tagIncest/TabooHow My Niece Tasted My Cum

How My Niece Tasted My Cum


I come from a large family -- five brothers and two sisters. My eldest sister got married while I was in third. She had five children, two daughters followed by three sons. I hit together very well with the youngest daughter of my sis as I was good in my studies and Mona looked at me as her role model. Since she lived near our house we played together whole day.

When she was 7 years old, her father got transferred to another city. 11 years passed by. Mona had excelled in 12 grade and had decided to pursue career in commerce. Where they lived there was not any good college of commerce, so her parents sought my father's help to educate her in our city. My father agreed to take her under his guardianship to study beyond schooling. When Mona reached our house I was seeing her after five years.

She was still thin but the curves and contours of her body could raise a dead man. She was 18 years old and I was 24, preparing for competitive examinations. Her budding body gave me a hard on. No girl had cast such a spell on me. I was glad that Mona had come for I planned to seduce her. Being of the same age and related we hit together well. She got admitted to the college and settled down.

My parents slept in one bedroom and we in another. I tried to touch her playfully a few times but she felt offended. Feeling horny one night I tried to touch Mona 3 times in the night. Next morning she asked me why I was being naughty. To redeem my dignity I told her a made up story that I had been befriended by a girl who used me for her sexual needs and then ditched me. Mona was full of sympathy and supportive. I told her

I was killing myself by masturbating 4-5 times a day. I requested her that she could help me by masturbating me once a night. I would be satisfied with her masturbating me as I loved her and would not waste my youth. After much coaxing and pleading she agreed to masturbate me. It was most satisfying when she masturbated me. I was happy as I had convinced my niece to take the first step in my game plan.

I tried hard to take my relationship further but her masturbating me appeared to be the Lakhsman Rekha. One day I purchased an adult book. That night when Mona started masturbating me I took out the magazine and spread it in front. She wanted me to take that away. I told her that I was not forcing her to look at it. She kept mum and masturbated. I told her that I loved her so much that I would love to suck not only her pussy but also her ass hole.

To me every part of her body was beautiful, pure and worthy of worship. She did not say anything but it was apparent that the sexual pictures and my words had, perhaps, shaken her perspective on our relationship. I tried again in night but she would not let me do anything. Next morning I hid the book under newspapers in my cupboard while she was looking on and went out. On return in the evening I saw that the book was not exactly where I had kept it in the morning.

That night again I looked at the book while she masturbated me. After she had lied down I murmured sexual words about the pictures in the book in her ear. I whispered that I loved her much and since she loved to eat banana I have purchased condoms of Banana flavour to fuck her. She was mum in bed. Slowly, I kept my hand on her breast, she pushed it away. Then I placed my hand on her tummy.

She did not react. Luckily for me she was wearing two piece night suit and the pajama had elastic. Feeling overjoyed, slowly I pulled down her pajama. She was wearing a blue panty. I slowly pulled her panty down to her knees. My heart was beating like a drum now. Now her pubic hair and sweet cute pussy lips were visible. I started rubbing her pussy. Then I traced my finger down on her pussy lips.

With my other hand I pulled her legs apart. Now I could c and feel her whole pussy. I took a handful of spit and rubbed it on her pussy. Slowly I put my smallest finger in. It went in an inch and would go no further. When I applied force she moved. I withdrew and got oil bottle from the dressing table. After oiling my finger I re-inserted it in her pussy. It now entered smoothly but could not go further than an inch. Suddenly,

I realized that she was a virgin. I realized that she did not, perhaps, fear my touch so much as losing her virginity. I oiled her pussy well. I un-pocked a condom and put it on my pulsating dick. Then I positioned myself between her legs and tried to enter her. My aim was wrong. I rose re-aimed my dick and tried to enter her tight pussy. I was able to enter a little as my weight pushed it in.

She felt the pain and pushed me away. She did not say a thing and just upped her panty and pajama. She was asleep as suddenly as she had woken up. I removed her clothes again and tried three more times, I would enter an inch or two and then she would push me away due to pain. Third time I went in her further and while she pushed me away after experiencing pain, she did not pull up her panty and pajama.

Unable to contain my excitement, I came in the condom on the fourth try. I went to bathroom to flush away the condom. As I tried to unroll it I saw that there were blood marks on the condom, Mona being a virgin had bled as I had entered her. Thinking of this I again got a hard on. Upon returning from bathroom I brought another condom to fuck her. She was sleeping on her back.

I went near her and for 15 minutes or so I whispered sex talks in her ear, praising her repeatedly for letting me enter her. I apologized that I was hurrying to fuck her. I agreed to be more gentle now as I knew that she was a virgin. I told her I loved her and would rather die than give her much pain.

Now I knew what to do and within 2 minutes I had her naked and ready for fuck. I fingered her pussy. The finger was going further but I was not able to insert my whole finger yet. I realized that her hymen was dented but not torn away as yet. This meant I had still to be careful as much pain may make her hate sex. I whispered in her ear of my love. I told her that the first time it pained more but now it will be less.

I watered her ego by telling her that I knew that she will take In my dick as her pussy was more open now. I started licking her pussy. Then I upped a condom and entered her. She cried with pain 5-6 times but realizing my parents sleeping in the next room she muted her cries. With each push my dick went deeper and deeper in her tight and virgin pussy. It took me 6 strong pushes to push the whole of my dick in her pussy.

When I saw that my whole dick was in, I took a breath of relief. I murmured in her ear that she should relax now as whole of my dick is in her pussy. Her mind had psychologically tensed all her muscles to be ready to face any pain. I felt her relax. Now I started pumping my dick in her pussy. After 5 pushes I stopped as her virgin pussy was too hot and tight and I feared coming too soon.

Waiting for 2 minutes for the excitement to die down a little, I restarted pumping. I tried hard to prolong it but the excitement was such that I could not carry for long and soon I came in her virgin pussy. The jerks as my dick pumped my love juices in her was an experience beyond words. After fucking her I again kissed her face, breasts, pussy and buttocks and then went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

As I downed my pajama, I saw that my underwear had about an inch and a half blood marks. My admiration and love for my niece increased for she was a pure virgin till tonight. One night had brought love and joy to my life. I realized that since my parents slept in the other room from today onwards we would be fucking every night like a married couple.

My joy was short lived for when I returned to the room Mona was crying. I kissed away her tears and asked her why she cried? She was worried about what we were doing. I told her not to worry as I loved her deeply. She was pure and sweet and over 18 years now and had a responsible lover who used a condom every time to fuck her. I told her that all girls and boys of her age need sex and what she did was normal.

She was calm and smiling now. My hands started probing her body again. I upped her kamiz and opened her bra and started sucking her small tight and shapely baby breasts. She promised not to fight with me anymore. She lied back as I sucked her baby breasts one after the other. Her breathing was getting faster and faster. She was lifting her buttocks in the air with excitement. My hands were moving all over the body.

I was afraid not to rush this time as she was an active partner now. Her beautiful ripening body was driving me mad with excitement. Adding oil to the fire she guided my hand to her pussy. I started fingered her tight pussy and was on fire. I got up brought a condom and was in bed besides her in a second. She smiled at my impatient as I hurriedly unrolled the condom on my erect dick.

I parted her legs and then parted her pussy, all I required this time were two good pushes and my full dick was buried in her hole. I started pumping in her pussy. Then I made her lie with her back towards me and entered her pussy lying on top of her, now my movements were slow, steady and satisfying. After 15-20 pushes I sprayed sperms in her pussy. She had cried with pain only two times this time.

I withdrew, upped my pajama and went to the bathroom.

After I returned Mona went to pee. She returned and lied down. I asked her if she was happy now. She said yes but it had pained her while urinating and her panty had a few blood spots. I told her that it was normal for the first time. I told her to wash her panty well so there are no tell tale blood spots visible. She laughed and said I was stupid in girl's matters.

I asked why? She said blood spots are not a problem with girls and her grandmother may think she was going through her periods. I said ok I am stupid and u are wise? She kissed me and said that she cared for me and after what happened tonight, I should not misunderstand her. My hand slid over to her breast. Then the other hand moved down to her pussy, she pushed me away saying it was morning and risky now.

I lied down thinking of the most wonderful night of my life. I heard my mother getting up and my father telling my mom to make tea. I looked at Sonu she was lying face up and there was morning light falling on her youthful face. She was fast asleep and there was a smile of contentment on her face. From that day our relationship took a sexy turn. There were 3-4 sexual sessions every night.

I loved her so much that one night I proposed to marry her. She had tears in her eyes but said that our relatives would never agree to our marriage. But she promised that she will let me fuck her always. We agreed that if we cannot marry we will fuck each other even after our marriages. She also promised that three weeks before her marriage she will let me fuck her a lot without condom in the hope of conceiving from me and giving birth to my child after her marriage.

She wished for a son from me while I desired for a daughter- a daughter as beautiful as her.

A few days after we started fucking, while I was sucking her pussy, she told me she felt high while I licked her pussy. She further said that I should not suck her ass hole as it is not so pure. I told her that my love was not selfish and one day I will fuck her there too.

She said that she had heard some husbands fucked their wives in the ass. I told her that she had seen the sex book and knows all the facts. I told her that after 2 -3 children coming out of a pussy, the pussy becomes wide and loose. Since this reduces man's excitement, they at times fuck in the ass, as the ass is always warm and tight.

As the adult book has changed her mentality from anti-sex to sex, I could imagine her mind changing the grading of ass fucking from never to admissible level. I then fucked her second time. We were now fucking 3 to 4 times a night. I was very happy after a few days of our sexual relationship when at 1 am she came to me while I was sleeping and started kissing me and shaking my dick for sex.

Till now I would wake up and go to her for my sexual satisfaction. Now she was waking me up and coming to me to quench her thirst of sex. I was so happy that I fucked her five times that night. Next day I was home and she came back from college at 3 pm. There was a marriage in the neighborhood. I told my parents that I had to study. Mona excused saying she had headache. So that day for the first time we had sex during the day.

It was wonderful to see her young and fair body fully naked in the day light. There was also no need to speak only in whispers. That day I devoured her. We had the first round in a hurry. Once we had had one round, she went to have her lunch. After she had her lunch I had a hard on. I made her lie down on the dining table and then fucked her right there and then on the carpet in the drawing room.

It was sheer pleasure to fulfill our deep desires. Then I started kissing her after sex. I told her that I wanted to fuck her in my parents room. She agreed and we were there soon. She was naked but my dick was down as I had fucked her well twice in an hour. I made her suck my dick to erection. It was the first time she did that and that too in day light. I fucked her slowly and kept changing postures.

I was in her for may be 20 minutes. When I came it was so satisfying. Then we bathed together. We soaped each other. I told her to suck me so we can try again. She sucked it hard but it would not remain erect for long. She said it is ok. I told her lets try doggy style in the day light. Looking at her bended down and holding the wash basin gave me a better hard on. I entered her but could not retain long. As it came out I saw her almost invisible ass hole.

I told her that I had her 3 times in less than two hours but wanted more. She said she was ready. I told her that since we were alone and it was day light we could try to fuck her ass. She said no it will pain a lot. I told her that it had pained her in the pussy first 2-3 days but now only pleasure as she knows of my true love. I told her that if her husband fucked her ass she will have more suffering. She agreed to try.

Thinking of fucking her virgin ass hole gave me a hard on. I made her lie on the bathroom floor. Then I oiled her ass. As I inserted one finger she cried out by pain. I told her that she was brave and only 2 week ago she had taken my full dick in her virgin pussy which had opened for the first time, but her ass opened everyday to shit. She asked me why I wanted to fuck her there.

I told her that I loved the whole of her beautiful body and wanted to stamp my love in all her holes. She smiled. I again started oiling her ass after fingering it for 5 minutes, and then I inserted two fingers. She cried out with pain, I lied that her ass has already opened enough to accommodate my dick and it will be easy now.

She relaxed. I positioned my thick pulsating dick mad with feeling of entering a tight hole where no man had gone before, and pushed in. The dick slipped and entered her pussy. I withdrew applied more oil and retried. It went in an inch or so but her cry of pain was quite high. I held her tight and told her that it was almost over,

I gave a strong push and felt my dick slipping in. I looked down 5 inches was in and about 2 inches out. She was crying now and I decided to finish fast. I gave the strongest push that I had used till now and my whole dick was in her. Her ass was so hot and tight that after 4 pushes I came in her ass.

She told me that she will never get fucked in her ass. I saw that she had blood drops on her ass hole. I gave her a pain killer to eat. Then we lied down in bed. I was hungry in spite of having lunch. She smiled and said that u would be starved my boy having fucked four times in less than 4 hours.

She was feeling low due to ass pain. I promised to fuck her pussy well in the night. She wanted rest. I said u are my pussy queen and we have promises to keep all our life even after marriage. She nodded and said that it was so painful behind that she has decided that her husband is not going to fuck her in the ass. I said if her husband tried to force her to get ass fucked she can phone me and I will beat him up.

She smiled in appreciation. I then said that it is ok with me as long as I have entry passes to all her holes. She threw a pillow on me in a playful manner. So our sex life was I think better than that of married couple as we had the additional attraction of tasting the forbidden fruit. One night when going for the third fuck I realized that I had no more condoms. I asked Mona for anal sex as condom was not required there.

She said no. I requested her to suck and drink my sperms. I told her by fucking I came in her body so she can do the same tonight by sucking and drinking it. She agreed to try. She sucked and I started to cum in her mouth. She tried to push me off to pull her face away but I was holding her head. As it was night and she dare not cry out to awake my parents she allowed my dick to get fully empty in her mouth.

She whispered that I was naughty and had forced her to drink all my sperms. I said sorry but how is tasted. She said it tasted somewhat like butter. I informed her that it was healthy too. I told her that since every night I was licking her pussy and tasting her juices so she should also drink mine. She agreed to that. Next night after fucking her pussy I requested her to drink my cum from the condom. She asked why.

I told her for one I was eating her pussy juices 3-4 times every night, second the sperms are healthy and tasty to which she agreed. And the last I told her that if I go to bathroom after crossing my parents room 4-5 times each night they may smell something and our sex life will be ruined. the used condom.

But if she drank it would be healthy for her, tasty and I can keep 3-4 used empty condoms (as she would eat the cum from them) and go once around 5 am to flush all of them together. She said she will try. From that night it was standard that after fucking her pussy I emptied the condom in her mouth and she stomached each drop of my sperm.....

if you liked it or want to give any suggestions you can email me directly via my profile.

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Love to spunk in wifes mouth

I have watched hundreds and hundreds of men fuck my wife and her giving them full blowjobs but most of all I like to watch her blowjob and finish the blowjob by wanking them off into her mouth and swallowingmore...

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