tagIncest/TabooHow Do You Spell Relief Ch. 05

How Do You Spell Relief Ch. 05


This is my second installment towards the goal of getting a conclusion to the great series started by BobbyT years ago. He said "To be continued .........if you want more." We clearly did yet many years later he has not! If you haven't read his 3 chapters and my version of Chapter 4 I suggest you start there. If you don't like huge cocks that cum in gushers and last forever, skip this one. If you read on, thanks just don't complain about it when you are finished. This chapter involves incest, lesbian sex, three-somes and four-somes. I tried to remain true to the story line began by BobbyT.


The game went great. Actually it went better than great! Kim was giving me some very sensuous looks and I needed to do something to keep my boner from growing. So I really threw myself into playing hard, really hard so I didn't get hard. I already had scored two touchdowns by the end of the first quarter – my first in six games – and then coach asked me to play both ways due to injury to our star defensive back. I finished the game with five offensive TDs, two interceptions – one returned for another touchdown – and one forced fumble which I recovered and ran back for another score. Coach named me the offensive AND defensive player of the game!

Our coach wanted to talk to me after the game so the rest of the team had all ready showered and left when he was finished. He told me he was amazed at my play since my practices hadn't been all that great. I told him I had a lot on my mind but that I had really tried to focus on the game. I took a quick shower and hurried home to see my mom and aunt.

Mom's sister hadn't come to visit since I was a kid. Mom had traveled alone to visit her, leaving me with my grandparents. Needless to say, I was not prepared for the vision that I beheld upon entering our house fifteen minutes later. My mom looked ravishing in her tight jeans and even tighter blouse. Her boobs looked awesome, unfettered by a bra, and I could see her soft nipples through the material.

Aunt Jennifer was just like my mom, except she has the bigger 'store bought' boobs. And brother, on her small frame those fake boobs looked HUGE! Her jeans weren't tight on her legs but her ass was definitely being held captive. Jenny wore a shear black blouse with a lacy half-bra caressing her jumbo titties.

"Tommy!" Aunt Jenny shouted with glee as she saw me. Hopping to her feet she ran to me to give me a hug. I was mesmerized by her bouncing boobs as she ran, and felt my cock begin to stir in my shorts. Shit! My aunt hugged me tightly, her boobs pressed into my lower abdomen – like my mom she's only about 4'11" tall.

"Aunt Jenny, give me a proper hug." I said as I easily lifted her up and hugged her with our heads face to face. Giggling and kicking her feet, she gave me a quick kiss on the lips before telling me to put her back down. I held her body to me as I lowered her, enjoying the feel of her big boobs rubbing my torso as she went lower. "That was MUCH better," I said as I released her.

My mom told me they had listened to the game on the radio as they caught up on each others life and she was quite proud of her football hero. I just blushed at which point they both really started giving me the raspberries. Trying to hide my actions, my hand moved to my crotch to adjust my growing member to a more comfortable position. We talked for another hour before my mom whispered in my ear, "Why don't you go on up to bed, and I'll wake you later to relieve some of that pressure I see in your shorts, okay baby?" I gently nodded my agreement before saying I was going to go to bed. As I left the room I stopped and gave mom a quick kiss goodnight and then picked up my aunt and gave her a hug goodnight and a kiss on the cheek.

True to her word, my door softly opened about 90 minutes later and mom slid onto my bed, sucking my cock to awaken me. I was rock hard when I became cognizant of her mouth on my cock. Realizing I was awake, mom wasted no time as she climbed onto me and impaled herself on my granite hard shaft, her tiny body shuddering as she worked at getting my huge shaft into her tight hole. She moaned as she reached the bottom and slowly started fucking my cock. My hands had moved to her tight ass and I was kneading her butt cheeks as her ass rose and fell on my shaft. Suddenly I thought 'why does her ass feel softer tonight?' I raised my hands as my fingers stroked up her back before I moved quickly, grasping both boobs before she could stop me. "Aunt Jenny?!" I said in shock.

The petite body above me had froze at nearly the top of her stroke on my member and she said softly, "Shit!" before she slammed her pussy down onto my meat. "How could you tell I wasn't Carol, Tommy?" She remained firmly planted on top of my shaft, her clit crushed against my pelvis as her movements ceased except for her hips flexing and rocking against my hips.

"Well," I began, "your boobs were a dead giveaway, my dear aunt." My hands squeezed them hard again and my cock thrust forcefully into her as I continued, "But it was your butt that told me it couldn't be my mom."

"Look here, young man, there's nothing wrong with my rear end!" she countered.

"Hey, don't get so defensive, I never said there was anything wrong with it," I said as I moved my left hand and squeezed her right butt cheek really hard, making her squeal in pleasure/pain. "It's just that it's a little softer than my mom's is and I could tell. Hey, it's only been about 19 hours since I had a good feel of it. Yours is really nice though, Aunt Jenny."

"Thanks, Tommy. How about we drop the 'Aunt' though, if I'm going to be riding this wonderful cock of yours, I think a first name basis is the rule," Jenny told me. I shoved my cock up into her tight cunt forcefully, making her groan, "Umph, oh shit but your cock is so fucking huge! God I love the way it fills me up. Umph, oh yeahhhhhhhhhh."

I rolled us over keeping my cock firmly imbedded in her pussy, moving into position so I would be the 'fucker' and then just let my weight hold her hips down, my cock stationary inside of her. "Well Jenny, what should I do now?" I asked her. She tried to flex her hips up to me but found she was held captive under me. She grunted a few times trying to encourage me to move by her own actions but I remained immovable. "Come on, Jenny, what do you want me to do?"

She made garbled sounds as she again tried to get my pelvis to move, but I remained in place, grinning down at her. After one more futile effort by her she looked deep into my eyes saying, "Fuck me, Tommy." I cupped one hand by my ear and shrugged my shoulders and she cried out in frustration, "Damn you, FUCK ME you fucking bastard! Fuck me till I can't walk! Ooooooohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's' it! Oh shittttttttttt are you ever huge. Ohmygodfuckmefuckmeeeeeee!"

"How's this, Jenny?" I asked as I pumped her with my full 12 inches, making her gasp as I nearly pulled completely out before slamming back into her wet and hot pussy.

"That's so good, Tommy, keep going, don't stop, oh please don't stop! Oh shit I'm cumming all ready! YESSSSSS! Oh shittttttttttttttttttttttttt, don't stop, oh god, don't stop, oh fuck me don't you dare stop! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh." And my aunt shook hard under me as her entire body erupted in her orgasmic bliss. She was just coming down, her climax past, when I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it hard, stretching it out from her body. She lurched up at me as once again a tidal wave of an orgasm racked her tiny body. "FUCKINGHELLLLLL, SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTDAMNFUCKOHGOD SHITTTTTTTT!! Yesssssssssss do it, Tommy, fuck me and makkkkkkkkke me cummmmmmmmm oooooooooohhhhhh!"

Jenny's feet were pulled up close to her ass and her knees were splayed out wide, both flopped tightly to the bed, her sex opened fully to invite my cock to take her to realms she'd never thought existed before. I released her clit and allowed her to recover from her mind blowing orgasm. She clung tightly to me as her breath slowly returned to normal, my rock hard shaft still slowly fully pumping into her. "Sweet Jesus on high, Tommy, I didn't actually think you could make it so I can't walk, but I'm sure that I can't. My god but I've never cum so hard, and I thought that I had been with some real studs before. Guess I've only been with one, though, holy fuck..." and her voice trailed off as she buried her face in my chest.

After giving her a few minutes to recuperate I started increasing the force of my thrusts, pounding hard into her deepest depths. I could feel her pussy muscles twitching on my cock and decided she was getting close again. Hooking my hands under her knees, I lifted her legs until I could grasp her sexy calves and forced her legs back till they were on either side of her head. When I slowly pushed into her again her eyes grew large as saucers before she raked her nails down my back crying out in ecstasy as she came again. Jenny was doing her best to fuck back at me, lifting her upraised pussy to meet my downward thrusts as her juices poured from around my shaft. "Ohshit, Tommy, ohshit! Oh god here it comes againnnnn, oh, oh, oh, ohohohoh OHOHOHOHO ohohohohohoooooooooo."

Her climax was waning as I began to feel the telltale signs in my balls. Jenny had clamped down tightly with her pussy muscles and as yet had not let up on me, she was literally pulling the cum from my balls. "Oh god, Jenny, I'm almost there," I cried out, "I'm al...most...there...oh FUCK JENNY I'm CUMMING!" and I began shooting spurt after hard spurt deep into her pussy. My aunt was pushed over the edge again as her pussy convulsed around my entire length as we came together.

After we both came down from our intense climaxes, I leaned down and kissed my horny aunt passionately once more before helping her get her legs down from where they had been firmly planted next to her ears. She groaned in gratitude as her legs stretched out along my own, we kissed again and I rolled to the side pulling her with me, my cock still buried about two-thirds the way in. "My god, Tommy, how did you ever learn to use that monster like that?" Jenny asked me.

"Well, I just happen to have a fantastic teacher living here with me." I said. "Jenny, you are one fantastic fuck yourself." I said kissing her deeply once more. As we kissed I rolled us again as I went to my back, Jenny on top of me and my slowly softening cock.

"Oh my god, no, no more, Tommy! Oh shit, Tommy, you've already fucked me so good, I can't take any more, oh shit." Jenny was reacting simply to my rolling us again, so I thought what the hell; let's see what happens and then I pumped her cunt with six hard and deep thrusts. "Tommy! Stop! OH don't! Tommy stop, oh don't. OH! Don't! Stop! Oh don't...stop, oh shit don't stop Tommy, don't stop!" and my cock kept right on going, pounding into her cum filled pussy as she screamed and cried out her pleasure.

Jenny's little frame was shaking uncontrollably above me as her body was again racked by an orgasm that seemed to roll on and on over the span of at least five minutes. Finally Jenny cried out again "Tommy, oh shit, please stop, oh shit, I can't, oh shit, take any, oh god, more! PLEASE STOP! Oh fuckkkk, oh my god Tommy, I can't believe it, so intense." Jenny's head slowly fell to my chest and soon she was sobbing lightly.

"Jenny, did I hurt you? Damn I never wanted to hurt you, Jenny, fuck!" I said trying to find out what was wrong and what I had done to hurt her.

Her tiny hand rose up before she made a fist and smacked it back down onto me. "Oh damn you, you fucking stud of a nephew, you didn't hurt me at all! I'm crying from the unbelievable pleasure you've given me, and I'm trying to figure out how the hell I go back home to Texas on Sunday! How in hell do I leave you and your VERY talented cock?" I flexed my still deeply imbedded cock inside of her "OH shit! Fuck, oh shit, Tommy STOP! Oh my god, my pussy's on fire!"

Suddenly Jenny pushed herself into a sitting position atop my shaft, her eyes burning into mine as she continued "Damn you Tommy, I just can't help myself..." and her hips once again began lifting up then slamming back down as she tried to fuck out the fire. The vision of her beautiful face and body above me as she quickly came on me was so erotic that it rapidly pushed me over the edge and once more I was pumping her incredible cunt full of my hot cum. My cock stopped spurting but she continued pounding her pussy onto me as her climax refused to end. She went on for about two more minutes before "Yeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhhoooo FUCKKKKKK! OHGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo shitttttttttttt!" I had to grab her arms to keep her from falling back as she went limp above me.

I rolled us again putting her on the bottom, then I slowly pulled my purple, well fucked cock out of her pussy so I could lay beside her. I gave her a light kiss on the lips as she regained her senses. "Now I know why my sister welcomes assistance at handling your cock, it's way too much for any one woman!" After she caught her breath some more she looked at me and said she needed something to drink. Jenny pushed herself up into a sitting position and then swung her legs over the side of the bed. She took a deep breath and slid off the bed to stand up, but ended up in a heap on the floor.

I quickly was beside her asking if she was all right and she told me she was. Then she again tried to stand up and ended up sprawled on the floor. I easily lifted up her petite body and placed her back on the bed, telling her I'd be right back. I went to the kitchen and grabbed two cokes before heading back to my room. Mom stopped me on the way to give me a kiss and to see how her sister was doing. She laughed when I told her, then she said she'd see me in the morning and sent me on my way.

As I entered my room Jenny looked at me and said, "I know I told you to 'fuck me until I couldn't walk' but damn, I say that all the time and you're the first one to actually do it! Shit, Tommy, I still can't believe it."

We lay there sipping our cokes and talking softly, but mostly enjoying the closeness we felt after having both of our brains fucked out. Eventually we drifted off to sleep with me wondering what the rest of the weekend had to offer that could top this.


I awoke around 3:30 Saturday morning to a glorious dream only to find it was no dream; a petite body was riding my cock and was definitely close to cumming. Then I realized there was another body lying beside me, so I reached out and cupped the tits above me before saying, "Aaaaaahhh, mom you feel so good."

She giggled and softly said, "Guess you really can tell us apart by feel. Uhmph. Uhmph. Oooohh Tommy you feel so good. Oh shit Tommy, I'm going to cum! Oh god yessssssssss!" When she finished cumming she slid her feet back and laid her body on mine, snuggling close with my cock firmly imbedded inside of her. She quickly fell back to sleep and I lay there thanking my lucky stars for the way getting caught jerking off by her had turned out. Soon I drifted off to sleep as well.

My eyes opened again at about 7:15 to the feel of someone kissing my lips. When I was able to focus I saw it was Jenny, mom was still contentedly sleeping on top of my body, my cock still clutched by her vagina muscles. She then leaned back looking at mom and me before saying, "Damn if you two don't look sexy as all hell. Phew!" Then she reached between our legs and caressed my balls for about 20 seconds before mumbling about coffee. She slid off the bed and seemed to catch herself to keep from falling, then shook her legs to test them out. "Damn you," she said with a wink as she slowly made her way out of my bedroom.

Her hands on my balls had worked their magic on my cock as it rapidly sprang to full size, stretching mom's insides as it grew. I flexed my muscles a few times making it twitch and jump inside mom's tight hole and then she wiggled her hips on me before saying "Oh baby that is one wake up call I could never get tired of!" Mom kissed my lips hard her tongue seeking out my own as her hips started a circular motion fucking herself on my shaft.

Mom effortlessly switched roles as she continued, "Did my big Daddy like the surprise I gave him last night? Huh, Daddy, did you like my surprise?"

"Oh, baby girl, Daddy just loved your surprise! It was the best surprise ever, baby girl." I said as I hugged her to me again. "Baby girl, Daddy's going to reward you for your surprise." With that I gave her a few quick thrusts with my cock. "Does my baby girl like her reward?" I asked as I gave her some more thrusts.

"Oh golly yes, Daddy, your baby girl really likes the reward." My mom suddenly switched roles as she cried out, "Oh Tommy, fuck your mommy, oh fuck me baby!" as her eyes closed and she held on for dear life. I rolled us over and began relentlessly pounding my cock deep into her quivering pussy. I was bottoming out and more as I sometimes pushed my cock head into her cervix. She cried out in pleasure each time I entered her inner hole and her arms clung even tighter to me. Mom had cum three times as we made passionate love for nearly 30 minutes before I told her I was close. Mom increased her efforts to drain my balls as they erupted into her spasming pussy.

"Eeeeiiiyyyyyeeeeaaaaaiiiiooooooooooaaaaaaa!" mom screamed as her fourth orgasm of this encounter hit her. If I hadn't been above her she would have shook herself right off the queen sized bed. "OH Tommy, that felt so good, my baby. Please never stop doing this with me, I love you so much!" I slowly pulled out of her well fuck pussy and watched as she clamped her hole tightly closed. "Oh Tommy, quick, hand me my water glass from the table there," mom asked and I told her it was empty. "Dammit, I know that, just give it to me!"

As I handed it to her she yanked it from my fingers with desperation and I was surprised when she climbed onto her knees and held it below her pussy opening. I watched with wonder as she let my cum flow from her pussy and caught all of it in the cup. What didn't drip into the glass she wiped off with her fingers only to put them in her mouth and suck them clean. When she seemed satisfied that she had all of my cum in the glass, she lifted it to her lips and then slugged it down. The glass was wide and short so she could lick all of the sides and the bottom of the glass, when she finished with it the glass looked clean enough to put in the cupboard!

"Damn, mom, that was sooooo fucking sexy! Holy shit mom." I said in amazement.

"I'll second that, Tommy." called out Jenny from the doorway. "I didn't know my big sister was such a cum slut!"

"Hey, if you weren't so hell bent for taking his load up that tight twat of yours you would have already tasted it and you'd know how right I am. God I love his spooge!" Finished talking, mom checked the glass for any remnants. Finding none she slid two fingers into her cunt hole and tried to scoop out any remaining cum. She was disappointed that she found none.

"Damn girl, you really do like his stuff, don't you?" said Jenny. "Guess I'll have to try not to ride him later on and just make him blow his wad in my mouth."

"Is that a promise, my dear aunt?" I asked with a lecherous grin.

"Hell yes it is!" she responded happily.

Mom looked at us both before sliding from the bed while pulling my hand, "I'm starved, any one else for breakfast?" We all scampered to the kitchen, naked as the day we were born. Both the women ate a very large breakfast but I showed what real hunger is. What with the football game and then the unbelievable fuck sessions over night and this morning I acted like I was trying to eat us out of house and home. But, four fried eggs, eight slices of bacon, three sausage patties, a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice later I was recharged and raring to go.

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