tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuddled Together Ch. 05

Huddled Together Ch. 05


Chapter 5 – Lower Your Defences.

Author's Note
Many thanks to my amazing editor – T Boy. You are a diamond in the rough my friend.


John's eyes opened to see the deep red light of a dying off summer day. It passed through the open window and onto the bedroom floor, where he had played with Anny earlier this morning. They had spent the day in his room, only Anny heading out to find food occasionally. They had made love many times and relaxed for the day as John started to get his strength back. Their last copulation had caused them both to doze off in a warm naked embrace.

They were spooning each other, with John as the big spoon. John stared along Anny's body, enjoying the curves as he went; her beautiful feet, her legs, her womanly hips that were just the right proportion to give her a real feminine look that he loved. Her waist, her arm; which draped sleepily over her breasts as she slept on her side.

Her hair was behind her ear, so he could see the outline of her cheek as she faced away from him. He nuzzled his head against her cheek and gave her little butterfly kisses to try and stir her awake. She eventually stirred, and rolled her head over to meet his kisses with her lips. They shared another long amazing kiss. John had never felt such a connection so quickly to a woman... he could feel himself falling in love with this girl.

"Good morning sleepy head," John whispered into her ear after their kiss broke, his mouth continuing down her cheek to play with her ear.

"Mmmm, more like good evening I suppose." Anny replied with a sleepy smile.

"I suppose we should go downstairs and see how everyone is doing down there." John said reluctantly.

Anny responded by rolling her whole body over to face him, kissing him again deeply, and forcing him onto his back as her hips mounted over his. John's cock starting to rise up into the crack of her ass. Anny rolled her hips out and down to bring the head of his cock into her, and started slowly lowering herself down.

"Mmmm," was all John could muster, "Or we could not..."


After another nice slow love making session, they eventually found some clothes and headed down to see the others. Merry and Skye were in the kitchen surrounded by all the food they had, looking as if they were planning out rations. Tom was in the lounge room at the dining table with maps, paper and pencils drawing plans.

Anny went into the kitchen to see if she could help there, while John joined Tom at the table.

"Hey man," Tom looked up and greeted John as he sat down across from him, "Have a good day up there?"

John just smiled and replied, "Almost as much fun as you it seems; what are you planning?"

Tom scurried through the papers and brought up a map of the local area. It was an aerial photograph that his father had commissioned from the airport in Port Macquarie 10 years ago. It showed the local area almost wide enough to see John's River town.

"This is where we are here," he said pointing to the location of the house, "And my property next door. I've marked out the other homesteads that I know of, and thought we could extended our supplies if we raid all the farmhouses around. We might even find more survivors."

John looked it over and agreed. Tom pulled out some different paper which he had been drawing the house and the land around it. He had drawn an outline of where the Walker proof wall should go. It went right around the bottom of the hill that the house stood on, including going right past the creek line.

"I was thinking that we should build it against the creek, so that if the buggers trap us in, we can still drop buckets on ropes down in the creek for water."

It was a good design; an eight foot high fence around the entire hill, about 200 meters in total length. Around the top of the wall was an elevated foot walkway so that they could see down to the bottom of the wall on the other side.

"Put in plans for a gate where the road comes up to the house, and it looks to be a good plan, my friend." John said with a smile.

"Ah yes, a way in and out would be helpful." Tom added with a soft laugh and a smile, realising that his plans kept them very safe, with no physical way in or out at all.

They would need a tractor to do the moving of the trees, and it would still be a lot of work, but with John's know how in the timber industry it should work fine.


A month of hard work passed and the wall was more than three quarters complete. The men cut down trees with axes in the morning and afternoons, opting not to use chainsaws for the huge amount of noise they created. They had brought back an old tractor from Tom's farm, which they used only during the middle of the day, to drag the fallen trees to the construction site.

Over that time they shot a couple of Walkers that would come to the noise of the tractor, but with the women helping as lookouts when they were using it, they always saw them in time. It seemed that the low population density of the area was helping keep away the hordes of dead that the cities must surely contain.

On days when they would need some rest from cutting down massive trees, the men would head out to the other properties to find supplies. They were not sure where all the occupants of the farms had gone, but there was no sign of struggle at any of them, and plenty of canned goods in the cupboards.


"Look out mate, here she goes." Tom called out as he stepped back from the tree that it had just attacked with his axe.

They had used all the large trees that were in view of the homestead, so they had started down the other side of one of the hills. The men ran in the opposite direction the tree was falling, as it gave a mighty crack and groan as accepted its fate and came down to earth.

It landed with a loud 'thud', and bounced a few times before coming to rest. The men knew the drill, once the tree had settled. One would start cutting it to length, while the other cleared the log of branches.

As John was cutting the branches off; he suddenly stopped as he felt something was wrong. The bush had quietened to an uneasy silence. Tom noticed that John had stopped still, and ceased his work too. No sounds at all, no birds, no breeze, nothing.

Rising screams broke the silence; female screams.

The men took off up the rise towards the house. As the house came into view they could see Anny running back into the house, and slamming the front door closed. Skye had been cut off from retreat to the house, and was running up the hill towards where the men were with complete terror in her eyes. Behind her were two Walkers, their hungry screams calling out over the valley as they abandoned their attempts to get Anny, and had turned their attention to Skye.

"Come on!" John called out to Tom, as he grabbed his axe tighter and started down the hill.

Tom was right beside him as they ran down to meet the terrified Skye running as fast as she could towards them, tears streaming down her face and sobbing uncontrollably. Tom took her into his arms and yelled to her so she would understand the importance; to sit down where they were and not to move. Skye fell to the ground on her knees where Tom pointed, and held herself as she continued to crying uncontrollably. John and Tom gripped their axes tighter again, and headed at walking pace down the hill.

"I've got the one on the left." John commanded, Tom acknowledged that he would take the other on the right.

As they approached their new foes, John could see what had put the horror into Skye. The Walker that he was squaring up against was a big man, his intestines hanging out his stomach; low enough that he would occasionally trip on them. He was covered in blood from head to toe. His eyes were crazed, his mouth giving out ravenous snarls which showed his jagged teeth. He quickly looked to the other Walker, and he was of slightly smaller stature and missing an arm at the shoulder, but was just as horrible and dangerous.

John and Tom picked up the pace into a slight jog as the closed in, and raised their axes. John started a war-like scream, which Tom added his voice to. This would be a fight of life or death.

John reached his Walker first, his weeks of experience cutting down trees with the axe paid off; he slammed the blade into the Walkers forehead. It split open, as the blade sunk deep into the beasts' brain.

A slight gargle of pain rose out of its throat, as the Walker sunk to his knees. John was put off balance as his axe buried so deep into the Walkers head, that he could not recover it in time before it fell onto its back, pulling the axe from his grip.

John recovered his footing and turned to see Tom meeting his foe with a double handed sideways swing of his own axe, which met the Walkers neck with such force that it cut his head clean off. The men spent their evenings sharpening their axes ready for the next day, and today it had definitely paid off.

Tom sidestepped out of the way as the Walkers' as its body completed the step that it had already begun before being decapitated, then fell in a heap to the ground. The Walkers head rolled over to John's feet, its face was still 'alive' and looking up at John with gnashing teeth and rage.

John headed down to his victims head, put the soul of his boot on its chin, and worked his axe free of its skull with a few see-saw actions. He then turned back up to the second Walkers lonesome head, and smashed it open with the blunt end of the weapon.

Tom took off back up the hill to retrieve Skye, who had already started down the hill carefully; tears streaming down her face, after she had witnessed the attack's completion. They met, and Tom dropped his weapon and greeted her with a hug big enough to lift her off her feet as he tried and console her.

John took deep breaths as he calmed down, as he scanned the rest of the property; he could not see any more Walkers. When Tom and Skye joined him again, they headed quickly up to the house to check on the others.


A week later, the final tree fell into place in the wall. The local Koala population would be thankful that their tree cutting down was now at an end. The boys had made a fine art of using the tractor as a dead weight, and hoisting the trees vertical with ropes and pullies. The people that built Stone Hedge would be proud of their efforts.

As the tree reached up to complete their newly protected farm and land, they all cheered. Anny raced up into John's arms, and Skye into Tom's. The two pairs had really hit it off together over the last couple of weeks, and Merry was happy as could be. The new walls were impenetrable and would bring some much needed security to all their minds and lives.

The men had brought back about a dozen chickens, and a few lambs on their journeys out to other properties, which were now living happily in the yard. Merry declared that she would prepare a chicken for dinner tonight to celebrate. There was another round of cheers from them all; the chickens started looking slightly worried...


Warm cooked chicken and veggies from the garden, warm smiles and conversation, and cool wine for all filled the dining table as the group enjoyed a little excess food and drink for once. John had pulled out a few bottles from the basement and they were all enjoying themselves, knowing that they were safe behind their new wooden fortress. They could make as much noise as they wanted for once, without fear that any Walkers would be knocking on their front door.

They talked about old times, where they grew up, and their families. Only happy memory stories were allowed this evening, they had already spent a lot of time worrying and fretting about where their families would be now.

Merry was the first to call it a night. She tried to head upstairs, but was a too bit wobbly from the wine she had downed. The couples giggled encouragingly to her as she attempted the stairs, gripping the handrail tightly as she waved back towards them that she was fine! Eventually she accepted her state and chose the downstairs bedroom to crash in. Not drunk at all! Ha!

The evening was a nice warm one, and the four of them where only wearing shirts, the men in shorts, and the women in above knee skirts. John was across from Anny, and Skye was by her side. He glanced over to the two women past his wine glass as he downed more of the tasty beverage. The candlelight flickered across their bodies, showing they were both covered in a fine layer of sweat, which was making their small shirts cling to their bodies.

The two were definitely at least tipsy, and were giggling at each other. They would put an arm around the other occasionally and laughing, rosy red in the cheeks from the wine's effects. John and Tom were very happy with their efforts, tired and sore, but their efforts had been worth it just to see the increased looks of ease in the women.

They all decided to head to the couches in the corner of the lounge room with the remainder of their drinks so they could relax. The men relaxed lazily into a couch each and the girls on the floor near their feet. Tom picked up his guitar that was beside the wall, and started playing casually. The women were leaning against each other as they closed their eyes to relax and enjoy the music washing over them. The tune changed to one that sounded kind of Spanish in flavour, faster and spicier than the previous song.

Anny turned her eyes and looked straight into John's, who was melted against the back of the seat by now with relaxation. She gave him a sly smile, which he returned to her, understanding that it meant she was feeling in the mood. He could see her pause in thought for only a second, then she turned to Skye, picked up her chin with her hand, and the two started a long, hot kiss.

John couldn't believe it! His eyes opened more and more to sink in the view, and his hand slapped out to reach Tom's strumming arm, causing him to mess up part of the song, but to also help him turn his attention from the guitar to the two women making out in front of them. The women stopped once the music stopped with a devious smile towards the two men.

"Hey, don't stop the music!" Skye said towards Tom, who started the Spanish number again hoping that it would charm them back into action.

"Looks like they enjoy our little show," Skye continued as she turned back to Anny, "Let's see if we can do a bit more for these hard working lads." She grinned and pulled Anny to her feet with her.

Tom's playing increased in raunchiness, his playing trying to coax some more intimate moments out of them. The two women picked each other up and started to dance together to the hot music and night. They were grinding against each other, moving around, kissing here there and everywhere on each other's bodies with giggles and passionate smiles.

Anny moved behind Skye, who was facing towards the men. Skye continued to grind to the music against Anny behind her, as Anny wrapped her hands around her waist and started to slowly lift her shirt towards the ceiling. Skye looked into the eyes of the men in turn as her shirt came up freely, and eventually leaving her in only her skirt, her breasts coming into full view.

John had not seen Skye like this before; sure they had all been so close in this house all together, but had not seen her naked breasts. The way that the light danced over her exposed skin was just as provocative and tantalizing as the way the two women were moving now against each other.

"For the love of God, don't fucking stop playing that guitar." John called out to Tom, not for a second moving his eyes away from the show that was playing out before them. Tom was open mouthed, needed no encouragement to keep playing.

Skye broke her gaze with them and giggled towards Anny as she kissed the back of her neck, and moved her hands around from behind to underneath her breasts. Anny pushed them up slightly while giving them a nice long massage with her hands. Skye was a little shorter than Anny, but her breasts were just fantastic, that perfect size for getting a good handful which Anny was demonstrating nicely. They didn't stop moving to the song being played the whole time.

Eventually the two started kissing again, as Skye started to turn back towards Anny. Something was whispered to Anny, who blushed slightly as Skye maneuvered herself behind Anny. They were going to repeat the show with Anny as the main attraction by the look of it. The pair kept up their dirty dancing, with Anny swaying her arms towards the ceiling. Skye reached down to the bottom of Anny's shirt, and lifted it so very slowly.

John knew what a treat they were in for, but Tom struggled to focus on playing the guitar, and the amazing exposure of Anny's body coming into view. Anny didn't have a bra on either, as her shirt passed over her breasts they bounced free to their natural lying place. The shirt continued its journey north, and then off onto the floor.

Anny moved her hands behind her so she was rubbing Skye's back; Skye brought her hands around Anny's front and began a slow sensual massage across her stomach, and up to her breasts.

John was raging hard by that point, and couldn't help himself to open his fly and take himself out, it didn't matter to do this as the only person that hadn't seen his cock in the room was Skye and he was sure she wouldn't mind at this point. Tom glanced over to John and cursed him; he couldn't do the same, as he had to continue playing the guitar so the women had something to dance to!

Anny and Skye turned to each other, side on to the boys, and continued their kissing and fondling. Their breasts squishing together; John could see their nipple hardening with the friction. Eventually the girls broke their drunken making out haze and turned to the men. They smiled to see John relaxed back into the seat still, slowly massaging his cock. And poor Tom there, mouth open wide and clearly struggling to keep playing.

Anny whispered into Skye's ear, they both smiled and laughed at what was said, and then headed for their men. Skye reached Tom first, she went down onto her knees, pulled his guitar away, and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang free; clearly the women's show had the same effect on him that it did for John. Skye wasted no time in taking command of his cock with her hand, and downing it into her waiting mouth. Tom let out a relaxed groan as he reclined into the couch as she went to work on him.

By that time Anny had made it to John, and was down on her knees too. She looked up into his eyes with the naughtiest of looks; her face was blushed with red from the wine, heat, and stimulation from the dancing. The candlelight continued to dance across her face and body, as she grabbed his cock and helped it into her waiting mouth.

The feeling was absolutely amazing.

She started sucking just on the tip of his cock as tightly as she could, then relaxing her mouth to dive her mouth down onto it, then back up again to repeat. She took it out of her mouth and let it rest in the middle of her face as she licked lavishly around the spot where his cock and balls met; God that one felt amazing! She headed lower and started taking turns sucking each of his balls into her mouth and licking around them with her tongue, while working his cock with her hand; then started the whole experience again from the start.

He looked over to the other couple. Tom had his head back on the couch with his eyes closed. Skye was giving him just as much enthusiasm as Anny was putting in for him. Hazy endless time passed in this amazing way. The alcohol helped make the time stretch longer, and for John to last longer against Anny's amazing talents.

Anny eventually released John's cock from her warm mouth with a soft 'plop' and turned to the others, "Let's head upstairs shall we?"

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