me."

They wrestled over the showerhead until Henry finally thrust his finger into Kirstin's pussy. She gasped and loosened her hold on the showerhead, which Henry was able to yank away from her. "You jerk!" Kirstin said. "That's cheating!"

"Really?" Henry aimed the stream of water at her clit. "Still think I cheated?"

"Yes, and you're cheating now, trying to make me forget about it." She moaned softly. "Oh, fuck, Henry, that feels so good!"

"Yeah, so why are you complaining about it?"

"Because you cheated!"

"Get over it." He fiddled with the knob on the showerhead that increased the intensity of the flow. "How does it feel now?"

"Holy shit!"

"Done complaining yet?"

"You're very persuasive." She angled herself so the water hit her more directly. "Keep it up, big brother. I was close to cumming before you got in here, and I want to finish what I started."

"What do I get out of it?" Henry asked.

"You get to fuck me. I want you to cum in my pussy, big brother. I love tasting you, but I want something different this time."

"Is that safe?"

Kirstin rolled her eyes. "Duh. I told you how much sex I have. You think I'm not on the pill? And I get tested every few weeks, so I'm completely clean. So are you going to do it or not?"

"Yeah, after you get off."

"Cool." She grinned. "Then hurry up and get me off."

Henry held the showerhead closer to her pussy, knowing the pressure of the water would bring her over the edge. After a moment, she started to squirm. "God, Henry!"

"Like it, sis?"

"Oh, yeah. I do this to myself all the time, but I never knew I could make it this strong. I'm cumming, big brother!"

"Then cum, little sister."

She did, shouting his name. Henry hung the showerhead up and said, "Ready to be fucked now?"

"Are you kidding? I've been ready since I got up this morning!"

She put one leg up on the edge of the tub and moved the other away from it, giving Henry a nice view of her pussy. Standing in front of her, he lined his cock up with her entrance, then thrust up into her.

Shower sex was awkward, no question. It was only the second time Henry had fucked someone in the shower, and his last partner had fallen over, ending the attempt. But Kirstin had apparently had practice with it; she moved her body so Henry could fuck her hard and directed him in how to position himself to get inside her more deeply. "God, I can't believe you've never done this!" she said.

"I've done it once," Henry replied.

"Only once? Then how'd you get so fucking good at it? Fuck, Henry!"

"That's what I'm doing. Fucking you."

"Fucking your hot little stepsister."

"Yep. And your fucking your big stepbrother."

"Mmm, so fucking big! Henry, I'm cumming again!"

Henry was close himself, but he held it off until he felt Kirstin's pussy clench on his cock. She cried out so loud it was almost a scream. "My turn," Henry said.

"In me, big brother. Cum in me!"

"I am!" He thrust hard, once, then again, and felt his balls empty into his stepsister's cunt.

He pulled out of her, and Kirstin shut off the water. "That was fun," she said. She reached out of the tub and pulled two towels off the rack, one of which she handed to Henry. "Get dried off, big brother. We've got a busy day ahead."

"Oh, really? And what should I wear for that busy day?"

"Just what you have on." Kirstin winked and got out of the shower.

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