tagHow ToHow to Get You to Read My Story, #1

How to Get You to Read My Story, #1


Writer shows how to entice readers to read her stories by using mother and son incest.

There are more than fifty-five thousand writers who contribute stories to Literotica. With all of the stories, tens of thousands of them that appear each year and nearly three hundred thousand stories that appear in Literotica's archives, how do I entice readers to read my story on Literotica? Not an easy thing to do, especially when there are so very many other stories on the site vying for the readers' attention, how do I entice a reader to read my story when there are so very many other stories to read?

Since there are so many other stories to read, why would a reader take the time out of his or her busy life to read my story over another story? Surely, no one has the time or the inclination to sit for hours every day to read every, single, new story that posts on Literotica. Chances are readers will go to their one or two favorite authors and/or categories to read the new stories that posted for that day before scrolling down the new story list and/or searching through the archives hoping to find the story or stories that interest them. With so very many stories on the site, chances are that they won't read my story but someone else's story.

For the time they're looking at the daily list of new stories, wanting to read something good, sexy, and hot, Literotica's pornographic and erotic readers are a captive audience just waiting for my story to grab their attention. Nonetheless, my job as a writer, before they scroll by my story to read someone else's story, I must capture their attention for them to read my story. Either by the title, by the category that the story posts in, and/or by my reputation as a writer, my story must reach out and grab them for them to read it. So how do I do that? How do I entice the reader to read my story?

* * * * *

No matter which category a reader favors, typically, it's the title and the first sentence of the story that grabs the readers' attention, even if it's a category that they don't normally read. Another way of grabbing readers' attention is to make all of my titles as close to 35 letters as possible, the most letters that Literotica allows in the story title. That way, by making my story more noticeable in making my title longer, as if waving to the reader to catch their eye, my story title sticks out past all the other story titles. Tricks of the site, for the same reason as stated above, I also make the description line of the story, the line that appears just beneath the title, as long as Literotica allows too, about 60 characters.

As another way to entice readers to read my story over someone else's story, I could write more pornography. Being that most readers prefer reading pornography over erotica, something to get them sexually aroused enough to masturbate over, I could write more stroke stories, instead of writing more erotic, real stories. Writing pornography over erotica is certainly one way to gain more readership but at the sacrifice of those who prefer reading erotica over pornography. Besides, more difficult and rewarding to write, I much prefer writing erotica than I do pornography.

Since most readers prefer reading incest stories, I could write stories for that one specific category and that one select audience. Whether they are mother/son/father/daughter, sister/brother, grandmother/grandfather/grandson/granddaughter, uncle/aunt/niece/ nephew, and mother-in-law/father-in-law/sister-in-law/brother-in-law stories, incest stories are the most popular stories on the site. Dating back to ancient times, even though there is so much more to writing erotica than writing mother and son incest stories, nonetheless and by far, mother and son incest stories remain the favorite incest stories on the site. Why is that?

Call it Sigmund Freud's Oedipus complex, when a man fantasizes killing his father to have sex with his mother, this one storyline, not necessarily killing one's father but definitely having sex with their mothers, seems to be the favorite fantasy of men. Especially but not necessarily, if their mother is a MILF, a mother I'd like to fuck, men love reading about women that are young, sexy, and beautiful enough with young sons that are old enough to give them hot sex. Ergo, if I wanted to entice readers to read my stories, I could concentrate on that one specific category and on that one niche of writing mother and son stories that show a beautiful, young mother seducing her son or a son having his wicked way with his shapely and sexy mother.

Perhaps it's better that I show the reader than to tell the reader how I can entice a reader to read my stories by writing an incestuous story of a mother seducing her son. Perhaps it's better to give the reader an example of what I mean by writing a short, incestuous scenario of a mother with her son. Below is an example of how to entice readers by using a mother and son incest story.

* * * * *

"Mom, I'm home," said Johnny walking in the front door from his college class. "Mom? Where are you?"

* * * * *

Pornography versus erotica, instead of beginning the story with sex between a mother and her son as a pornographic writer would, conversely as an erotica writer, I first need to introduce my characters with some character development to explain who my characters are and what their motivation is. Already from the first line we know the son's name is Johnny and being that he's home from college class, over 18-years-old, he's old enough to attend college. Different from pornography, erotica uses dialogue, description, imagery, and tension to gain and maintain the readers' interest. Even in a pornographic story that's filled with sex but little else, a reader won't read a story unless he or she feels connected to a story by, at the very least, a character that interests them. Unless the reader just wants to read about sex while masturbating, an undeveloped character won't interest anyone to read the story past the sexual parts.

* * * * *

It was just him and his mother now since his father left them five years ago for his sexy secretary, Jennifer, a woman nearly half his age. If taking her husband suddenly leaving her without warning wasn't difficult enough, leaving her for a woman who was young enough to be his daughter was even more difficult. As if he stuck a knife through her heart and left without so much as looking back to see all that he was leaving behind, her, his son, and the good home that she provided, how dare he do that to them?

Thirty-seven-years-old when her husband left her and now 42-years-old, even though Maureen was an attractive woman, how could she compete against a 24-year-old woman? She couldn't. How could she compete against someone so young and carefree? She couldn't.

How could he do that to her and to her son? Five years later, his secretary isn't even thirty-years-old. He's such a pig. How could he abandon her and his child for sex? Wait until Jennifer dumps him for a younger man.

Wait until Jennifer grows older and gets dumped if not by her husband, then by someone else. Wait until it's her turn to cry with a broken heart. What comes around goes around. Young and beautiful now but that won't protect her from rejection later when she's older and not as good looking then as she is now.

Someone who wasn't weighed down with the responsibility of a husband, a child, and a house, could concentrate all of her attention on him, the man that she stole from Maureen, Johnny's father. As a woman and a as person who has her own wants, needs, and desires, she didn't have that kind of time to dote on her husband in the way that his sexy secretary could. Putting herself in the background while caring for their house and their son, she couldn't just forsake herself for him in the way that some, young, immature, slut of a secretary could. There was no getting her husband back or even wanting him back now after how he humiliated her by cheating on her with another woman and a much younger woman at that. Taking the breakup hard and walking around in a daze as if losing her mind, she's been drinking ever since.

* * * * *

Now that we have a brief glimpse of the mother, we need a brief glimpse of the son. Being that this is an incestuous relationship, a mother and son sexual story, chances are that the mother and son will have sex. So now we need to know what motivates them to come together for sex. Why would a mother have sex with her son is more curious than why would a son want to have sex with his mother? Since most sons fantasize about having sex with their mothers at one time or another, it's easier to understand the son's motivation to want to have sex with his mother than it is to understand the mother's motivation to want to have sex with her son. Moreover, normally, with the mother the more mature adult who's more in control of her emotions and with a young son who's eternally horny, it's much easier for a mother to seduce her son than it is for a son to seduce his mother.

* * * * *

"I'm in the kitchen," said his mother leaning against the refrigerator to steady herself while supporting her resolve with a heavy hand on the kitchen counter for what she was about to do.

As soon as Johnny walked in the kitchen, he saw his mother standing in the middle of the room.


"Hi Johnny," she said nervously smiling at him while taking a sip of her drink. "How was your class?"

How was his class? Who cares about college? As if he had seen a ghost, he stopped dead in his tracks. As if he was still sleeping and dreaming or as if he was drunk or high, he questioned his sanity.

As if his sexual fantasy had come to life, immediately he developed an erection. Then when she turned to face him, she gave him a full frontal view of her. As if posing for a Playboy Playmate photo shoot or as if starring in a porn movie, his mother stood there staring at him staring at her. As if he was having his usual fantasy of seeing his mother naked in his dreams, he couldn't believe his eyes. Naked, naked, naked, with nothing but for her wide, bright smile, his mother was standing there naked.

"You're naked," said Johnny talking to his mother's exposed, big breasts.

She looked down at herself obviously to see all that she was showing and all that he was seeing before looking back at him with a face full of sexual excitement.

"Being that you're stating the obvious, I guess that I am naked. It's a good thing that I didn't open the door to get the mail or the newspaper," she said with a laugh while continuing to stare at him staring at her. "I would have given the neighbors quite the show that I'm giving you now."

Never removing his eyes from her nakedness, staring from her breasts down to her pussy, he stared at her body as if trying to remember every curve of his naked mother. Definitely, never forgetting the naked sight of her, he'll be masturbating over this sexy sight of her for years. She must be drunk for her to be standing there in front of him without her clothes. She must be crazy to be standing in front of him naked.

"Why are you naked?"

* * * * *

Why is the mother naked? We don't know. The reader will have to read more of my story to find out why the mother is naked.

With just the appearance of his naked mother and with just the son asking his mother why she's naked, hopefully, I've already hooked the reader to want to know why the mother is naked and to read more of my story. No doubt aroused that a mother is not only naked in front of her son but also that the reader wants to know why the mother is naked in front of her son, the reader feels compelled to read more of the story.

Instead of mother and son just jumping in bed to have incestuous sex, something usually missing from a pornographic story, what happens next is more character buildup to make the reader not only feel the mother's plight but also see the son's incestuous, sexual excitement. The reader won't care about the characters and about the story, unless I show the reader who the mother and son are. Moreover, such a bold move on the part of the mother, still the unanswered question, the readers want to know why Johnny's mother is naked.

* * * * *

Always looking at her as if undressing her with his eyes, today he didn't have to do that. Right here and right now, as if he was dreaming her, she was already naked. Standing before her son without wearing a dress to conceal her beautiful body, she wasn't wearing a blouse or a bra to conceal her C cup breasts, her pink areolas, and her erect nipples. She wasn't wearing panties to cover her trimmed, auburn pussy and/or her round, firm ass. Standing there naked, she wasn't wearing any clothes.

Standing far enough away from her to take her all in with one glance, he looked from her face to stare at her tits and then at her pussy. With his eyes continually moving up and down from her breasts to her pussy as if he was watching a vertical ping pong game, he was as much sexually excited as he was confused. Glad that she was naked, he thought, but why was she naked? No doubt, either she's lost her mind or she must be drunk. Believing the latter than the former and since she was drinking at this time of day, he figured she was drunk.

* * * * *

Building the tension by delaying in telling the reader the reason why his mother greeted him naked, the reader still wants to know why this mother is standing before her son without her clothes. Moreover, now we know that not only is the son interested in seeing his mother naked but also we know that Johnny wants to have sex with his mother. As it so happens, Johnny has been fantasizing over having sex with his mother for five, long, sexually frustrating years, ever since he turned 18-years-old. Being that his mother is standing there without her clothes, it seems inevitable that mother and son will be having incestuous sex. Especially if incest and especially if mother and son incest is something that interests the reader, thus far, I was successful in enticing the reader to read my story.

* * * * *

"We need to talk Johnny," said his mother taking a big sip of her drink for courage before brushing back her long, red, beautiful hair from her bright, blue eyes.

As if she was a new bride and walking up to her husband to give herself to him on her Honeymoon, she walked to her son to offer herself to him. In the way she's done so many times before, she ran her fingers through his red, soft hair and looked deeply in his blue eyes that matched hers. Then, something she's never done before, she gave him more than a motherly kiss on the lips before surprising him by parting his lips with her tongue while pressing her naked body against him to give him a pelvis to pelvis hump of a hug. Something so very inappropriate that a mother should never do with her son, this mother was French kissing her son while naked.

As if he was dreaming her kiss but using everything around him as a reference that he wasn't dreaming, when she put her arm around his neck, he could hear her ice cubes clinking in her glass. When she French kissed him, he could taste the alcohol on her lips and on her tongue. While hugging him, smelling as if she had just emerged from a fragrant bath of exotic, bath oils, the aroma of the mixture of perfume and body wash reminded him of all the times he cracked open her bathroom and bedroom door to peep on her while she was bathing or dressing. Such a familiar scent, as soon as he opened her door to peek at her nakedness, in a rush of steamy fog, he was greeted by the same smells.

The familiar floral smells of his mother made more powerful with her being naked, as well as the feel of his mother's shapely, naked body was intoxicating. Alas and unfortunately, she had been drinking again. He didn't like her as much when she was drinking. Always worrying about her now, especially whenever she was home alone, he was just glad that she was home and not out driving drunk again. He didn't understand how someone so beautiful and so sexy could be so unhappy to be drinking and now to be standing before him naked.

Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't believe his mother was naked. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't remove his eyes from her beautiful, naked body. Naked, naked, naked, wanting to touch her, feel her, and caress her everywhere, he wanted her now more than ever before. All that he could think about was that he was finally seeing his mother naked.

Nonetheless her being naked, he didn't understand why his mother didn't move on and find someone else to take his father's place. Not a happy drunk, he didn't like her when she was drunk. A chore that he didn't mind doing, more than once he had helped her to bed. Never having the courage to undress her, more than once he felt her through her clothes while hoping she was too drunk to notice his inappropriate albeit loving touches of her beautiful, sexy body.

While standing there in the dark watching her sleep, more than once he held her drunken hand to his bulge. Once even, he dared to put his naked cock in her hand. Moving her hand back and forth with his, he had her give him a drunken hand job and stopped just moving her hand before cumming.

So soundly sleeping drunk, he even ran his cock across her lips while imagining his mother sucking him. Involuntarily, he hoped she'd take him in her mouth and suck him but she didn't. More than once, he wished he could strip himself naked and climb in bed bedside her. With his cock buried between her ass cheeks, he imagined spooning her while feeling her big tits and fingering her erect nipples.

His incestuous, sexual fantasy was to undress her on the pretense of putting her bed naked so as not to wrinkle her clothes. He couldn't count the number of times that he masturbated while imagining himself undressing his mother naked for bed. And now, here she is standing in the kitchen naked before him naked. Naked, naked, naked, with his cock aching for her, the incestuous lust that he felt for his mother screamed through his head in the way of a fire alarm. Certainly not needing to undress her for bed now, he could only imagine where he'd touch her when putting her to bed later tonight when she was soundly sleeping.

* * * * *

When developing characters, as part of a character's description and as part of bonding the reader to the story, writers use the five senses, eyes seeing, tongue tasting, hands touching, nose smelling, and ears hearing. Using the five senses connects the reader more to the character. By using the five senses, instead of them just being words on a page, we give characters human traits to make them more real and more believable in the readers' minds. The writer needs to breathe life into the characters so that they won't fall flat and, instead, will move up from the page to become three dimensional in the readers mind.

* * * * *

Unable to control himself with him never having felt his mother's naked body against him before, he returned her kiss before wrapping his arm around his mother's waist to pull her closer and to hug her tighter. A thought he's masturbated over doing many times before, holding and hugging his mother's naked body is something that he never could have imagined the sensation of that he was feeling now. He couldn't believe that he was holding his naked mother in his arms but he was.

He couldn't believe he was French kissing his mother but he was. With a son French kissing his mother, overwhelmed with emotion for his love of his mother, he wanted to help her. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to save her from herself. Only, with his incestuous desire for her getting in his way of ordering her to get dressed, he didn't know how to save his mother from herself or from him.

Overwhelmed with incestuous lust for his mother, putting his sexual needs over her need for psychiatric help, he wanted to make love to her. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to make his mother is sexy bitch who'd give him hot sex anytime he wanted to have hot sex. Maybe now that she was already naked, giving her a real need to see a shrink, he could at least have sex with her before having her see a psychiatrist.

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