tagLoving WivesHow Lisa & I Saved Our Marriage

How Lisa & I Saved Our Marriage


This is how my wife and I saved our troublesome marriage.

My wife Lisa is a tiny vivacious blonde with a short pixie haircut. She was brought up in a strict religious household. This strict upbringing along with her southern roots may have been one of the reasons why she became so adventurous. Her family moved a lot all the way through her school years. She was always making new friends in her new schools and new enemies also. Because of this outward personality and petite size, she was constantly finding new potential boyfriends.

Lisa is only 4'-11" tall. She is remarkably well built for such a petite woman. Even though she was a full 32A cup, her breasts were very firm. She has a very distinct areola and cute hard nipples. She could easily go braless, but not while living at home.

After we got married, she often wore tank style tops with no bra. She also liked to wear thin halter tops. Her ass was her greatest asset. I wasn't large by any means, but it was oh so attractive. She looked great in a bikini and loved to lie out and tan.

When we first got married, people often mistook her for a teenager. She was not a particularly good student. Actually, she was probably an undiagnosed ADHD kid. Her energy level was off the charts. On our first date, she wanted to sit on top of my car and talk instead on staying in the car. She always wanted to be noticed.

When we got married she took a menial job at a retail outlet. I was a student and worked as much as I could.

One night I was home studying waiting for her to come home from work. When she didn't show up until two o'clock in the morning, I was furious. I had called her parents, friends and her boss's home. His wife had told me that he wasn't home either. She never would explain where she had been or what she had been doing.

Several months later we had a small spat which I am sure she provoked on purpose. That evening she did not come home again. She called and said that a high school friend had invited her to stay a few days with her and her husband in a town about 40 miles away. When she finally came home, she was fine, but very mysterious. Later she slipped and told me that she had had dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant with her friend, her friend's husband and a rich friend of his. She said there was no sex. It sounded very much like a date to me. I was constantly irritated and jealous. I had trouble concentrating on my studies as well as my job.

Eventually I quit college and went to work for a large retail chain store. One day, while I was washing our car, I noticed what seemed to be paint overspray around one of the headlights. I told her that I suspected that the dealer had sold us a wrecked car for a new one. I was going to go down to the dealership the following day and raise hell about it. After a while she told me a story which brought me to my knees.

She had actually wrecked the car while out with an off duty cop. She told the story and begged me not to divorce her. I was wrecked. I felt worthless. The only reason that I did not divorce her was that I could not face the humiliation. It took several months before I could even think about having sex with her. I tried to put it behind me and forget about it.

What really confused me was that our sex life had always been very good. She was a borderline exhibitionist and one time she came home from a visit with her parents and told me that truckers were blowing horns at her on the freeway. She was dressed in a tank top with no bra. She was so horny when she got home that she wanted to fuck immediately.

I knew I would either have to divorce her or get control of my jealousy. She was so sexy that I became convinced that if we channeled her energy into proper lovemaking that we could make it a good thing. Once she bought a lacy see thru top that could have been worn over a thin undershirt. I got an idea to have her wear it without an undershirt.

We went to a mall and decided to have her walk ahead of me. I walked well behind to see the reactions of people as they realized that they could see her naked breasts and nipples through the material. I had to put my hands in my pockets to cover my hard on. By the way, I do have a 7" cock. I really never thought that she could take any more than I had since she was so small.

After walking the mall for awhile, I was turned on as a few guys did a double take, not believing that she was almost naked on top. Some couples passed and a few women punched their husbands for staring. I noticed a young black man turn and start following her. I was afraid of what might happen, so I got closer to her. He got close enough to start talking to her. Neither one of us was prepared for contact with a stranger.

We finally called the game off and went to the car. I drove to the deserted area on the outside of the parking lot. Well pulled our jeans down and fucked like crazy until I came in her hot pussy.

After this we often referred to this scene when we made love. I joked with her that she would have probably fucked him if I had not been there. She became very animated and began screaming, "fuck me hard, fuck me hard, now, now". This was a very sensitive subject after our lovemaking was over. We both had private thoughts going through our heads.

The next day we talked about it some more. She was worried about my jealousy kicking in and was surprised that I had made such a comment. I did not even know if I meant it or if it was just a fantasy while in the heat of the moment. This went back and forth for months as we talked it out.

I explained that with the exhibitionism, I was included. With her earlier indiscretions, I was excluded. I began feeling that since she was so sexy and high strung, I would be better off trying to fill her need to spice things up than being an unwilling cuckold. I did not actually tell her that but we continued some light exhibitionism and hot sex.

One time I had to go out of town for some job assignment. I called her every night. About the third night she said that she missed me and was very lonely. She wanted to know if it would be OK if she went for drinks with one of her girlfriends. I said, "Sure, why do you ask". She said that she did not want to do anything behind by back. The next night I called her but she did not answer. Around midnight she called me back. She said that she and Wanda had had a great time. I asked her what she wore. She wondered why I asked. I told her that she could tell me.

She said that she had worn a silky tank top with a sheer cover-up tied at the waist and a white miniskirt with high heels. I told her that it sounded like she was on the prowl. As we talked she was taking off her clothes. As I insinuated that she was looking to hook up, her breath began to get deeper. I asked her what she was doing. She said that she was masturbating.

Then I started masturbating until we both came. As we talked, she did reveal that some guys had bought them drinks and then joined them at the table. Wanda was single and somewhat un-attached, so she ate it up.

Lisa was conflicted about getting too worked up, or so she said. She said that Wanda had made a date with one of the guys and the other one had asked he out the next night. She had told him that she was married and could not do that. I asked if she was tempted. She said honestly, she was turned on and wet in the panties thinking about it.

The guy was over six feet tall and was falling all over her trying to get in her panties. I asked her what kind of panties she had worn. She told me she had worn a sexy white lace thong. I told her to put it in a baggie so I could sniff it when I got home. At that she started bringing herself to another orgasm.

We had phone sex for the rest of the two weeks. When I got home, I grabbed her immediately and took her to the bedroom. We stripped and fucked like animals. She got up to answer nature's call and when she came back she opened up a drawer and took out the baggie. She gave me the panties in the bag. I asked her to take them out and hold them to my nose. While she did, I asked her to tell me about why she had gotten the panties so wet.

She said that Wanda was making out with one of the guys over drinks and that she was trying to resist the other guy. He was persistent and began touching her hand, then her arm then her leg. She admitted that each time he touched her leg, his hand got closer to her pussy. Finally she had to leave or the guy was going to start fingering her cunt in the bar. I asked why she didn't let him.

She was shocked that I said that.

Then the sparks flew when I told her it would have been okay if she told me about it afterwards. This drove her wild. We began fucking again while she kept shouting for me to "lick her cummy panties".

She finally told me that the guy had been calling her at work asking her to go out with him. Wanda was having a thing with his friend. Lisa revealed that the guy, Paul, had told her that when they had sent drinks to her and Wanda, they flipped a coin to see who would pursue Lisa. Wanda was the throw in the game. I told her that sex was so good when she was up front and honest that I could almost let her go on a date with him. She was really shocked that I said that. She asked if I was serious. I said, "As long as you don't slip around". If it made her that horny, I could stand some more hot sex.

Lisa asked if he called back, what should she do. I told her to tell him that I was out of town again and she would go out with him just once. The next evening she came home hot as hell and fucked my brains out. She said that he called and she agreed to meet him at the same bar and restaurant.

That Friday night, while she took a bath and shaved her legs and pussy, I picked out her clothes. I picked a short black skirt, high heels, red crotchless panties and a sheer satin shirt. No bra. I wanted her nipples to poke holes in the satin top.

She went out around seven o'clock. At 9:30 she called from the ladies room in the restaurant and said that Paul was trying to feel her up good and that she was so hot she couldn't stand it. He wanted to take her back to his place. I told her to bring him to our house since her story was that I was out of town. I put a bean bag chair in the closet so I could see through the louvers.

About half an hour later, I heard the door open and voices coming my way. I had turned both bedside lamps on like a lady would when she was coming back to an empty house. She led him to the bed and they began feeling each other up. He removed her top and skirt, while she helped him out of his shirt. As he began leaning down to embrace her, his hand found the crotchless panties. You could see him tense up as he found her dripping pussy with his fingers. Lisa was standing beside our bed with just high heels and wet crotchless panties. He guided her hands to his belt, but she hesitated.

He then opened his fly and took her small had and placed it on his cock. She tried her last line of resistance saying that she was married and that it was wrong. As he fingered her wet cunt, she melted backward on the bed. He took his pants off and joined her. The lights were on and I could see her set up and pull his bikini briefs down exposing his eight inch cock.

He wasn't much bigger than me, but definitely thicker and a little longer. They touched and rubbed and did the mating ritual until she finally told him that she could only give him a blow job and that the only thing going in her pussy was his fingers. She said that was it and she understood if he wanted to leave then. Yeah, who was going to turn down a blowjob from a sexy woman? Reluctantly he agreed and started fingering her sopping cunt. She was building to an orgasm and began bucking her hips like a woman possessed.

After she came, she began a long slow blow job on his hard cock. She licked and sucked and took more and more in her tight mouth. Ten minutes later he tensed up while she knelt between his legs and pushed her hands under his hips as she took what appeared to be a massive load down her throat.

After about an hour, she convinced him to leave, saying that she did not want the neighbors to see a strange car parked out front the next morning. Reluctantly, he finally left.

I came out of the closet, hugged her and accepted her French kiss which of course tasted of his cum. She pulled her panties off and placed them over my head while she teased me about wearing her cummy panties. We fucked until dawn and then fell asleep. Around noon we woke up and fucked again.

She asked if I had a good time. I told her it was fantastic. She wanted to know if she had fucked the jealousy out of me. I told her I had no complaints and appreciated her not letting him fuck her. Then I asked her if she wanted to fuck that hard cock which appeared to be larger than mine. She said that she really wanted it in her hot cunt, but was unsure about if I would come out of the closet and shoot them. We laughed and fucked again.

That night we went out to the same restaurant and had a quiet dinner. She said that the waitress was the same as the night before. That turned her on again as she noted the quizzical look on the woman's face. We fucked twice that night and three times the following day. Sunday night I asked her what she wanted to do about Paul.

She told me that if I didn't mind she would like to feel that cock stretching her pussy out. We laughed about the first time we had sex, I could not penetrate her completely because she was so tight and a virgin. Even after that she said that my cock felt like it was coming up to her throat. We finally decided that she would fuck him once in a few weeks and then break it off.

Two weeks later, I was "gone again" and he came over and fucked her until three in the morning when she had to beg him to leave. When I finally got out of the closet, I was so stiff that I thought my bones would crack when I moved. The first thing I did was eat his spunk out of her overflowing cunt. Then I made slow, deliberate love to her because he had already fucked her into submission. The more I fucked her, the more she got going again. Her used, sloppy pussy felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I took her every way we could think of. When she mounted me cowgirl, my ass felt like it was sliding on a layer of slime. Their mixed juices and his leaking cum had created a swamp on the sheets. We fucked until noon then fell asleep exhausted.

The next week Paul called her incessantly. Finally she made it plain to him that she felt so bad about what happened that she confessed to me when I got home. She asked him to leave her alone while we tried to save our marriage.

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5 *’s

Mainly to Lisa of that moron who doesn’t understand that the Loving Wife category on Literotica IS about wife sharing. But to be honest, the story was great because it showed a couple exploring togethermore...

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5! Great story

I guess it reminded annony the asshole of LIT to much of his marriage. YOU all know his wife fucked hi over his entire marriage, then she died leaving hi pissed off.

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What horrible and pathetic story. Wrong category....should be in Gay session

What waste of time reading all this garbage.
This story is so nonsense, pathetic, poor written, low context, wimp and pure lame.
Perhaps the writer would have better chance to publish this garbage in themore...

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dumb cuck shit from another cum-eating "author".

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