tagLoving WivesHousewife Teases Phone Workers

Housewife Teases Phone Workers

byGeorge VI©

It was a hot summer day, Linda was home alone, and she was horny. Her children were visiting their cousins, and her husband was at work and not expected home until late tonight. Linda really wanted something sexual to occur. She hadn't had sex with her husband for a while, and hadn't even seen another man close-up for days, it seemed.

Linda peered out the windows, hoping to see a neighbor out working. She was praying to see a man without a shirt on, anything that she could fixate a fantasy on, and spend some of the afternoon playing with herself. But there was no action out front. Linda's back yard butted up to another road, so there were no neighbors behind her. Linda did a few loads of laundry as she contemplated going out somewhere to see a man. It was late in the morning when she saw the phone company trucks in back. They appeared to be stringing new wires on the poles that paralleled her back property line. From a distance, Linda could see a worker in the bucket that went up in the air, one driving the truck that carried him, and a third man on a pole. They wore hard hats, tool belts, boots, and gloves: the whole blue-collar fantasy.

Linda wanted to go out in the back yard and get a closer look at them. Even in the unlikely event that her neighbors noticed her out there, it was her own back yard, they wouldn't suspect that she was out there to look at men. Still, Linda thought of excuses to be out in the yard. She thought of plenty of excuses: exercising the dog, gardening, picking up the kid's toys.

Now, what to wear? Linda wondered what the chances are that these men would want to look at her. They might not think a 39-year-old housewife was worth checking out. But Linda still had long legs, and 38C breasts. The idea that she might catch them glimpsing at her sent a wave of arousal through her. If she could catch just one of them looking her way, it might feed her fantasies for weeks to come. Linda took a mental list of her summer wardrobe, wondering what she could wear to catch their attention. Actually, Linda was a pretty conservative dresser, and didn't have many revealing clothes.

But when Linda emerged from her house into the back yard, she was wearing clothes that she bought when she was two sizes smaller. She wore a thin white tank top. Linda never left the house without a bra on, but today her tight top was pulled snugly over her braless breasts. Her large, dark areolas could be seen through the thin cotton top. Her nipples were protruding through it. Linda's grey cotton shorts were pulled tight around the bulge of her crotch, actually pulled into her crack. They were cut high, showing all of her thighs, and even the edge of her white panties in back. Linda didn't have any really sexy underwear, but she wore the tightest, highest cut white cotton panties that she could find. The tight shorts clearly showed her panty lines in back.

Linda, wearing sunglasses, traipsed around the back yard, picking up toys and pulling weeds, keeping an eye on the workers. It didn't take long for the three men to notice Linda. Linda often caught all three of them looking at her when they should have been paying attention to their work. The men were quick to check out the tall brunette housewife parading around braless in tight clothes, her big tits jiggling. Her body language was a little exaggerated and self-concious. Linda didn't even care if she was being obvious while watching them. She was so excited that they were looking at her. She watched them work, and tried to memorize every feature of their faces and bodies and clothes, so she could fantasize about them later. When she had worked up a sweat working around the yard, she sat in a lawn chair and watched them some more. She spread her legs wide, and her panties were visible up her narrow shorts.

Linda watched as the men took a break. They talked to each other, glancing her way. "Excuse me," she heard one say." Linda looked his way, surprised and unsure that he was talking to her. "Excuse me," he said again, and when he was sure that Linda was looking at him, he said, "Can I use your bathroom?"

Linda wasn't sure what to say. She wouldn't normally just let a strange man into her house. But it was obvious that there were no other bathrooms around for him to use. "Uh, sure," she replied. The man walked towards her across her yard. He was the youngest of the three, probably about thirty. He was shorter than the tall housewife, but muscular and good looking, with short blonde hair and a mustache. Linda let the dirty, sweating man into her back door, and followed him in. She glanced back and saw the other two men looking at her.

"Thanks," he said. As soon as the door was closed, he gave her a wicked leer. "I'm Ed."

"I'm Linda," said the startled housewife. The man followed her into the living room, and she felt like she was being stared at. "The washroom is down the hall."

"Can you show me?" asked Ed. Linda led him down the narrow hall, and stopped short of the bathroom. She stood with her back to the wall to let Ed past. Ed paused right across from her. He just stared at her chest with a half-smile on his face. Linda glanced down at her own chest. The air conditioning had made her nipples pucker, and they protruded out of her chest. "Where are your kids?"

"They're visiting relatives," Linda said nervously. She stared at the muscular, ruggedly handsome man with a dirty face and day-old stubble. She felt a wave of goose bumps from the cold and her intense arousal. She crossed her arms around her chest, under her breasts, pushing her cleavage up until it protruded from her tank top.

"So, you're here alone?"

"Yes," Linda stammered.

"God, I love your tits!"

Linda wasn't prepared for the man's crude remark. It was what she had been dreaming about all day, but now the man was actually making a pass at her in her home.

Linda wasn't sure that she wanted to carry the game any farther, but she just smiled and mumbled a "thanks."

"Can I see them?"

"Oh, I don't...."

"Lift your shirt up. Let me see them."

Linda paused for a moment, her face flush, her body flowing with adrenalin to the point that she could hardly think. She grabbed the hem of her tank top with her arms crossed, and slowly lifted it. She pulled it up over her large breasts, and rested it on her chest. Ed wasted little time putting his dirty hands on her exposed breasts. He kneaded, lifted, and squeezed them as Linda let out a moan.

Ed quickly buried his head between her breasts, and kissed them all over as he tugged on her nipples. Linda was pinned against the wall as he sucked on her nipples, completely surrendering to the stranger.

Ed ran his hands down her back and squeezed her ass over her cotton shorts. He moved them under the bottoms of the shorts, into her panties, and squeezed her bare ass roughly. Linda put her hands on Ed's muscular, perspiration-soaked shoulders and squeezed them.

The hallway smelled of perspiration as Ed moved one hand over her crotch and rubbed her pussy over her thin, tight shorts. Linda's wetness had soaked all the way through her panties to her shorts. Linda moved her hand down Ed's back, and squeezed his ass. Ed quickly yanked down both her shorts and her panties to mid-thigh, and rubbed her hairy pussy. He inserted one finger into her wetness and rapidly circled it inside of her.

Ed said, "Let's go to your bedroom and fuck." Linda was a little taken aback by his crude, frank talk, but she realized that she had started this, it's what she wanted, and he probably didn't have much time. It was just like some of her fantasies. Linda walked down the hall awkwardly, with her shirt resting on her bare breasts, and her shorts down on her thighs. Ed followed her, reached out, and grabbed her bare bobbling ass cheek as she walked.

Upon entering her bedroom, Ed quickly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it off. He dropped his tool belt, unzipped his pants, and dropped them. He pulled off his briefs, and exposed his hard penis, of average length but quite thick, surrounded by blonde pubic hair. Linda pulled her top off, and stepped out of her shorts, and climbed into the bed naked. Ed grabbed a condom out of his wallet, and put it on the edge of the bed, before joining Linda. He roughly French kissed her as his calloused hands grabbed her breasts.

Linda reached down and stroked his thick cock. Ed inserted one, then two, then a third finger into Linda's pussy and spread them wide. His rough foreplay had Linda moaning and gyrating all over the bed.

Ed quickly put on the condom, and climbed between her legs. He worked his thick pud into her pussy lips and thrust hard. The short muscular man fell on Linda's chest and pumped hard into her. Linda was moaning and squealing uncontrollably, already having her first orgasm. Ed surprised Linda by getting up, standing on the floor at the foot of the bed, grabbing her legs, and pulling her down to him. He slung her legs up over his shoulders, and again inserted his cock into her. As he stood between her legs, he banged hard into her. Soon Linda was again squealing and thrashing.

Linda looked up to see the two other men standing in the doorway, watching her. Part of her wanted to protest their intrusion, part of her wanted to cover up in embarrassment, but she was too far into the throes of passion to do anything but continue getting fucked. The two men stared at her large tits as she lay on her back, bobbling all over as Ed slammed into her. After getting over the initial shock of the two men watching her, she started to get aroused by their presence. "Ohhh, OHH! UMM!" Linda cried out as Ed pumped faster and faster. Linda gyrated all over as she had her second orgasm. Ed simply grunted and stopped fucking.

Linda lied on the bed panting heavily. She looked up to see the older of the three men, the one that was in the truck, approaching her. "Nice tits!" was all he said as he reached out and grabbed her right breast. Linda lay still, exhausted and shocked, allowing the man to fondle her. Soon the other man approached her from the other side of the bed, and groped her left breast. Both men climbed in bed with her, and each sucked on one of her nipples. The older man placed his hand on her pussy and inserted a finger. Linda put her arms around them and whimpered.

The man on her left unhooked his tool belt, unzipped his pants, and stripped naked without a word to Linda. He knelt on the bed near Linda's head, and thrust his large hard cock in her face. Linda didn't want to appear prudish, and in fact, enjoyed feeling slutty. She wrapped her lips around the cock and sucked on the warm sweaty shaft.

Linda got on her knees and sucked deep. The man on the other side felt her hanging tits. Then he too took off his belt, unzipped his pants, and knelt behind her on the bed. He worked his hard cock into her pussy from behind. Soon he was thrusting hard into her doggie style as Linda sucked the other's dick.

Linda felt the men's rough hands on her tits and ass as she was bounced around. She was feeling used and out of control, but she didn't care.

The man behind her thrust faster and harder. Just as Linda was reaching another climax, he came in her pussy.

The man in her mouth withdrew, fell back onto the bed, grabbed Linda under her arms, and pulled the housewife on top of him. Linda straddled the man, and lowered her slippery pussy down onto him. They humped rapidly, their sweating bodies sticking together. This one had the longest, thickest cock that Linda had ever had in her. Linda was panting and grunting during the fast hard fuck. The other two men were watching her. Linda was thrashing from side to side, and dragging the man around the bed, squeezing her long thighs around him.

The older driver now knelt on the bed next to them. After stroking his cock until it was hard again, he thrust it at Linda's face. Linda dutifully wrapped her lips around it and sucked him as she was fucked from underneath. Shortly, Ed the short blonde climbed on the bed behind Linda. Linda felt his cock sliding along her ass crack between her spread cheeks. Ed started to push his slippery dick into her puckered asshole. Linda had never had anything other than her finger and her own dildo inside of her asshole. She wanted to holler a protest, but all that came out of her mouth was muffled moaning around the driver's cock. Ed slowly worked his whole thick cock into her ass, and quickly got into a rhythm with the cock fucking her pussy, and the one in her mouth. Linda felt totally out of control, totally used, by the three men fucking her simultaneously. And she was having wave after wave of dizzying orgasms. The bedroom echoed with the sounds of squeaking beds, slapping flesh, slurping and squishing, grunting men, and a wailing woman.

Screaming and omitting other unladylike barks and grunts, Linda climaxed again and again. The man on top of her came inside of her before pulling out and squirting his remaining jism on her ass and back. The driver shot a load deep in Linda's throat, causing her to gag and recoil, her lips sliding off of his slippery cock and allowing his remaining shots to land on Linda's face. The man under her came inside of her pussy.

Linda fell onto her back on the bed. It was many minutes before she could do anything but lay back, naked, exhausted, her arms and legs splayed, and unable to move except for her rapid panting. All three men dressed, said "thanks" and "bye", and left the room. She heard the back door open and close.

After Linda had regained some composure, she looked out back. The men were back on the next poll. By the time that she showered and washed her clothes and sheets, they were out of sight.

The End.

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