tagInterracial LoveHow to Dump Your Wife

How to Dump Your Wife

byDirt Man©

As I sat three feet away in the most comfortable chair in our bedroom naked, and stroking my own flesh as a strange black man’s cock pistoned in and out of my wife Christine’s enflamed asshole above her almost bald blond pussy, I couldn’t help but think how we had come to this crossroad in our marriage. True, it had been my idea for her to have sex with another man in front of me. Purely as an educational device for my studies into voyeuristic research on married couples. But half way into the discussion, Christine volunteered her services on the condition that the men I allowed to bed her down be only of the African American persuasion. I was, of course, immediately suspicious, and surprised by her retort.

“Why only African American’s?”

“Well, if you’re going to pimp me out like some common whore, I might as well enjoy it. And black men are well known for having more than their fair share of, shall we say; masculinity.”

Christine’s biting comment at my own endowment at that time while subtle, was nevertheless the truth. I am average in length at six inches, and hard I stand out no better than an asparagus in a cucumber field when compared to the black stranger fucking her doggy style on our marriage bed now. Another thing she’d been right about was that, right now, dressed in sheer black nylons, satin black garter belt, and demi bra, with her face all made up Christine was the best looking whore on the block. Hell, the whole city for that matter. Her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue figure, and face had always turned more than its fair share of heads her way. Which is why I had no trouble finding someone to fulfill both of our fantasies, er my research requirements.

No, the problem wasn’t in finding proper suitors for my wife’s affections; it was finding one that met my own specifications. A single man would never do, as they might become enamored with Christine, and she with them to the point of leaving me behind in the dirt. After all, she’d fallen in lust with the two-headed life like rubber dildo that I’d given her for her 23rd birthday, and I wasn’t about to let that happen with a live dildo. So I put an add in a local swinger’s underground paper:

Husband looking for extremely well built MARRIED black man to service gorgeous white slut wife for husband’s viewing pleasure. E-mail: Dumbledork@stupid.com

I got several responses to my add, and after exchanging a few pictures back and forth set up the first meeting with Jacob, a very safe local black businessman with a wife, two kids, and a recent bill of cleanliness. We met for lunch, and then again later with Christine for dinner for their first meeting. Then drove off towards home for their first real meating before dessert was served with Christine and him in the back seat kissing, and playing touchy feely as they moaned in my ear all the way to our townhouse. I barely got to see his black hand full of my wife’s naked white breast before she dove face first out of sight of my rearview mirror into his lap.

I was at once both jealous, and highly stimulated sexually at this short glimpse of my wife’s perverted side. The sucking sounds of her mouth wrapped around this stranger’s black cock echoed in my mind as I drove, his constant moaning as he grinned back at me in the mirror, letting me know what he thought of Christine’s blow job, did nothing to alleviate my own fears. Christine was still sucking on his cock when I pulled into our garage, closing the door behind us like a coverlet to hide our iniquity. And I almost feinted after getting out of the car and seeing her help him put that huge black cock back into his pants. How she ever got it into her mouth is beyond my comprehension. The damn thing looked like a fisted arm. Okay, so I may be embellishing, but not by much, and I think you get the picture, he was built like a fucking moose. And there was no doubt now that Christine was salivating to be his cow of the evening. I’m sure my face had turned green with envy, then red with unbridled jealousy as I felt the heat rush over my face, and chest.

From that moment on I was consigned to the post of mere watchdog as I followed them into the house, and up to our bed room with his black hand possessively clutched to her tight ass over her thin summer dress. Once in our bedroom I was completely ignored as Christine shrugged out of her dress after Jacob had unbuttoned it. She pulled her panties down, and off then before helping Jacob out of his suit. Once down to his pink, and black silk drawers he let Christine slip them off. Her finger pulling them down to where his engorged, now semi-erect prick jumped out at her face, slapping her in the mouth where she squatted.

“Now that’s what I call a cock,” and she actually sighed just before taking it once again in her mouth to worship. This time in full view of her husband, me.

It was then that I took off all of my own clothes, and pulled the well-cushioned chair close to the bed before sitting down in it to observe everything. My dick was still hard from the car, but I refused to touch myself yet, as I wanted to time my first cum with his big black cock entering her little white pussy, and stretching it out properly. To hell with the consequences, it was too late to turn back now.

Christine could barely get the first six thick inches of Jacob’s cock past her painted red lips before gagging. But what she couldn’t swallow, she tongued, tickled, or alternately caressed with her fingers. When the damn thing wasn’t in her mouth, she was rubbing it all over her face, neck, chest, and even in her hair as if helping to mark its territory. To say that her sluttish behavior was equal to that of any highly skilled porn queen would have been an understatement of the century. Let me just say that the contrast between her platinum blondness next to his onyx blackness looked as sinfully evil, and commandingly raunchy as anything I’d ever seen in a two bit peep booth. Together they were more than erotic, they were nearly inhuman, and beyond earthly in nature. Almost demonic, and angelic forces satirized in a spiraling matrix of adulterous fornication.

When his dick was a throbbing hard ebony steel rod, Christine stood up, and climbed onto our bed laying down on her back with knees raised, and opened wide in supplication. Her arms outstretched begging him to take her.

Jacob’s head turned, and he looked down on me then; “Is this what you truly want?”

“Yes,” it came out as if I were hissing, but I almost choked on it.

“And you, Christine, what do you want?” Jacob said still looking at me.

“I want your big black cock to fuck me comatose,” her voice as brazen as I’d ever heard it for me, now given to him with a husky tenor that sent chills up and down my spin as the smile that spread across his face ridiculed me for the cuckold I was about to become.

I could easily have left right then in total disgust, but the truth was, I was so turned on by what was happening that a bull elephant couldn’t have dragged me out of the house right then. And as I took hold of my cock at last, Jacob turned, and crawled up onto our bed right between my wife’s spread thighs. His cock like a hanging log between his legs closed in on the most perfect pussy in the whole world. Until at last the head of his battering ram lay snug up against my wife’s pristine slice of heaven.

“Please, don’t tease me, Jacob,” Christine begged, “I need to feel it stretching me out like no other cock ever has before.”

I can’t really explain it, but somehow that evil grin on his face, like a beacon from a lighthouse, suddenly turned demonic in nature just before he bent down to kiss Christine. Her arms, and legs wrapping up around him like white eels tangled in his blackness to pull him into her.

I sat starring with the best view in the house as Christine’s right hand snaked down in between them to grab hold of that behemoth like prick to guide it right into her little nest. The lips of her slit opened like a flower in full bloom dripped with her excitement as Jacob gave a little grunt, and shoved the head of his monster into that potent portal. Immediately Christine’s pussy puffed out as it was stretched to its limits of elasticity. Her moans more like a growling insistent cry for more, instead of one complaining of the pain.


Jacob held himself suspended over top of Christine for a minute allowing my wife’s body to get used to having that pulled apart feeling his prick was most surely making her feel. I came then, realizing that my gorgeous wife’s cunt had a big black dick sticking out of it for the first time in our married life. The sight so unimaginably horrific, and spellbinding as to induce me to a state of euphoria unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, and making my prick ejaculate like a volcano all over the front of me. And as my cock erupted I watched in complete awe as Christine’s ass squirmed while Jacob’s cock slid slowly, inch by torturous inch into her love cave. In moments his tennis sized balls settled on Christine’s upturned ass.

“Oh fuck YES!” My wife screamed out in pleasure. And there was no doubt in my mind that her sultry voice indicated pleasure, as I had heard this before, though not recently.

Christine had never been one to become a slab of meat on a table when it came to sex, and I watched transfixed with a perpetual hardon as she undulated under the power of a stranger’s hard throbbing black dick tightly packed into her pulsating white well lathered quim. With every outward motion of that prick her pussy lips were tugged outward looking as if they were trying to pull it back in, not allowing it to escape. And every inward thrust looked like a meteorite hitting a planet’s surface as her flesh was pushed in towards her abused center by that cock like a balloon being poked at. A more nastier, sinisterly raunchy sight than I could have ever imagined on my own was taking place only three feet away with my wife, and another man.

I was so jealous, and turned on that I was beside myself with both grief, and sexual tension as that mammoth slab of black meat began to steadily pound in and out of Christine’s white wet pussy as if it owned her body and soul.

“I... I’m cum... ing!” Came out of Christine more like a muffled groan as his thick lips once again pressed against hers, and held her suspended over a chasm of eternal orgasmic bliss.

A chilled draft scurried up and down my flesh then as another man made my wife cum, and cum hard at that. Her body shaking as if in an epileptic fit as Jacob manipulated her flesh like a true maestro conducting a symphony. His hands caressing, fingers tweaking at her nipples, pulling at the strained gelatinous mountains on her chest, or squeezing, and dipping a finger into her puckered asshole. His hips rising, and falling, his large massive cock sliding in and out of her pussy, and their lips still glued together as his tongue tickled her tonsils.

A sheen of moisture developed on their skin from their exertions adding another dimension to this sight seeing tour of the overly erotic. Their bodies now as slick as any oil-wrestling match gave definition, and depth to their working, and straining muscles. And I alone was the benefactor of this erotic overture. And it was I alone who would enjoy the eternally damning mind pictures of this insane coupling that I had provoked.

Like an old turntable record that when scratched repeats itself over, and over again Jacob brought Christine to one tumultuous orgasm after another for the next hour and a half before at last releasing his own pent up lust into her quivering vortex. I was suddenly struck with the thought; ‘What if his discharge got her pregnant?’ And my cock erupted once again all over me as I saw their co-mingled elixir seep out around their insidious connection to dribble downward tear like along my wife’s ass to the bedspread under her. At last I could breath normally. It was over.

A quick look down at myself had me chuckling at the mess I’d made. I had cum dripping from my chin, and splattered all over my chest and abdomen like a thick opaque creamy glazing on a donut. When I looked up again Jacob’s cock was being pulled out of my wife’s pussy. Her twat all stretched out refused to shrink immediately was looking like a huge cave filled to overflowing with their combined slimy sin. Both were panting heavily as they tried to catch their breaths.

“Stop starring at us, and go fix us a couple of drinks,” Christine sneered at me, “some of the Chardonnay for me.”

“Just a cold beer for me,” Jacob put in. His grin even wider than before, if that was possible, made me feel suddenly dirty, as if having rolled around in a pigsty.

I hurried out of the room still naked, and made my way down to the kitchen to retrieve our refreshments, including a beer for myself. But when I returned upstairs I found my bedroom door shut, and locked.

“Go away, we’ve decided to take a short nap instead,” Christine called out in return to my insistent rapping, gently tapping, at my bedchamber door. “You can come back in a couple hours after we’ve rested, and recuperated. But don’t clean up. I want you to stay just the way you are, sweetie.”

Why was I suddenly worried that I had become a pawn in my wife’s living fantasy trip? I mean, she’d never taken an aggressive demeanor in our sexual relationship before tonight. But then again, she’d never fucked another man since our wedding day either, and a black man at that. And I remembered that her one condition for undertaking this research in the first place had been that it be a black man, and only a black man that would be allowed to have sex with her while I watched.

I went back to the stairway, and sat down to think. Then drinking first my own beer, then Jacob’s before turning to Christine’s wine. Eventually I heard them stirring in the bedroom, and got up to take the empties back to the kitchen for refills before returning upstairs again. The bedroom door just slightly ajar, but definitely no longer locked to keep me out. And that’s when I found them on the bed with Jacob’s big black cock lodge all the way up Christine’s fine tight white ass as he slowly fucked her doggy fashion.

“Well baby?” Christine cooed, rocking fore, and aft in conjunction with Jacob’s thrusting movements. “Isn’t this what you really wanted to see. A real man taking your wife the way you never could? Oh yes, I see by your hardon that I’m right. You really do love having me act slutty, and giving away my body like some common whore for this strange black man, don’t you?”

I could only nod as if hypnotized by her voice, and her actions. But she was right, I did enjoy seeing her this way, and more than I would have otherwise honestly admitted even to myself. My wife was letting Jacob’s black cock have what she’d never allowed me to take, her asshole. And my jealousy knew no bounds as I stood there frozen, my prick throbbing in front of me, holding our drinks in my hands while some stranger’s big black cock fucked my wife up the ass like some mongrel bitch.

“I’m glad to hear it, uhn, because Jacob says, uhn, that he has a couple of black friends, uhn, that he wants me to get acquainted with this weekend. Uhn. And I told him that we’d love to have them over. Oh, uhn, and don’t worry, uhn, they’re married too. You see, uhn, I do think your idea of me fucking, uhn, other men while you watch, oh, was a real winner, ah, after all.”

And that’s when I sat down in the chair again, and putting the drinks down started to stroke my dick to Jacob’s in, and out fucking of my wife’s asshole. The sight was so awesome that I was completely mesmerized by seeing a big black cock stroking in and out of Christine’s white ass over and over again that way. And Christine’s moaning, and groaning had me on the edge of jealousy’s seat the whole time, as she seemed to cum over, and over again from that black cock plunging up her butt hole.

“Ooooooooooh! Oh yes! Cuming, baby! Cuming!”

I swear Jacob butt fucked her for a good hour steady before at last cuming himself, and giving Christine the sperm enema of all time. She licked his cock clean afterwards, and sucked him to yet another orgasm in the process, but by then my own cock was so warn out from my stroking it, that I no longer cared what the filthy whore did any more.

I packed up, and moved out the next morning taking a few still photos while they were fast asleep with his cock once again lodged up her bung as they slept spooned together on my former marriage bed. We’ve since divorced. I hear she gave birth to an 8lb. 3oz. black baby boy. Jacob proved it wasn’t his with a simple blood test, so she now works on the corner of 3rd, and Bark Lane trying to make ends meet by selling her body $20.00 a pop, I hear, and she turned up HIV positive in her last physical. I guess I should have told her that Jacob had AIDS, but hey, all she specified was that the guy be married, and black, right?

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