tagIncest/TabooHow to Celebrate...Ch. 2

How to Celebrate...Ch. 2


How to Celebrate Your Birthday Ch. 2

In the first part of this occasional series, I described how I seduced my mother some months after the sudden death of my father. I had planned the whole episode with my girlfriend Emma, and now I wanted to involve her in our incestuous games. Imagine my delight when my mother admitted that she had wanted to fuck me, and my girlfriend, for a long time. As I drifted off to sleep, hugging my just fucked mother, I smiled the smile of a man who knows that his first threesome is not too far away!

* * * * *

There can't be too many men who wake up the morning after their 21st birthday celebrations without a hangover. But how many men wake up in the morning to find their mother giving them a blowjob?

That's how I awoke. A sore head, a mouth that felt like the bottom of a birdcage, and my mother, kneeling between my legs, sucking the head of my cock in her mouth as she wanked me to a full erection.

"Morning lover, fancy breakfast in bed?" Ruth smiled at me as she licked my balls. "Or would you prefer to fuck me first?"

By now, my dick was pointing at the ceiling. I lay back and smiled contentedly. "Well, what do you think? Last night you told me that you wanted me as often as possible, and I'm not going to kick you out of bed, even if you are my mother. Now climb up onto my dick, I want to cum inside you."

With a wicked grin, Ruth crawled up my body until she was kneeling over my dick. She grabbed it in one hand and gently squeezed my penis and, rubbing a drop of pre cum into the head looked me in the eyes. "I asked you this last night, and I’ll ask you again now. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to stick your big cock into your own mother's pussy? Do you want to see me cum on your big, hard, dick?"

Rather than bother to reply, I grabbed her hips and thrust myself up and into her. She closed her eyes and groaned as I started to slide my dick in and out of her receptive pussy. Her tits bounced up and down as she rode me, and I reached up and cupped them, feeling their weight. I grabbed her long nipples, gently squeezing them.

"Oh my God! Squeeze them harder, harder!" Ruth begged. Now this is interesting, I thought. Not only does my Mother enjoy fucking her own son, but she seems to like a bit of pain too!

I twisted my mother's nipples for a second, and then stopped. Ruth sobbed as her approaching orgasm subsided.

"You want to cum on my prick don't you? Well, tell me what turns you on, all your darkest, dirtiest, fantasies. Tell me, and I'll give you an orgasm that you won't forget!" As I spoke, I thrust up hard, my hips leaving the bed, nearly bucking Ruth off me. "Come on, tell me now." I rasped my thumbnails across the hot flesh of her nipples, "What do you think about as you fuck yourself with your dildo?"

Ruth leaned forward, an arm each side of my head, and clenched her cunt muscles around my cock. "My fantasies? Well, besides fucking you" she giggled, "let's see. I always enjoyed a little orgy. Just me, your dad, and a couple of other people who enjoyed fucking. I've always wanted to seduce a woman, and get fucked by her wearing one of those strap-on didlos. Nothing unusual you know, a little bit of anal, a little bit of flashing, just the fantasies of your average British housewife!" She began to raise and lower herself on my cock, her cunt felt like it was wanking me off. "Now it's your turn, no secrets now, what is lurking in that incestuous mind of yours?"

Sometimes it's so easy, I thought to myself. I knew that if I asked mum what she wanted, I would get to tell her what I wanted, and with a little luck, all my fantasies would get acted out. I lay there for a couple of seconds, enjoying the feeling as we fucked and then, reaching out and grasping her tits again, I replied.

"For the last 4 months my only desire has been to get you into the sack, although subconsciously, I've wanted to fuck you for years. You and dad weren't exactly quiet in bed were you? Other than that, women, not girls, dressed in school uniform, sexy lingerie, a couple of women, or a mass free for all, things like that." I let my hands slide over my mother's sweat slicked body onto her bottom. I gripped the cheeks tightly, almost lifting her up and down on me. I let one hand wander between her cheeks, caressing the tight skin above her anus, before slowly sliding my index finger over her arsehole, tickling the skin.

"God yes," Ruth hissed in my ear, "Stick your finger up my arse!" I pushed, feeling the ring of her anus contracting to let my finger in. I could feel my prick through the membrane, it felt very odd. I pushed further, up to the knuckle, then began thrusting it in and out in time with my prick. Ruth came, trapping my finger in her. I could feel her cunt muscles working on my prick, but I was determined not to cum yet.

"Do you want me to fuck you up the arse?"

"Yes, yes, just do it, now quickly!" Ruth nearly leapt off me in her haste to change position. As I got on my knees behind her, I realised what an interesting 12 hours it had been. Not only had I seduced my own mother, I had got a blowjob, a couple of wild fucks with the promise of more to come, but now I was about to get my first anal fuck. Isn't life wonderful!

My dick was still wet with my mother's cunt juices, so I didn’t bother about lubrication. I looked down at her backside. Her cunt lips were red and swollen, and she was playing with her clitoris as she knelt before me. I pushed my dickhead against the brown ring of her arse and pushed. The head of my dick slipped in, and Ruth groaned in delight. It felt hotter and tighter than any cunt I had ever known. My mother began pushing back at me, and slowly, my whole length entered her. I grabbed hold of her hips and slowly began pumping in and out. The feeling of friction was amazing, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last long. I increased my speed, my balls slamming against her pussy. Even with her head buried in the pillows, I could hear my mother's cries of ecstasy, in rhythm with my ever increasing pace.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, cum in me, do it, do it DO IT!" She had three fingers buried up her cunt, frigging herself as I fucked her arse. I could feel the familiar sensation starting in my balls that meant I was near to cumming. I speeded up even more, the sounds of our flesh slapping together drowning out my mother's cries. My balls were wet from her cunt juices. I came, filling my mother's arse with my spunk. The release was so great I shouted out, and I collapsed onto my mother and her knees slipped out from under her as she shuddered through her own orgasm. Still embedded in her arse, I lay on top of her, kissing her neck and shoulders, tasting the salty tang of the sweat on her skin.

Suddenly I caught sight of a movement out of the corner of my eye. Looking round, I saw my girlfriend Emma stood in the doorway. She had returned from her self-imposed exile, which we had arranged so I would have a free 'crack' at my mother. Her skirt was bunched round her waist, and her long, white stocking clad legs were splayed apart. Her hand was stuffed down her panties and she had been wanking herself, whilst watching her boyfriend fuck his mother up the arse. I could see her nipples straining through the fabric of her dress, and her flushed expression told me that she too had orgasmed. As I watched, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt, and licked her sweet tasting juice off them. Then, blowing me a kiss, she quietly walked away.

Beneath me, my mother groaned. "Get off me, I can't breath!" I swiftly pulled my shrinking dick out of her, and rolled off. She grabbed hold of the back of my head, and kissed me, her tongue twisting round mine. "Bloody hell, I thought last night was good, but that was even better. I'm not surprised your Emma has always got a smile on her face. When is she coming back, I want her to be the second woman in your fantasy."

I considered calling out to Emma, and then spending the whole day in a huge fuck fest with both of them. But I had other plans. Both of them had now told me that they wanted to fuck each other, but they didn't know that the feeling was reciprocated. I could therefore watch them both flirt with each other, and see how long it would last before one of them snapped.

I staggered off to the bathroom for a shower. After, as I brushed my hair, I smiled to myself in the mirror. Yup, life is good! I wandered back down the corridor on my way to my own room. My mother had fallen asleep on the duvet. I could still see the spunk dripping out of her arse and down over her buttocks onto the bed. Under my towel, my cock twitched. Reaching my room, I opened the door to see Emma lying on my bed, ramming her dildo up herself. My cock sprung to life, and my towel hit the floor.

"Don't just stand there," Emma gasped, "Quick, fuck me now." I knelt between her legs and pulled the wet dildo out of her cunt. Grabbing her calves, I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and slid my cock over the lips of her pussy, and then slowly pushed it into her hot hole.

"Morning," I said with a grin, "miss me?"

"You and your incestuous cock" Emma replied, humping her hips under me. "I think you owe me at least four orgasms, so get fucking!"

I sat back on my haunches and, holding her thighs against my chest, began to fuck her. I let one hand slide up Emma's leg, and began to rub my thumb over her clitoris as I told her exactly what had happened between my mum and me. Retelling the sordid tale made us both over excited, but I managed to make Emma cum three times before I shot my spunk up her.

After I got my breath back, I explained that I was going to take her, and my mum, down to the beach for the day.

Two hours later saw us laying towels down on the pebbles of Brighton beach. Both women were dressed quite conservatively in shorts and shirts, and I waited in eager anticipation for the 'strip show' to begin as they revealed their swim wear. British television doesn't show anything really erotic, let alone real porn, but one of the satellite channels shows imported programmes from America of models stripping down to their underwear. I find this very sexy, and now I had my own version live in front of me! Emma went first, pulling her shirt up over her head to reveal first her washboard flat stomach, and then her tits, straining out of a small white bikini halter-top. Then, looking my mother in the eye, she lowered her shorts to reveal a matching white thong bikini bottom that was cut high on her hips, accentuating the length of her legs. The crotch was pulled tight, and I could see a few pubes escaping round the material. As if that wasn't enough, Emma then turned round and bent over from the waist to adjust her towel on the ground. The back of her swimsuit was just a thin piece of material that vanished between the cheeks of her arse. I heard mum gasp with pleasure. I was getting another hard on, and when Emma straightened up, her nipples were poking through the material of her top. She licked her lips suggestively, and sat down.

I could feel the sexual tension in the air as my mum began to unbutton her blouse. Her top must have been at least two sizes too small, as her tits spilled out all round the tiny scraps of material, hardly covering her nipples. She turned her back on us as she lowered her shorts. Her swimsuit bottoms reminded me of a pair of 'French Knickers', but cut high at the front and displaying the lower half of each perfectly rounded buttock. By now I was lying on my stomach to hide my hard cock as both my mother and my girlfriend flaunted themselves.

Like any beach in high summer, Brighton beach was full of attractive women in tiny swimsuits. It may not be Copacobana, or even Cancun, but the display of tanned flesh was turning me on. Suddenly Ruth sat up.

"This top is too tight, I'm gonna take it off." With that, she undid the clasp on her top and her breasts, the ones I had caressed and sucked only hours before, sprung free. "It feels nice to get a breeze on my boobs once in a while, don't you agree Emma?"

Emma's nipples were sticking out like thimbles as she stared at my mother's tits. "Oh I agree", she said as she pulled her own top off. "But be careful they don't get burnt in the sun."

"Good thinking," my mum replied. "I'll put some cream on them." With that, she picked up her bottle of sun cream and squirted some on her wonderful tits.

Dear God, I thought, that looks like someone has cum on her tits! Ruth giggled as she rubbed the cream in, looking at Emma as she did it. Without breaking her gaze, Emma picked up her own oil and began to massage oil into her own tits. These two women were flirting with each other in front of me. I was so turned on I had either to cum there and then, which would be both embarrassing, and could get me into serious trouble if anyone else saw, or get up and go for a swim. I chose the latter and, carrying a towel to hide my erection, staggered down the beach into the sea. The icy water quickly deflated my hard on and I swam for 5 minutes or so, then I glanced up the beach and my erection returned with a vengeance. Ruth was lying on her stomach on a towel whilst Emma knelt over her rubbing sun cream into her legs.

As I watched, Emma's hands slid higher until she was massaging, no caressing, the tops of my mother's thighs. Up to my chest in the water, I began to rub my dick as I saw Emma slide her hands under the fabric of my mother's bikini and onto the cheeks of her arse. She spread her legs and raised her hips up to give my girlfriend better access to her pussy. (Later Emma told me that my mother was so wet, she slipped three fingers right into her cunt, and as soon as she stuck her oil covered thumb up her arse, she shuddered to an orgasm.) The sight of my mother writhing under my girlfriend's fingers was enough to make me cum into the water. By the time I walked back up the beach a few minutes later, having swam around, trying to get rid of the trail of sperm, the two women were lying side by side, laughing and joking as if nothing had happened.

I couldn't wait to get these two women home. It was going to be a long, but enjoyable night!

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