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How My Life Changed


My name is Nichole and I’m twenty-nine years old. What happened in the last year has changed my life completely. I’m a fairly descent looking woman ; I worked at a company that had a great gym where all employees worked out on a daily basis. I was really into it; I’m 5’ 6” tall and 110#‘s with shoulder length dirty blond hair and gray eyes; also my breasts aren’t the biggest in the world at 36 B, but they are firm and they stick straight out with large, proud nipples. My best features are my butt and my shapely, slender legs. Overall, I am very proud of my firm body, I also know how to wear the right (hot) clothes to show off what I have, more for myself than others.

I‘m married to a great guy, but am I in love with him? I never could answer that question even after being married for five years. I think I got married Dave for the fact that I just didn’t like coming home to an empty apartment; plus Dave was a real nice guy, and I was reasonably content, or thought that I was.

Between my job that paid very well, and Dave’s business, he was an electrician, I should say, an electrical contractor, plus the money that we had saved before we got married, we bought a great house with five acres of land surrounding it, four bedrooms plus a gym room. . We really fixed it up and put in an in-ground pool with a Jacuzzi spa. The pool and spa was my idea because I loved the idea of lying in the sun naked, especially since we now have all this privacy. Sunbathing nude to me is very sensual as I feel the heat of the sun caress my entire body and it gets me very sexually aroused; even when I was very young, at the beach where I would wear nothing more than a skimpy string bikini, I would look for a somewhat secluded are so that I could grind my pussy into the hot sand under my blanket and get myself off; the thought that someone might be watching me, and realized what I was doing, would excite me even more.

When I wasn’t working, I would also spend my time taking care of the house, as well as our pets. We had a variety of animals including two beautiful golden retrievers, two cats and two horses). I really loved all animals, but I think that what I really liked about them was their total lack of inhibitions when it came to having sex, any time and any where. I have to admit, maybe I’m a pervert but it would really turn me on watching my horses or my dogs having sex. All the pets were male and female, like on Noah’s ark;. also they had pedigrees. I thought since we had the land that at some time I would like to go into the breeding business.

Dave’s work often kept him out late, but I knew he wasn’t the type to chase women so I never worried, plus Dave really wasn’t into sex like some guys are, or claim they are; we had sex only a couple of times a week. I was very sexual, no, not a nymphomaniac, but from childhood, I mean very, very young, I needed sexual fulfillment a few times a day. I learned to satisfy and pleasure myself to fantastic orgasms. I had only four men before Dave in my sex life, but like Dave none of them ever gave me an orgasm; when the man left, I would take care of myself until I was completely sexually content, or in Dave‘s case, as soon as he fell asleep.. Even at my work I would go to the ladies room at least twice a day, knowing when no one else was in there and I would make myself cum at least a couple of times. It was a small office with three other women, but they were all much older and I don’t think that they ever suspected anything. Oversexed? I don’t think so. I think a lot of women are just like me, but most of them will not admit it, or won’t even admit it to themselves, thinking that they be sluts.

Then I got pregnant. We were happy about it, but we just wanted to only have one. I kept working as if I weren’t pregnant, worked out in the gym the same way; I just didn’t want to let myself go and become, well like some women that use their pregnancy an excuse for getting fat. I gained very little and other than my breasts, I didn’t look pregnant at all.

Then in my seventh month Dave got a chance to go overseas on a five year contract that would put him way ahead financially of where he was now, which was better than most, but he was ambitious. I gave him my approval and off he went and off he went with his entire crew to Iraq.

After a month I started getting that lonely feeling again, even with the animals I still needed someone to talk to. Then I did something stupid, I went for a hors-back ride and on the way back to the stable, Storm, my horse, took a leap and I lifted me out of the saddle and I came back down hard and fell to the ground. I knew immediately that I had hurt myself and as soon as I could, I went to the hospital. I delivered a dead baby.

I was depressed so I decided not to go back to work for a while. My sexual need had kind of diminished for a few weeks after losing the baby, I think it was mostly from depression, but then it came back stronger than ever, I was masturbating three or four times a day, just like when I was a kid. I knew it was from being alone and being depressed. I decided to see if I could get anyone to rent a room. I realized that I needed someone around to talk to; as it was I was talking to all of the animals.

I ran an ad in the city paper, describing the house and the amenities and waited for the phone to ring. I really wasn’t too optimistic about having any response but wow, was I wrong, the phone rang non stop. I quickly went and bought applications for credit and rental agreements; Great, hopefully out of all the people that called, that at least I would get one good one. Oh yes, I did stipulate ‘female only.’

The one thing that I had to do was three times a day I would pump the milk from my breasts, well if I didn’t it would be painful plus I would be saturating my bra from my milk that would be leaking out of my breasts. I didn’t want to take shots to dry up my milk because I had nice firm ‘C’ cups and I didn’t want them to sag, or what I thought might happen, in fact I enjoyed pumping my breasts; I enjoyed the feeling and found it very sexually stimulating. I wanted them to always be full.

I set up interview times and they all came at the designated time. I was doing my fifth interview with a very cute girl that looked very young but she told me that she had just turned eighteen.. She had a very nice bubbly personality. But also she was dressed like a younger girl, to begin with she had a slight build, about 5’3” tall and she probably wasn’t even a hundred pounds and I’d guess an “A” cup. But I have to say this, she could have easily been a cheerleader in high school, or maybe in the gymnastic team. Also she had on a very, like micro mini skirt on and a tight fitting T shirt on that showed her very prominent bra-less nipples.

As she was answering a questions, she stopped and her eyes went right to my breasts. I was so preoccupied in my conversation with her that I was overdue to pump my breasts and my blouse was getting wet from the leaking milk “Oh, you must have a baby to feed, I can wait.” I explained my situation to her and asked if she minded waiting while I pumped my breasts.

“No,” she said with a shriek, “not at all.” She followed me to my bedroom and said, “Please, can I watch you do that? In fact could I do that for you?” She looked so excited, I mean I didn’t expect that kind of reaction to a person that I just met and for some reason, she had such a cheerful and innocent way about, as if she was my little girl, but her actions and attitude was really turning me on.

“Well, do you really want to do it, or are you just saying that you do.” I never was ashamed of being seen naked, especially by another female.

Her name was Cathy and she still lived at home with her parents and they really wanted her to stay home because she was such a sweet and innocent girl. But they told her that if she found a nice, safe place (I guess they were wealthy) that they would pay all of her expenses.

She said, “Oh hell yes I want too, and if you let me rent the room I’ll do it for you whenever I’m here; honest. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it. I remember watching my mom doing it when she finished feeding my baby brother and she had milk left over. I wasn’t even in my teens and I wanted so badly to suckle on her breasts and taste that warm milk, but I never did. Am I out of line? I’m sorry.”

I could see the blush on Cathy’s face and I knew that she was sincere and her open honesty and enthusiasm got me going, why was what she was saying turned me on so much. I know that when I massage my breasts to get the milk flowing, it sexually arouses me, but I don’t know even if Dave was home if I’d let him do what Cathy was asking. I guess it’s her cute looks and happy personality that has me going. Then I told her it was okay if she really wanted to do it. But god, there was a considerable amount of sexual excitement that I was feeling as I looked at her. I was trembling inside.

I gave her the pump with the container and she looked at me as I sat on the edge of the bed, and said with a voice of innocence and sparkling eyes, “would you mind!! Oh god, I can’t believe I’m asking you, but would you mind if I. Oh god, I’m soo embarrassed.”

And where this came from I still don’t know. “If you would really like to suck some milk, that’s okay. I’ll scoot back a little more and you can sit across my lap so that you can suck on them comfortably.” She immediately sat across my lap and she felt light as a feather.

I had removed my blouse and bra before she sat and she immediately brought her soft warm hand and started massaging my left breast. It was like a bolt of lightning going all the way down to my pussy. I squeezed my thighs, let out a very soft moan as I came.

Hearing my groan Cathy said. “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” I shook my head, no, but I wasn’t able to say anything for the moment, and then she continued sucking. I noticed as she was sucking like a hungry baby on one breast, she was massaging my other breast.

I had cradled her like she was a baby, my baby, one arm supporting her back and my other hand was squeezing the milk into her sucking mouth. It was then that I noticed her free arm and hand had managed to work its way to her pussy. Her skirt was a mini and when she got on my lap her panties, such as the were, more like a G-string, were totally exposed and her hand was gently massaging her lips and clit. Her eyes were closed so she couldn’t see that I was staring at the way she was innocently, like a baby, masturbating as she was sucking.

Just as I was about to switch her from one breast to the other, her body tensed up, she moaned, as she lifted her butt slightly, evidently she had cum, but she kept on sucking and was building me up to another orgasm. Her wetness from her orgasm was sufficient enough to soak through and wet my thigh..

After she did my other breast I pulled Cathy off and said to her, “That felt very nice, Cathy, but I have one more person coming today in just a few minutes. However, if you really want the room, it’s yours. But I quickly have to go to the bathroom if you don’t mind.” I didn’t bother with my bra and quickly put my blouse on and rushed to the bathroom, I desperately had to cum before I went through the next interview; if just out of courtesy, (in my mind I had already rented it to Cathy.) I came harder than I had in a very long time; like I mean my whole body shuddered as I came.

I didn’t see Cathy around but I was certain that she was somewhere, she wouldn’t have left without telling me so. In just the short time with her, I’ve really become fond of her.

After a quick interview with a woman I didn’t care for, I went looking for Cathy. She wasn’t in the house so I went outside and saw her completely naked in the pool. I went to her and told her that I have a rule that no one goes in the pool alone. Cathy, if your going to stay here we’re going to go over some rules of what you can and can’t do. We have a large piece of property and we have the animals, but you do have to ask my permission if you want to wander off, or play with any of the animals; okay?”

She got out of the pool and came over to me, looking at me lovingly with her sparkling eyes and said. “I’m sorry, I should have asked for permission first to use your pool. But I’m a good swimmer, in fact I even passed the life guard examine at school.”

She looked so adorable standing in front of me dripping wet. As I looked at her up and down I took her all in. She was slender, but not at all skinny, in fact her body was very nicely formed. Her breasts were proportionate for her size with very prominent nipples, she had no stomach what so ever and her pussy mound was completely clean of any hair and her pussy was very puffy and her outer lips were parted enough so that her pink inner lips were poking out; oh shit, what was I thinking, I started sweating just from looking at this delightful creature. "Now that you understand the rules and since your so young and apparently you don’t have a job, how do plan on paying your expenses?” I would have let her stay free as I became so attached to this pretty girl in such a short time.

Cathy told me to call her mother because her mom had to approve of anything she did, also she told me that her parents were wealthy and that her mom would pay for anything, but her mom would have to come and give her approval.

“Cathy!! I think it’s best if you call your mom, explain to her the situation and then let me talk to her so that we can agree on the arrangements.”

Cathy called her mom, she told her that she found a fantastic place, “and mom,” she said, “the lady is just a fantastic woman; I’ll let you talk to her now. I love you mom.”

Cathy told me that her mother‘s name was Nancy. “Hello, Nancy, my name is Nichole. Your beautiful daughter said that she would like to rent a room, and being that she has such a nice friendly personality I would be more than willing to rent it to her.” I immediately liked this woman. I explained everything to her about my situation, about Dave being overseas and what I would want from Cathy as far as expenses. Nancy seemed happy with the arrangement, but she said she would like to come and meet with me.

I explained everything to Cathy and told her that her mom seemed to like the situation but first she wanted to come over and to talk to me privately. Cathy said that would be great and that she would go home, get her clothes and personal things and be back in a couple of hours or so. I had told her that her mom would be here soon. She evidently knew that her mother would approve.

She dashed off in her cute yellow VW Bug and I waited for a while and then Nancy showed up. I was expecting a woman that was more or less built like her daughter, but Nancy was taller, about 5’8“, well developed breasts, and dressed elegantly with an obvious designer outfit. She had a black mini skirt that showed off her beautiful long legs, especially with the 4” heels, and a powder blue blouse that was quite sheer, let me just say that I could see that she was wearing a sexy bra underneath it and I could definitely see her nipples poking against it.. She was beautiful with a tan complexion, dark eyes and long black hair. I should say, she looked not only beautiful, but also very sexy. Another thing, she didn’t look more than mid thirty.

Nancy could tell from the expression on my face that I was confused and before I could say another word she said. “Nichole, I can tell by the way you’re looking at me that I appear too young to be Cathy’s mother, I take it that she didn’t explain it to you, I’m her stepmother. Nichole’s mother died some years ago. I was a teen model when her dad met me and then hired me, for a considerable amount of money, to be Cathy’s nanny. He is very rich but travels most of the time and he is obviously, considerably older than me. But he is a very dear man and I really do care for him. But also I care for Cathy very much and am very attached to her, also I’m very protective of her.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Nancy. I guess I did stare at you, but you were quick to read my mind. Also, you must know, you are a very beautiful woman.”

“Thank you, I do try to take care of myself. I have grown very fond of Cathy and just want the best for her. I educated her from home, many of her required subjects I taught her, and some subjects such as advanced math and science I brought in someone more knowledgeable than myself; Cathy is a very bright girl, however, she is very innocent and naive. Well what I’m saying is this, Cathy is very uninhibited, especially as far as nudity and sex goes, and she will say and do just about anything that the average girl her age, would hesitate about. Like a baby out of the womb, Cathy has no inhibitions.”

At this point I could see that the conversation was going to get a little heavy and I asked Nancy if she wanted something to drink. She immediately accepted when I offered her a glass of merlot wine. So she continued after we sipped our wine and then just talked about things in general as well as my marital status. Then, like she noticed how I stared at her when she first arrived, I was aware of how she was now staring at my partially exposed breasts. In my haste to cover up after Cathy drank some of my milk, I carelessly didn’t button the top two buttons and from where Nancy was sitting my left breast was completely exposed to her vision, and without my bra, she could easily see that they were quite full..

“Oops, I’m sorry, I guessed I didn’t cover up properly.” And I started to button up.

“Please,” Nancy said. “If anything, take off your blouse and be comfortable. It doesn’t bother me, in fact I find a woman’s lactating breasts very sensuous; so please, do remove your blouse and let me enjoy the sight of them.” Oh my god, I thought to myself, now I can see where Cathy lost her inhibitions, Nancy seemed to be the same way.

I have to admit that my normal size is a ‘B’ cup but they have grown to a ‘C’ cup and they still are very firm.

“If it doesn’t bother you,” I said to Nancy, “I will get comfortable. But I should tell you that I lost my baby a couple of months ago at birth, but I didn’t want to take anything to dry them up, in fact I was told as long as I pump my milk out they will stay full like they are now, and to tell you the truth, I enjoy the feeling.” At this point I just had to have another glass of wine and she accepted another glass as well. I just left the bottle out.

“Cathy’s dad thought that Cathy had been sheltered too long and that she should go out a little on her own.” Nancy continued. “Her younger brother lives at an academy overseas and we rarely see him. Cathy was all for it, I mean getting out on her own, but, well, to tell you the truth, I’m going to miss her very much. We live in a large home, my husband is rarely home, and often Cathy would come to bed with me so that I wouldn’t be lonely. I will really miss her, she is so much fun to have around, so much comfort to me.”

I felt a lot of compassion for this beautiful woman. I knew that she could probably find many men or women to keep her company, but I could see that she was very loyal. We continued to drink wine. I really liked this women an idea hit me.

“Nancy!!! I’m also alone and that’s why I’m renting out one of the rooms. Look, I want you to come and stay anytime that you would like. Evidently, I’m like you, I don’t want to stray from home to invite some stranger to my home. I would love it if you came over often, and even to stay for as long as you would like. There is a lot to do here, I have horses to ride, a pool, Jacuzzi spa, animals; I mean it would be fun to have you around as well as Cathy. So please tell me that you will.”

At this point I was feeling the wine and I could see that Nancy was pretty much in the same condition, we had finished the bottle. I knew that Cathy would be along in another hour or so, but I was feeling a tingle of excitement. It just came out of my mouth. “Nancy!! Let’s go skinny dipping in the pool. Really, let’s just strip and splash around in the water, I haven’t felt this good in a long time and besides, I really like you and I think you could use some fun as much as me. Let’s soak up the sun.” I couldn’t believe I said that to her, but I was a little high and felt frisky.

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