tagInterracial LoveHow it all Began

How it all Began


Nikolaus and Lauren had been friends for the last seven months. He had first seen her while standing at the side of the road viewing the passing Carnival revellers one sunny Sunday afternoon. He thought, yet again, how beautiful Jamaican women were but since he had already lingered on the island for over nine months he felt it was time to move on. There was just so much drinking and drug use and sun, sea, sand and sex that he could take in any one place. Next stop, Rio? Cancun? Home? He pulled the two women that he cuddled, one in either arm, closer and gazed at her and her friends dancing and laughing and enjoying their lives as they marched up the road.

It was a mild surprise when Nikolaus turned his television on that evening to see Lauren on the screen. She was being interviewed by the outside broadcast crew of a popular local station. She was telling the voyeurs at home what it meant to participate in the revelry. Nikolaus was charmed, she was obviously very friendly, and, based on the way in which she explained her experience, very intelligent as well. What got to him though was her voice. He had paid for sex on the phone from women who sounded like that. He had paid for sex from women who looked worse than she did. The off-camera interviewer said something to which she chuckled and Nikolaus felt his cock stir. At least he knew who he'd be thinking about while he fucked the two women with whom he'd spent the past four days.

"...Thank you Dr. Grant," the interviewer said as the beautiful woman on the screen looked directly into the camera, smiled a dazzling smile and waved at the viewers at home.

"Doctor? She's a doctor?" Nikolaus muttered to himself. "I'd love her to examine me."

Nikolaus didn't see Lauren again for four weeks. He didn't even remember that she existed until he pulled over to drop his 19 year-old lover off at the sprawling Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies. Lauren crossed the Ring Road along with several other pedestrians and disappeared into a building labelled the Inter-Faculty Lecture Theatre. Nikolaus' heart skipped a beat; his breathing sped up and his cock hardened instantly.

"Who are you, woman?" Nikolaus whispered after her. "Why can't I get away from you? Why do you affect me like this?"

He decided to follow her and found parking by paying a man to wash his vehicle until he returned. He entered the building in which he had seen the woman disappear, slipping through a door to the rear of the vast lecture theatre. He stopped short. The woman stood in front of the class delivering the lecture.

"Oh, so you're that kind of doctor." Nikolaus thought.

He settled into a seat into the back row and watched the woman work. Not surprisingly, she was great at her job. She was knowledgeable, had an easy rapport with the students and elicited their eager participation. Nikolaus sat mesmerized, listening to her facilitate a very interesting discussion about a case in strategic management. The two hours passed too quickly as far as he was concerned. He wanted to approach the woman to tell her how much he had enjoyed her session but she was surrounded by a flock of students, anxious to draw her attention to one thing or another despite the fact that she was trying to get them out of the room to make way for the incoming lecturer.

"Nikolaus, what are you doing here?"

Shit! Nardia was in this class!

"I came to see you, baby," Nikolaus lied smoothly. "I missed you. I was miserable...I had to see you...makes me know how much I love you now."

The girl giggled. She ran up to hug him. She groped him and he had to pull away before anyone, especially the good doctor, noticed what she was doing. It took some persuasion to convince her that he didn't want her to cut classes for the rest of the day to be with him.

Nikolaus was careful to notice the direction in which the woman headed when she finally emerged from the lecture room. She was dressed in a comfortable African-inspired cotton pantsuit. Her dreadlocks and bold jewellery hinted at the soul of an artist rather than at the brilliant academic that she apparently was. He walked with Nardia to her next class and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before promising to pick her up when her day was done. Then he went in pursuit of the woman of his dreams.

It took him only half an hour to track her down and present himself outside her office. His heart pounding, Nikolaus berated himself for not preparing a plausible pretext for his visit. For some reason he decided that she might appreciate the truth. Nikolaus rapped at the door.


"Dr. Grant? Do you have a few minutes?"

"Yes, of course."

"I came to your class this morning," Nikolaus hesitated, trying to maintain eye contact. This was difficult because, since she was alone in her office, the woman had relaxed a bit and opened her blouse, revealing a magnificent pair of breasts under a black tube top.

The woman noticed his discomfort and followed the direction of his eyes directly to her bosom. Her eyes widened and she adjusted her clothes depriving him of the fodder for his next jerk-off session.

"How may I help you?" she asked, indicating that he take a seat.

"I came to your class this morning," Nikolaus repeated. He didn't say anything else.

"I know," she chuckled after a while. "I remember you."

"You noticed me?"

"Yes, you are not typical of my students and I tend to notice if someone joins the class in the sixth week of the semester." She smiled at him again, "So, how may I help you? I'm sorry, I didn't get your name..."

"I'm Nikolaus...Lundborg."

"Ok, Mr. Lundborg...what can I do for you today? I have a very tight schedule..."

"I've met you before," Nikolaus blurted.

The woman frowned. It was clear that she did not recognise him.

"I mean that I saw you on the television the other night and I had seen you on the road march that same day. You were with about five of your friends and you were in a little blue outfit and you were laughing and dancing and playing around and I thought you were beautiful and then I saw you today and so I followed you to your class."

The woman froze and Nikolaus saw her glance at first the telephone and then the letter-opener on her desk, and finally, at the slightly-open door.

"No, I'm not some crazed lunatic here to hurt you! I just wanted to meet you."

"Okay, you've done that," she said carefully. "If that is all... I really do have work to do." She got up from her desk and tried to move swiftly toward the door. Nikolaus anticipated this and grabbed her arm dragging her toward him. She opened her mouth as if to scream so he kissed her hard to stifle the noise.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Nikolaus groaned when her body pressed into his denim-covered erection. "Please, I'm not going to hurt you," he panted and took rough possession of her mouth again. "Please, I just wanted to meet you. Don't be afraid." He softened but deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue more gently into her mouth. He kissed her forehead, her eyes, he sucked her neck. He lifted her up to make her cleavage more accessible to his lips. He used his teeth to open her blouse again; and then to drag away her tube top. He sucked gently at her erect nipple before returning to her mouth again.

Finally, he let her go and she slumped against her desk. She was panting heavily. Her breast was still exposed and her nipple strained toward him. Nikolaus reached across and gently tucked her away, pulling her blouse together. He stood looking at her calmly.

"Get out," she said angrily.

"May I see you again?"

"Are you out of your mind?" she snapped. "Get out before I call the police!"

Nikolaus smiled, and turning away, he let himself out, quietly locking the door behind himself. He did not see the woman as she sat trembling at her desk for several minutes before she brought her hand up and lightly stroked the nipple that he had just sucked. She had an earth-shattering orgasm.

It took Nikolaus a week to go see Lauren again. He had spent the time thinking about her and about how he was going to get rid of Nardia. Ordinarily, it wasn't difficult for him to get rid of a lover that he no longer had use for, but Nardia was in the woman's class and there was the potential for complications. He did not go to the class that Nardia was in again but rather went straight to Lauren's office.

"What do you want, Mr. Lundborg?" she asked coldly, barring the door bodily and forcing him to stand in the corridor.

"You remember me," Nikolaus smiled gleefully.

She seemed startled at his response.

"Surely you don't think that I'd forget you; you assaulted me!"

"What exactly did I do to you?" he asked, teasingly.

She could not meet his eyes. They both knew that she would never be able to speak the words to describe what he had done to her the previous week. They both knew that they had both got off several times thinking about the incident during the intervening days. They both knew that they both wanted something to happen between them today. This was why he was here and she hadn't called the security.

So Nikolaus set things in motion, he reached up and pinched one of her nipples through her blouse. He had noticed her nubs shine through her clothes when she had seen him at her door. She pulled away from him giving him access to her office. He followed her inside, slamming the door behind them but not letting go of her nipple. He used it to pull her toward him and enveloped her in another searing kiss when he folded her in his arms. He fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and stripped the garment from her body. He wrestled with the clasp on her bra breaking through violently when it wouldn't yield to him immediately. Nikolaus feasted on her breasts. He sucked them, bit, kissed, squeezed and licked them hungrily. He had been thinking about them all week and now he sated himself in a ravenous feeding frenzy.

He covered her mouth so that she wouldn't scream at his onslaught, and when she calmed down again he peeled her pants slowly over her hips and down her legs until they fell around her ankles. He made her step away from them and so she stood before him wearing only her high heels and a thong. He gazed at her hungrily for several minutes. He cupped the plump mound between her legs lovingly before spinning her around and taking one cheek in either hand he squeezed and massaged her beautiful bottom until he felt her relax under his hands. He parted her cheeks gently and licked the crack of her ass before penetrating her anus with his tongue.

Strategic management, Nikolaus thought would be the only way to get this woman to want him. He knew that most of her countrymen would balk at giving her pleasure in this way. So, after licking and tongue-fucking her into a near frenzy he calmly got up and left her, nearly naked and trembling in her office, needing release more than anything in the world.

"Next week," he said hoarsely as he pulled away from her. He was gone before she could even beg him to come back. This time, he left the door wide open when he left.

The first thing that Nikolaus noticed when he approached Lauren's office was that there was someone else with her; a man. Her door was wide open and the sound of his laughter erupted into the quiet hallway. Nikolaus froze. He felt an irrational stab of jealousy that took his breath away. Of course she knew other men! Of course she would have other people in her office from time-to-time! Of course she couldn't just tell this fool that she had an appointment! He had been only 10 minutes late; Erik had been more insistent than ever that it was time for him to pull himself together and come home. He needed to take some responsibility for running his family's business.

Nikolaus wondered if she saw him if she would send the man away. Other men...as ridiculous as it seemed, he hadn't considered the possibility of another man in her life. Was she married? Was she seeing anyone? But it was the thought that she might hold their weekly tete a tete sacred that drove him forward.

"Oh there you are!" Lauren greeted him warmly. "I told Ari here that I had an appointment. I was wondering what had become of you. Nick, please meet the Chair of my dissertation committee, Professor Ari Simonian, Ari, this is Nick Lundborg, a colleague from Sweden."

"Aahhhh, I am pleased to meet you Nick."

Aahhhh, she knew that he was Swedish. Nikolaus felt a stirring in his groin at the realisation that she had been trying to research him. He tore his eyes away from her with difficulty and accepted the older man's handshake.

"Sweden? You are a bit far from home Mr. Lundborg. How do you come to know my Lauren?"

Lauren cut in hastily. It was obvious that she had given a great deal of thought to covering their tracks. "Nick is a businessman and he was interested in some of my ideas for growing mid-sized businesses in economies facing recession."

His Lauren? What the fuck is this? This old geezer? An unexpected image of Lauren, on her knees, naked, sucking this man's cock in his office flashed through his head and caused his erection to stiffen some more. An image of himself taking her anally, punishing her for being such a slut didn't help. Jeez, Nikolaus, get a grip he warned himself. Focus! He's saying something...

"Aaahhhhh yes, she is very good; no?" Simonian eyed her speculatively.

"Yes she is very good but we need to discuss her ideas some more. There are a few things that need more explanation. I met Lauren only two weeks ago but I haven't had enough time with her. I was planning to continue my exploration of her body...of work...today." He glanced at her as he said this. She was looking at the floor, unable to look at him.

"Aaahhh, I see that a new Master awaits you Lauren; I will return again at another time. It is obvious that you did not expect me, Lauren."

"No, no. My business can wait for a more convenient time. I don't want to interrupt your reunion. I will call you Dr. Grant..."

"Sit down Mr. Lundborg, I insist you do, You and I are very alike; I can see that clearly. I can also smell Lauren's arousal; and yours."

"Lauren, why don't you introduce me properly to your friend? I'm sure that he has several questions."

Lauren said nothing and Nikolaus had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to meet her eye to receive assurances from her that this intruder meant nothing; but instead he watched with increasing dread as she kept her gaze trained firmly on the floor. He noticed with some alarm that she was also trembling and he moved toward her to comfort her.

"Stay where you are, Mr. Lundborg! Do not touch my slutty little wife!"

"Wife?" Nikolaus felt faint.

"Yes, Lauren is my wife and I did not give you permission to touch her. It is obvious that she has allowed you to touch her more than once; and for that she will be punished severely; but despite your relationship you will not touch her in front of me...not at the moment anyway."

"So the thing about you being the Chair of her..."

"Oh no, no, that is true; I married her two years after that but that was just formalising our relationship. You see Mr. Lundborg, my sweet little Lauren really is a bright little girl but she is very lazy and she needed to have someone to whom she was accountable for her progress in all things. So I instituted a system in our weekly conferences; a system of rewards and punishments. It worked very well. She excelled in her work and I...fell in love."

Nikolaus looked at Lauren to see the effect that the man's words were having on her. She still stood meekly by with her head bowed submissively. He had to wrestle with himself not to go to her. He glanced at Ari Simonian, Lauren's husband, and noticed the man smiling faintly at him. Damn! The man missed nothing with those hawk eyes of his.

"Do not worry Mr. Lundborg. I will give her to you if you prove yourself worthy of her. In fact, I hope that you really are worthy of owning my beautiful little Lauren because you would save me a great deal of trouble You see, I had not yet got around to explaining to her my true reason for coming to see her today."

It turned out that Ari Simonian's doctors had given him four months to live and that he had come to tell his wife goodbye and explain the details of his affairs to her. She would, of course become very wealthy at the time of his death but his concern was for her special needs and how she would satisfy them. It seemed that there were many solutions to her problem, ones that money could buy but at often incalculable cost and Ari genuinely loved Lauren and, ironically, couldn't bear to have her hurt by anyone.

Nikolaus watched in shocked embarrassment as Lauren ran to the man and threw herself on him. She cried genuine tears and hugged and kissed him comfortingly all over his face and neck and chest. She cuddled into him like a little girl and he stroked and petted her and fondled her openly; and it was clear that the couple forgot completely that he was there. Nikolaus' head hurt. He was puzzled. It was obvious that Lauren and this Ari person were deeply in love so what were the last two weeks about? Why was she in Jamaica on her own, while he was...wherever he was?

Nikolaus turned to go. He wouldn't cry in front of these people. He reached the door and turned to have one last look at them. Ari Simonian was looking directly at him, his chin nestled in Lauren's hair; a sad, dreamy expression on his face.

"Thank you, Mr. Lundborg," he whispered. "Please come again next week. I have a proposition for you."

Nikolaus had not intended to return when he left Lauren's office that morning. Perhaps Erik had been right and it was time to return to Sweden and settle down. He knew that he wasn't ready though. His life felt empty. For four years he had been trying to find something? someone? to fill the void in his life. He had failed. What had he been thinking? That this woman was an angel sent to rescue him? Why, because he had seen her everywhere he turned? Because he couldn't stop seeing her even when he closed his eyes?

The week was difficult. Nikolaus tried to exorcise Lauren from his memory. He fucked 18 women in four days trying to find one who would interest him even remotely. None did. He drank. He used drugs; but her image remained burned on his retina and he remained tormented, needing... sexual release... again!

Nikolaus groaned and fumbled desperately for his fly. He groped for his cock and wasn't surprised to find that although already semi-erect it hardened instantly as he pulled it out. Nikolaus sighed, knowing, at last what, or rather who, he really wanted.

What had Simonian said; that he'd give Lauren to him if he proved himself worthy? What the fuck was that about? He talked of punishment? Shit! His life was beginning to sound like bad porn! Despite this though, he wanted to see her again; and his dick was not going to calm down until he took her; at least once in his life. It was actually becoming embarrassing and painful how desperately he wanted her.

It was 10:10 a.m. when Nikolaus entered the room and saw the couple sitting together, talking quietly. The complementary black and white outfits that they wore were strangely erotic. They hinted at mutual ownership, at belonging; at a thing that he hadn't thought possible before because, by coincidence, he was also dressed in black and white. Nikolaus barely glanced at Lauren but focused his eyes on Ari Simonian. Yes, he was ready, he would do anything necessary to take possession of this woman.

"Good morning again, Mr. Lundborg." Ari Simonian stood and extended his hand. Nikolaus shook it firmly, his gaze locked with the older man's.

"Good morning to you, Professor Simonian..."

"No, no! Call me Ari."

"Then you must call me Nikolaus."

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