tagLoving WivesHow My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 02

How My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 02


After the incident, by which I tricked my wife (How my Wife was tricked to fuck Part I), I always wanted to see it done again. I wanted her to feel the two dicks at the same time. I began to visualize it.

After months of visualization and planning, finally I was ready.

I called up my old friend Babu, who was more than delighted. I told him of my new inspiration. He now believed I could do anything.

I introduced him to my wife. Little did she know that his dick had met her pussy before and done more than just introduction. I told her he would be staying here for 1 week.

Soon Babu became very friendly to all of us. He was very playful with my daughter and always kept her engaged, giving me and my wife some intimate moments. One week passed and no one seemed to be noticing. I decided to go with the plan. Babu had mingled with my family well, always joking or teasing around – not only with my wife, even me. So it seemed like it was his character. He was teasing nowadays more on my wife, but again, no one noticed. I had a five day plan.

From that day onwards I put my daughter to sleep early, saying she had to go to school early. She was in the fifth grade. So that we would be free early in the night.

Day 1 - After the Supper, we all sat down to play cards. Slowly we got bored and switched to movies. I had kept some movie ready, but it was made to look like Babu had brought it. It was a love story, with many beach scenes but no nudity. The girls in bikini didn't bother anyone. After the film we went and slept.

Day 2 – The second day soon began for us as soon as my daughter went to school. We sat and ate together watching film. This time it was little more passionate with kissing scenes. After the movie, we sat and cracked jokes and helped my wife in the kitchen. By noon again we ate lunch watching a movie, this time action. It had a little steamy scenes and the edge of nudity. Again by night we were watching another movie, but not without protest from my wife. But I said I wanted to finish seeing the movies Babu brought before he left. She said then she is going to sleep and we both could watch. I insisted and pleaded and she sat down. This time we had introduced a small nudity scene where the hero would pull down her dress and squeeze her breast and then suck her nipples. It ended very fast.

"Ayaee! What kind of dirty movie you are watching?" she said

"Haha,"laughed Babu "I am not the one who made this film."

"I am going. I don't want to see such films." She got up to go.

"C'mon Susie, Don't be a kid." I said to her holding her hand.

"Don't worry, I am not going to look at your face when any scene comes, "Babu teased her.

I pulled her near and embraced as Babu turned around.

"Chee, what are you doing?" she whispered.

"Do I need permission to embrace my wife?" I whispered back.

"Your friend will think you are a dirty person." She whispered back smiling.

"No one has ever called a husband a dirty person, because he embraced his wife."

"Sometimes you might need the permission of others to do something to your wife," she replied with a naughty smile.

"What something?" I asked.

"Go." She pushed me jokingly. I slowly put my hand on her shoulder and kissed her cheek. I held her and watched the film. She looked at Babu, who was fully concentrated in the stunt scenes. She snuggled towards me and watched the film.

Slowly as the movie progressed, I let my hand wander over boobs. She gave a quick glance at Babu and then pushed my hand off. I held her hand and kept a pleading face. She looked at me and pointed Babu with her face. I blinked my eyes as if to say don't worry. Once again I put my hands on her shoulder and held her. Then slowly let my hand down. She looked at me with an aggravating face- as a girlfriend who enjoys but fears the world, tries to protest, to show that she is a good girl. I squeezed her breast and teased her nipples, feeling it grow. After some time she eased up and we began to see the movie, my hand still cuddling her breast.

Slowly I let my hand slide inside her shirt and squeezed her soft lumps. I felt my hand sinking in to her breast. She had a wonderful soft body. I opened my pant zip and let my dick out. She looked at me with surprised big eyes. She showed signs pointing to Babu and pleaded. I showed her the sign of silence and put her hand on my dick, whispering that he won't see if she kept it covered. I continued groping her, but by now she didn't know what mood she was in.

Fear – that someone will see or Voyeur pleasure – doing something forbidden or sexual pleasure – by my grope. All three pleasures were mixing and she was going blank. She just wanted to get up and go. But I held her and she couldn't go without creating a scene. If she created a scene Babu will turn back and find me unzipped with my dick out and we would be the laughing stock. So she was in a big quandary and thus participating unknowingly.

She stroked my dick and I pushed her face towards my dick. She tried to protest. I pointed to Babu and put my fingers on my lips and pushed again. This time she quickly took my penis in her mouth and sucked fast, hoping that if I cum – all this would end. My hand went over to her skirt and slowly pulled it up. Without getting up, she held it with one hand. I squeezed her ass and led my finger to her pussy teasing. I began to rub it as she began to feel the pleasure rise. I pulled her up and got up to insert my dick into her mouth standing, but she mistook it and thought I was going to take her to the bedroom. Before I could stop her, she went to the bedroom. I followed her.

"What are you doing?" she asked me angrily.

I smiled and kissed her hard on her lips and began to suck it. She pushed me away. I pulled her back and once again kissed her. I let my hand wander over her assets.

Day 3 – by the 3rd day we were cracking sexual jokes and teasing one another. That day we didn't see any movie and went to sleep early, but we didn't sleep and sat to talk. Later in the night I got up to go to the bathroom. I looked into Babu's room and called my wife. She came wondering what happened and I pointed to Babu. He was sleeping, but his dress was undone and his dick was sticking out.

"Sheeeee, "she said and turned to look away.

"No, Look." I said pointing to him. "His dick is pink."

"Whatever it is I don't want to see," she said giving a quick glance and walking away. I tried many things to make her see but she was adamant.

Day 4 - The next morning she woke up at her usual 5.00 am and walked to the bathroom. She opened the door and there stood Babu. He was jacking off with his eyes closed. She gave a startled look and looked at him. His eyes still closed he was pumping his dick. She looked around if anyone saw. Seeing no one she looked once more at his dick as his dick was throbbing in his hands. She looked in an amused way and with a smile walked off. She looked at me. I was still sleeping. Thinking no one knew this episode she sat near me waiting Babu to go out of the bathroom. As she heard Babu going back to his room, she went back to the bathroom.

As she entered the bathroom we ran to check our spy pen camera, which he had in his pocket. Our dick arose as we saw her opening the door and her startled face. Then her second glance and smile made our day. We had installed a second camera where both she and his dick could be seen together, but it didn't capture correctly.

Babu went and talked to her as nothing happened, but whenever she saw him she would start to giggle and he would ask what happened and she would continue with a red face still giggling. Babu acted as if he didn't understand and laughed with her.

Day 5 – Day 5 began with nothing unusual, but we had plans for the night. My daughter went to sleep early as usual. By 10.30 we were set with wine glass and chicken in front of the idiot box. She was saying she really enjoyed Babu's trip and felt like a family and we said cheers.

Soon the movie began. It was a romantic sex comedy with a good story out line. I held her hand in mine and watched the movie and while the sex scenes came I became naughty and she would scold me jokingly. I took her to the kitchen.

"He is a movie freak. He won't notice even if we have sex there."

She laughed and hit me jokingly. I pulled her towards me and kissed her. She closed her eyes as my lips touched hers and I sucked her lips, slowly as my tongue found its way. She smiled at me.

"These days you are naughty, what's cooking?"

"Nothing dear, it's true he is a movie freak and he is glued to the screen. Come I will show you," I said pulling her.

We stood near the door and I cleared my throat and he didn't look. I looked at her saying didn't I say? Then I made all sorts of coughing noise and he still was glued on the tube. She laughed and I embraced her saying I told you. I moved closer to her body letting my dick touch her ass. She smiled shyly. I squeezed her boobs then slowly let my dick out and placed in between her legs. She gave a worried look at Babu, who was still watching the film. Little did she know that this was all arranged and he won't look back? I let my hand over her smooth thigh as she bit her red lips. Suddenly I pulled her panties down and pressed myself on her. She tried to grab her panties and in that process her ass pressed on my dick. She tried to pull it up, but I held her. She looked at me with angry eyes. I pinched her nipples and let my dick in her pussy. It went in easily as if it was buttered. She was stunned as I began to rock her. She began to wriggle.

"Hold on dear, I am going to cum. If you create a scene now maybe he will turn around. Just give me 5 seconds and I will cum." I whispered to her as my hands groped her. She stood like frozen.

Her boobs seemed to jingle on my hand and slowly the nipples were growing. She was feeling the heat. I turned her face and kissed her. She kissed me back. A good sign. I kept on kissing and groping her as I led to the dark kitchen room. She seemed more relaxed and kissed me harder. I let her boobs out and tasted them as she held my head. Teasing her nipples with my tongue, I grabbed her boobs. My hands wandered over her skirt and lifting it to find her half naked ass. I squeezed them hard and let my finger tease her asshole. She wriggled in pleasure as my fingers invaded her ass. Once again I let my dick into her pussy and began to fuck her. She grabbed on me mumbling as the pleasure eased forward in her veins.

I saw Babu coming towards the kitchen from the corner of my eye. I lifted her skirt higher displaying her sweet ass, while continuing to fuck her and finger fucking her ass. He enjoyed the show and as planned turned on the light and said "Oh!"

"Turn off the light and get out." I shouted without stopping the fuck. She was suddenly dazed but my dick in her pussy was clouding her mind. By the time her senses worked Babu turned off the light and went.

"Did Babu see us?" she giggled.

"Yeah," I said "but nothing is going to stop me fucking you."

She giggled again and held me tighter as my dick banged her pussy. I saw Babu creeping towards us. I kissed her, knowing that she would close her eyes and she did, giving way to Babu to creep behind me. He kneeled behind me. I squeezed her ass then held my hand away as Babu squeezed her ass. She didn't notice the difference. Babu began to tease her ass hole and inserted his finger in. she moaned 'hmmmm' as his finger slide in. he took some butter and applied on her asshole and pushed in his finger. She bit my lips as the pleasure began to rise. Her signs were readable, she was going to cum. I slowly tapped Babu with my leg.

Sign to crawl out from behind, he slowly came behind her and stood up. I kissed her hard and opened up her ass cheeks wide enough so that her asshole would be accessible. He slowly placed his dick on her asshole. She might have thought it was my finger and she moaned. I fucked her harder and deeper and faster. She held me hard and moaned and said I am Cumming. Babu pushed his dick into her asshole. It was all of a sudden and she was on the verge of Cumming. He fucked her ass faster. It took a moment for her as the pain and pleasure registered. But I continued fucking her faster. She was trying to object but she began to cum. 'Ohhhh' she moaned as Babu and I exploded in her. As Babu began to cum in her ass, she began to wriggle. I held her tight with closed eyes.

"Hey! Leave me, Babu is here."

I said I didn't care, I am Cumming.

"But he is touching me." She replied. I said I didn't care.

"But he has his thing in me."

"No dear, I have my thing in you." I said still not opening my eye.

"No he is doing it from behind." She replied trying hard to make me understand.

"She means her Kundi (ass)," Babu said lying on her back, his dick still oozing in her ass as my dick drained the last of my cum in her pussy.

I said, "It doesn't matter as long as we cum together."

She tried to wriggle from us as she was sandwiched in between us. Babu squeezed her breast to her horror. She began to shout at him. He held her mouth and pumped her ass again. My dick too was awakening.

I wondered how long this night would last for us and what the consequences would hold ahead. Whatever it would be, till it came I decided to enjoy and let Babu enjoy too.


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