tagIncest/TabooHow I banged My Lesbian Sister

How I banged My Lesbian Sister


"Mark!" Susan called from upstairs.

Unbelievable. My dick was already in my hand and I was 10 minutes into a masturbation session. My sister always had the worst timing.

"What?!" I yelled from my room downstairs.

"Come up here!" She yelled back.

"Can it wait?!" I asked, trying to keep my concentration. A few seconds passed in silence and I thought I was in the clear.


I let out a sigh and proceeded to tuck my privates back into my pants. There was no use trying to salvage this situation. Susan's annoying voice was the ultimate boner killer.

I ran up the stairs to find Susan leaning against the door to her room. She was wearing her only pair of gym shorts and an old tee-shirt that used to be our father's. Her blonde hair was pulled back and tied up in a messy bun. I could tell she had just finished working out. Sweat glistened off her skin and she was breathing a little heavy. It's a little weird to say, but my older sister actually has a nice body under all that ragged clothing. Her breasts are small but perky and she has a tight stomach. Her real strength, however, is her ass. It's big, round and sticks out no matter what she's wearing. Even now I could see it pressed firmly against the frame of her door. I knew I shouldn't be thinking about these things, especially not after I had just been pleasuring myself, but I was horny and couldn't help it.

"What took you so long?" she asked, like I was her servant or something.

"I was doing homework" I lied.

"Uh huh," she said with a certain doubt in her voice, "well I just wanted to let you know that Steph will be here any minute now."

"Great," I groaned.

Steph, or Stephanie, was Susan's girlfriend. That's right, my sister was the head of her soccer team, her favorite hobby was camping and she has every word to every t.A.T.u. song memorized. My sister was gay as hell, but Steph... Steph was a whole new level of gay. Steph was a short and angry little thing that had more ink and piercings on her body than an entire biker gang. She was rude, had the vocabulary (and voice) of a sailor and always had something to say every time she saw me. "Hey Mark, you drop your balls yet?" She would say, pointing to my crotch. Or "Hey Mark, wanna smell your sister," she'd joke, holding her finger up to my nose. I honestly had no idea what my sister saw in Steph. Susan was tall and fit and clean while Steph was short and boyish and far from sanitary. I hate to admit it, but Steph actually looks a lot like me. We're the same height and practically have the same crew cut. Just that thought made me want to shave all of it off.

"Just let her in, okay?" She pleaded, grabbing my shoulder.

"Why can't you?" I asked.

"Look, just open the door for her and tell her to come upstairs, alright? Can you do this one little thing for me?"

I loathed the idea of having to greet Steph, but I could never say no to Susan. I don't know what it is, but I am completely whipped when it comes to my sister.

"Alright," I said, "I'll come get you when she's here-"

"No!" My sister suddenly interrupted. "That's alright Mark, just tell her to come upstairs. Okay?"

She was acting a little weird, but I thought nothing of it. I nodded my head and rushed back downstairs to finish what I started. The whole time the image of Susan in her stretched out gym shorts slipped in and out of my mind. It was weird, I know, but I can't help it. Susan was one of the hottest girls I knew, sister or not.

I could barely get started again before I heard the doorbell ring. Steph, I thought. And just like that my dick was limp once more. The doorbell rang another five times before I reached it. I swung it open and there was Steph, smoking on our front porch.

"Hey limp dick!" She shouted cheerfully. An unfortunate coincidence.

"Hey Steph."

Steph shoved past me and strolled into the house. She snubbed the end of her cigarette in the potted plant next to the door.

"Is Susan here? She said she wanted to give me something?"

"Yeah," I said, "She told me to tell you she's upstairs."

"Cool, cool" she said with a thumbs up.

"Uh, hey. Is there a bathroom close by?" Steph grabbed hold of her stomach, "I have had the worst shits today."

I could feel the vomit trying to climb its way up my throat. I wasn't joking about the sailor thing.

"Down the hall on your left," I said, trying to choke my breakfast back down.

"Thanks" she said as she power walked towards the bathroom.

"Go tell Susan I might be a while!" She shouted over her shoulder.

Yup, that's Steph.

I walked back up the stairs trying to think of the best way I could embarrass Steph and make Susan sick in one fell swoop. Before I got half way up I could hear the unmistakable sounds of discomfort and misery coming from the bathroom downstairs. Great, I thought. I'll have to brick that part of the house off now. I reached Susan's door and knocked. "Come in!" her voice called from the other side of the door. I opened it and walked in to find Susan on her bed. Completely nude.

Susan on her... bed completely... no clothes...

I was stunned, completely paralyzed by fear of what I had just walked in on. There on the bed right before me was my older sister, buck naked. She was lying on her back, propped up against her headboard and spread full-eagle. I was about to apologize and run out of the room, but then I noticed something strange. She was wearing some kind of cloth around her eyes. It was the tee-shirt she was had on earlier.

Suddenly, everything clicked in my mind, and I understood what was happening here. Susan was trying to surprise Steph with an incredibly sexy display. And boy was this incredibly sexy.

"Steph?" Susan called out to the room. I had been silent for a while now.

Without thinking I closed the door behind me and stepped forward a bit.

"There you are," my sister smiled. I could see everything from this position, her perky pink nipples and her cute little pussy were completely on display for me.

"Come over here" Susan said, waving me closer with her finger. My brain was mush, my legs moved on their own. I was now inches away from my sister's exposed body. Susan wiggled her bottom half a little, she must have been very excited for this. I could see she was already a little wet. My sister's pussy was wet!

"What are you waiting for Steph? Don't you want a little taste?"

This is wrong, I thought. She's my sister, my gay sister! I thought I would walk out of the room, head back downstairs and jack-off. I would let Steph come up here and never think about all this again. But as I thought about these things my body was already crawling up onto the bed. I lowered my head to my sister's pussy and took a deep breath in.

"Oh!" Susan squeaked.

I took my finger and gently prodded at her folds. This is it. I'm really touching my sister's pussy right now. I had never dreamed my first experience with this would be with Susan, but I really couldn't complain! I could have stayed like this for an hour, but Susan was getting impatient.

"Common already," Susan moaned. He forcefully grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face into her crotch. My mouth was now wrapped around her hole. I could feel my sister's warm, wet pussy soak into my taste buds. The sensation was incredible. I started licking up and down in a steady movement. I could feel Susan's nails dig into the back of my head as I prodded her folds with my tongue. My sister's pussy was surprisingly sweet. The odor of it filled my nostrils.

"Ooooooo fuck Steph," Susan moaned. Suddenly she lifted her bottom up a little.

"Now lick this hole," she teased, spreading her cheeks apart to reveal her asshole.

I couldn't believe my own sister would be into something that kinky. I wondered if this was something her and Steph normally did... or if I might be getting the first experience...

I grabbed the bottom of Susan's legs and pushed them back towards her stomach, then I placed my mouth right above her anus. Again I was shocked to find it didn't smell at all bad. I slowly started licking my sister's butthole. She started making cute noises that sounded like moaning and laughing at the same time. I swirled my tongue around her cute hole, getting faster and pushing it in a little deeper each time.

"You really like my ass- don't you?" Susan teased between moans. I gave her ass a small smack in response.

"I thought so," she said, flipping over to her stomach, "So why don't you grab your favorite toy and get to work on this." Susan wiggled her fat butt in the air and I thought I might lose it there. But what was this toy she was talking about? Was it a dildo, or some kind of vibrator? Maybe a paddle? I frantically searched around the room but couldn't find anything.

"In the top drawer!" Susan chimed in, "where it always is!"

I reached into the drawer, my hand sifted through Susan's underwear until I grabbed hold of something hard. I pulled the object out to find it was a dildo after all. But not just that. Attached to it was belt with buckles and straps. It was a Strappon! Susan wanted me to fuck her with a strappon...

But that wouldn't work at all! I couldn't put this thing on with my erect dick getting in the way, and Susan would know in an instant if it wasn't attached to me. I looked at the dildo in my hand, a big veiny thing with a pair of balls on the bottom.

That's when it clicked again for me.

I popped the dildo out of the ring on the harness and slipped it on, shoving my dick through the ring instead.


I ran back to the bed and positioned myself behind Susan. My dick was harder than it had ever been in my entire life. I let it rest at Susan's wet entrance, allowing it to brush against her folds. "Mmmff" She moaned into the mattress. What the hell and I doing, I thought. Am I really about to trick my lesbian sister into taking her own brother's cock?

Yeah I was.

I pushed forward, splitting my sister's pussy apart.

"Fuck!" Susan yelped as I drove my aching cock deeper inside. I bottomed out and stopped moving. I wanted to take this moment in- I wanted to burn the image of my dick inside my sister's pussy forever into my mind. I started pumping. Hard. I was losing all control of my body. Susan's pussy was the warmest wettest thing I've ever felt, it squeezed at my shaft and swallowed every bit of me.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!" Susan yelped with each thrust.

I'm fucking my sister, my SISTER, who has never had a real dick inside her! My gay as balls sister is enjoying her little brother's dick! I couldn't take much more. Susan's thick butt bounced against me, rocking me back and forth. I grabbed hold of her cheeks and slammed them towards me so I could reach deeper inside.

"Oooooo Steph! Fuck me!," my sister begged, "Fuck me hard!"

I wasn't going to last long. I pushed deep into my sister a few more times and then I came. I came hard, shooting my load deep inside. It must have gone on for at least a minute. Susan orgasmed with me and we both collapsed on the bed. My face was lying pressed against Susan's ass. I watched with pride as my juices leaked down her crack from her pussy.

"Mmmfu fu fu, that's was amazing," Susan purred.

"What's this?"

Susan reached back and pinched some of my seamen between her fingers. My heart sunk deep in my chest.

"Did you use a lube?" Susan asked, tugging at the shirt wrapped around her eyes. I was already stumbling out the door, slamming it shut behind me. I tumbled down the stairs and ran smack into Steph.

"Whoah, limp dick! Where you going in such a hurry? And where are your clothes?!" Steph looked at me in horror.

"And is that my..."

I still had the harness strapped around my waist, my sore cock poking through the ring. There was no way in hell I was going to explain this away, so I decided to try something else. I wiped my finger across my dick. Then I held it up to Steph's nose.

"Hey Steph," I said.

"Wanna smell your girlfriend?"

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Man you have to finish it

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Brh you good!!! I laughed so hard at the end I fell off my chair nice ending looking forward to reading more of your stories

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Make a chapter 2

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5 stars I laughed my ass off!!! Excellent

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