tagIncest/TabooHow Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 02

How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 02


"So how did it go with Jacob?" Gail asked her sister.

"Well, it didn't go exactly the way I thought it would." Michelle answered.

"Did you show him your tits?" She asked.

"Well, the deal was, if he won, I'd take off all my clothes." Michelle explained.

"Holy shit, Michelle, he saw your snatch too?" Gail asked.

"That was the agreement." Michelle said.

"I bet he about creamed his pants." Michelle's sister giggled.

"Well...he did actually." Michelle continued.

"No sir!" Gail exclaimed.

"Look, Gail...If I tell you what happened, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone about this." Michelle begged.

"Have we not kept secrets all these years little sister?" Gail reminded her.

"I know we have...this is just..." Michelle searched for the right words.

"Super-naughty?" Gail said, finishing her sentence.

"Yeah, you could say that. Jacob and I, well, we both got off." Michelle said.

"Oh my God, Michelle...did you fuck him?" Gail asked.

"No, we brought ourselves off, in front of each other, but then after we were finished, well, Jacob was still as hard as a rock." She explained.

"Well, you know what they say about teenaged boys." Gail giggled.

Michelle went on to explain how one thing led to another and pretty soon she was up against the wall, her legs wrapped around her son fighting back his raging boner.

"I almost lost control." She finished.

"But you didn't and that's what matters...that means you have more to bargain with." Gail said.

"What do you mean?" Michelle asked.

"What I mean, dear sister of mine, is that your son still has lots of wrestling matches left. You're going to have to keep providing rewards if you want him to stay motivated." Gail said.

"Well, what do I offer next then?" Michelle asked.

"You have to go one better this time. I'm thinking like actual physical contact." Gail said.

"Oh boy, how did I know you were gonna suggest that." Michelle sighed.

Jacob got home from his friends house Saturday afternoon and found that his father was still gone on his fishing trip. He rushed inside the house.

"Mom, are you home?" He called.

"I'm up here, sweetie." She answered, from upstairs.

Jacob hurried upstairs to his mom's room and peeked inside. He found her lying on her stomach in the middle of her big fluffy marital bed.

"Whatcha doing?" Jacob asked.

"Just thumbing through some old pictures. Come lye down next to me." She said, patting the mattress next to her.

Jacob came over to his parent's bed. He noticed that Michelle was wearing a skimpy pair of tight cotton boy shorts that crept up her big soft ass, exposing some cheek. Her legs looked so long and gorgeous. The thought of having them wrapped around him the night before made Jacob's cock rise.

"Should I take off my shoes?" Jacob asked, knowing that his mom's bedding was pure white.

"Please." She smiled.

"Should I take off my shirt too?" He joked.

Michelle got a playful little smile.

"Not today, Goof-ball." She said.

Jacob settled on his stomach next to his mom and began looking through the pictures with her. One of the pictures was of his mom on family vacation at the beach. Her bikini top barely contained her massive tits.

"I like this one." Jacob said.

"I wonder why?" Michelle joked.

They both giggled. Michelle showed Jacob one of him when he was a little boy. He was naked, holding his little weenie in his hand.

"I like this one." Michelle giggled.

"Oh God." Jacob blushed.

"See, even then you couldn't keep your hands off of it." She joked.

"At least there's a little more to hold onto now." He said.

"I know." Michelle said, peeking over at her son with a peculiar little smile.

"If you win your next match, maybe you won't have to hold it. Maybe someone else will do all the holding for you." She said with a smile.

"Really?" Jacob muttered.

"Do you think you'd like that? Do you think you'd like mom to masturbate your penis?" She asked, matter of factly.

"Hell yeah." Jacob said excitedly.

"Well, I guess you better focus on winning that next match then." She said.

"Will you be naked again?" He whispered.

"I don't know if I should get naked this time. Things almost got out of hand last night. Don't worry though. I'll be sure and wear something that I think you'll like." She smiled.

"Awesome...mom, can I get a hug." He asked.

Michelle sat up and Jacob noticed that she had on a skin tight tank top. The neck was too high to show much cleavage. Her tits were just two big pillowy mounds beneath the cloth.

"Of course you can...but shirts have to stay on this time." She joked.

"Okay." Jacob said, turning over so that he was now lying on his back.

"Oh, you want another one of those un-motherly like hugs huh?" She asked.

"If that's okay." He said.

"Why not." She smiled, climbing over and lying down on top of him.

Michelle's boobs flattened out against her son's chest as she lay flat on top of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Jacob's arms went around her waist. His breath quivered as they embraced for a good ten seconds.

She rose up, resting her elbows on his shoulders as she gazed down at him with those big gleaming brown eyes.

"You're liking this, aren't you?" She smiled.

"What makes you say that?" He asked. "I don't know, could be the big boner that keeps poking me in the tummy." She joked.

Suddenly, Jacob rolled them over so that he was now on top of his mother. She let out a playful scream as they change positions.

"What are you doing, young man, practicing your wrestling moves on me?" She asked.

"Maybe...you did say I should focus on winning. That means practice right." He said playfully.

"I don't know...right now I think you're more interested in practicing how to get between a girls legs." She said, feeling his strong torso between hers.

Michelle rubbed his shoulders, gazing up at him like a young cheerleader beneath a big strong sexy football stud Or in Jacob's case...wrestling stud.

"Mom...can we kiss...just a little." He asked.

"Oh, sweetie." She said.

"Just one kiss and I won't ask for anything else." He asked.

"One kiss and then we're done for today." She said.

"Okay." He said.

Jacob lowered himself down and felt his mom's little hands run through the back of his hair. Michelle tilted her head slightly, positioning her big pouty pucker. Their lips slowly met and began to rub together gently. After a few seconds their mouths parted and their tongues met for the very first time.

Michelle had a long pink snake that began to coil around her son's. Jacob was amazed at how his mom's tongue moved and he soon found his mouth full of slithering love. With Michelle taking the lead, their tongues began to wrestle, twirling and flailing wildly in Jacob's mouth.

Mom sensed her son's lack of air and slipped her tongue out for a moment, her lips still smacking at his as he gasped. "Breathe through your nose." She whispered, giving him a quick lesson in sucking face.

No sooner did the words leave her mouth then her snaked crept back into Jacob's mouth and continued its assault. She could feel the bulge of his cock begin to grind against her genitals. She slowly brought her long legs up and wrapped them around his waist, interlocking her ankles.

Following his mom's advice, Jacob found air through his nose, which allowed his tongue to duel with his mom's for longer. Just as a mother bird would teach it's young how to eat on its own, Michelle's was teaching her son how to tongue. He fought to keep up as her experienced snake flew around his, rolling and flailing wildly for two full minutes.

Michelle reluctantly broke the kiss.

"Honey, we have to stop." She said.

"Why?" Jacob sighed.

"Because the deal was one kiss, remember. I think we've overdid it already." She said.

"When I get my next reward, can we kiss like that too?" He asked

"If you win then yes, we can kiss like that while I get you off." She said.

"You can do both at once?" He asked.

Michelle giggled a little.

"You might be surprised what your mom can do." She said.

Jacob laughed a little.

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"I don't know. It's just weird to hear my own mom talk about masturbation and getting off." He smiled.

"Well if you want me to be technical, what I'll really be giving you is a hand-job." She smiled.

"So what do you call what we were doing last night?" Jacob asked.

"Which part? A lot happened last night." She said.

"When you were kissing my neck, while I had you against the wall." He said.

"That would be called 'grinding' or 'dry humping.' She answered.

"What about when a girl...you know, puts a guy's thing in her mouth?" He asked.

"Well, the technical term is oral sex. You may have heard the boys at school call it a 'blow-job' or refer to it as 'getting head.' My sister and I used to call it 'sausage in the gullet.' We had nicknames for everything." Michelle said.

"What about when a guy goes down there...on a girl?" Jacob asked.

"It's called 'going down on a girl' or 'eating pussy.' My sister and I always liked the guys who would 'smooch with the pooch.'

"So what was you and Aunt Gail's nickname for actual sex?" Jacob asked.

"Well, whenever we got vaginal sex, we'd say we'd had our 'pipes plunged' and when we had anal we'd say we had our 'rumps ridden.' She explained.

"Does dad do that to you?" Jacob asked.

"What, ride my rump?" She asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"Occasionally. Some guys aren't too into that." She said.

"I would be." Jacob said, imagining what it be like to bury his cock in his mom's juicy ass.

"Oh darling, I'm sure that big monster in your shorts would be quite the rump rider. Your penis and a big bubbly butt like mine would make quite the pair." Michelle smiled.

"Hello, I'm home." Jacob's dad called from downstairs.

Michelle calmly glanced at the door, then back up at her son.

"Do you really want him to catch us like this?" Michelle joked.

"No." Jacob said, rolling off his mom.

Jacob's next meet was an away match in a town three hours from home. Jacob was doing warm ups with the rest of his team as local fans began to enter the gym. He lit up as he noticed a familiar face walk through the entrance. It was his mom Michelle.

Jacob quickly rushed over as she gave him that cute little wave.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"What, a mom can't drive three hours to watch her son kick some ass." She said.

"Is dad with you?" He asked.

"Nope, just me. In fact, after the match I thought we'd grab a bite to eat and maybe get a room here in town somewhere. How's that sound?" She smiled.

"You mean like...a motel room?" He asked.

"I figured if it truly takes four or five orgasms to tame that monster of yours, we might be up most of the night masturbating that penis. Don't quite think we could get away with that at home, do you?" She asked.

"No, probably not." Jacob said.

Jacob's fight was near the end and unlike the previous fight, he struggled a little bit. The sweet prize, however, was on the forefront of his mind and motivated him to eventually win the fight. An hour later Jacob and Michelle entered a cheap little motel room outside of town. It was a cozy little room with a queen-sized bed.

Michelle locked the door and Jacob crawled onto the bed and flipped on the television set.

"Wonder if they have cable in this place." Jacob said, as Michelle put her bag over on the dresser.

"I don't know, but I really need to get out of this bra." She said.

Jacob watched as his mom began to unbutton her sweater. Her back was to him, but he was still fascinated nonetheless.

The sweater slipped off, then Michelle reached back and unclasped her bra. As she pulled the cups away, Jacob could see the backside of one of her massive breasts as it wobbled from side to side.

Next came the skirt, then he watched as his mom slid her dainty little panties down her legs, revealing that big soft luscious matronly ass. Now completely naked, Michelle let her hair out of its pony tail as she strolled around the bed towards her son.

Jacob's eyes about bugged out of his head as he watched his mom come towards him; boobs quivering like jello with each step.

" Come on, let's go get in the shower." She whispered, extending her hand.

Michelle led her son to the tiny bathroom and closed the door. She started the shower, then came over and took hold of the bottom of her son's shirt. Jacob just stood there, a massive erection pushing at his shorts as his gorgeous mom lifted his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside.

She gave him a teasing smile, looking into his eyes as she undid the button to his shorts and unzipped them. Michelle squatted down, pulling his shorts and boxers down to Jacob's ankles. The boy's cock was about eight and three quarter inches, fully erect. A dribble of pre-cum oozed from his piss-hole and they watched it string towards the floor.

"You're leaking." Michelle giggled, as she eye-balled her son's meaty cock and hairless scrotum.

She stood up and took her son's hand again, stepping into the shower. Michelle faced her son as the water splashed against her back. She tilted her head back, running her fingers through her soaking hair. As she did this she thrust her massive chest forward and Jacob watched the water cascade down her breasts.

Michelle put her hands on her son's shoulders and began dragging her long nails against his tender flesh as she gazed into his eyes.

Jacob was almost breathless. His mom looked so incredibly sexy with her hair wet and slicked back and a little bit of mascara running from her eyes.

"Kiss me, Jacob." She whispered.

Jacob didn't have to be asked twice. As they moved together, Michelle wrapped her arms around his neck and Jacob let his hands rest on her hips. Michelle tilted her head as their lips came together for an intimate kiss. She opened her mouth slightly and let them close on his, smacking her lips hungrily.

Michelle reached over and grabbed the little bar of soap. She unwrapped the it and began lathering up her hands. As she did this she studied Jacob's reaction. She could tell he was nervous and excited.

Finally, the moment came and Jacob felt his mom's tiny hand encircle his throbbing cock-meat. Michelle got a tight grip and began to slowly glide her fist up and down the length of his dick.

"Does that feel good, baby?" She said in sexy girl voice.

"Oh yeah." Jacob's voice quivered.

With her other arm around his neck, Michelle pulled him closer to her so that her tits kissed his chest. She buried her face in his neck and began to give him rapid little butterfly licks.

Jacob's felt his knees start to go weak. If there was a heaven, he couldn't image it being any better than this. Alone and naked with his mom, hundreds of miles from home.

Michelle's hand moved beautifully, creating a nice little fuck-ring for her son. It slid down to his balls, then back up, circling his bell-shaped cock-head with her palm before beginning it journey back down his shaft.

Jacob felt his mom's tongue digging and flailing at the tendons in his neck, sending shivers down his spine. Her hand began to speed up, soap and sperm creating a creamy froth in her hand. She focused on the bulb for a moment giving it a series of tight, rapid strokes, pulling hard at her son's pecker.

"Ooohhhh, God." Jacob groaned, feeling the milk begin to boil in his balls.

Michelle alternated her technique, giving Jacob ten or so long dick-milking strokes, then focusing the next dozen or so wanks on the top third of her son's cock.

"Oh mom!" Jacob muttered, as cock-milk suddenly shot up through his pecker.

Michelle felt her son's meat begin to pulse as ropes of thick teenaged spunk began to splash against the butt of her tits. She pulled at his phallus relentlessly and Jacob's knees began to tremble. She gave his neck a rest and mom and son searched each others eyes passionately as she continued to slowly milk his boner.

"Come on, baby hard for momma." She said.

She finally released her son and gave him a sensual peck on the lips. Michelle switched spots with Jacob so he now faced the shower. She stood behind him, her tits squashed against his back, her hands reaching around and washing his chest.

Jacob felt his mom tongue flicking at his ear. He felt her bite at the lobe.

"Let's wrestle." She whispered naughtily.

She took his hand and pulled him down onto the floor of the tub. Michelle then maneuvered herself so that Jacob sat between her legs, with his back to her chest. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him back forcefully. Jacob giggled as he found himself laying back against his mom's body.

"What the matter there stud...mom too strong for ya?" Michelle joked.

Jacob struggled, but Michelle pulled him back like a clutching spider.

"Give me that monster." She said playfully, grasping her son's erection.

Michelle began to stroke Jacob's dick again, coiling her legs around his. Now laying flat on the tub floor, their wet bodies struggled and squirmed like two fish in a pot. Jacob's mom licked at the back of his neck as she worked his cock. He tried to sit up, in a playful attempt to escape, but she still clutched him with one arm and pulled him back down against her tits.

"Get back down here." She teased.

Jacob used his legs to scoot them back, up the side of the side of the tub, into more of a sitting position. Michelle still had a tight grasp on her son, holding him to her chest. Her hand still flew up and down his fleshy rod, not missing a stroke.

"You're not gonna win this one Jacob Little so stop trying." She teased.

"Oh, God, that feels good." He moaned, relaxing his body.

Michelle worked his dick until it was soon squirting geysers of cock-cream into the air.

"OH GOD MOM!" Jacob grunted as a rope of hot love-juice shot three feet into the air and seemed to hang there for a moment. On its way down another thick strand of cum sliced through it.

"Oh, that's my baby." Michelle said, milking another half-dozen ropes from her son's balls.

She washed her son off and led him out of the bathroom. Both of them were still completely naked when they arrived at the foot of the bed.

"Go crawl into bed. I'm gonna put some panties on." She said.

"Why do you need panties?" Jacob asked.

"Need I remind you of what almost happened the last time were naked together." She smiled.

"Yeah, I remember." Jacob smiled.

"Me too. I nearly got my pipe plunged." She joked.

Jacob got on the bed and crawled beneath the covers. He watched as his mom reached into her bag and pulled out a tiny pair of thong panties. She slipped them on and the thong fit snuggly between her big butt cheeks. She took a tube of lubricant from her bag and crawled onto the bed with her son.

"Sweetie, this time while I masturbate your penis, I'm gonna massage your prostate, it'll make your orgasm more intense." She said.

"Massage my what?" Jacob asked.

"Your prostate. It's a gland, up inside your rectum. Do you want me to show you?" She asked.

"Sure." He said.

Michelle straddled her son so that her ass was facing him. She opened the bottle of lube and squirted some on her fingers. Jacob felt his mom's fingers begin to butter his butt-hole.

"This might feel a little odd to you the first time so I want you to just relax okay?" She said.

"Okay." He answered.

Michelle inserted her middle finger into her son's ass as began to gently massage her son's gland by wiggling her finger against it. "Baby, how does that feel?" She whispered, gazing back at him.

"Really good, mom." He groaned.

"Is that big monster ready for momma to milk him some more." She asked in a loving tone.

"Yeah." Jacob answered.

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