tagLesbian SexHow We Came

How We Came


My mind just couldn't be still so I awoke to find it was only the early hours of the morning. The very beginning of the day is always the quietest, and it's usually where the thoughts become loudest.

I lay in the dark listening to the vastness of the pillow, thinking up conversations. I can hear every drop of rain on the roof as I lay. Sounding like a rolling pelt of stars falling gently from the night sky. Mostly in moments like this I think about conversations and ideas.. but it's you.

It was a thick on the day that I met you for the first time; hot and humid. We had talked and where I typically don't give people chances, I decided to give you one. I arrived to our meeting place early due to the excitement of newness. Previously, I told myself I wouldn't date another woman but I met you and felt a connection, so I decided to see what you were about before I lived a very straight life. I listened to this very same rain as I sat there. I followed the drops rolling down the windows of my car with the bend of my pointer finger, with no thoughts. I don't remember much else from that night.. other than the shape of your lips and your eyelashes as we sat across from each other talking like we were old friends. You have a round face so sweet and distinct, I hope I'd never miss a day without it. Intoxicatingly beautiful eyes surrounded by full lashes, with flat eyebrows that contrast with the curves of your lips and the softness of your nose. I'd compare to Christina Ricci a little. I watch as you laugh and admire everything down to your teeth; your laughter is distinct but something I've heard before. Pleasant to my ears. I wanted to kiss you there and make love to your body. Seems like yesterday.

The rain has lifted.

I hear my inhales and exhales with my eyes closed, I roll to my back, and I run my fingers on the top of my stomach and feel the bottom of my ribcage.

I go back to the night we spent in a far away town and how I was adamant to go. Seemed so quick, we had only just met. Too soon, too much. But something told me to go. Now I see you on your knees in front of me as I'm laying on my back with my legs up and bent on either side of you. I can still feel your hands running over my breast and erect nipples, cased by the slight moonlight from the hotel window, down over my stomach to my wet slit where you take your thumbs and massage gently. Like you were truly enjoying what was laid out infront of you. Me. Wet, anxious, and wanting you. You evoked the woman in me, and made me feel the essence of sexuality. I still hear our moans in the night and our deeply breathed sighs, and I still see you in slow motion pushing your way in and out of me. Harder and harder. And how it excited you to the point you doubled over in pleasure, orgasming without touching yourself, only from the movements. I gave you my wet tightness to fulfill your fantasy and between my legs, on my ass cheeks and inner thighs, all I felt was warmth and wetness resonating from your cunt. I could feel your pussy on fire over filling mine up with your strap on and fucking it the way you've always imagined and dreamed over.

I run my fingers under the elastic band of my underwear.

Just like the simple things you do that turn me on. You pulled me to you, you took your hands and undone my belt while looking up at me with naughty intentions, prompted my mind to ask you silently as I smiled, "Do you want it baby?" I felt heat between my legs at the sight of you smiling up at me as you unbuttoned my jeans and slowly sliding the zipper down. My vagina clinched in my jeans and started getting inflamed at the thought of you touching me. My clit felt tickled and pulled at me to be touched by you. Your teasing kills me. I pull away with a smile on my face, and my pussy wet for you.

I run my hand in my underwear and pull the freshly grown tiny hairs from when I shaved for you.

Much like the night you got up without warning, stood above me, and you slid my underwear off as I sat on your couch.. and I opened my legs wide in front of you slightly smiling, waiting in want for you to taste me. You looked up at me and gave a slight smile at the sight of me opened up for you. As you leaned forward, I laid my head back and felt your cold and wet tongue slip between my wet and warm lips. You moaned on my clit as your tongue flicked at the hardness of me, the excitement growing.

I slip my middle finger between my lips, I reach down and rest my fingertip on the opening of my vagina and pull my wetness up to my clit. I rub my self slowly, in circles and up and down, as I think of you enjoying my pussy like you did that night. I'm climbing slippery slopes over you and drowning when I'm at the top. The harder and harder I get, the faster I rub.

And the rain starts again.

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