How Mr Barnes Seduced Me


"Don't worry about the size, baby. Your cunt will stretch to fit me in. Now go over to the bed and lie down."

I lay on the bed and Mr Barnes followed me. Careful to put his weight on his arms he lowered himself above me, his cock pressing between my thighs, and he started kissing me. He licked my lips and parted them with his tongue. He played around with my tongue and then he slowly let go, moving himself down, closing in on my tits. He wrapped his lips around one nipple and started sucking and flicking it with his tongue. He pinched my other nipple with his fingers, pulling it and tugging it and making my nipple even harder and bigger. Then he switched and I started moaning out loud with pleasure. He then gave my tits a final squeeze and let his lips wander down my stomach, past my bellybutton and to my little bush. He then reached under my thighs and lifted my legs.

"Hold on to your knees and keep your legs spread like this, baby," he said to me.

I grabbed hold of my knees and looked down as he buried his face in my pussy. He kissed my pussy lips and let his tongue part them. Then he started sucking my clit. He gave my clit a gentle bite. He moved down to my cunt hole and shoved his tongue inside, lapping up the juice that was flowing from it. He licked down to my asshole and circled it with his tongue. I'd never known that men would lick that far back. He then homed in on my clit again and pushed a finger inside my hole and started pumping. My breathing was getting more laboured now. He then pushed a second finger inside my cunt and I was panting. A third finger went in and he was finger fucking me furiously while sucking my clit.

"I'm cumming," I panted.

"Cum, baby," he said quickly and then continued sucking my clit.

"I'm cumming, Mr Barnes. Oh yes... I'm cumming. I'M CUMMING!!!!!"

With those words my body started shaking and my cunt grabbed Mr Barnes's fingers in a cast iron grip. It took a while for me to come down from that.

"Here, taste yourself," Mr Barnes had crawled up to me and was lying on his side next to me with his fingers on my lips. I sucked his fingers into my mouth and tasted my pussy juice. Then he started caressing my tits again. He sucked and pulled my nipples and soon I was squirming in his arms, raising my hips as I wanted him.

"Are you ready to fuck now?"

"Oh yes, Mr Barnes, I'm so horny."

He laughed. "I can tell. Reach over for one of those condoms. I want you to put it on my cock."

With a few instructions I managed to get the condom on his pulsating cock.

"Put a finger in your cunt, baby. Are you wet again?"

"I think so." I held my finger up to him.

"Oh, you're dripping. No need for lube here. I'm going to fuck you now, Millie. I'm going to take your virginity and fuck you so hard. Are you sure you want that?"

"Oh yes, fuck me please!!!"

He moved on top of me, parting my legs with his. He bit my nipple and sucked my tit into his mouth, then he did the same with my other tit. He sucked on them hard for a while. Then he pushed himself up on his knees, grabbed my legs and pulled them up on his shoulders, getting my ass up off the mattress in the process. Then he slowly leaned forward, with his cock resting against my slit, moisturising the condom. He moved his hips back and the head of his cock was now against my hole. He pushed a little and I drew a quick breath as his cock head popped inside me, filling me beyond what I thought possible.

"There's no turning back, baby, your cunt is mine now," he said and slowly lowered his hips. I focused hard on relaxing so that it wouldn't hurt me as his thick shaft threatened to tear my virgin cunt in pieces. He came to a short stop and then he moved deep inside with a hard thrust, tearing me to pieces. I cried out, but I couldn't move, pinned under his body as I was. We stayed like that until my pain went away and I was throbbingly horny for him again. Then he started sliding in and out of me, each time thrusting himself hard and deep inside me. Each slam gave a wet echo that filled the room. I felt his balls slamming into my ass. I soon tried to meet his hips, wanting to suck his cock deeper into my cunt. With each thrust my tits were sent bouncing and I noticed that he kept his eyes fixed on them, fucking me harder to make my tits bounce harder.

Mr Barnes picked up the pace and pretty soon I was delirious with fucking. My cunt was overflowing with my juices and I could feel them running down my ass crack. This was the best feeling ever, but it had to end. It felt all too soon when I could feel a deep tingle in the pit of my stomach.

"I'm gonna cum..."

"Oh, baby, cum for me. Let your tight little cunt cum all around my hard cock."

I cried out as my body trembled and I could feel my cunt contracting around Mr Barnes's pumping cock. Then he pushed himself deep inside me and grunted out loud as he came. He collapsed on top of me, let my legs down and rolled us over on our sides, his cock still in me and we lay and kissed for a while.

"Was that good, baby?" he smiled

"It was wonderful, Mr Barnes."

He pulled his cock and condom out of me and a small gush of my juices and blood escaped on to the sheet.

"Go to the bathroom and wash yourself off and then come in to my room. I don't want you to have to sleep on the stained sheet tonight."

I cleaned the last of the blood off me and towelled myself off. I looked at myself in the mirror and my tits were covered in red marks. My pussy lips were swollen and I realise that this was how a well fucked body looked. On my way past my bed, I noticed that the pack of condoms was gone. When I entered Mr Barnes's room I saw them on the table next to where he was lying and in his fingers was a tiny packet.

"Come to bed, baby," he smiled. "I want you to suck my cock and make me hard again. Straddle my face so that I can watch your wonderful cunt while you're at it."

I climbed up on the bed and placed my legs on either side of his head. I then leaned forward, letting my tits drop onto his stomach as I sucked his rather limp cock into my mouth. I could feel his breath on my pussy as I started sucking.

"Use your hands to squeeze the base, baby. And touch my balls too. Just don't stop sucking. You're doing great."

My head was bobbing up and down. I had one hand around the base of his shaft, which was now almost as big and hard as before. My other hand was stroking his balls. I sucked and teased him with my tongue and I could hear his happy moans. Then I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. He was kneading them, pulling them apart, as I sucked his cock. Then I heard a squirt and I felt a wet finger on my asshole. Slowly, slowly the finger went deeper inside my ass.

"Don't stop sucking my cock, baby!"

I continued sucking hard as he started pumping my ass with his finger. The harder I sucked, the faster he finger fucked my ass. I could feel my pussy juices dripping onto his chest and I just kept sucking him.

"Oh yeah, baby," he handed me a condom. "Put this on me and get on your hands and knees."

I did it in record time and before I knew what had hit me he was behind me, shoving his cock straight inside my waiting cunt. Then the finger was back in my ass. I moaned out loud. It felt so good. He was fucking me hard and furiously and each plunge inside my cunt made his balls slam into my clit with a force. The wet slam noises were even louder this time and I soon came, screaming out my satisfaction. Mr Barnes pulled his cock out of me and pulled me off the bed. He pressed me against the wall, parted my legs and impaled me on his cock. I locked my legs around him as he pounded me furiously. Each thrust he would grind himself as deep inside me as he could. He went faster and faster. Harder and harder into my cunt.

"I'm cumming again!" I cried out and the people in the hotel room next door banged the wall and called out for us to shut up.

As I came again Mr Barnes walked with me still shafted on his big fuck meat and we fell onto the bed, knocking over a lamp in the process. He kept pumping me and then he nearly screamed as he shoved deep inside me one last time and shot his load. I could feel his cock twitching inside me and his orgasm was so powerful it made me cum again. We were bathing in sweat as he pulled out.

"Drink my cum, baby," he said and held the condom against my lips. "Taste what you do to me."

I tasted the salty nectar and cupped my tits, stroking my nipples. He kissed my cunt and moved to kiss my tits when there was a knock on the door. He didn't bother getting dressed. He was gleaming with sweat and his cock was hanging limp, but still quite long as he opened the door. An embarrassed man in a hotel uniform was standing outside.

"Excuse me, Mr Barnes," he said and tried to avert his eyes from Mr Barnes's nudity and me, naked and battered on the bed. "The people in the next room have been complaining about the noise and I have to tell you that you've only checked in one person to this room."

"We accidentally knocked over a lamp, which I will of course pay for. But my girlfriend and I have booked two rooms so we're both checked in. In fact, now that you're here. Can you cancel my girlfriend's room for the rest of the weekend, we'll move her in here tomorrow morning."

"Of course, Sir," said the man. "I'm so sorry for disturbing you, it's just..."

I didn't hear the rest as Mr Barnes closed the door behind him and walked up to me.

"Am I really your girlfriend?" I asked him with a smile.

"You definitely are. My wonderful, slutty and cock hungry girlfriend. You belong to me now."

We fell asleep in each other's arms and overslept the next morning. We only had time for a quick fuck in the shower and Mr Barnes cursed having to use a condom. He did however pack several into his pocket and we used all of them during the day. During the morning break we fucked in the men's toilets. During lunch we fucked up against the wall in a dark corner of the room. During the afternoon break we snuck under a table and fucked again. Each time was more wonderful than the last. That night we ordered room service and Mr Barnes taught me more about sucking cock and then he introduced me to a few new positions. On the Friday we went sight-seeing and bought more condoms as we fucked in several landmarks. Saturday and Sunday went by just as quickly and before I knew it he was dropping me off at my house.

"Come in early tomorrow and wear a skirt," he said to me with a smile. "After school we're going on a field trip."

The next morning he had me suck him off while he was sitting at the desk in his classroom and I swallowed his load for the first time. He then made me sit on his desk while he sucked me. After school we drove to a camping shop and bought a sturdy little bed for the lab. Next he drove me to a sexual health clinic and got me a prescription for contraception pills. The next few months went by as in a dream. Every morning we'd have oral sex and every afternoon we fucked for hours in the lab. It wasn't long before I was fully protected with the pill and we could start fucking without condoms and it was amazing to feel Mr Barnes shooting his load up my cunt.

On weekends I started telling my mother that I was sleeping over at friends' houses. She was so happy that I'd stopped moping around and missing my old friends that she never questioned it. That gave Mr Barnes and me hours of fun in his bed. By the time I graduated I had received college credits for my extra work in nearly every subject and I'd been awarded a full scholarship to Mr Barnes's old college. He resigned from my school and moved with me to the town where I'd be studying and for the first time we could live openly together. While my college classmates fooled around with college parties and inexperienced fumbling in the dark I was fucking a real man who satisfied me every time.

I'm not 18 anymore. I know that Mr Barnes manipulated me into begging him to fuck me that first time. I don't mind though. I'm now 28 and he is 42 and we still fuck almost every day and it's still as good as those first times in the hotel. The only difference is that I don't have to call him Mr Barnes anymore since I'm Mrs Barnes. Our passion had given us 2 children so far. My husband is due home from his job as a professor at our old college any minute now and I have a surprise for him. I had a post-natal check-up today and we're allowed to have sex again. I can't wait!

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