tagLoving WivesHow She Succumbed Ch. 02

How She Succumbed Ch. 02


As mentioned in Part 1, this story is largely true; but with names changed for obvious reasons. I hope that this part and the subsequent Part 3 will be enjoyed.

I thank very much those who have taken the trouble to express either their appreciation or their sensible criticism relating to Part 1. Your remarks have been taken on board, have been carefully considered and are very much appreciated.

I have taken the advice of a fellow contributor to Literotica, who himself kindly took the time to read Part 1 and comment on it. He also offered sensible suggestions relating to my earlier remarks about a certain type of 'critic' - the one who submits gratuitous castigation or insult without any sensible attempt at constructive suggestion.

As a result, I propose to delete any such 'offerings', particularly the ones which express intolerance of those whose choices do not concur with their own -- together with the few whom I consider to be gratuitously insulting.


Some months later, I rang home before going into a late meeting at work. I asked Maggie to pass on my apologies to Phil when he called around to the house shortly - I'd forgotten that I had arranged to meet him there to discuss various matters to be dealt with during my impending week-long absence from the office. I felt bad that I would be late and would have to keep him waiting.

She assured me that it really wouldn't matter if I were behind time, since she'd entertain him until I came home. I could just discern from her voice that she'd had an early evening drink and fleetingly thought she might perhaps have had sufficient to let down her inhibitions.

Like a guilty schoolgirl, she played down any suspicions I might have had as she hesitantly explained that she really wanted more time to chat with Phil. She wanted to get to know him better away from the work environment - to see how he felt about his role in the office and to generally sound him out. She thought he would open up more if I wasn't there.

My imagination ran riot and I surprised myself at how immediately I was turned on; just the same as when we occasionally fantasised together in bed.

'Sounds like you'll probably be an hour or so yet anyway darling - so really, don't worry about us. I'll explain everything to Phil".

I reluctantly went on to the meeting and although wanting to dwell on what might happen at the house during my absence, I had to concentrate on business in hand and the thought was forced from my mind.

In the event, I finished a little earlier than expected. Immediately after I had left the meeting and was driving home, my mind once more wondered about the situation. Would Phil really dare trying to seduce my haughty little wife? Whilst the thought certainly turned me on, I was far from decided on how I would feel about the possible threat to my marriage.

That is, until walking around the path from our barn and on to the lawn, I noticed through the partially open living room curtains that they were sitting opposite each other on the floor, cross-legged in front of the fire and about four feet apart. They were both fully dressed and from their laughing demeanour, they seemed to have been involved in light conversation for some time.

Surprisingly, my only immediate reaction was one of mild disappointment that nothing appeared to have happened. Equally, it was obvious that neither of them had heard my car in the drive.

Unaccountably, I felt a frisson of anticipation and wanted to see more; but the angle through the window was too difficult to make out any detail. Noticing that the window on another wall was likely to offer a better view, I surreptitiously crept around the house with little shame and stood where I could see to advantage. The window was open at the top and its curtains only partially closed; so once in place, I found that I could not only see better but could also hear their conversation against the still of the evening.

From my new position I could see them sitting side on to me and Phil was staring at Maggie, a slight flush rising up his neck. She was returning Phil's gaze with a quizzical look, her head on one side and the merest vestige of a sexy grin on her face. Her mouth was slightly open and in between puffing distractedly at a cigarette, she periodically flicked the end of her tongue nervously across her lips. I noticed a spiral of smoke rising from the ashtray, where Phil's cigarette had obviously been burning away un-attended for some time.

She was in a pair of hipster jeans; and wearing a thin Cashmere jumper that showed off the shape of her breasts beautifully. Despite the protective layer of black bra' beneath, the outlines of her hardened nipples were standing out deliciously against the material, . She was obviously aroused over something; and sitting on the floor like that in front of Phil, she looked so sexy and vulnerable that it took all my will power not to charge in and tear the clothes off her myself.

After a while, he seemed to pluck up sufficient courage to say whatever he had been thinking. He stiffened slightly and without shifting his stare, said quietly but very firmly,

"Put your cigarette down Maggie".

Surprisingly, she did so and as she turned back to face him, his arms reached out towards her. I could just hear him as he whispered,

''Come over here'. His face was now very flushed. The moment of truth.

She coloured up too; but did not move initially; and I could sense her indecision. He beckoned again gently with upturned palms and his hands were trembling. After a second or so, she slid a few inches across the floor towards him, until his outstretched hands came into contact with the bottom of her jumper.

She continued to smile questioningly through her eyebrows at him and his determined stare never strayed from her face.

He leaned forwards cautiously. He was obviously intent on kissing her but I suspect that at the last moment, he was intimidated by the thought of who she was. He drew back slightly, saying hesitantly by way of explanation,

"No .... I can't ........... I can't really risk that - not with my mate's wife".

There was silence for a moment or two and then I thrilled to see Maggie imperceptibly tilt her face up in encouragement. He leant forward again and their mouths nudged at each other.

She closed her eyes with a slight shudder as Phil's tongue tentatively bridged the tiny gap between them; and then gently pushed forward to explore her lips for a full minute or so, his tongue caressing their softness and occasionally slipping deeper between them. Suddenly, he lost control and with a moan, crushed his mouth hard against hers, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth.

Almost not breathing, I saw her accept his thrusting without any obvious reaction; until suddenly she started responding. Her tongue pushed his out of her mouth and then, as if suddenly changing its mind, rubbed sexily up and down against his and they began to duel sexily with each other.

As their tongues danced in erotic exploration, one of Phil's arms moved gently around her shoulder while the other reached down to nudge at the bottom of her jumper, obviously trying to draw it upwards.

To my initial disappointment, Maggie stopped him and I thought that just kissing my wife would be the extent she would allow of his seduction. But I had under-estimated the depth of my lovely wife's arousal and as she pulled back slightly to look into his face again, I noticed her own hand feeling its way down to the hem of the jumper.

I know my little wife when she is randy and the look she was giving him indicated full arousal. When in a similar state with me, she frequently becomes too impatient for a measured seduction and a natural exhibitionism takes over. At such times she will speed events up by taking her own kit off - rather than just succumbing to my gradual removal of her clothes.

On this occasion I thought she was going to do the same thing and remove the jumper herself - thus depriving Phil of the pleasure of undressing her (and me of watching him do it).

I was in an absolute state. Incredibly aroused by the sight of my beautiful and loving little wife at last seemingly keen to allow Phil the vision of her obviously blushing nudity, I found myself desperately willing matters to go further. I had an enormous erection and was on the point of coming without touching myself.

On the other hand, I still retained doubt and insecurity. Although we had often discussed the fantasy of Maggie allowing herself to be seduced by someone else, it had thus far been only a bedroom fantasy. This was the first time things had got so far - and the reality might be something quite different. I was excited by what they were doing, yet stil fearful of the possible outcome if they went all the way.

Not enough though, it seemed, to stop me willingly continue to witness what happened next.

Perhaps through shyness, she did not actually remove her jumper. Instead, and with a dexterity bred of lazy habit, she wriggled about for a few seconds and eventually removed her bra' through one sleeve. She then knelt back to look at Phil and was still staring hard into his eyes as he leant forward in answer to her unspoken invitation and reached his hands out to touch the thin soft wool covering her breasts.

For a moment he made no further move as she held her breath and they continued to stare hard at each other, oblivious to all else. He laughed nervously and looked closely at her - then leant back as if undecided how far he could go. He mumbled something to her with a grin; but I couldn't hear what it was. Maggie's face was twitching slightly with excitement and she looked about to come to some decision, just as Phil reached out his arms to her again and beckoned.

Maggie shifted slowly forward again, still staring determinedly into Phil's eyes - as if trying to mesmerise him.

She trembled slightly when his fingers reached out to touch the end of her breasts through the thin jumper. He gently squeezed them both and then his fingertips rubbed each of her nipples until their outline stood out hard against the thin material. Moving his hands downwards, he slid them under the hem of her clothing and touched the naked flesh of her tummy. She was looking so sexy that I knew he was unable to stop now; and having let things go this far, I too was past the point of no return and there was no way I could any longer interrupt them.

Maggie half closed her eyes with a sigh when Phil's finger tips slipped completely out of sight under the jumper and began to gradually massage their way up the front of her body, smoothing her skin in gentle rotations. A sudden little gasp and I thrilled to see their outline as he touched the naked underside of my wife's breasts.

She held her breath again and they continued to stare hard at each other, oblivious to all else. Phil's hands were noticeably shaking as he gauged her reaction and then seeing only her growing excitement, he reached upwards and held her naked tits for the first time.

Despite the covering of her jumper, I could discern the movement of his hands as they cupped her breasts - exploring their softness and simultaneously rotating his thumbs over her nipples. At this intimate caress she gave another little gasp and began to breathe more heavily. He moved his elbows outwards and lowered his gaze as the movement pulled the jumper away from her body; and as he lifted up his angled arms, he exposed the end of her breasts to all of our view. I heard him catch his breath when he saw them and he reached forward to whisper excitement in her ear. She flushed slightly at whatever he said but after further whispered entreaties, he reached down purposefully with both hands and pulled the jumper up and over her head.

She took over and cast it to one side - the movement thrusting her breasts once again into his willing hands. From habit, she shook her head to free herself of the garment and her long hair swirled around her shoulders and down across her chest. For a second or two she sat still, with Phil's hands now hidden beneath the hanging auburn tresses. Then she reached her fingers up to the centre of her forehead; and in a sexy gesture, parted the hair away from her face like the opening of a theatre curtain. The full extent of her exposure now became obvious as her gorgeous breasts came into our view, one resting on each of Phil's up-turned hands.

Nervously, she moved his hands and sat back to allow him full view of her nakedness, as if gauging his reaction. A deep embarrassed flush was spreading upwards again from her neck.

Phil stared at her. Like me, he was shaking with excitement; but neither of them knew of my presence. He reached out one hand and ran its trembling finger ends once more across the rounded flesh. Her breasts quivered at his touch, their soft whiteness contrasting with the remainder of her sun-tanned body. The familiar ends of those gorgeous orbs were now irreversibly open to another man's gaze and I found myself shaking almost uncontrollably with the illicit sexiness of it all. I felt somehow that I should stop anything further happening but my lust at her exposure was such that I no longer had that control.

Mesmerised, Phil continued to devour the beautiful sight inches from his eyes and as every second went by, I realised just how much I now really wanted them to go further.

Eventually, he managed to whisper,

'God Maggie, they're absolutely gorgeous. You're absolutely gorgeous. I want you'.

He leaned forwards very slowly and I watched Maggie's wide pink areola pucker tightly in anticipation as her hardened nipples seemed to thrust towards his approaching mouth. Almost imperceptibly, she pulled her shoulders back, so that they stood out in proud invitation.

His tongue reached out to gently lick her right nipple and she yielded to his touch with a sigh of pleasure. As he opened his mouth to suck its delicious end in with his lips, her eyes closed and she whimpered softly, one arm reaching out to pull his head close to her naked chest. For a while, she let his tongue tease her; but then the fingers of her free hand began to slowly rotate around the end of her own other nipple.

When eventually his mouth nudged her fingers away and his lips moved to caress its end, I just had time to see how puckered and wet the other had become, before he took it between thumb and forefinger and gently rolled and pulled at it until she whimpered again in mounting excitement.

As his mouth continued its stimulation of her nipples, his hands moved downwards and began to explore every inch of her upper nakedness, until at last they reached further down and began to fumble at the wide belt around her waist.

Maggie pulled back slightly to give him better access and he looped the free end of her belt away to release it from the buckle. Another flick and the belt was free. He undid the top button of her jeans and eased down the zip just enough to enable his hand to slip under the waistband. I saw her draw in her tummy slightly to allow his fingers to spread out beneath her panties and thrust downwards towards her sex. With her eyes closed in pleasure, she quivered slightly and then instinctively clenched her thighs together as his fingers found her pussy.

He was leaning forward to make another move when a car braked hard on the road outside and drove into our gravelled drive the other side of the house. It stopped with lights on and engine running.

They heard its arrival and must have thought it was me, for with no time to dress properly, Maggie thrust her black bra' beneath the sofa, quickly pulled her jumper on over her head and straightened herself out. Both of them then jumped back into separate chairs and sat there looking flushed. Phil folded his hands in his lap to hide a huge erection.

In the event, nobody knocked at the door; but I heard our letter-box bang shut as the driver delivered something and then the car drove out and away.

Phil and Maggie giggled conspiratorially and remained where they were for a minute or two like naughty schoolchildren, discussing what they'd have said if it had been me.

Eventually to my disappointment, Maggie suggested it might be a good idea if they calmed down a little now and she got up to fetch them both a drink. I could see Phil watching her un-fettered breasts sway sexily beneath her jumper as she walked across the room, their aroused nipples standing out in hard points against the soft wool. As she was going out of the door, she looked back and said with a grin,

"I'd better be careful of this jumper Phil, its rough enough to feel good where it shouldn't feel good ...... and I'm supposed to be calming down!"

As soon as she had gone Phil reached over to his jacket on the sofa and pulled a small packet from an inside pocket. Opening the envelope, he drew out a number of photographs and began to look through them. From where I was standing, I could see they were prints of the negatives he'd found in the office some while before.

He carefully selected one; which he kept out after putting the others away. It was the last one I had taken that evening and was my favourite picture of her. She was lying completely naked on a bean bag, with her breasts fully exposed and legs wantonly spread apart, so that her sex was wide open towards the camera.

Phil held it with one hand in his lap, staring closely at its image. His other hand slid beneath - its index finger gently stroking the swelling which I could see getting bigger under his trousers. The door opened and Maggie came in, still smiling conspiratorially,

"Here you are then Phil -- one bloody great gin and tonic .... with ice. Get that down you and you'll feel a little better". She passed the glass to him, sat down in the chair opposite and began to sip at her own drink. Only then did she notice the photo and his hands.

"What's that then?" she asked, indicating the square of white card.

"Wouldn't you like to know" he challenged with a smile; and resumed his examination of the picture, looking up once or twice to stare pointedly at Maggie and then back to the picture again. His index finger continued to slowly caress the outline of his prick and when he lifted the photo to look more closely at it, she obviously noticed what he had been doing underneath. She began to colour up again and shakily, put down her drink on the side table.

"Oh my gosh,' she said, going even redder, 'that's one of those photographs Peter took, isn't it. I didn't know anyone else had any copies". There was no question in her voice now - just statement of fact.

"Yep,' said Phil, 'It certainly is". He also coloured up slightly and continued, "Do you know Maggie, I'd longed to see you without clothes on, ever since I first met you; but I knew it was never likely to happen, what with you being married and everything; but the fantasy was there. Then one afternoon Peter left the negatives in the darkroom when a client came to see him in the office; and I noticed them on the bench while he was out.

I just couldn't believe it. There in my hand were negatives of the sexiest lady I know; someone I'd been dying to see without any clothes on .... now completely naked and showing off all her glory. I really couldn't believe my luck. Before Peter came back to the darkroom I made a set of prints for myself, so I could examine you at my leisure whenever I wanted' He reached out a hand, '.... here, have a look at this one".

Maggie took the photo and looked down at it. Her breathing became faster and her hand was beginning to shake as she examined the image. After a few seconds, and to my amazement, she did not keep the photo, or try to destroy it; but just passed it back to Phil with an embarrassed attempt at flippancy,

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