tagInterracial LoveHow to Survive a Breakup

How to Survive a Breakup

byIrish Moss©

I was pleased to hear from Neha, but it broke my heart when she told me why she was calling. She'd been dating Manish as long as I'd known her and he had suddenly decided that he was apparently better off without her. I wished there was something I could do for her, but it seemed like she just needed someone to listen and be supportive, so that's what I did. By the time she'd spilled her guts and cried a little bit, she sounded exhausted. I told her that I wished I could be there to give her a hug. She wished I could, too.

We were both quiet for a moment, then I suggested that I could come up for the weekend. She seemed genuinely appreciative of the idea but didn't want me to go to so much trouble. I told her that it wasn't what I would consider trouble; it was what friends did for each other. It's not as though she lived so far away; she was outside of Boston and I was in New Jersey, so it was only about a 5 hour drive. It didn't take much convincing so we agreed that I would arrive on Friday evening. I needed an excuse to get away, anyhow; I'd been working too much and playing too little.

I left work at lunchtime on the following Friday and headed north. I rolled into her driveway probably just ahead of the evening rush and was happy to be off the road. I stepped through her front door and we just hugged for the first few minutes while she spilled a few more tears. Her parents stayed out of the way until I made it all the way into the house, then said hello. We talked briefly before Neha and I disappeared downstairs to watch a movie and eat some pizza. I popped in a comedy that she had rented and she poured us some red wine. We sat together on the couch, eating, drinking, watching and laughing. She seemed to be doing a bit better.

By the time the movie ended, we had eaten all we wanted but were still working on the wine. She had snuggled up against me and, as the credits rolled, she told me how much she appreciated me coming up to help her through this rough time. I told her again that it was what friends did for each other and she replied that there was something else she needed me to do for her. She looked into my blue eyes with her big, beautiful brown ones as her hand dropped to my crotch. I'd wanted to sleep with her almost as long as I'd known her, but she'd always been with Manish, so my cock began to stiffen immediately. She told me that it had been a long, long time since she'd been with anyone aside from Manish and hoped I wouldn't mind showing her what she'd been missing out on. She said, playfully, that it would be a good way to help her recognize that splitting with Manish wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I answered her by lowering my head and pressing my lips against hers. We made out as she continued to rub the bulge in my jeans.

Her hands soon both went to work opening my jeans and she ended up breaking off our kiss to look down as she reached inside and fished out my rigid cock. She commented on it being hard and pink and, although I'd never thought of it being pink, I guess compared to what she'd been stroking and sucking and fucking over the past several years, it would be considered so. Instead of turning her face back to mine to continue making out as she stroked it, she lowered her head and I felt her warm, soft tongue on the head. I quickly worked my jeans and underwear down further as she wrapped her lips around my shaft, then just sat back and enjoyed.

Given her comments about seeing what she'd been missing out on, I was confident that we were on the same page as far as what our expectations were given the new direction we were suddenly heading in. I'd never wanted to date her; I was happy with our friendship, but had always been physically attracted to her. I didn't get the impression that she was looking for someone to take Manish's place right away; she just wanted to explore her newfound freedom. I was pleased to be the one she started her exploration with.

I ran my fingers through her short, black hair as her head bobbed up and down on my tool. Her hot, wet mouth felt outstanding and the fact that she was someone whom I'd wanted for a long time made the pleasure even more incredible. I watched my cock disappear and reappear, relishing the feeling of her mouth and feeling my cock swell as my orgasm quickly approached. I leaned back, trying to relax and just enjoy her blowjob for as long as possible, but the closer my orgasm got, the more difficult it was. She must have sensed that I was getting close, because she really intensified her efforts and I was soon right on the verge of cumming.

When I finally started spewing into her mouth, she never even hesitated; she continued sucking my spurting cock and swallowing my load. I gasped as I came, trying to keep the noise to a minimum because of her parents, while at the same time wanting to let her know that I was experiencing extreme pleasure. I let out a long sigh when I was finally spent and she let my softening cock fall from her mouth. She raised her head and smiled at me while I told her how incredible her cocksucking had been. While she was trying to shrug it off, I asked her if I could do her. She nodded slowly and moved to lay on the couch with her head on the armrest. I tucked my limp noodle away and reached for the waistband of her flannel lounge pants, sliding them down just enough to see what kind of panties she was wearing under them.

When her lacy boy-short panties were fully exposed, I actually felt a twitch in my spent cock. They looked extremely hot, but I could see her dark bush through the thin material and was anxious to get a look at and a taste of it. I grasped the waistband and slowly brought them down to the level of her pants, exposing her smooth lower abs followed by the trim, black hair of her bush. As her pussy was fully exposed, I could feel my cock valiantly trying to recover. I took her panties and pants down the rest of the way together, along her smooth, brown legs, then absently set them aside as I gazed at her pussy.

I moved slowly up between her legs, lowering my head and starting to kiss my way up her inner thighs from about her knees. As soon as my head was close enough, her fingers were in my hair as I kissed my way up to her pussy, admired it briefly, then dove in. I started slurping up her juicy slit, still running my hands up and down her smooth thighs and over her lower abs. When I focused my attention on her clit, I moved one of my hands down and slipped my middle finger up into a snug, slippery slit. I pumped my finger in and out while licking and sucking her clit, my cock gradually recovering from her awesome blowjob. Her breathing was heavy, as though she, too, was trying to control the amount of noise she made. Glancing up, I saw that her eyes were shut, but her mouth was open as her gasping breaths escaped.

The rocking rhythm of her hips dramatically increased around the same time she seemed to be having some trouble preventing a few little moans from escaping. I kept at what I was doing, since it appeared to be having its desired effect. I was delighted that I was able to give her so much pleasure and was thoroughly enjoying myself. Her pussy, plenty juicy to begin with, seemed to be getting wetter and more engorged the longer I tongued her clit and pumped my finger in and out of her. The faster she rocked her hips against my face, the harder time I had keeping my rhythm going, but I did the best I could to just continue stimulating her and driving her toward an orgasm.

She started tensing up, arching her back and ass up off the couch, while holding my head against her pussy. I'm not even sure she was breathing right before she started cumming, but when she finally relaxed, convulsing on the couch, she let out a long, ragged breath. I kept licking and fingering her as long as she continued to cum, which was a nice long time. When she went still and let out a long sigh, she picked my head up and smiled at me. It took a minute or two before she caught her breath enough to tell me that I rock.

I got to my knees between her spread legs and pushed my jeans and underwear down again, my once-again rigid cock springing out. Neha's eyes went briefly wide before she opened her arms, encouraging me to lower myself over her. I guided my cock toward her pussy as I leaned down, supporting myself on one arm until I the head penetrated her slippery lips. Lowering my body over hers, I eased my cock into her snug, slick depths, sucking in my breath at the pleasurable feel of her pussy. By the time I was buried to the hilt, her arms were around me and we were making out passionately. I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her, our bodies and lips pressed tightly together.

She reached around to grasp my ass, not pulling me deeper into her (yet, anyway), just holding it as I slowly thrust into her over and over. I wanted this to last as long as possible, so I was drawing my cock nearly all the way out of her before slowly sliding it back in. Her pussy was snug enough that it gripped my full length while being slick enough that, combined with that grip, I couldn't imagine feeling anything better than fucking her. Gradually, I picked up my pace as she raised her hips to meet each of my incoming thrusts. Incredibly, her pussy seemed to be getting even hotter and wetter the longer I fucked her.

By the time she pulled her lips away from mine to press her face against my shoulder, she had started pulling me deeper into her to meet her rocking hips. She was moaning softly against my shoulder as I fucked her harder and faster, feeling my orgasm building. Her pussy was becoming more and more engorged just as my cock was swelling, both of us on the verge of our second intense orgasm of the night. When she gripped me tightly and bit into my shoulder as she began to shudder, I knew it was safe to let myself go. Before she had finished cumming, I had thrust a few more times and exploded deep into her hot pussy. We continued grinding together, riding out the intense waves of pleasure, until collapsing together, both trying to catch our breath.

I finally rolled off next to Neha, my jeans and underwear at my knees and my limp cock lying on her upper thigh. She was bare from the waist down, her legs spread and cum dripping from her pussy. She suggested that it would be extremely bad if her parents were to walk in on us in this position, so we both got up. We pulled our clothes back on, kissed some more, then cleaned up our mess. With the wine glasses and pizza box put away, Neha headed up to her bedroom while I headed back down to sleep on the futon in the basement. I pulled on a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt, crawled under a blanket and was soon asleep.

The next morning, I heard footsteps on the stairs and rolled over to see Neha entering the room. She announced that her parents had just left for a few hours as she started pulling her shirt over her head. She was braless beneath it and I my cock was rising quickly as I saw her round, full breasts for the first time. I watched them sway, the dark brown nipples pointing at the floor, as she pushed her lounge pants down toward her ankles. She'd discarded the boy-shorts since the night before so, when she straightened up, she was naked. I flipped the blanket back to reveal the tent I was pitching as she crossed closer to me. She grabbed the waistband of my pants and yanked them down while I shed my t-shirt. We were both naked as she crawled onto the futon and straddled me.

As she guided my rigid tool back into her succulent pussy, my hands went immediately to her tits. I don't know which caused her to moan more: my playing with her hard nipples or my cock filling her slick pussy. The soft, smooth flesh of her breasts felt heavenly in my hands, just as the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my cock as she began to slowly ride me was heavenly, as well. She started by bouncing up and down on my cock as I explored her breasts, but gradually began trying different movements before determining which one she liked the best. Rocking her hips forward and back seemed to get her motor running pretty hot, so she did that for a while as I continued fondling her luscious breasts.

With her parents out of the house, she wasn't shy about expressing herself and I could tell she was quickly on the verge of cumming. She straightened up, taking her breasts away from my hands as she tensed up before shuddering again, so I moved my hands to her hips. Once she'd cum, she remained upright and started bouncing up and down on me so, as I held her by the hips, I'd pull her down hard onto me while pushing up further into her. In this position, I was able to see her bouncing tits, her trim, black bush and all of the light brown flesh surrounding them. I could feel myself growing harder as I admired her naked body. She had been supporting herself with both hands on my chest, but moved her hands up first to play with her nipples, then dropped one down to massage her clit.

Under the attention of her fingertips and my cock, she quickly came again, this time nearly collapsing on top of me. She was supporting herself with one hand on each side of my head, hanging her tits right in my face, as she recovered from her second orgasm of the young morning. While working on her nipples with my lips and tongue, I slid my hands around to her ass and went back to forcing my cock deep into her now hot, wet and engorged pussy. My cock was soon swelling, causing her to moan again, and I kept fucking her hard and fast, feeling my orgasm coming on. She recovered enough to push herself down on my thrusting cock and finally drew out my orgasm, as I burst into her with a load of cum. With my cock throbbing inside her, she came once again before actually collapsing on top of me this time.

As my cock shrunk and slipped out of her, riding a slimy wave of cum and pussy nectar, Neha straightened her legs and laid herself on top of me. We kissed, despite our morning breath, and I caressed her ass while we recovered. Eventually, she suggested we go shower together before he parents got home. She led me to the basement bathroom, where there was a large shower stall, and reached in to turn on the water while I admired her naked ass. We stepped in and took turns wetting ourselves down under the spray, then each took a handful of shower gel and began to vigorously lather each other up. Our soapy hands caressed each other's bodies and, by the time we were rinsing off, I know that her tits and ass were much, much cleaner than the rest of her body.

With her short, black hair and my shaggy, blonde hair washed and rinsed, we exited the shower and dried each other off, my rigid cock bouncing in front of me. Once dry, we headed back to the futon where she had me lie on my back before straddling my face. My hands went immediately to her ass as I raised my head slightly to lick her pussy while I felt first her hands, then her mouth on my stiff cock. Coming right from the shower, I was feeling cool, so Neha's mouth felt even hotter as it slid down my shaft. She was pumping the base with one hand as her other gently massaged my balls. Meanwhile, I was licking the flowing juices from her slit while kneading her ass cheeks.

As I focused my tonguing on her clit, I slid one of my hands down and slipped a finger into her dripping pussy. I licked and sucked her clit while pumping a finger in and out of her juicy opening. I felt her slip my cock from her mouth and press it flat against my abdomen before feeling her tongue coursing over my balls. I groaned as she licked and sucked them while still pumping my cock; I knew it wouldn't be long before she was causing me to spew again. At the same time, I could feel her pussy becoming more and more engorged the longer I tongued and fingered her.

When she wrapped her lips around my tool again and slid them down to the base, I could feel my orgasm building and my cock swelling even more. I continued driving her toward her orgasm while enjoying the slow build of my own. We reached a point where we were both continually moaning and the vibrations from her moaning as she sucked my cock were outrageous. She let my cock fall from her mouth for one particularly loud moan and I felt a shudder pass through her. I kept licking, sucking and fingering as she rode out her orgasm, then let my head fall back as she started sucking my cock again.

Rejuvenated by her orgasm, Neha vigorously sucked my cock while pumping the base as I raised my hips to thrust into her hot mouth. I slid my hands down to fondle her dangling breasts, her nipples hard against my palms. She deftly prolonged the pleasure I was feeling for as long as I could stand it, her mouth moving up and down my shaft. Finally, in a pleasurable explosion, I unloaded into her mouth. She nursed my shrinking erection before eventually rolling off to my side as we lay recovering once again.

Once we'd caught our breath, Neha dashed off upstairs to get dressed while I did the same down in the basement. We met up in the kitchen where we were having coffee and a late breakfast when her parents returned home. Once we were fueled up, Neha took me out to show me the sights around Boston. We visited some historic places, some not-so-historic places and enjoyed some good food and drinks. We also decided that I would need to visit again when the weather was a bit warmer so that she could wear a short skirt with either nothing or a brief g-string on under it, which would allow us to have sex all over the city.

Her parents were still home when we'd finally had enough and headed back to her house, but they were getting ready to head out for the night. When Neha went to use the bathroom, her parents told me in hushed tones how much they appreciated me coming to visit. They told me that they hadn't seen Neha smile at all in the last few days but that she hadn't seemed to stop smiling since I'd arrived. I told them the same thing I'd told her, that it was just something that friends did for each other. Her mom then gave me a big hug and her dad shook my hand very firmly. If only they knew, they might not think so highly of me.

Once we'd seen her parents drive out of the garage and down the street, Neha told me one of the benefits of her parents thinking of me only as one of her friends and nothing more. She said that had it been Manish visiting while they'd been dating, first of all they never would have spent the amount of time we had downstairs the previous night without constant interruptions as they were checked up on. Second, she said that wherever her parents had gone that night, she and Manish would have been going with them. That way not only wouldn't they be home alone together, but they also wouldn't be able to sneak back home while her parents were out. Finally, she said, her parents had never allowed Manish up to her bedroom; in all the years they dated, he'd never seen it. She continued that it was very likely that her parents wouldn't condone me seeing her room either, but, since they had gone out, she was not only going to take me up there, but we were going to do things up there that she had never done in her own bedroom. With that, she led me upstairs.

Standing in her bedroom, beside her large bed, she asked me if I could believe that she had never gotten laid in her own bed before. I responded that she'd be accomplishing more than getting laid before we were finished. We kissed briefly but passionately before starting to undress each other. I stripped her down to her bra and panties, wanting to see her wearing only that since I hadn't yet. Similarly, she stripped me down to my briefs and we admired each other's physiques before continuing to undress each other. I unfastened her bra and fondled her luscious tits again as she massaged the large bulge in the front of my briefs. She then took my briefs down, my rigid cock springing out. She pumped it and licked the head briefly before standing again. I took her panties down and also briefly buried my tongue in her bush before standing again.

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