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Housewife Repairman


For as long as I can remember I've been attracted to women with small tits. A lot of guys think the bigger the boobs the better the babe and I've dated a lot of hot women with big tits, but flat-chested women are very sexy in my opinion. I was a late bloomer in high school and didn't start to come out of my shell until my freshman year in college.

That's were I met Kelley. She was blonde, 6'1", 110lbs and completely flat-chested with nipples that poked through her shirt when she was turned on. Seeing those tits got my dick rock hard which she took care of every chance we got. She was a particularly nasty girl and liked to fuck. One night she invited me over to her room for what she called a "party". I showed up at her place to find her and her best friend butt naked on her bed watching a skin flick. The look on their faces when I walked in told me it was gonna be a LONG night!

Fast forward ten years and I'm not so happily married to a woman that can be best described as a prude in bed. No oral, no anal, missionary only...boring. She was a tiger in bed before the wedding, but once she had the ring she figured she had it made. I had landed a great job, we were making serious money and had a nice big house but I found myself thinking about Kelley. She (and her friend) were frequent visitors in my fantasies and I found myself masturbating at least twice a day thinking about those tits of hers.

One Monday, my boss called me into his office. "Tom called from Finance and wants someone from our department to work on a special project", he said. "The company needs to control costs and Tom wants to do some analysis on long distance expenses".

He said the finance department would be assigning someone to work with me on this project and that they would stop by later in the day. I was immediately interested as our finance department made a habit of hiring hot young college grads. Since I was married though, I figured I didn't have much of a chance but at least my partner would be nice to look at.

Just after lunch, Patricia called and asked if I was free to discuss a project she had just been assigned to. I was immediately conflicted since Patricia was one of the few women in the department that wasn't single. Her husband was head of engineering and as far as I could tell she was happily married. She was hot though and reminded me a lot of Kelley. She was tall, thin and had a 29AA chest. Fortunately, I didn't have too much time to think about it as she knocked on the door to my office.

"Hi, Scott, are you busy?"

I looked up at Patricia who was dressed in a pin striped suit that was low cut in front and displayed just a peek of her white lace bra covering those small little titties of hers.

I replied casually, "No, come on in, have a seat"' trying hard not to expose the raging hard-on in my pants!

I greeted Patricia and she sat down to discuss the project. She was easy to talk to and I was having fun making her laugh as she seemed very nervous for some reason.

Eventually I asked her, "So, why do you get the honor of working on this particular project, Patricia?".

"Well, I guess I need to start pulling my weight, at least according to my boss" she replied.

She explained that she had been given this project as sort of a last chance. It seems that she had been having trouble at work and her last performance review had been pretty bad. While she explained this, I couldn't help but notice her chest. Just above her tits, her skin had grown rose-red and flushed! If that weren't enough, her nipples were sticking straight through the thin material of her shirt. Holy crap, she was getting turned on!

I smiled to myself and decided to do a little flirting to see where I could take this situation.

"And exactly how did I get assigned to this project, did you have something to do with that?" I asked.

"I might have, at least that was my preference when Tom asked who I thought would be most helpful solving this problem" she answered with a smile.

I switched topics to find out a little more about her and discovered that her husband worked all the time and her marriage problems had led to her problems at work.

"I got tired of sitting home alone and decided to enroll in a creative writing course to pass the time." she confided. "In fact, I've just finished my latest class assignment, would you like to take a look at it?".

I can't say that I was too interested in grading her papers, but agreed to be nice. Surprisingly, she pulled the story out of her folder and handed it to me. With that, she said she was late for another meeting and made plans to meet the next day to work on the project.

Looking at the title, my curiosity was piqued. The story was entitled "Housewife Repairman", hmmm, I wonder what that's about?? I locked the door to my office and sat down to read through this tale. As it starts out, our author Patricia is home and discovers that her dishwasher is broken. She calls her neighbor to see if he is available to fix it for her. When the neighbor arrives, she greets him wearing a matching pair of black bra and panties with black thigh high stockings and high heels. The neighbor gets the hint quickly and bends our naughty author over the kitchen table and fucks her to several orgasms before pulling out his cock and cumming all over her flat chest. Evidently Patricia was interested in erotic literature! More interestingly, her stud in the story had my same first name!

Patricia didn't discuss the story in any of our meetings the rest of the week, but I paid close attention to her flushed skin each time we met to work on the project. By Friday, we had the data we needed and her boss was satisfied with Patricia's performance.

"Well congratulations Patricia, we may have saved your boss $200K this year, I bet he'll be real happy with your performance now!" I said. "Why don't we celebrate? I have a softball game this evening but could grab a drink before if you're up for it".

Patricia's chest flushed bright red and she replied, "I appreciate your help Scott, I think I can finally relax at work without worrying about losing my job!". "I'd love to get a drink but I have a few errands to run this afternoon, sorry".

So much for reading her body langauge I thought.

Disappointed, I worked late that afternoon before heading out to my softball game at the local park. When I arrived, imagine my surprise to see Patricia there! She had left work and changed into a short miniskirt with black nylon stockings, my favorite.

"Hey Patricia, What are you doing here?", I asked.

"I told you I had to run some errands, do you like them?", she replied presenting her stocking covered legs.

"They're amazing! You are beautiful in that outfit", I admitted.

"I'm glad you like them, I hoped you would. Now go play your game, if you win I have a surprise for you", she said seductively.

It took all my concentration to ignore those legs during the game, but I managed to play well and even hit a HR, much to Patricia's delight.

After the game, Patricia congratulated me. "Impressive, I had no idea you were so talented", she teased.

"You would be surprised at what I can do" I flirted back putting a smile on her face. "I believe someone mentioned a surprise if we won the game", I reminded her.

"Oh yes, I suppose we should go to my car to get your surprise", she suggested.

As she walked towards her car, I was mesmerized by her ass in that tight mini skirt and couldn't help but imagine if she was wearing panties underneath that material. Sitting in her car, I noticed the familiar red flush on her skin and could tell she was getting turned on.

Patricia demurely played with her hair not speaking for a while until she asked, "So, did you read my story?".

"What story?", I teased. "Oh the one about the hot, sexy housewife who gets serviced by the attractive repairman? I read it...a few dozen times", I replied while smiling.

Patricia blushed and paused looking down at her stocking covered legs. I leaned in and cradled her face with my hand, turning it towards me and placed a soft kiss on her lips. "I loved the story, it made me want you more than I already did", I told her.

She kissed me back, adding her tongue, kissing very hard and passionately. I took my hand away from her face and reached for her sexy tits which I had dreamed about all week. I gently squeezed her little tittie in my hand and rubbed the nipple with my finger. She moaned her approval and continued kissing me like a woman possessed. We made out for the better part of an hour and my dick was seriously trying to bust through my pants. I moved my hand down to her legs, feeling the smooth stockings before slipping my hand underneath Patricia's skirt.

She stopped me suddenly, "Don't ruin the surprise!", she said. "The park closes at dusk, you'll have to wait until then".

We continued making out until the last game of the evening ended. She handed me a blanket and a bottle of wine and exited the car. I followed her, wondering where in the heck she was taking me.

"I think we should have a picnic by the lake", she suggested.

I laid down the blanket and opened the bottle of wine, noticing that the embankment was steep enough that no one would see us from the road above. To help matters the fountain in the lake was loud enough that it masked any sounds we made talking to each other.

We laid there on the blanket as the sun set, sipping wine and kissing each other. In this position, Patricia was able to grab my cock and squeeze it through my uniform. I felt like I would bust through the zipper at any time, she had me so turned on!

Just then we heard a truck drive by and stop at the front gate. The maintenance man got out and locked the front gate with the chain and left for the evening.

Knowing we were now the only ones left in the park, Patricia sat up and said "Ready for your surprise? I want you to take me right here in this park. I want you to fuck me with your hard cock".

Needing no further encouragement, I pulled her shirt up over her head and unclasped her bra from the front. "I've been waiting all week to see these tits, they are spectacular!", I told her as I slowly licked her nipples.

They grew rock hard and poked straight out like two pencil erasers. Her breathing grew erratic and I could smell her pussy juices starting to flow beneath her skirt. I took my fingers and pulled up her skirt enough to get access to her wet pussy.

"No panties, I knew you were a bad girl!", I teased her.

She moaned in reply as I stuck two fingers in her saoked pussy while continuing to nibble on her diamond nipples. She quickly tensed her body and began to buck as she came from my attentions. I had never had a woman cum so quickly during foreplay but she was so turned on, she came and came hard.

Knowing that her nipples and pussy would be sensitive from her orgasm, I backed off allowing her body and mind to recover.

"My turn", she replied as she unzipped my uniform and freed my cock from its prison.

She smiled devilishly as she licked her lips before taking my cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock, taking me all the way down her throat. I pinched her tiny titties between my fingers as she blew me, causing her to moan on my cock. Unbelieveably, this attention on her nipples again brought her to orgasm, and the effect felt like she was humming on my cock.

As Patricia released my cock, I put her on her back and spread her legs to taste her soaking wet pussy. While I licked her pussy lips, I listened to the sound of the fountain behind me getting lost in my work. Her pussy juices tasted sweet on my tongue as she thrashed her head back and forth on the blanket.

"I want you inside me", she screamed and I re-positioned her on the embankment before placing the head of my cock between her pussy lips.

She was so wet, I slid into her pussy immediately and gave her a moment to savor the feeling of my hard cock deep inside her. Working with gravity I started hammering her pussy while she grabbed onto the grass beside her trying desparately to hold on.

I leaned back on my legs, grabbed her stocking clad thighs driving my cock into her as hard as I could.

"I'm cumming!", she screamed causing me to drive my cock deep into her pussy.

Just as she finished coming, I felt a surge in my balls and pulled out of her.

"Come on my tits", she begged as I deposited a large load of, thick white semen all over her beautiful flat chest.

Afterwards, we laid there on the blanket, under the stars listening to the fountain feeling the warmth from our bodies against each other in the cool evening air.

"I need to get home soon, but I don't want to leave", she admitted.

We could have spent the entire night together in the park but I figured it would be hard to explain the next morning. Eventually, we got dressed and walked back to her car.

Before she left I kissed her softly and thanked her for fulfilling several of my fantasies in one evening. She smiled and drove home to her absent husband. We ended up getting together many more times over the next few years, but that first evening in the park was definitely the most memorable of all our adventures!

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