tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 02

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 02


Classes that day went without trouble. Unfortunately, Candy had a meeting with Coach Jacobs about the new routines over lunch and was unable to join me and the rest of the girls. Trent worked his way in very quickly when he saw that Candy was not there. He sat beside me and looked as though he was staking his claim. After the previous day with Coach Withers, I was not as concerned about him. I knew that I was desirable to men, and I knew that I would have to find a guy to date as I could not be seen dating Jim.

Trent was very attentive during lunch, he was a perfect gentleman, pulling out my chair, making sure the other guys treated me politely, that the girls were keeping me up to speed with the routines. He even congratulated me on making the squad before anyone else could. All in all, lunch was a good time and when Candy met me for class after lunch, she saw Trent walking me into class and smiled.

"I guess I won't have to protect you from Trent any longer." She said smirking.

"We just sat together at lunch. Nothing happened. He was every inch the gentleman." I told her primly.

"Yeah right," Candy replied. "The only time Trent is a gentleman is when he holds open a door for you so he can watch your ass as you walk in."

The team met in the gym after classes and we got right to work. Coach Jacobs worked us very hard. We had only two weeks until the first game of the season and had to be ready. The routines were tricky and I got scared when it came to the flying, but I was told that would not come until later. I had to get the ground work done first. First we reviewed the routine from yesterday and then she started us on a new routine. Candy was everywhere, helping, holding, and teaching. I could tell that she would be the captain of the team before long.

Right at the end of the last routine, I twisted at the wrong moment and came down on my shoulder and ankle. It was without a doubt my least graceful dismount. You could hear my thud across the gym. Of course it had to happen as the football team was coming back in. Coach Jacobs and Jim were at my side in seconds checking the damage. It was not bad, just a bit of a bruise but Jim insisted that he check me out and put some ice on my shoulder. Coach Jacobs wanted me to go to her office, but Jim insisted that the football team had better equipment and could take better care of me.

I was in his office, an ice pack on my shoulder, lying back on the massage table in less than five minutes. Jim checked my ankle and said that it was just twisted and I would be fine in about half an hour. He placed another ice pack on my leg and kissed me.

"That is to take the pain away." He said smiling.

"Well, it worked. I feel great." I responded, leaning into the kiss.

He stepped behind me and started to work on my shoulder. I heard the door open and Coach Jacobs stepped in.

"Just checking up on you Janie."

"I am fine. The coach is taking great care of me. I feel much better now."

"Well, you know you really should not be in here alone with the Coach," Jacobs said. "People might get the wrong idea."

"I've never felt safer in my life." I said seriously.

"Actually Helen, I wanted to talk to you about Janie." Jim said. "I spoke to her previous teachers and she did quite well as a swimmer. Maybe we could use her on our team."

"I think that would be a great idea." Jacobs agreed. "The cheer squad does not cover the swim team so we don't have to worry about conflicts and I am the trainer for that team as well. We train in the morning, so practice would not be a problem. Come on out tomorrow and we will see what you can do."

I looked at Jim in panic, but he just smiled and nodded encouragingly to me and I turned to Coach Jacobs and said "I will see you then Coach."

"Good we start at seven. See you then" and she left closing the door after her.

"Jim how could you," I demanded.

"Janie, I told you what Coach Stevens said last year and now you will have a shot at competing. You could not hold you own with the guys, but you may be able to beat the girls."

I started to say something and then sat back on the bed and thought about what he said. I could compete as a girl and maybe do well. I had carried off the pretense so far, but swimming was a different thing. Before I could go any further he said, "Just give it a try in the morning. Most of the girls in the squad swim with the team at practice to stay in shape, so if nothing else you can have a work out and hang with girls."

"Okay, I will try." I told him dejectedly.

"Did you bring the solvent for you pussy like I asked you?"

"No, I just used a light solvent today, water can dissolve it. All the sweating I did working out has already loosened it."

"Then let's get you into the shower, I want to see what you look like without it."

I stood and stripped before his watchful eyes. Just the mere act of removing my clothes got me hot and I could see the effect I was having on him. Before my sweater hit the floor I could see the bulge in his shorts. I turned my back to him and unzipped my skirt. I glanced over my shoulder and wiggled my hips, letting the skirt fall. I could see the lust in his eyes. My panties had worked they way into my ass crack and I used my index fingers to pull them out. I winked at him as he moaned, seeing a little of my behind.

Reaching behind my back, I unhooked my bra and pulled the straps off my shoulders. I tossed it into his lap as I turned partially to face him, my other hand covering my small breasts. I did not want him to see me until I was completely naked. I turned my back again and bent over to pull my panties down. My hair came down over my face and shoulders and I knew that when I stood my hair would cover my breasts. I kicked my panties over onto my skirt and was completely naked in his office again, my shoes and socks having been removed so that he could tend to my ankle.

I turned and faced him; he still had my bra in his lap. I shook my head and it brushed my hair off my chest. My nipples were standing tall and firm, bright red and throbbing. I let him get a good look at me and then I pulled the loose edge of my pussy and it came off in my hand. I tossed it over my shoulder and it fell behind the massage table. I stood before him completely bared. I was shaking, but I did not know if it was from fear or excitement.

I stepped between his legs and Jim wrapped his arms around my waist. He licked and kissed my stomach and worked his way up to my breasts. I was so short, that my breasts were right in his face and he took full advantage of it. He nursed on my left nipple and then switched to my right. I laced my fingers into his hair and pulled him tighter. I was so small that he took my entire breast into his mouth and sucked hard. I was shocked and jumped when I felt his hand reach down and grasp my hard little clit. He pumped it a few times, but only a dribble of pre-cum came out. I knew that I could ejaculate as a man would as I had never had puberty. He had taught me the day before that I could cum, but not like a man, it would just dribble out of my clit.

I pushed him away and walked over to the shower in his office, my hips swinging like a hooker in a bad movie. I knew it was way over the top, but I could not stop myself. I turned my head and crooked a finger at him when I had the shower running and he was naked and beside me seconds.

I stepped into the shower and Jim followed me. I felt his hard cock slip between my ass cheeks and I ground back against him. His hands came up and started to caress my breasts and belly. I laid my head back against him and reached around and grasped his ragging hard-on. It leapt in my hand and I could feel his pulse as he throbbed in my palm. I stroked him and felt his groan as he nibbled on my ear. I turned in his grasp and kissed him deeply. His tongue slipped between my lips and I fenced with it. He rubbed my back as I held and jerked his cock. I started to kneel down to suck him and he stopped me.

"No Janie, not tonight, I am about to cum right now. That little strip show you put on for me really got my juices flowing." He grabbed the soap and worked up a good lather before handing it to me. His hands slipped down my back and started to work on my pussy hole. I knew what he wanted and started to soap his throbbing manhood. I wanted it inside me and he wanted the same. His finger slipped in with no trouble and then he added another. I hummed in delight, my hand stroking slowly, I did not want to bring him off until he was deep inside me. His third digit slipped inside me and I shuddered. When he started to twist his wrist I told him I wanted him.

I turned and faced the wall, spreading my legs. Jim stepped up behind me and squatted down to line himself up with my pussy hole. I felt him press against me and I relaxed as much as I could. The monster head slipped in I groaned as he pressed even more into my channel. I hissed in delight as I felt his thighs meet my butt and knew that he was fully inside me. I let out the breath I had been holding and squealed in delight when he pulled back and thrust forward. I loved the feeling of him inside my little pussy and it only got better when I felt his hand reach around and grasp my clit. His hand was still covered in soap and he got me slick and slippery in one stroke.

I threw my head back against him and thrust back to meet him. Jim got the hint and he started to fuck me. This was not making love, this was two animals rutting for release. Jim started to pound me harder and harder and I begged for more.

"Deeper, harder, Fuck Meeeeeee," I yelled.

Jim straightened his legs and I screamed as he lifted my feet off the floor of the shower.

"Yyyyeeeeessssss," I groaned as I felt him slip even deeper into me.

"Is this what you what bitch," he demanded. "You want to feel me fuck you deep."

"Yes Sir," I panted.

"You are going to taste my cock from the inside this time." He grunted and then he really started to pound me. I thought he was fucking me before, but I was wrong as he started go even harder and deeper.

"I am cccoooooommmmmmminnnnnggggggg." I shrieked, my clit pulsing and dribbled in his hand.

"I am close," he grunted and he slammed into me three more times and then exploded inside me.

"Aaaaaiiiiieeeeee," I screamed at the top of my lungs as the feel of his burning sperm shot deep into my body, bringing me to another orgasm. Jim held me steady and I felt his cock pulsing as he shot his load. He pressed me against the shower wall as we both tried to catch our breaths. Finally Jim let me down and my feet found the floor as he softened inside me. When he slipped out of me, I turned and kissed him.

"We can't keep doing this Jim." I told him still panting.

"Don't you like it," he questioned.

"I loved it Jim, but I don't want you to get into trouble. If people keep seeing me sneaking around your office, they will start to suspect and then the rumors will start."

"I know, but you are just so hard to resist." He said.

"Jim, I know you don't love me. I can't love you. I love what you do for me and how you make me feel, but I am going to have to get a boyfriend my age or I will fall in love with you and that will kill your career."

We stood holding each other in the shower for several minutes as I felt his essence sliding out of my pussy. "I have feelings for you Jim, but we can't keep doing this every day."

"But we can still do it occasionally," he asked hopefully.

"Just try and stop me." I smiled up at him, and then kissed him deeply.

Jim smiled back and stepped out of the shower, leaving me to clean up. I spent several minutes cleaning out my pussy before I felt that I was clean enough and then stood in the shower just letting the hot water rain down on my body. I was so immersed in relaxing I did not hear the door to his office open or the voice of the cheerleading coach.

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to see Jim standing behind his desk, wearing only a towel, looking guilty and Coach Jacobs standing on the other side of his desk looking ready to kill.

"What the hell is going on here?" She screamed, turning to look at Jim. "You let a female student shower in your office, while you are here, and by the looks of it you joined her. I'm going to have you arrested and fired for taking advantage of an underage girl."

Before Jim could speak I grabbed a towel and wrapped myself up in it before leaping to his defense.

"Miss Jacobs, it is not what you think. First, I am not underage, if you check my records; you will see that I have been eighteen for over eight months. And," I paused to clear my throat and pluck up my courage, "I am not a girl, but a boy."

Miss Jacobs stopped at this and spluttered. "You can't be a boy, just look at you. You have the figure of a girl; I can see your breasts through your towel. It is not your fault Janie; you don't have to protect him." The way she said 'him' made me wince.

"I am not protecting anyone, just telling you the truth. The breasts are the result of hormone shots and pills, the vagina is a fake glued on to hide my clitty and give me the right shape." Before she could say anything more I dropped my towel and showed her my breasts and clitty hanging between my legs. I explained about my illness and the result it had on my body and my life. When I finished Jim piped in and explained how he found out. Miss Jacobs sat down in his chair and said that she could not believe it.

I climbed on the desk and spread my legs, showing her where the seam between the fake pussy and my leg would be. I told her about the glue and how it would not come off. They were both staring intently at my crotch, so I took the liberty of checking out theirs. Jim had the beginnings of a hardon and Miss Jacobs' shorts were looking distinctly wet, her nipples standing out from her small tits. As she leaned in closer to look, I took a chance and pulled her face first into my crotch. Her mouth opened in shock and she swallowed my clit before she recoiled. I let her up instantly.

"I guess it is true then, you are a boy." She said when she calmed down after kissing my crotch. "Why did you do that?"

"So that you would know that it is real, I won't let you send Jim to jail for helping me. Besides, I can tell that you liked it."

"What, how could you say such a thing," she demanded.

"Your breathing is rapid, your nipples are hard and you sucked my clit before I let you go and sat up." I said, pulling her back into my crotch.

Helen struggled for a moment and then started to smell the clean scent of my body. She stopped fighting me and started to lick my clit. I let go of her head and waved Jim over to join us. He dropped his towel and started to massage her breasts threw her shirt. Helen moaned into my crotch and took my clit completely into her mouth, no great feat, considering my size. I rocked my head back and thrust my groin up at her; I had never had anyone suck me before.

Jim pulled her out of the chair and started to remove her clothes. I kept my hands on her head keeping my clit in her mouth as Jim pulled her shorts and panties down. The instant he bared her pussy, we could both smell her arousal. It had the required effect on Jim. He completely hardened almost instantly. He pulled her shirt up under her arms and pushed her bra up out of the way. Her breasts were larger than mine and Jim gabbed a handful of each as he thrust deep inside her. Her skin had a much deeper tan than I had. Her dark hair was cut short and it fell over her face, she had no tan lines and her pussy hair was trimmed into a straight line.

Helen moaned and thrust back to meet him while she tried to take even more of my little clit into her mouth. There was no more for her to suck on, but she still tried. I watched in delight as her cheeks sunk in and I felt the suction on my little member. Her nails played with my almost non-existent balls. Her body rocked with the force of Jim ramming into her. I let go of her head and started to pinch my nipples, the feeling sent shock waves to my clit.

He lasted longer this time, probably because I had drained him in the shower. We were all dripping sweat when he finally threw back his head and growled that he was cumming. I think by that time Helen had cum at least twice, maybe more judging by her shaking body. I did not cum at all, not like they did, but I still felt the same delight I had felt in the shower and Helen swallowed more than once.

Finally Jim pulled out of her pussy and collapsed into his chair. Helen fell to the floor on her knees and I dropped back onto the desk panting for breath. I caught my breath and sat up and looked up to see cum draining out of her. I wanted it but before I could move, Helen stuck her fingers into her pussy and pulled it out, dripping with their combined juices and licked her fingers.

Jim pulled her into his lap and grabbed her wrist, bringing it to his own mouth. Licking their combined juices, Jim leaned in and kissed her. Helen grabbed the back of his head and thrust her tongue into his throat. I dove between their legs and started to lick the drippings from their union. The taste was like ambrosia to me. I had never tasted a woman's cum and the flavor was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I was addicted. I was becoming a sexual being in the matter of a few days. I had discovered that I could give and receive pleasure.

As soon as I finished licking Helen clean, I started on Jim. Looking up I saw that they were still making out hot and heavy. I could feel that Jim was starting to get excited again, but he pushed me away when I had him fully cleaned up.

"That is enough Janie," He said smiling. "If you keep that up, we will never get out of here, and you need to get home before you Aunt starts to worry about you."

"But are you going to be okay," I asked looking at Helen.

"Well, there is nothing that I can say about him taking advantage of a student, when I just did the same thing." Helen said, looking sheepish. She reached out and grasped his soft penis, "But I think that Coach Withers and I need to discuss this a little more."

"Yes, I will leave you two alone." I smiled and reached for my panties. I pulled them up my legs, pausing only long enough to look for my pussy. I eventually had to get on my knees and crawl behind the massage table to reach it. I squeaked when I felt a tongue lick my pussy hole. I whirled around and was face to face with Helen. She kissed me and said "Thanks." She then got up and went back to stand beside Jim.

I fitted my pussy over my clit and pulled up my panties to hold it in place. I finished dressing and reached for the door to the office as the Coaches finished dressing themselves and started to make out again. I opened the door and walked into the janitor as he came out of the boys' locker room. Thinking quickly I turned back to open office door and said.

"Thanks for the help Coach Jacobs, thanks for the liniment Coach Withers."

Helen came to door looking surprised until she saw the janitor. "You are welcome Janie. You just give that ankle and shoulder a lot of rest tonight and you will be fine in the morning."

Jim appeared at her shoulder and said, "You are welcome Janie; just take it easy on that dismount. Oh, good evening Jerry."

"Good evening Coach Withers, Coach Jacobs, Miss." The elderly janitor said, looking at each of us in turn.

"Good night all." I said, leaving the hall and walking slowly out of the school, favouring my leg. I wanted the janitor to see that I had a legitimate excuse to becoming out of the boys coach's office. Now that he had seen me and Helen, I knew that the school grapevine would be informed by morning and all would be covered.

I reached my car and found Trent sitting on the hood, waiting for me.

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