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How to Write Interracial Cuckoldry Stories


I am taking the time to write this to help other writers that find themselves drawn to interracial cuckoldry as a central theme. If you are like me, you find the theme of cuckoldry to be strongly erotic, especially when interwoven with black men and white wives. Why this combination in particular? Perhaps it is the vision of a thick black cock being nursed by the soft pink lips of a white woman. It could be a (in a fantasy world, but sometimes in the real one too) primal thought that black men are hung thicker and longer than others. Or, perhaps it is just that it was so taboo for so long, and taboo things are always charged with a touch more erotic electricity. Whatever the reason that you are into this theme, this how to is for you (especially if you have been a lurker for a while and are considering writing your first erotic story).

The first and foremost thing to understand about writing any erotic story with interracial sex, and especially black into white (BiW) interracial cuckoldry as a theme, is that writing stories with these themes WILL bring a fair portion of hate feedback, and negative ratings from a few people. Every story I have submitted with a BiW cuckold theme has elicited a bunch of racist-filled rants of hate messages in response. These comments are different from criticism, and share nothing with such. These messages are from people who hate the theme, not merely the writing. There's even one guy that sends me the occasional message to let me know that he is taking the time to rate my stories as low as possible over and over.

Why do these people read stories in a theme that they apparently hate? I'll never understand that one. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered to even attempt to try! Why would that 'fan', that keeps writing me to let me know that he's taking advantage of the openness of Literotica's voting system by repeatedly rating my stories as low as he can, think I care about the ratings? All I can take from his obsession with trying to lower the rating is that he has a repressed desire, maybe even bordering on self loathing, to be cuckolded. Why else would he keep reading these stories?

It's really a strange phenomenon, this hated based feedback. Every one of my stories spells out that interracial cuckoldry will be the main theme in the opening paragraph, before the story even begins. Yet they are out there; a group of people that, apparently, take the time to read stories in a theme that they find totally objectionable. It's laughable to me that they think I give a shit about their hate mail. I most assuredly can tell you, I do not! Neither should you, as a potential writer.

I know of at least one writer on Literotica that seems to have left the site due to the abuse of feedback, and I think the site suffers for lack of her writing. It's sad, really, that a few idiots (and it isn't more than a couple) have managed to damage the community in this way.

The bottom line for the writer of BiW stories of this nature is that there will be a bunch of feedback emails that you'll have to take the time to throw away. The only other drawback is that your stories are likely to be saddled with a few people throwing bad ratings at them because they hate the theme.

Personally I think the Literotica community would be better served if one had to be a registered member and logged in to post comments, feedback, or place ratings on stories. Additionally, there could be a limit of one each per member to a given story. That would serve both the desire to have feedback, and make abuse of the system less likely.

Now that that is out of the way . . .

As you read through BiW cuckoldry stories you will see that there are several sub-themes that go hand in hand with the main theme. Some of the important ones are (but not limited to):

1. Humiliation, that has an erotic element

2. Prowess of the black lover, including his size, abilities, and new places he brings the white wife

3. Reluctance, initially, of the wife to try a black lover

4. Feelings on the part of the wife, both that grow for her new lover and change for the husband

5. Claiming of the wife by the black lover, this can include anything that shows his dominance over the husband with the wife. It can be anything, changes in clothes, 'marking' the wife, and especially intentionally trying to get the wife pregnant

These are just broad strokes from which you might draw inspiration for your story. They make up the framework of most BiW cuckoldry stories. The key to making your story special is to develop new twists while keeping the classic components that fans of the theme enjoy.

In general, I think a good BiW cuckoldry story ought to take more time than less to unravel. By taking your time an letting the story release slower you can really dwell on the details. This is especially true for your first couple of stories, because there's probably a great deal more detail in your mind than you've captured on the page.

How do the various characters feel about the situation? I am a big proponent of expounding on the emotional state of the characters, as well as how they all feel about the web that they are involved in. I think that this is underutilized part of stories in the BiW cuckoldry theme.

Are your descriptions of the people and environment fresh, or generic? This can be difficult because it seems like it has all been written before. But you should try to find new descriptions as much as possible.

Does the story seem plausible? It doesn't have to sound likely, but could some odd set of circumstances make the story potentially happen? This is be a key that can make your story more erotic.

There are plenty of cuckoldry stories that rush right through the basics in just a page. But how much character development is there? I'm not against a shorter story. But, when you are writing your first couple of stories there is a real benefit in taking the time to get more on the page instead of less. You can always edit if your work is needlessly verbose.

Personally, I don't like to make outlines to write erotica. That's just my preference. But outlines do help many writers guide their stories, and you might consider writing one. I would wait until you've got a few pages written before bothering with an outline. The main reason for this is that I think outlines can make a writer constrained and thereby a bit mechanical and ultimately the story can seem forced. I like the idea of having a few pages, then consider writing an outline based on what your creative juices came up with. I think that it could lead to a more imaginative story, which might lead to new and interesting places.

Whether you choose to outline or not, you ought to have a general direction in mind for your story - a destination. How long your character's journey takes is up to you. But having an end in mind can help shape your story and keep you from the problematic 'red herrings' that can dog a longer story.

In the end a BiW cuckoldry story, and any cuckoldry story for that matter, usually ends up with either the husband and wife reconciling back in to a primarily monogamous relationship (in an offshoot of which she might retain the option for the occasional tryst), or the wife falls in love with the lover over her feelings for her husband and leaves the husband. This is not to suggest that these are the only possible endings, merely the most common. But as the relationship between the wife and lover grows there is a natural eventuality that one of these scenarios is the final outcome.

I hope that you found these guidelines helpful, and that you'll be ignoring and throwing away idiots feedback in no time!

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