tagIncest/TabooHow it all began

How it all began


The incident I am about to relate is absolutely true and brought about my sexual awakening. For those about to ask the question, I was twenty years old when this event took place and I've tried to tell it as it was, for at that time I was totally ignorant of sex.


With Daddy away doing his thing in the army, one evening I went into his bedroom looking around for some dirty laundry whilst doing so I noticed a small magazine sticking out from under the bed, being curious like we women are I opened it and found it contained very explicit pictures and several extremely erotic stories.

I should tell you that my sexual experience was virtually nil at this time; perhaps the occasional romp after the local disco but nothing else. For you see my life is based upon my father's and being a military man we frequently moved from place to place making life extremely hard for those wishing to make long term friends outside of the army.

Taking the book downstairs, I turned off the television and opened the book. Here I started to read about women sucking cocks, getting fucked or even having their pussy's or arse's licked; This was all new to me, I became flushed, my pussy itched to be touched so having stripped off I read on; The more I read the more my breathing became heavier, I started to and could not stop playing with myself, my hands moved back and forth from my nipples to my clit until I had my first explosive orgasm. My wicked mind had even thought about raiding the fridge to duplicate some of the pictures I had seen.

Feeling guilty I replaced the book and resolved never to do things like that again but as the days passed my desires got the better of me, time and time again I wandered into Father's room and re-read some of the stories, I could not stop thinking about what I had read and began to fantasise about it happening to me.

During that winter, we had a gale that badly damaged our garage roof; with Daddy on leave he did a temporary repair until the weather changed so he could complete the work. Early spring Daddy rang to say that he would be home on leave the following day and would be bringing his friend Chris along so they could repair the roof. Arriving early the next day I recognised Chris as being one of Daddy's junior officers, once changed out of uniform I also noticed how fit and muscular he was in just his shorts and singlet.

Having fed them mugs of tea and bacon butties, I left them to get on with the work and by the end of the day they had replaced the roof, which only left the felt roof needing to be fixed. The following day both men were up and down the ladders when suddenly about lunchtime I heard a shout followed by a scream. I looked out and saw Daddy lying face to the ground with a large deep scratch down his back. Apparently a roll of heavy felt had slipped and rolled off the roof; Daddy seeing it coming, bent down, covered his head and took the weight of the roll on his back causing the scratch which went from his shoulder to his hip. I rushed out and helped him indoors with the intention of calling an ambulance but Daddy would not hear of it he just asked that I clean it up and dress it to prevent infection. Checking the first aid kit, I found that I had run out of lint and antiseptic cream so I asked Chris to go to the nearest chemist whilst I cleaned Daddy up.

Daddy had stripped off and got under the shower before I walked in, pulling back the shower curtain I saw from the rear what a beautiful tanned body my father had, it was wide at the shoulders, slim at the hips with a cute little white bum. I took the cotton wool dampened it then nervously began to stroke his shoulder to remove any grit, before moving on slowly down to his hip.

The way the light was situated made it difficult for me to see so I asked him to turn a little so that I could see better as he did I caught a glimpse of his cock, hanging down it was longer and thicker than I had imagined. The sight of it began to arouse me; I began to fantasise as to how big it might grow to. As I continued wiping his wound, my trembling hand came to rest on his hip with my fingers bent around his front towards his pubic hair.

I felt sure Daddy must have felt my emotions for the atmosphere was electric, what I was doing was wrong but I did not care. I sat on the edge of the bath; my fingers moving closer and closer to his groin, my right hand trembled as I rubbed the wet cotton wool around his cuts working nearer and nearer to his bottom. I decided that this had to stop so I stood, took the towel and patted his back gently; with that he turned; it was then I saw his erection, it was huge, thick with his foreskin half drawn back.

I just stood and gasped, with not a word said, he took my hand placed it on his cock and held it whilst allowing me to gently wank him. I had never felt so horny in my life, I wanked him with my right hand while my left hand fondled his heavy balls. He leant forward and kissed me inserting his tongue into my mouth, taking my breath away. All of a sudden, he stepped out of the bath, took my hand and led me slowly into his bedroom.

I went to draw the curtains but he held me back then kissed me again before starting to undo my blouse; once he had undone all the buttons he gently squeezed my breasts. Although not big, they are extremely sensitive and I found myself gasping as he stroked and plucked them through the thin material.

Turning me round he put his hands up the back of my blouse and undid my bra, then moving his hands around and under my arms he lifted my bra and cupped my breasts before starting to tweak and roll my nipples until they were rock hard. By this time I was ecstatic, my whole body shook with desire. With Daddy's body so close to me I could; through the thin material of my skirt feel his hard cock press against my backside.

Squeezing my breasts, he put his mouth close to my left ear and whispered "I want you to go over to the chair, turn it round, and then lean over the back of it." With difficulty for my body seemed drained of all energy, I did as he asked. He followed close behind me. Glanced at him as he took hold of the hem of my skirt, lifted it up then draped it onto my back. He then began to run his hands all over the cheeks of my arse and between my legs, his fingers eagerly rubbing at my pussy through the thin sopping wet material I called panties.

With only my mouth dry with anticipation, I felt my panties being pulled down, with my arse now fully exposed I heard Daddy cry "I love seeing a woman like this," feeling his hands grasp my waist I looked round and saw him kneeling down, then I felt a hot slimy tongue run between the cheeks of my arse as they were gently being prised apart. Opening my legs, his tongue first lapped the outer lips of my pussy before pushing its way into my soaking cunt. I could not help letting out a load gasp as he worked my cunt and clit from behind. I could feel myself building up to an orgasm; fingers were being pushed into me, stretching me.

Better was to follow, he started to tongue my anus at the same time. It was sending me over the edge. I started to tense up then arch backwards as he pushed his tongue in as far as it could go, with that I just came and came like a hot stream, letting out a huge cry I then collapsed over the chair. It was an amazing feeling. Now recovered I glanced back, Daddy now stood behind me, he continued to whisper to me as his hands reached for and played with my clit; I felt his cock enter slowly into my aching pussy.

Feeling some resistance he gave a hard trust making me gasp before sliding all the way into me; following a short rest, he first began to fuck me gently then, gripping my hips tighter, he began to fuck me harder, how I loved it; he went on telling me that my cunt was the tightest he had ever had and how he was going to stretch me, I was getting more and more vocal telling him to fuck me harder and faster and to use me. I was getting closer to cumming again, when suddenly he pulled out.

I cried out "Don't stop!" but he just stood me up, gently undressed me before leading me over to the bed.

I was now so sexually charged I didn't care as Daddy sat me on the bed then taking my head in both of his hands he gently pulled my face towards his stiff cock; when it brushed against my lips, I eagerly opened my mouth grabbed Daddy by the arse and pulled it in. I had never done this before so initially I gagged but its salty taste and the fact that this was happening aroused me even more. Fondling his balls, I wanted him to come in my mouth so I could taste semen for the first time but he had other plans. He leant forward and pushed me flat onto the bed then laid edgeways to me, as we gazed into each others eyes, he placed his cock into my hand then he caressed my breasts, my nipples were now very erect and tingled like never before as gently trailed his fingers across each peak before continuing to pluck and pull my nipples until they hurt with pleasure.

He then began to run his hands down towards my wet pussy teasing my curls until I could hardly take it anymore. Inserting a finger into my soaking pussy, I opened my legs to give him better access but he just pulled it out then inserted it into his mouth and sucked it dry. He repeated it again but this time his finger was placed in my mouth He knew exactly what he was doing inserting it back and forth going deeper and deeper but always missing my engorged clit. I felt so wanton he could do anything he liked and I would have loved it.

With my legs hanging over the edge of the bed, he climbed over me, as his stiff cock lined up with my mouth a pearl of pre-cum dropped off and landed on my tongue; 'Oh what nectar' then slowly he lower himself onto me, not completely down, but just enough for me to close my mouth around the tip of his cock, he then raised my legs giving him open access to my pussy which streamed with moisture; taking my clit into his mouth I again began to cum like a hot stream, Daddy with his head crushed between my thighs first began to drink my nectar before drawing my clit further and further into his mouth.

Just when Daddy was about to bring me to my third climax the bedroom door opened and Chris stood there, 'gobsmacked'. I was mortified, I tried to push Daddy off but he was too strong.

"Come on mate don't just stand there; "cried Daddy,

I could not believe what I had just heard,

"But Sir, it's your daughter!" Chris replied.

"Look, never mind that, just shut up and get stuck in, we've got a real hot one here," came Daddy's reply; within seconds Chris quickly stripped off. I tried once again to free myself but Daddy kept my legs in the air and with my engorged clit in his mouth continued teasing it with his tongue, Chris in the meanwhile had knelt between my legs, licked my anus and then try to insert his tongue inside my rectum, I cried and screamed with pleasure as I had the biggest orgasm ever, I never felt so good; by moving my head a little I could glance at the wardrobe mirror, there I saw Daddy's head hovering over my pussy eagerly sucking Chris' cock; still looking I watched as Chris' cock slowly entered my sopping pussy. It felt fantastic as he wormed then pumped slowly whilst Daddy played with his balls and continued sucking my clit.

Soon I felt a finger prod then worm its way into my rectum, again glancing at the wardrobe mirror I noticed Daddy pushing his finger deeper and deeper into me using cunt juice and spittle as lubricant. I continued watching as Daddy first used a second then a third finger to open me before sucking Chris' cock before offered it to my virgin hole.

In my mind I knew this could be very painful but I was so turned on that I did not want this to stop. Chris very gently, eased his cock in, stopping every now and then for me to get use to it, when it began to hurt, I went to cry out in pain but only I heard myself say "Yes, Yes please, please fuck me but be gentle" for this was how I felt; I wanted everything.

With Daddy dribbling spittle over Chris' cock; wishing for deep penetration I crossed my ankles behind Chris' back and drew him into me, Chris slowly began to pump my arse; it did not take long before I felt his cock beginning to twitch. God, did I want his cum in me, but strangely he pulled out and offered it to Daddy instead. In the mirror I saw Chris' cock go deep into Daddy's mouth, with cum running down his chin Daddy then eased himself up, turned around and offered it to me in a long lingering kiss. At first I gagged at the thought, and then I savoured its sweet salty texture, after all this was a kiss from the man I loved.

Chris who had wandered off into the bathroom to clean up now returned holding a tub of Vaseline, taking this as a cue Daddy took the tub from Chris and liberally coated own his cock. Chris then laid on the bed and told my to climb on top facing him; with Chris' cock posed at the entrance to my cunt I gently lowered myself down until my swollen clit ground against Chris' pubic bone, all the time Chris gently teased my nipples before taking one into his mouth before gently biting into it.

Once seated Chris then gently pulled me forward allowing Daddy to 'lube' up my arse, mounted me from the rear and proceed to fuck me.

Just like Chris, Daddy very gently, eased his cock in, stopping every now and then for me to get use to it, when it began to hurt, again I went to cry out in pain but only I heard myself say 'Yes, Yes please, please fuck me but be gentle.' Needing some distraction I cradled Chris' head between my hands and kissed him. To my surprise Chris returned my kiss with the eagerness and passion of a long lost love. As I became more relaxed I noticed the difference in cocks was unbelievable, whereas Chris' seemed to slide in smoothly; Daddy's was a lot bigger and full of bumps and ridges, which only heightening my desires.

As they slowly started to move together, I could feel both cocks separated just by that thin piece of membrane juggle against each other, they both struggled to hold their tempo, occasionally Chris would bump against my cervix causing my whole body to flinch, Daddy's slow rasping of my rectum only heightened my desire for more; for I do believe they were creating a monster, all my fantasies and desires were being fulfilled.

I could hear squelching as we moved against each other, for we were so wet, then Daddy took my hardened nipples into his hands and started fucking me faster, I could hear his balls slapping against my arse, eventually we all came, not necessary altogether for I can remember three distinct explosions, me with my pulsating cunt and arse milking their spent cocks, them squirting copious amounts of cum deep inside me.

For a time we just lay there recovering from our ordeal. Daddy went to apologise for his actions but I just placed a hand over his mouth, rolled over, kissed him then thanked him in fact I thanked both of them for they had made me very happy. Needless to say, our erotic adventures continued that day which was to become one of the greatest days of my life; it was also the day I found out that both my father and future husband were bi-sexual. But that's another story.

Oh; the garage roof, that never did get finished. Daddy had to ask a couple of 'squaddies' to come and finish off.

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