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Housewarming Party


It was 1am, the housewarming party had been a great success, and only one guest remained. One week prior, Elena and I had moved into a new apartment. For the past few days, we'd been busily furnishing it and buying everything we needed. It was the first time either of us had signed a lease; we were both 23 and had been living with our respective parents after graduation, saving up the money we earned so that we could start a life together. That night, we'd invited everyone we'd known. Our cleaning efforts from only a few hours earlier were soon laid to waste; everyone got drunk and had a good time.

So, inebriated and euphoric, I cuddled up to Elena on the couch, facing Andrew, who sat on the love-seat. Had I been more sober, I might've been a bit irritated that Andrew was still there. Compared to the other friends we'd invited, we didn't know him very well. Yet there he was, still drinking in our apartment, still ogling Elena. To be fair, everyone had been ogling Elena. When I met her in college, she'd been cute, but few would have called her sexy. She came in at a short 5'2, wore glasses, had slightly curly brown hair, and gorgeous DD breasts. In the past, she had this bad habit of straightening her hair and wearing tops that concealed her bust. Since graduating, she'd grown more confident in her natural features; she wore her hair big and curly and she chose outfits that showed off as much cleavage as possible. The result is that guys now looked at her. Though she seemed to instantly take to this, it took some getting used to for me. Tonight, she'd chosen to wear a tight black, low-cut, sleeveless cocktail dress as well as thigh-high stockings and heels. Despite showing off everything she had, the effect was still classy.

Anyway, Andrew was a coworker. I do data analysis for a lobbying firm—I'm hoping to work my way up—and he's one of my few friends there. So I invited him to the housewarming party. He's a tall muscular young man, about 25 years old, with wavy black hair and a close-cut beard. He must've had a lot to drink that night, because I would've thought he'd be savvy enough to realize that I might want some alone time with Elena, who was currently rubbing my thigh, head resting against my shoulder, while he told some story from his childhood about getting attacked by bees.

"Babe," said Elena, "Let's have another round of cocktails."

"Actually, I thought I might go to bed," I said.

"Aw, don't be a buzz-kill. We're having fun. What do you say Andrew, another drink?"

"I think that might be in order," said Andrew.

"See! Go make us some cocktails." As if I hadn't already been persuaded, Elena lightly licked my cheek and winked at me. I got up and went out to the kitchen, where I mixed three Boulevardiers: rye whiskey, Campari, and Italian vermouth. I carefully brought the glasses out and did a double-take when I realized that Elena had joined Andrew on the love-seat, her leg draped across his. "I hope you didn't mind, love, it's just that Andy over here seemed so lonely."

"I don't mind," I said, stifling a flare of jealousy, "I assume he's okay with it."

Andrew looked at me and grinned. Elena threw back her head and burst out laughing; Andrew took the opportunity to take a long look down her dress.

"I did. She left me a a long peek down the front of her dress. I sat on the couch. "I toast," said Andrew, "To George and Elena, and to their beautiful new abode!"

"Yes!" said Elena, raising her glass too quickly and spilling some of her cocktail, "To us. And to new friends!" She nodded at Andrew. We all drank. "So tell me, Andy," she continued, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"We split up a month ago."

"Oh, how sad. How long had you been together?"

"Two years."

"Two years!" Elena suddenly seemed very upset. She cuddled closer to Andy and began stroking his hair. "It's alright, something will come along."

"You two seem to be doing pretty well."

"Us? We're doing great. You know the secret? It's changing up the sex. You gotta introduce new stuff into the bedroom. Always."

"Yeah?" asked Andrew, looking at me, "You guys have a wild time, huh?"

"Oh, yes," answered Elena, "Just last week, George bought some rope—"

"Honey," I said, "This is getting a bit personal."

"Come on, George. Andy's a friend. He can handle it. Can't you Andy?"

"I think so."

"You know I didn't used to give blowjobs? But two months ago, I thought, why not? You only live once. Gotta conquer your fears. And now, I consider myself the blowjob queen. A few dashes of the tongue and a simple relaxing of the throat will do wonders. I love watching how George reacts, isn't that right George?"

"You give pretty great head." I sipped my drink, eyeing Elena and Andrew. She'd started stroking his thigh. I'd never seen her get this friendly with another guy before, yet I trusted her. I was jealous, but I knew she was just being friendly. Sure, she was probably horny. Sure, Andrew was a sexy guy and she was probably thinking about what it would be like to be entered by his cock, to be held by his muscular arms and taken—fuck, what was a I thinking? I felt my cock stir at the thought of my girlfriend of three years fucking this stud coworker of mine.

"Well, I'd need evidence to believe that," said Andrew.

Elena pulled away from him and crossed her arms. "What do you mean by that?"

"Just that I've heard a lot of girls brag about sucking dick, and then they don't do it that well."

"Didn't you hear George?"

"Well, he's not going to contradict you, is he?"

"You're rude. You're ruder than I thought. I don't know if I like you so much after all." Elena lifted her head and looked away.

"She's right, Andrew," I said, "That was a bit out of line."

"Hey, if she wants to suck my dick and show me what she's got, I might give her credit."

"You're unbelievable," said Elena.

"Very funny," I said.

"I'm serious. Just a quick blow-job. She doesn't have to take any clothes off. It's not really even cheating."

Elena met my eyes. "He makes a compelling point, dear."

"You want to suck his dick?"

"He's calling me a liar. I need to save my honor."

"That's a good one. Save your honor by cheating on your boyfriend."

"He said it himself, honey. It's not cheating. I won't take any clothes off."

"You've got to be kidding me."

Elena had moved back towards Andrew. Her hand was on his chest and they were making intense eye contact. "I'll tell you what, George. All you have to do is say 'stop' and I'll stop. Okay?"

I didn't say anything. I was mesmerized by the fact that Elena had started kissing Andrew. Her tongue delicately moved in and out of his mouth as she pressed her tits up against his chest. She withdrew and said, "Alright, Andy, are you ready for me to suck your dick?"

"I can't believe this is happening," I said.

"Did you hear that, Andy? He didn't say stop." She continued kissing him while she undid his belt and reached for his cock. Finally, she brought it out, rock hard and bigger than I could have possibly imagined. She was in for a challenge. She brought her head away from his face and down towards his throbbing shaft, noticing for the first time it's size. "Jesus, Andy. I don't think I've ever sucked a cock this big." I knew that I should say "stop" and end this here and now, but I was horny myself. I reached for my drink and took a big gulp. I was filled simultaneously with anticipation and dread. I knew that as soon as Elena took Andrew's cock between her fat pink lips, everything would be different. But I craved that moment with a passion that I hadn't known existed. As she kneaded his shaft in her hands, letting spit fall down onto it, I felt as if that instant would last forever, but it finally ended. Her tongue flicked across his swollen shaft, and I felt a tingle over my whole body. She'd crossed the line. Her tongue darted again and again over the top of his dick, working its way down. This was her style; she subtly fellated you, letting you experience the delicate pleasures of her tongue before submerging your entire member in her throat. This time was no different. After she'd wetted Andrew's manhood, she swallowed it. He held the back of her head. I frantically sipped on my cocktail, aflame with erotic jealousy. I knew that I wasn't going to say 'stop.'

After deep-throating his dick, she went up for air and planted him with a long, sloppy kiss before going back under. Her hand tickled his balls while she went to work on his cock. I could feel the pressure of my erection; I pushed against it with my hand. They seemed not to notice me; Andrew closed his eyes and Elena was focused 100% on giving as much pleasure to his cock as possible. It was unbelievable. Having been distracted by the main action, I finally noticed that Andrew's right hand was having an adventure of its own, having gone beneath the end of Elena's cocktail dress to seek out her dripping wet pussy. He'd moved her red lace panties aside—she'd let me pick out her undergarments in preparation for what should have been us fucking—and jammed two fingers into her cunt. She moaned with his cock still in her mouth. With his thumb, he twiddled her clit and his fingers shot in and out of her vagina. I could see beads of liquid shooting out from behind her as she experienced a vigorous finger-fucking. But she didn't miss a beat, continuing to intermittently deep-throat and tease Andrew's cock, occasionally just lapping at its head with her tongue.

Andrew really knew what he was doing with her cunt, it seems. After only a couple minutes, she brought her head up and began to shake. "I'm cumming!" she said, a wild expression in her eyes as she finally seemed to remember me. As pleasure erupted inside her body, she laughed and turned her head towards me. Her brow was creased and coated with sweat; there was an animal in her eyes; she'd given herself up to pleasure. I resolved to say 'stop' if they decided to start fucking. I couldn't let it go that far.

Elena returned to Andrew's dick, but there wasn't much left to do. After a minute or so, he gripped her head on both sides and came inside her mouth. He panted and sighed. She sat up, straightened her dress, and walked over to my couch, where she brought her hand behind my head and pushed my lips into hers. Her mouth tasted sour and sticky and she smelled like sex.

"Thanks for letting me do that, honey," she said, "You're the best." She turned around.

"Andrew? I think an apology is in order."

"I am so sorry, Elena," he said, "You fucking rock. That's the best blow-job I've ever had."

"And you're quite talented yourself, if I may say so." Elena positioned her dress in front of me and pulled it up to reveal her cunt, which was still dripping. "See what he did to me, George? What did you think of that? Did it turn you on, watching me blow your friend, watching him finger-fuck me?"

"It was something," I said.

She laughed. "Andrew, you can sleep on the couch tonight. George and I have to get to bed." She reached for her cocktail and drained it.

Once in bed, I climbed on top of Elena, ready to fuck her, but she simply said, "Not now, George, I'm too tired."

I woke up two hours later, thirsty and reaching for a glass of water, After taking a couple big gulps, I noticed that half of the bed was empty. Elena was gone. I heard noises from the living room. Suddenly, I remembered the events from the night before. With a sinking suspicion, I knew what was going on. I got up and tip-toed out of the bedroom. Sure enough, there was Elena, on top of Andrew as they made out on the couch. How long had she been there? When had she woken up? She'd stripped down to a bra and panties, the former of which Andrew was expertly undoing. He threw it to the floor and brought up his mouth to suck on her big, perky nipples. Watching her juicy tits flap above his face, I grew instantly hard again.

Before long, her wet panties were also on the floor. Andrew held her head and brought it down for a violent, sloppy kiss before grabbing her ass and flipping her around so that he was on top. I snuck into the corner of the living room for a better angle. Underneath Andrew, Elena caught a glimpse of me. She winked and smiled. I wanted to see more, I wanted to see his thick cock slowly enter my girlfriend's cunt, but the angle wasn't good enough. Instead, I only saw the effects. I saw Elena moan and bite her lips. I saw her body writhe as it made way for an intruder. I saw the sweat form on her body, the heat of which was ignited by the presence of another. Her long red fingernails shone against the white of his back, which she clung to as he began to fuck her, slowly at first. She wrapped her legs up around his backside. The kinky bitch had put her heels back on; they were all she was wearing.

She started to moan, louder and louder. Elena had never been a quiet girl. At first, she sought out my eyes occasionally, but she quickly forgot I was there. Andrew was her world right now; the thick cock filling up her tight, wet cunt was the only thing that mattered. By now, he was fucking her hard, using the weight of his muscles to pin her against the couch while he jammed his dick in and out of her pussy. I could hear the wet, slapping noises even above the increasingly loud screams of my girlfriend. They kissed, sloppily and frantically. Andrew held clumps of her hair in each of his hands. Once again, I wished for a better angle. Instead, I had to be content with imagining her pussy spreading apart as his thick shaft penetrated it.

I was rock hard, and once again I had to apply some pressure to stay sane.

Elena's screams turned into words. "I want you to fuck me from behind," she said. Predictably, he obliged, climbing off of her so that she could get on all fours, facing me. For the first time, he noticed my presence.

"Nice of you to join us, George," he said, "Elena's a great host."

"Tell me about it," I said.

Elena grinned, "George is having an interesting night. You alright, honey? All you have to do is say stop."

Without thinking, I did it. I said "Stop." Maybe it was a last ditch effort to save my dignity.

Elena laughed. "Well, Andy, you heard the man. Get on with it."

"Right," he said as he quickly thrust his cock into my girlfriend's pussy. She continued laughing as she moaned. What an evil cunt!

"I said stop..."

"Oh, George," she gasped between thrusts, "I'm so sorry...but...but...we can't stop now." Andrew was pulling her hair and fucking her harder than ever. It was loud and it was furious. Elena was past talking. Her face was contorted with passion; it drove me crazy. I was secretly thankful that they hadn't stopped; this was amazing. Yet I also dreaded the implication of what had just happened; Elena had lied to me. Earlier that night, she'd cheated with permission. But now she'd crossed the line. Andrew stopped pulling her hair and reached for her tits, which were flailing about. She gestured to me to come close and locked her forehead onto mine. There's nothing quite like making pure eye contact with your girlfriend while another man transports her to a place of pure ecstasy. It was incredible. When she came, she closed her eyes, and threw her head back. Her hand was around my throat and I felt her body convulse. She was covered in sweat. "I want to ride you, George," she said. Excited, I reached for my belt. "No! Not you. I misspoke. I want to ride Andrew." He slowly took his cock out of her cunt and went to lie down on the couch. "Come around, baby. I want you to see this up close: Andrew's cock entering your girlfriend's tight pussy. It hurts you know. But not too badly. There's more pleasure than pain, and the pain is part of the pleasure."

Elena straddled Andrew and leaned down to kiss him. She had his cock in her right hand. Slowly, she lifted up her body and positioned it above his throbbing manhood. Sitting on the floor by the couch, I had a perfect view of his dick as it impaled Elena, parting her soaking pussy and sending rivers of pleasure through her body. Her hands were on his abs and her eyes were on his. It only took a couple minutes before she came again. This time, he wasn't far away. He grabbed Elena's back and pulled her down to him, locking her in place as he stopped thrusting and sent a jet of cum into her pussy. I silently thanked God that she was on birth control. Afterwards, Elena got up, kissed me on the lips, and asked me to get under her pussy. Ashamed but aroused, I licked at her cunt as gravity did its work; a white flower gathered in her hole and I cleaned it up. She led me to the couch where we cuddled; she was sticky and smelled like cum and sweat. Her hair was a mess. "Baby, I'm so sore," she said. "And you've been a champion. I have one more favor to ask of you, okay?"


"Andrew and I are going to sleep in the bed tonight. You can take the couch."

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