tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 03

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 03


Thanks for the positive feed back from the previous 2 chapters.

As you will no doubt recall, Marie had gone to a Black & White party with her best friend Sue. She had met Marcus, Sues black lover and Marcus' friend Michael. Marie soon found herself doing what Michael wanted and a night of sex continued.

I woke around 9am the following day. I was still wearing my suspender belt, the black nylons attached were full of runs and covered in dried cum. Seeing these, I realised that what had occurred the night before was not a dream. This was confirmed when I went to the bathroom and saw my newly shaved pussy. I was a little sore and swollen; the whole area covered in dried love juices.

I was starting to worry and feel guilty about what I had done, would I ever be able to face Jon again. Thoughts flowed through my mind. Jon had wanted me to 'go with another man', as he had put it. Would I have done this had he not kept on about his fantasy? Would I have gone the party if Sue had not told me about Marcus and showed me those photos?

I pulled myself together and told myself it was just a one off and that I would go back home and carry on as though nothing had happened. But could I? Visions of Michael, naked with that huge dick crept in to my mind's eye. Feeling him touching me, fingering me and finally taking me. I was getting excited by these thoughts. Without realising it my hand had wandered between my legs and I was rubbing myself. I pulled my hand away but my pussy was tingling and I knew I was wet, wanting relief. My hand slipped back between my legs and I half closed my eyes as those feeling intensified.

Was that a noise I heard behind me? I quickly removed my hand and turned to see Michael standing in the door way. He was naked, his dick, semi erect and pointing towards me like a huge finger.

"Hey girl, Glad to see you are up and around. How is my new little slut this morning? "

I blushed and put my hands in front of my pussy, I don't know why I did this after what I had done and shown everyone the night before. "I am ok thanks" was all I could say.

"I see that! Feeling in need again are you? He said stroking his dick with his hand. "I bet you want some more of this don't you?"

I blushed again and tried to move to close the door. He put his foot against the bottom and wedged it. He reached over, grabbed my wrist and pulled it towards his cock which had grown and was almost fully erect. "Come on stroke it, last night you couldn't get enough and I know you want more, I saw your hands just now and I can see you are getting excited!"

I felt my hand starting to stroke his dick, it felt so smooth and the skin was like silk, it jerked as I moved my hand up and down. Here I was in a strange house, almost naked, stroking a black cock. My mind in turmoil, wanting this man I hardly knew. Wanting his cock, thinking how much enjoyment I had received from it. My thoughts going from Jon the man I had married to Michael, who called me a slut. My world had changed and I knew it would never be the same again.

I knew if I went home my thoughts would return to that cock and the feelings it gave me. I knew I would want more and more, but it was wrong I was married wasn't I?

"Hey that's more like it, go on stroke it more, get it really hard" he said, making me return to reality. I started to move my hand away but he moved with me his dick still between my fingers.

"Don't stop now Marie, I know you want it, crave it. You want to feel it possessing you again, like no other cock ever has, do it go on stroke it until it's really hard for you!

"Michael I…I…" I started to say. "Shhhhhh just do it there's a good girl, it feels so good, not just to me but to you too. You told me last night it was the best cock you had ever had."

"Yes and I was telling the truth, it is the best I have ever had, its just that I'm married and I made vows, oh damn you know what I mean."

"I know girl but you obviously had an itch and it needed scratching, didn't it? You know what they say about going black and never going back, now is when you will start to realise that it's true, Isn't it? You want more and I know you do, so just carry on, let's scratch that itch again shall we."

As he said it his hand slipped between my legs and started to do its magic on my pussy. I was slipping again and I knew I was going to be unable to resist, especially with his fingers making me feel so good.

"OHHHHH" was all I could say to him. I tried to say please don't but all that came out was "Please…..ohhhhhhhhhhhh…..mmmmm" and I felt my knees buckle under me and I dropped to the floor.

I didn't even notice the tiles covering the bathroom were cold and wet, all I was aware of were the feelings I had and the need to stroke and kiss that body, that cock.

My mouth was level with the head and I was kissing it gently, my tongue flicking out over the slit, I tasted the pre cum, leaking from the end, salty and yet at the same time sweet.

I was soon sucking this mans cock, like my life depended on it. I wanted to please this cock; it was all I could think of. All I wanted right then was in front of me and I licked and sucked like a woman possessed.

"Oh yeah do it, I love that my slut, you suck cock like you were born to do it, suck me deeper, see how much you can get in."

His hands slipped to the back of my head and he grabbed my hair, the harder I sucked the tighter he gripped, pulling me further on to that big brown monster. I had sucked my husband and boyfriends, but had never had one so big in my mouth. But it felt natural to me, I needed to do it, to swallow as much as I could but I didn't know why. His cock continued to grow in my mouth, filling it to overflowing, sliding it deeper into my mouth. Hard to breathe, starting to gag. In the throat now going in deeper. I gagged and as I did, it jerked a few times and started to spurt thick juice, swallowing now before I choked, swallowing it all. He then withdrew it slowly, still spurting, still sucking, and leaving my mouth with a plopping sound. Cum still pumping from it, my mouth, nose and cheeks covered in his seed. When it stopped, I saw it dripping from my chin down on to my tits and legs.

"Oh yes, yes that felt so good, like a pro, you suck cock so well Marie. Now let's have some of that bald pussy, go on stand up, face the wall and hold the basin."

I did as he wanted. My pussy on fire, knowing it was soon to be full again, full of that wonderful brown cock. My legs parting as I bent to hold the wash basin. Not worrying that the door was still open and anyone passing would get a full display.

"OOO you naughty girl, you are leaking pussy juice everywhere. Tell me what you want, what you crave, what you can't get enough of."

I found myself begging him "fill my pussy with your cock, please fill it. I need your black cock so much. Pleaseeeeee fuck me, fuck me hard"

The head was already rubbing up and down, over my, already opening lips. With a thrust it was in and going all the way. Not stopping until it was buried fully inside me, as deep as last night and deeper than any other cock had ever been.

Moans started to come from my mouth "ohhhh, ahhhhh, mmmmm yes fill me up please Michael. I'm all yours please fuck me."

I had never used language like this with anyone before. It seemed the right thing to say and made Michael push harder. He soon adopted a steady rhythm pulling almost all the way out and then trusting it right back in again. Over and over it went in and out, like a huge steam piston.

The feelings starting to become so intense, so powerful making me scream. "I'm cumming……oh yessssssss"

I came so hard again, just like last night. As I screamed his cock went in faster and faster making those feelings build again. Again I was being taken towards another climax. I felt like I was in heaven, the feelings more powerful than any I had ever known.

"Tell me you aren't addicted to it, that it's not the best you have ever had and I will leave you alone and never bother you again. But I know you can't. Your body is giving you away, my little slut. Its telling me you are mine and you are aren't you?"

"Yes, Yes Michael I am yours you know I am. I can't say no to you. I know that. Please fuck me, fuck me hard"

He started to ram in and out harder, faster and deeper grabbing my hips fucking me so hard. He carried and on, finally giving a final thrust and cumming, his cock in deep, filling me up. I felt the jets of cum hitting the inner walls of my pussy, something, I had never experienced with any other man. He stayed inside me filling me, not withdrawing until he had stopped spurting.

I collapsed in a heap on the floor, covered in perspiration and shaking from head to toe. Cum leaking from my still open pussy lips. Michael looking down, his face with a huge smile, cock still erect and shinning from our juices.

"You are getting better slut. You took me then like you have been doing this for years. Your pussy is still very tight and grips me like a hand. I will get you to do some exercises to keep it tight. No one wants to fuck a slack pussy now do they? Let me help you up and take you to the bed."

"Thanks" was all I could manage as he lifted me in his arms and carried me back into the bedroom. I was feeling so weak, weak from the feelings and the power of him.

Reaching the bed he lay me down and said "I was going to get you to clean me up but seeing as you were so good I will let you off this once. Was anyone expecting you home this morning?"

"No, Jon's away for a few days on business, why do you ask?"

"I was hoping you'd say that. It will give us time to get to know each other and for us to explore your slutty side" He had a huge grin on his face and he winked his eye.

"I have to go home to get some different clothes and to get some undies"

"Didn't Sue tell you that once you become a slut you don't wear them any more. And what you wore last night is fine and what I'd like you to wear for me from now on"

"I can't wear things like that, I don't even own any clothes like those, Sue loaned them to me especially for the party."

As we were talking, the bedroom door opened and Sue walked in. "Hi Marie I see you have had a morning fix then?" smiling at me and pointing to my still open legs and pussy.

I just smiled back at her, not really believing she had just walked in on us.

"I was just telling Marie that the clothes she wore last night are fine and that she has to wear similar from now on"

"Sorry Marie but Michael's right, I did try and tell you yesterday. You know what I am wearing these days, well that was as a result of meeting Marcus. Tell you what, you can have the skirt and top you borrowed as a gift to start your new wardrobe. I think you looked great in them and Marcus said you need to wear miniskirts to show off those very long legs of yours. Jon will like you dressed this way I know he will"

"I don't know, I'm not as sure as you about Jon and what will the rest of the family will say"

"You don't have much choice at present; you haven't got any other clothes with you."

I looked at her and Michael and realised I was in a situation I had no control over, I didn't have any other clothes with me and home was about 30 minutes drive away. I shrugged my shoulders in submission.

"I know I will have to wear them but I do need to go home soon, Jon will be calling in a couple of hours and I have to be there to answer or he will get very suspicious."

"Tell you what Marie I will drive you to your house and then you don't need to miss his call" Michael said looking at Sue as he said it.

"There you are" Sue said "Problem solved" to her that was it, all arranged. She was used to being dressed like this and not in complete control of her life. This was all new to me and was going to take time to get used to, if I ever did?

Michael said "Come on lets get dressed and then I'll drive you home, you can show me your house"

"I'm not sure about that, what about the neighbours?" I said panicking that he'd be seen. "I'm not worried about you being black, if that's what you are thinking, it's just what will they think or say if the see me with another man."

"Don't worry so much, it will be fine and what if they do see me? Are they going to tell Jon? I doubt they would, people don't like to get involved these days as you well know. As long as it doesn't affect them they don't care. Come on slip these back on" handing me the mini skirt and halter top. I looked at them and thought 'Oh' I had forgotten how small they were.

I slipped the top over my head, and slid the skirt up my legs and over my hips. Michael said" Here" and handed me another pair of stockings. "Put them on, they are clean and those you are wearing are full of runs" I didn't really want to wear stockings with this skirt as it was so short but I didn't want to upset him either, after all he had found them for me. I didn't even wonder where he had got them. I attached each one to the suspenders and adjusted them so that they didn't show too much under that skirt.

"What would my mum say if she saw me now?" I laughed and so did Michael. "That's the attitude I want from you. You look just great and I think you like wearing them for me dont you?"

I said "yes I do"

"Louder I didnt hear you"

"I said Yes I do like wearing them for you" and I meant it, I did like wearing them for Michael bec ause he appreciated me in them or so I thought.

I slipped my feet into the shoes I had worn and nearly fell over as they were so high. "Perfect" Michael said looking me up and down.

"Thank you kind sir" I replied. "You are welcome and I like the Sir bit" laughing hard as he said it.

We set off in his car, a huge black BMW. Sitting in the front next to him. Seeing him glancing over every now and again. The skirt having ridden up had almost uncovered my stocking tops. The darker colouring showing form under the hem.

"Nice view" was all he said. That made me smile and say"Thanks"

I didn't even try to pull the skirt down; I knew it would only go up again when I moved. And no one would see me would they? I wasn't expecting what happened next. We pulled into a car park behind a shopping centre.

"What have we stopped for?" I was nervous as several friends worked in the area.

"There's a shop I want to show you, maybe get you something, id like to buy you a present, a present for my little slut"

I wished he wouldn't call me that but didn't say anything, I didn't want to upset him, and he might have a temper?

After some persuasion I got out of the car, adjusted my skirt and walked towards the shops. As we walked Michael took my hand, something only Jon had done in recent years. I didn't object but was self conscious, walking hand in hand with a black man, wearing very little in an area I frequented often. I was trying to think which shop Michael meant, there were lots of clothes shops and a few department stores here. I soon saw where we were heading. The shop was not that big and I had only ever been inside once. Jon had taken me there to get some undies to wear in the bedroom. It was called 'SENSATIONS' and in the window were several very short skirts and dresses. Michael took me inside.

"Hi Sandra, how's it going?" he said to the girl behind the counter. She was around 5'6 or 7' blonde and was wearing a tight royal blue dress; it was low cut and had shoestring straps. She looked as though she had been 'poured' into it. The top showed a lot of cleavage and I swear I could see the edge of her nipples where it was cut so low. She walked from behind the counter and I saw that it was also very short; in fact it barely covered her bum.

"Got a new girl friend Michael?" she asked "She looks good, what do you want another make over?"

"I was hoping you were going to be in today, yes I want you to give Marie a new look, you know what I like. Better open an account for her to, I don't think this will be her last visit!"

"Ok. Come with me Marie" She led me thru a curtained doorway and into a large back room. There were rows of dresses along one wall and skirts along another. I saw shelves with underwear and racks of stockings of all makes colours and materials. I also saw a large display of shoes in one corner. I noticed none of the shoes had small heels; several looked like they would be impossible to walk in.

"We will get to the shoes eventually, don't worry, we'll get you kitted out the way Michael likes. Known him long sweetie?"

"No not that long" I said. Not wanting to tell her the truth. She guided me over to the dresses first and said "size 10 or 12 I would say. 36 or 38 bust?" I blushed and said "36c and am size 10 or 12 depending on the cut."

"Tall too, 5'9?"

"No I'm 5'10 actually"

"A tall lady. Well the dresses and skirts we have will show you off a treat, black and red I think."

She took several dresses from the rack and laid them over the top. I noticed they were all made of similar material which seemed to shine in the overhead lights. 3 were black and 3 were different shades of red, a colour I had never worn before. She picked them up and took them to a dressing area in the corner. There were no curtains! I said "I can't possibly try these on they look far too expensive" making that an excuse as I was naked under the skirt and top.

"Its ok I know you are probably nude under them clothes, go on I wont look, try them on and see what you think."

I stripped and tried the first black dress, it was similar to the one that Sandra was wearing, very low cut and very short, it didn't even cover my stocking tops properly.

"Hey you look good in that, you really do. Michael come and see"

Michael came in to the room and looked me up and down "good enough to take anywhere"

"She looks good doesn't she?" Sandra asked.

"Yes Girl you certainly do" His eyes looking at my hem line and my neck line or rather my tits and legs!

I went through the rest of the dresses and they were all similar in length and cut, showing lots of leg and lots of cleavage, one even did show the pinkie brown top of my nipples. Michael liked that one best of all.

I the tried several skirts on , the longest was still 6 inches above my knees and the shortest allowed my stocking tops to show completely and a stretch of white thigh too. This was a bright red silky material. Tight fitting too, it gripped my thighs almost like a 2nd skin.

Sandra suggested I leave that one on while she went and got shoes for me, size 5. She brought back several pairs for me to try. The first were black patent and had a 5 inch heel. She helped me off with my shoes; I noticed she took a quick peep up my skirt, which made me shiver. Again she called Michael in and asked what he thought.

"Why don't I just stay in here and then I won't have to keep coming back and forth?"

"Ok" we both said in unison. I did a twirl for him and he made a 'WOW' noise. The next shoes were red and had a platform sole. I tried them on and nearly fell over they were so high.

"Cum fuck me shoes" was Michael's comment and he said to get a couple of pairs

I ended up with 4 dresses, 3 skirts, 4 pairs of shoes and 10 pairs of stockings, mostly black with seams up the back. I had to do a fashion show for both of them changing in to each outfit and different shoes with each. I saw a bulge appear in Michael's trousers. And he started to smile at me.

I was wearing a black dress which showed a lot of tit and was short enough not to cover the stocking tops.

"Bend over and let's see just how short that dress is?"

"What here?" I asked feeling very nervous, knowing id show everything I had to both him and Sandra.

"Yes here just do it and don't argue there's a good little slut"

I bent over and sure enough showed everything.

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