How to Dom Your Mom


Gail shook her head. "No, I need to do this by myself. I would like it if you were in the house, though, you know, just in case."

"Of course, Mom! You'll tell him tonight. I'll be here for you during, in case you need me, and after, when I know you'll need me."

Gail started crying. Stephen hugged her and let her cry for a moment. Then he said, "C'mon, I'll help with dinner." He stood up and reached for his mother's hand.


Stephen heard his dad yelling and slamming things around in the bedroom. He knew his mom was in the kitchen, so he wasn't worried about her physical safety. Still, he stayed close. Finally, his dad came out of the bedroom with his hands full of bags. Frank looked like a child who's favorite toy had been taken away. He looked Stephen up and down and sneered, "I guess you're taking her side in this!"

Stephen went and opened the front door. "Here," he said, "let me help you out."

Frank yelled back over his shoulder, "You'll be sorry, Gail! After you've regained your senses and want to come crawling back, well, I might just not be there to take you back!" He slammed the door closed behind him.

Stephen went to his Mom. He tenderly took her hands in his and said, "Mom, I'm going to draw you a bath and you are going to relax in it for as long as you want. Come."

Gail stood, smiling shyly at her son and soon-to-be lover. She followed Stephen to the bedroom, which now had clothes flung everywhere. Stephen said, "I'll take care of this while you're in the bath. Just let me get it started."

Stephen set the bathtub to filling and poured in some bath salts he found. He went back into the bedroom and stopped in front of his mom. He took her hands and lifted her to standing. He kissed her so sweetly she thought her heart would overflow. He cradled her face in his hands and looked deeply into her eyes. He said, slowly, with great feeling, "Mother. Lover. Mine."

He kissed her again, hungrily. She felt overwhelmed with desire. He slipped his hands down to her waist and then back up again, taking her blouse with them. He pulled it off her arms and threw it on a pile. Then his hands swept back down her body again, this time taking her skirt with them. She stepped out of it after it hit the floor.

He stepped back to look at her. His eyes darkened with desire and he growled. He stepped closer again, pulling her back to him so she could feel what she did to him. He ground his erection against her belly and she whimpered.

Quickly, he unclasped her bra and threw it away from them, then swept her panties away as well. Stephen said, "You're so beautiful!" in a voice full of reverence.

He picked her up and took her into the bathroom. He helped her step into the bathtub and told her to take as long as she wanted. Then he went back into the master bedroom and looked with disgust at the mess his dad had made. He gathered everything up, hanging up the stuff still on hangers, and took everything else to the laundry room. He grabbed up fresh clean bedding and went back to the bedroom. "This will be ours now," he thought with a smile. He removed the old bedding and put the new on.

His mother came back into the bedroom, looking pleased at his work. She had her hair up in a towel and her body wrapped in another. Stephen asked her, "Are you cold?"

When she said no, he said, "If you're not cold then there's no reason to cover up, is there?"

Gail shook her head again and slowly moved her hands up to untuck the towel and let it fall to the floor. She stood there, head down slightly. Still she was able to see his cock press itself against his jeans. She walked towards him--she wanted to undress him and serve him as he had just done for her.

Stephen let his naked mother pull his shirt up and off, then unzip his jeans and remove them. She knelt and pulled down his boxers, gasping at the sight of his beautiful cock practically lunging for her. Stephen stepped out of his boxers and away from his mom. He knew what she had in mind. But this night was for her.

He motioned towards the bed. "Come and lay down, Mother." When she did, he asked her, "Do you trust me? Completely?"

"Of course, Stephen!"

He brought out some scarves he had found earlier. He tied one around her wrists and then tied her wrists to the bed. He looked down at her beautiful face. "Still trust me, Mom?"

Gail looked back at her son with such an expression of adoration, it took his breath away. She nodded, "Uh, huh."

Stephen took another scarf and tied it around his mother's eyes. Again, he asked her, "Still trust me?"

Gail nodded, sighing deeply. He recognized that she was relaxing into the bondage, trusting him to please her and push her. He had hoped for that, but wasn't sure she would submit so fully so soon. He was so absurdly proud of her submission to him. "What a treasure you are, Mother!"

Stephen bent to kiss his mother, at first sweet, then turning hungry. His hands began roaming the landscape of his mother's soft, sweet body. He was on a disbelieving high that he was seeing her, touching her like this.

Stephen kissed his mother's neck and down her chest towards her breasts. He used his fingers to trace circles around one breast while flicking the nipple of the other with his tongue. His mother's moans encouraged him. He palmed one breast, glorying in the lush feel of the soft flesh, while he gorged himself on the other, suckling at the breast that had nourished him as an infant.

He used his free hand to sweep across his mother's belly, slowly, back and forth, lower and lower, until he reached the soft tangle of curls above her pussy. He played with the curls there while he kissed his way down her body.

Stephen settled himself on the bed between his mother's wide-spread legs. He pushed his nose into her pussy, inhaling her musk. The smell drove him wild. The shocking licentiousness of the act made Gail gasp and clutch at her silken bonds. She held her breath--she had no idea what he might do next.

He licked her wetness away, though not as fast as it was replaced. He smoothed his hands along her inner thighs, then brought them together between her legs. He rubbed along her lips with a finger of each hand, then pushed one finger inside her. With his tongue, Stephen licked his mother's clit while he fucked her with a finger. He felt her tense up and heard her cries get higher-pitched, so he stopped. He pulled back. He looked at his mother and was devilishly delighted at the look of confusion on her face. He let the moment draw out and watched as she turned pouty. "Stephen, aren't you going to ...." She trailed off, embarrassed.

"I don't know, Mom. Aren't I going to what?"

"Oh, Stephen!" He watched as his mother blushed prettily. "You know!" she said.

"Do I?" Stephen was enjoying this immensely. Time to push, he thought. "I don't think I do. I think you need to tell me." She didn't answer immediately, so he pushed harder, saying in a commanding voice, "Say the words, Mom."

His mother's blush spread down her chest, but she spoke. "Aren't you going to... to make me...come?"

"Oh, is that what you want?" She nodded. "Tell me how you want me to make you come, Mother."

"Stephen! I can't! I can't say those dirty words. I'm not that kind...."

"Mother, think about our situation. I've tied you up. I, your son, am going to fuck you. You want me to do it. But you're not the kind to say a few dirty words?" Stephen smiled. He pulled the blindfold from his mother's eyes and stared into them intently. "Mother, you are that kind. You are a dirty slut who can say and do anything she wants. Anything her son and lover commands. You are a slut--for me!"

Gail saw the love, the lust, the domination, the ownership that Stephen felt towards her. His words had a cathartic effect on Gail. She felt herself changing. She didn't have to be dried up, cramped in, constrained Old Gail. She could be a free, wanton slut for her son if it made him happy and her feel good. And it did.

The New Gail smiled broadly. "I am a slut for you, my love. Fuck me, please?"

Stephen's breathing hitched as he heard his mother accept herself and their relationship. He reached up and untied her hands and immediately her hands went to his face, caressing it, loving his neck, shoulders, chest with her hands. He stretched out atop her, kissing her wildly, passionately. He rolled them over, so that she was atop him. She sat up and positioned her pussy above her son's cock. She reached down and guided him into herself, slowly lowering her body. She sighed as her pussy stretched to accommodate him. She raised back up and slid back down, farther this time. She gasped as she felt him filling her up. It felt so good, she began to buck up and down on his cock, fucking herself with it.

Stephen groaned at the delightful torture of his mother slowly using his cock. He was gratified when she began to speed up. He was so excited, though, that he felt he wouldn't be able to hold on long. He grabbed her hips and pounded up into her pussy as she dropped herself down onto him. The grunts and slapping sounds filled the room.

Stephen brushed his thumb across his mother's clit a few times and she exploded with a near-violent orgasm that flooded his pelvis. Her pussy's clenching was the last straw for him and he exploded too, his cum jetting into his mother's pussy over and over.

Gail dropped down over her son's body, completely boneless, gasping for breath. She felt his heart pounding in his chest. "My god!" she exclaimed.

"Exactly!" was Stephen's answer.

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