tagLoving WivesHow My Wife Changed in 3 Years

How My Wife Changed in 3 Years


I suppose every man has a dream his wife will always be true to him, to love him and to be the prettiest woman in the world (in his eyes) but sometimes this ideal situation goes wrong.

Sally and I married 8 years ago and everything in the marriage went very well up to about a year ago. Sally is now 30 years old and it is necessary to tell what happened to her before this will make sense. When we married Sally was a pretty, slim girl whom I adored and I know she felt the same way about me. She was so slim some unkind people could have called her skinny but I loved her for what she was. Her waist was so slender I could put my two hands around her middle and my fingers would just touch. She had nice hips and quite a good size pair of breasts but they weren't over large - in fact they suited her well. She was 5'4" tall and as afar as I was concerned was absolutely the love of my life.

Two years after we married we had our first child, Stephanie, and she has turned out to be a beautiful well-behaved child. Our second child was born 3 years later and Henry is an equally wonderful child. Sally breast-fed both of the children and as a result her breasts at first became much larger and later they just became shapeless and hung down on her chest. She was terribly alarmed at the shape of her breasts and wanted to have breast surgery to make them lovely again for me. I really didn't care what her breasts looked like because I loved her not just her breasts but I couldn't convince her she looked all right. Added to this she started to gain weight and, in fact, she gained 5 stone over a very short period. I didn't like her being fat but I didn't say anything to her and treated her just the same as I always had. We had regular sex and both enjoyed making the other happy but she just couldn't leave the thought of her ugly (her words) breasts alone.

Sally was a very shy girl when I first met her and although she had played around with boys before we met she was still a virgin until she agreed to have sex and from then on we were a wonderful couple. Sally would rarely initiate sex but always participated eagerly as soon as she saw I was interested. She would always wear a nightie to bed - she just couldn't bear to be naked with me - even from the time we were married. As she began to put on more weight she became more self-conscious and would never let me see her naked, even in the shower. Right from the time we married we always had his sort of a ritual before sex. She would almost always be in bed before me but if I climbed into bed without my pyjama bottoms on she knew I wanted sex and she would come over to me and make herself available. She never wore panties to bed although her nightdresses were quite long but once she knew I was interested in sex she would quickly pull up the bottom of her nightie and spread her legs. She didn't like me looking at her genital area and always kept that covered until we began sex. It seems strange perhaps but that was how she was comfortable and that was what I went along with.

Once she had gained all this extra weight she wouldn't go out and remained inside our home stuffing herself with chocolates and coca-cola making herself all the fatter. It wasn't until our two children who both adored their mother sat down with her one day and told her they thought she should do something to get back to her former weight. At first I didn't think it would work but lo and behold she started going to a gym on a regular basis and also started eating proper food.

Over a period of 9 months an amazing transformation took place. She lost all of her extra weight and once the weight was gone the work at the gym toned her body and she went right back to her former slim self. She was very proud of what she had done but she wasn't as proud as I was because I knew just how hard it had been for her to change her habits. The only thing that went wrong, particularly as far as she was concerned was that her breasts didn't get back to their former size, in fact, they were very tiny! I don't thing know how to describe her new breast shape but I guess I would have to say her tits were so small they looked like a 13 or 14 year old girl but the only resemblance to a woman of her age was she still had large nipples. In fact her breasts were almost all nipples. She didn't like the image and even started to wear stuffed bras to hide her tiny breasts.

A couple of times she actually showed me her breasts but I always tried to make her comfortable with their size by telling her how much I loved them. When I tried to caress her breasts she would push my hands away and although earlier on she had let me suck her nipples they were now off limits!

All through the time she had gained so much weight she still allowed me to have sex with her and although it was uncomfortable at times fucking such a large woman I never ceased to love her. She always hid her body from me while we were making love. Because of her size it was necessary for her to lie on her back with her legs apart, then I would lie on my side and, after lifting up her leg nearest to me, I would slide between her legs and get my cock inside her cunt. She wouldn't hold me while I was fucking her but I usually managed to cum without much difficulty and surprisingly she also came most times. Then it would be up to me to wriggle away from her and she would pull down her nightie and soon she would be off to sleep.

Once she started to lose the weight she reverted to her shorter nighties and made some effort to make love with me in different positions but she always loved the position I have just described. Perhaps this was because it required the least effort on her part.

The visits to the gym continued well after she lost her excess weight and she certainly did a good job of toning up her body. She looked great and although she wouldn't let me see her naked I knew she looked very much like she did when we married except for her breasts! Sometimes when we were making love I would slip a hand up and caress her breasts but silly as it sounds there weren't really any breasts to caress. I usually ended up massaging her nipples and once she became excited by me doing that she would stop me playing with her.

Because I really loved her so much and wanted to be able to enjoy her whole body I managed to finally convince her to see a psychiatrist to see if she could overcome her low esteem as far as her breasts were concerned. She started see this chap twice a week and over a few months I could see quite a change in her. She started to feel much better about her breasts and on one occasion she actually asked me if I would like to look at her breasts. When I told I would love to do that she took me into our bedroom and undid her blouse, unclipped her unnecessary bra and dropped it to the floor. She was certainly lacking in the breast department as there were practically no breasts visible but she had these huge nipples and I loved her so much I asked if I could kiss her nipples. I was surprised when she said yes and without further ado she moved to the bed and laid down on her back. As she was naked to the waist I immediately started to kiss and lick her nipples and she started to react quite strongly getting very aroused. When she had laid down the little bit of her breasts which was previously there seemed to disappear into her chest leaving only those huge nipples.

Sally didn't complain as I sucked and sucked her nipples and I was really surprised when she suddenly reached an orgasm because of me sucking her nipples. She looked quite pleased with herself and without another word, pulled up her skirt enough to reach underneath, grasped her panties and pulled them off. She then spread her legs and invited me to make love to her! I had a hardon just from sucking her nipples and so we made love there and then. It was marvellous and I loved her even more for initiating the sex. After we had both cum she held me on her body - we were using the missionary position - and kept my cock inside her. After a short while I could feel her moving under me and she was rolling her hips and making her cunt grab my rather soft cock. As soon as she started doing this she started whispering dirty words to me. She asked me to fuck her and to shove my cock further up inside her cunt! I had never heard her using these words before but my cock started to harden and soon I was fucking her again. This was a prolonged act and we stroked each other, with our hands and I with my cock in her cunt. We both came again and it was a really loving occasion.

While we laid together on the bed relaxing after such a strenuous work out she told me she wouldn't be seeing the psychiatrist any more because now she was cured of her phobia about her small breasts and from now on she would be quite open about them to everyone. I was so thrilled to hear this I hugged and kissed her and told her just how much I loved her. She even stopped wearing her padded bra which had been totally unnecessary anyway.

I didn't question her about the psychiatrist at all because I feared she wouldn't tell me anyway but I was certainly thrilled with the final result. She still wouldn't go to bed naked although I begged her to do so but she still willingly made love with me and always allowed me to suck her nipples when we made love. This was such great progress we were all thrilled - our children and myself - and I felt proud to show off my new slim wife!

About a fortnight later we were invited to a pool party at the home of some of our friends and we knew there would be a number of guests there as well. There were about 30 people at the party and as we all knew each other well she wasn't at all embarrassed attending the party. As it was a pool party everyone would be swimming or at least lazing around the pool so bikinis were the requirement for all the women and just trunks for the men. I watched with interest as Sally started to get ready for the party. For the first time as far as I can recall, Sally stripped naked in our bedroom while I was still in the room. She was facing away from me but I could see her reflection in the large mirrors in the room and she looked absolutely marvellous although I would have loved her to have had breasts to compliment the rest of her lovely body. She slipped on the very, very small bikini bottom - it was so small it almost wasn't there - and I noticed she had shaved her pubic area. She had never shaved herself there - certainly she shaved her underarms and legs but never her pubic area. It was absolutely necessary to have shaved this area because when the tiny pants were pulled on they left nothing to the imagination. In fact I was shocked to see just how small the bottom of her bikini really was. It was almost a thong with the back completely between her lovely cheeks and just this tiny little piece of cloth covering her cunt. She picked up the bikini top which was equally tiny and fastened this around her chest. It didn't look too bad although there was no natural filling out in the bra at all.

Our friend's home was only 1/2 a block away so we walked to the party, I had on a pair of shorts over my tiny trunks and Sally wore a very tiny summer frock over her bikini. Once we were amid friends everyone made a special effort to make her feel at home and all chatted animatedly with her. It wasn't until we were ready to go into the pool for a swim that Sally suddenly changed from the lovely wife I had always known.

She had divested the summer frock as soon as we arrived and walked around in this very tiny outfit much to the delight of the men folk although most of the women liked Sally and some were envious of her shapely body (except for her breasts). Almost every woman had on a bikini although many of them looked somewhat unattractive in their abbreviated costumes. There was a crowd of men around Sally as she stood near the edge of the very large pool and, when she had everyone's attention, she announced she was going in for a swim. She then said, "Because I don't have any tits this top of my bikini won't stay on so I will take it off before I go into the pool! Would any of you men like to help a poor lady remove her bikini top?" There was an instant reaction from the men around her and many tried to be the one to undo the bikini top but the host, Stan, won the honours and quickly undid and then whipped off her bra top. Sally looked somewhat unusual standing there bare to the waist but with her huge nipples standing out instead of breasts. She walked around the men and asked them if they would like to examine her nipples! This certainly wasn't like Sally but she just walked around letting all the men examine her nipples closely. When she returned to Stan she asked him if her would like to touch her nipples! Instantly he had his hands on her nipples and she seemed to stick out her chest to make sure he could touch all of her nipples. I stared in amazement and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She again moved around the group of men enjoying the sensations as they all wanted to touch her nipples. She returned to Stan and whispered in his ear and next thing he was leaning over and taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking it! He was joined by another man sucking her other nipple and she was enjoying herself immensely. I watched in horror as the sucking suddenly produced an orgasm and everyone cheered or at least the men did while the wives just looked on rather stunned. Doris, Stan's wife moved over to me and asked how I felt about Sally acting as she was. I told her I couldn't believe what had come over her but I wasn't enjoying it at all. I went on to explain how she had seen the psychiatrist and he had cured her of her phobia about her lack of breasts.

Almost as if a signal had been given the women folk started to walk into the house and I was left standing there watching my wife behaving as a slut. I found out later the women were disgusted by Sally's behaviour and had all met in Doris's lounge room to discuss what had happened outside. I also found out later that they hadn't witnessed what happened with Sally next!

As soon as Sally saw all the women disappear she threw her arms around Stan and again whispered in his ear. Next thing he was caressing both of her nipples and then dropped one hand running it down her belly until he reached the top of her bikini bottom. He stroked her belly for a moment before he slipped his hand inside her pants, helped by Sally leaning forward to allow him easy access, and as he slip his hand down further I knew he was touching her cunt!

Here was my good mate Stan sucking on my wife's nipple and stroking her clit and cunt inside her pants while the other men looked on. Sally quickly undid the bow on the side of her bikini pants and the whole bottom part dropped to the deck. Now she was totally naked in front of some 15 men who were ogling her body and making obscene gestures. She then reached down and pulled Stan's trunks down exposing his hard cock and she took this in her hand and began stroking it. What followed next was totally unbelievable to me. She played with his considerable cock for a moment and then turned and walked over to one of several benches used for sitting on while resting from swimming. She never let Stan go and as soon as she reached the bench she laid down, spread her legs and invited Stan to fuck her! I just couldn't believe my ears! Here was my lovely wife inviting a man, in front of me, and in front of the rest of the men, to fuck her! It couldn't be possible but it was actually happening.

Moments later Stan had his considerable cock inside my wife's cunt and he was fucking her like crazy. He didn't last very long before he came inside her and then pulled out. His place was quickly taken by another of the men who fucked her just as fast as Stan. The others, of course, followed him, in turn each fucking her and cumming inside her. It was happening so quickly I just couldn't believe my eyes. While some of the men were fucking her she took other men's cocks in her mouth and sucked them hard - some cumming in her mouth and she seemed to enjoy swallowing their loads.

I never believed it possible but all of the 15 or so men fucked my wife in a very quick time, some for a second time, but never-the-less in very short time. Having all fucked her, except for me, they quickly dressed as Sally stood up - cum running down her legs and pooling on the deck. She smiled over at me and then, without hesitating any longer took a short run and dived into the pool leaving a trail of cum as she went. The men hadn't dressed a moment too soon because Doris came out of the house and walked over to me having not seen any of what had gone on before. She told me the other wives and herself were disgusted at Sally's behaviour and thought it best if we left the party! I quickly agreed with her and told her I would take Sally home immediately. I also apologised profusely for what had happened and told he I didn't know what had come over Sally.

I walked over to the pool and called Sally to the edge. Doris was still watching and Sally was, of course, naked in the water but when I told her we were going home immediately she simply jumped out of the pool and walked naked to where her bikini was laying on the deck. She slowly dressed in front of Doris and smiled at the men who were watching her. Before we left she quickly ran around all of the men and gave them a big kiss and, I discovered later, she whispered they were invited to come to her house any time I was absent and they could fuck her again!

Sally and I left the party and we walked home in stony silence! I was too upset to talk to her and she was skipping along beside me obviously very happy with what she had done. Once we reached our home I demanded to know why she had exposed herself to the men and then allowed them to fuck her! She just grinned at me and told me the psychiatrist had convinced her she looked very good with or without breasts and she should not have any reservations about showing herself to other people. She had done just that but had gone way too far and now not only had she cheated badly on me but also we were ostracised from our other friends.

It wasn't until months later that I learned the men from that pool party had been coming over to our home while I was working and they were fucking my wife regularly. I only found out when Doris, who felt really sorry for me, rang me and told me she wanted to see me urgently. When I called to see Doris she explained she knew the men were visiting our home while I was absent and she guessed they were up to no good.

Without telling Sally I hatched a plan to not go to work next day and instead went to see Doris at her home. Together we watched until we saw a car enter our drive and one of the men from the party go inside. I was almost too frightened by what I might find to go home but when Doris offered to accompany me as a witness we walked to my home. We listened at the back door for noises but didn't hear anything so I was beginning to feel there was nothing untoward being done but Doris urged me to open the door and we crept inside walking very softly, without shoes, through the house. When we reached the bedroom - our bedroom - the door was wide open and we were able to reach the doorway without noise. Both Doris and I looked into the room and there was Sally, completely naked being fucked by the man we had seen entering our home and Stan! Stan was kneeling on the bed with his considerable cock in Sally's mouth. Doris let out a scream and rushed into the room. What happened next was almost comical if it wasn't tragic. Because Sally had been so startled by Doris screaming out she had bitten down on Stan's cock inflicting much pain as well as a tear along his cock as he tried to extricate his cock. By this time Doris was alongside him and she slapped him so hard across the face he fell backwards off the bed landing in a messy pile alongside the bed.

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