tagIncest/TabooHow Daddy Makes It Better

How Daddy Makes It Better

byMiyelo Ina©

My Daddy knew something was wrong the minute I walked in the door. He can always tell. I wanted him to hold me and make me feel better but not until I'd had a chance to go upstairs and change clothes. When he met me at the door, I knew I was going to be in trouble.

He stood with his hands on his hips as I came up the walk. There was a strange look on his face, partly concern, partly disappointment. He could see the tears in my eyes and how upset I was, but he could also see that I had broken one of his rules. I was not supposed to wear these black thigh high stockings to school. There was no way I could hide my disobedience now. I clutched my books in front of me almost like a shield. It always made me feel bad to disappoint Daddy.

"Daddy…" I began but he held up his hand to signal me to keep quiet. I obeyed and followed him into his den. He shut the door behind me then sat down behind his big desk while I stood in front of it.

"Put the books down," he told me. "Hands by your sides." I knew he liked to look at me in this thin white blouse. My nipples, even though they were still kind of small, always got so hard when Daddy stared at me this way. It was easy to see them through the shirt.

"First," he began, "Tell me why you are upset. What made you cry? You know it hurts me when you are sad."

My bottom lip poked out in a perfect little girl put. Maybe if I seemed really upset, Daddy would be nice to me and not punish me.

He only laughed gently, seeing right through my act. "I really want to know Susie, but my sympathy will not stop me from giving you the spanking you deserve."

Now I was genuinely downcast and dropped any pretense. "The boys on the bus were picking on me, Daddy," I whined.

"Why were they doing that, baby?"

"They were trying to look down my shirt and trying to grab my titties. One of them even pulled up my skirt! He started to put his hand in my panties!"

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I know boys can be so mean sometimes. But you can also look at it this way - it means they like what they see. Just like I do."

I guess I'd not thought of it like that. A smile and a blush went over my face and I felt much better. Until I saw the stormy look on Daddy's face. I quickly lowered my eyes.

"If I didn't know you so well, I would think that you like those boys to act like that. When you wear those kinds of stockings, you draw attention to yourself, you know that. That's why you're never supposed to wear them to school!"

"I know Daddy," I apologized. "I'm so sorry. I just wanted to show them to my friend."

"You could have shown her after school. Now come here - you know what is going to happen."

I nodded and went around behind Daddy's desk to stand in front of him again.

"Pull your panties down, little girl."

I reached up under my skirt and pulled the white cotton panties down to my ankles. Daddy was looking at my chest again because he knew what kind of reaction this causes. My nipples were so hard and crinkly that they were pushing the thin fabric tight across my titties.

He scooted forward on his chair and took me by the arm to pull me down across his knees. My face always turned red with shame when he did this. He pulled my skirt up to expose my bare bottom.

"You count for me, Susie. We will go to ten this time."

"Yes, Daddy," I said, closing my eyes. I felt his hand resting lightly on my bottom right now but I knew in just a minute, it would be stinging.

His fingers moved on my skin, sending chills up my back. Then he squeezed my bottom kind of hard. I felt something twitch underneath my tummy between Daddy's legs.

Then the first swat fell. I gritted my teeth and said, "One, Daddy."

He rubbed lightly again for a moment until my muscles relaxed once more then "Two, three, four and five, Daddy!" They were quick and harsh. I tried not to whimper. The thing pressing into my tummy was getting so much harder.

"What a pretty color pink," he said, squeezing each cheek. "Your bottom is always the most beautiful with this warm glow."

When he rubbed me, it pulled my cheeks apart, exposing the little crinkled opening between them. I felt Daddy's finger run across it and I gasped. It always made me feel so small and helpless when he touched me there.

"Six, Daddy," and by then there were tears in my eyes. "Seven, eight, Daddy." My fingers were gripping the pants fabric tightly.

Daddy reached down and pushed my legs far apart. His finders traced up the inside of one thigh until he reached the puffy lips there.

"Does my little girl like this kind of spanking," he asked, "You seem very excited."

"Yes, Daddy," I admitted, squirming on his lap.

With a little more pressure, he pushed a finger between my lips, deep inside of me. I moaned loudly and buried my face against Daddy's thigh.

As soon as he drew it out, there was another hard smack. The combination of pleasure and pain made me dizzy.

"You forgot to count baby," he said, smacking very hard again.

"Nine, daddy," I moaned loudly.

His finger went inside me again, he moved it in and out a few times until I was breathing very hard. Then he added another finger, stretching my little pussy wide. His thumb bumped against my clit.

"Does my little baby want Daddy to let her cum?"

"Oh, yes Daddy! Please!"

He continued to move his fingers in and out holding me open with his other hand. I was crying out loudly, moving my hips up and down against Daddy's hand.

"You have to ask me," he reminded me. "Ask me to let you cum, baby."

"Please Daddy, please let me cum! I'm so close!"

"Yes baby, cum now for Daddy."

As soon as my orgasm started, he withdrew his fingers from me and gave my bottom the last very hard swat. I continued to cum, getting louder, almost crying, grinding my pussy into Daddy's leg. I heard his voice encouraging me but I wasn't sure what he said. I love to hear my Daddy's voice.

When the waves of the orgasm subsided, I felt Daddy's hands rubbing my back and bottom. I was limp across his lap, catching my breath. I felt the hard thing underneath me even more now.

"Now you owe Daddy," he whispered. "And we have to be quick because mommy will be coming home soon."

"Yes, Daddy. Whatever you like." I was happy to please him.

He helped me stand up again and told me to pull up my panties. As I did, he unbuckled his belt and tugged his pants and underwear down a little bit.

"The spanking will be your only punishment if you can make the white stuff come out," he said, smiling and reaching to caress my cheek.

I smiled back at him. I knew what Daddy liked too. I loved to make the white stuff come because it made him so happy when I swallowed it all.

I dropped down to my knees between Daddy's legs and reached to grab the hard cock. He moaned a little bit when my hand closed around it. His hand brushed my hair back from my face as I leaned over to kiss it. It made him even more excited when he could see it sliding in between my lips.

As I licked up and down it, I reached down into his pants to touch the two little balls there. He loved for me to squeeze them gently. As I moved my hand up and down on his cock, I kissed each of the balls, alternately sucking each one into my hot, wet mouth.

When I put my tongue back onto the head of his cock, I felt his hand grip my hair tightly. He was getting very close to giving me what I wanted.

I put one of my fingers into my mouth and got it very wet, then pushed it underneath him. His breathing was fast now, almost a low growl. I rubbed all around his hold down there as I continued to suck him harder. Just as I pushed my finger a little bit inside Daddy, he gasped. At that very same time, we heard the front door open. Mommy's voice called out, "I'm home!"

She couldn’t find out! But I would not stop until I knew Daddy was happy. I pushed my short finger in as far as it would go, then moved it in and out in time with the rhythm of my mouth.

"Yes baby," Daddy whispered, "Oh yes!"

He let go then. I felt the white stuff - so very hot - come shooting into my mouth. I slowed down a little bit because when Daddy does that, he gets kind of ticklish down there.

I swallowed every drop and we heard Mommy's footsteps approaching the door. I stood up quickly and rushed to grab my books on the other side of the desk. Daddy slid his chair under the desk real fast and I sat down across from him just as Mommy opened the door.

I thought she might wonder why we were smiling so big.

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daddys mouth

My daddy would come into the bathroom when I bathed ,he loved to wash my 13 year old pussy with his mouth..I loved feeling that big thick tongue lapping ,sucking,and munching on my pussy

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As sick as this may sound to some my step father who raised me from birth practically..I was about 12 years old when we had our first encounter..I was in a two piece bathing suit laying in the sun apparentlymore...

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