tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHuge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 03

Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 03


[Continuing with the exhibitionist party. All characters are over 18 years old and of course very sexy.]


Since we were expecting around 50 guests, we decided to cater the food and have it delivered that morning. A few of our nudie friends agreed to help serve the food, so as to not put any of the caterers on the spot about getting nude, but they still had to deliver the food and set up their serving stations.

Keiko coordinated the catering, ensuring the delivery people were comfortable with the party dress code. A big black man from the catering service was the lead, and of course was pleasantly shocked when a naked Asian beauty with big perky tits answered the door. He just stood there with jaw agape in disbelief when Keiko upped the ante even more and left him standing in the doorway when she trotted out to his van parked in our driveway. She just acted as if there was nothing wrong, as she introduced herself to the other two helpers already unloading the van full of food. It seemed less shocking to the college-aged man and woman when a naked client greeted them in full view of any passing car. But soon enough the three caterers were busy unloading and setting up the kitchen, as an occasional naked body would walk by with a pleasant hello.

But when they were done transferring all the food and equipment into the kitchen, John and Amber, began asking Keiko and Sara questions about the party, specifically if everybody in the house was going to get dressed before any guests arrived. The three naked women veered around giving Amber a direct answer to that loaded question, instead chatting up a storm about how free the attitudes were in sweltering South Florida, and that besides enjoying a clothing-optional home, our family and close friends also go skinny dipping off our boat.

Excited to show off our S.S. Happy Place boat, Sara grabbed the still-clothed caterers and led them out the back door, across the open back yard and onto the boat dock, blissfully unconcerned that she was still naked. John and Amber felt very uncomfortable, especially when Sara waved to a passing boat crewed by three very appreciative boys. After the trio returned to the house, Amber pressed the kitchen crowd again for an answer to her burning question, all the while trying unsuccessfully to get John to share her shameful contempt. But he was blissfully ignoring her, plotting secretly to ask us if we had any rooms for rent.

Keiko and Sara finally realized their little teasing gig was up and revealed to Amber that they were going to stay naked for the party and that most likely all the guests would be naked also. Keiko then jumped up on the counter and began explaining the nudism lifestyle in a matter of fact tone, all the while exposing her smooth pussy lips toward the couple. She told them that around our house stripping wasn't absolutely mandatory, but was heavily encouraged. The reluctant Amber was slowly becoming swayed by Keiko's argument, especially when seeing how all of us showed absolutely no shame being fully exposed. She even admitted having secret desires to overcome her own shame at some point, which surprised John.

Contemplating this golden opportunity, the two caterers, who we learned later were an actual couple, nodded to each other in silent agreement and giddily stripped out of all their clothes. They pleaded with the other caterer to get naked with them, but the embarrassed black man would have none of it and declared he was leaving.

Even though they weren't scheduled to serve at the party, the newly-exposed couple pleaded with us to stay, to which we wholeheartedly agreed. And so they bid their partner a good day as he stormed out of the house. Sara was vocally disappointed, pouting that she really wanted to see him naked after hearing plenty of rumors about black men having big dicks. She revealed having never seen a black man naked and had become very wet with anticipation when he walked into the kitchen. Sara was still on a quest for a really big dick that could satisfy Megan.

The newly-naked caterers had nice, tight bodies, and obviously hadn't done anything like this before, as they both had very prominent tan lines and lacked any control over their now engorged dick and nipples. Megan promptly closed in on the couple, and began to explain that there was more to the party than just people without clothes. Her right hand began stroking his erect dick, while her left hand found its way through a thick mound of hair and up a very wet pussy. She continued to explain that they were encouraged to explore their erotic desires and to get wildly creative. I had just walked by the kitchen at that moment and stopped to watch the couple expose their sexy bodies for the first time while each was receiving a hand job from the bubbly Megan.

John was far removed from the conversation, lost in the ecstasy of Megan's hand expertly caressing his engorged dick. Amber was still asking pointed questions about the party, even though obviously a little uncomfortable with her boyfriend being jacked off by a strange naked woman. Megan explained that we were all very open with our sexuality and felt comfortable obliging any request. Just to prove the point, Megan called me closer, and noticing that I was only semi-erect called out down the hall for Daniela.

The curvy Latin maid soon rounded the corner, delighted with the new arrivals. Megan then asked Daniela to get me fully erect in some creative way. Daniela then bent over in front of me and mashed my dick through her cascading, silky hair. It did the trick, as my dick was soon at full attention, waiting for Megan's next order. While keeping a tight grip on John's dick and Amber's pussy, Megan seductively backed up and arched forward. I knew my mission, and I was soon drilling my dick deep into Megan from behind, proudly enjoying my performance for the new flesh on display. Amber was noticeably shocked at the scene, especially when I answered her question if I was married to Megan, by pointing to my wife across the kitchen.

I believe that was the point when Amber just decided to go with the flow and promised herself to put her inhibitions on hold for the rest of the day. Her boyfriend, having by that time covered Megan's hand with white goo, thanked her profusely. Then once his lust filled mind returned to the real world, John beckoned his well-honed charm skills toward any naked chick within earshot and continued with the pointed questions that he knew his girlfriend was too scared to ask, yet eagerly wanted to know the answers.

While the entire kitchen group returned to their assigned duties, John asked about what kind of activities the guests were going to perform. He stressed "performed" because he really wanted to experience the same feeling I conveyed as evidenced by my beaming smile when I was fucking Megan for their voyeuristic pleasure. Amber sheepishly agreed, openly admitting she would like to see what that felt like also. Sara eagerly volunteered to explain that one, but needed to get properly situated first. She transferred the young couple's cutting boards and utensils to the island in the middle of the kitchen and directed them to continue working. She then jumped up on the island and positioned herself semi-reclined on her elbows with her legs spread wide, offering the couple a full view of her glistening, virgin pussy.

Sara then proceeded with a full explanation of her journey into the erotic/exhibitionist nudist lifestyle and how this was her coming out, or rather cumming in, party. The three chatted intently for the next couple hours, about every sexual fantasy they ever had, continually commenting and exploring each nude body that wandered into the kitchen. It was getting so intense, everybody within earshot was either fully erect or had pussy juice dripping down their leg.

Lustfully surveying their naked forms, John and Amber were both obviously athletes, having well defined muscles and very tight asses. She sported a medium-sized rack that was amazingly gravity-defying. Those cone-shaped tits jutted straight out, topped with puffy pink areolas. Every time one of us guys would walk by, we just felt compelled to take a grope. Likewise for any passing girl, who just had to take a hard squeeze of John's disproportionately-large helmet atop his continually-hard cock.

Taking survey of the new members of our nudist clan during all the party prep activities, I was hoping to convince all three of the maids and freshly-naked caterers to avail themselves to the free pubic grooming we would offer all our guests by the sexy Vietnamese twins, who would have hopefully decided to join us nude. The twins arrived just before the first guest was due. Giggling uncontrollably when I answered the door sporting a nearly-full erection, they quickly scurried back to the master bedroom, passing the big sign pointing towards Melody's room that said, "ALL CLOTHES GO HERE".

By the time of the twins' arrival, Amber had been naked for a few hours, and had become quite comfortable in her bare skin. She even made it successfully through her first exhibitionist adventure, tagging along with Sara and Sophie for a dash through our backyard for quick visit to our gay neighbors, Nick and Tom. Once again Sara and Sophie tried to convince our neighbors to join in our fun, but as usual they declined.

Nick and Tom were great guys, always offering a warm welcome to our extended family, whether we dropped by nude or not. They even dropped by our place a few times and stayed for dinner or a movie. But even though everybody around them were completely naked, the guys never took their clothes off, no matter how hard we tried. They were a little odd about that, compared to just about every other gay man I met, who shed his clothes at every opportunity. One time, I gathered two other well-hung studs who were enjoying a nude romp at our place and marched all three of us over to Nick and Tom's place, but only after our ladies had us nice and hard. Yet, even three rock hard cocks walking through their back door gained only a passing glance from either of the guys. I vowed to keep trying though.

Amber was excited to expose herself "fully" at the party at Sara's suggestion, and had even convinced her boyfriend to become a smoothly, so they both could become true "nudists." Upon hearing the twins arrive, Amber came darting out from the kitchen with John close behind. Geeze, those tits didn't bounce one bit. I escorted the couple to the master bedroom as I asked them to relay their nudist experiences so far to the twins, hoping they would join us. I made the introductions to the still fully-clothed twin stylists and returned to the kitchen, stopping briefly on the way to watch Christine deep throating Brandon's cock in the office. I shook my head in amazement, realizing that the horny guy will probably get a couple dozen blow jobs during the party and will still have a perpetual hard on through it all.

I gathered up the rest of our prep squad for an emergency meeting on the patio, the two older maids needing a little encouragement to join us outside in the nude. I reiterated to the group my initial desire that every guest and helper be nude for the entire party, asking everybody's help to reach that goal. And we currently had two ladies who we needed to keep naked, and two other ladies who at the moment vowed not to get naked at all. As for the two older maids, Carmen and Lucia, we had a previous agreement where in exchange to work the party, they were allowed to cover up with lingerie during the actual party. We pressed them again to stay naked when the guests start arriving, pointing out their current naked state on the backyard patio. Us guys also complemented their big tits and puffy nipples, saying they were so sexy that they shouldn't be covered up. The two finally relented, promising to stay naked for the rest of the day.

As for the Vietnamese twins in the back, we tried the usual techniques throughout the first few hours of the party, without any success. We couldn't even talk them down to their bras. They were tough. You'd think that after having shaved the hair off nearly a dozen crotches, both men and women, that horneyness would prevail and encourage them to get nude like everybody else. Melody devised a plan though that just might appeal to the competitive nature of twins.

Melody asked the girls, in a roundabout way, if they had a secret desire to see one of their guy friends or an acquaintance in the buff. Both girls sheepishly admitted their desire to see their boss's brother naked. The twins admitted that George flirted a lot and was always trying to sneak a peek down their top. They also added that he was a player and would probably jump at the chance to join a party full of naked people. That's all Melody needed. She called him, easily convincing him to join the party, but without revealing how she got his number or that his favorite Vietnamese twins with the big fake boobs were working the party.

As the bulk of the guests were arriving, Christine pulled into the driveway just as Melody's airport shuttle van was unloading the out-of-town party guests in various states of undress. They all marveled at Christine's outfit, or lack thereof, when she dismounted her moped exuding every bit of her poise and confidence. The males exiting the van took notice, wishing they were that moped seat, which for the last 45 minutes had the pleasure of rubbing Christine's hairless pussy lips all the way across town. Christine lived on the mainland, deep inside middle suburbia. She wanted to arrive at the party in style, so she left her apartment wearing just a wispy beach cover-up, with nothing underneath. She had the single tie low around her waist, which kept it closed around her midriff, and a plastic clip nestled in her cleavage, barely able to keep her voluminous globes from full exposure.

This arrangement allowed the thin fabric to tightly hug her curves, while offering a clear view of her naked bottom half whenever the wind blew, as evidenced when she walked down the stairs from her apartment. One of her neighbors passed her on his way up, and boy did he get an eyeful of hairless pussy. Christine mounted her moped, with the lower half of the wispy cover-up draped down the side of each thigh. From the side and back, it covered the area where a skimpy bikini strap would be. So when she was stopped at a light or stop sign, she looked just like any normal shapely girl on her way back from the beach. But when she was moving, the wind thru back the cover-up, revealing her lack of any bikini straps.

She turned plenty of heads on her exhibitionist jaunt through the neighborhood. Guys would catch up to her, and tried desperately to catch a sight of the goods, but were thwarted every time because Christine could keep her legs closed as she rode. She always gave the boys a conciliatory smile and wave though. Then when she finally pulled into our driveway, she released the top clip of her cover-up and swung her legs wide. This gave the party guests gathered in the front yard an awesome show of Christine's big tits spring free and a clear view of her pink pussy. She definitely earned the most dramatic party arrival award.

We assigned Melody, Sara and Daniela as the official party greeters. They were responsible for getting each guest settled, explaining the rules and assisting anybody who was reluctant to remove all their clothes. The girls explained to each guest the special rules that are practiced by erotic nudists, and how the limits on sexual activities are much more relaxed, compared to the hard-core nudists who strictly forbid any action that even slightly resembles sex play. But as always, each guest must hold high respect for any other guest, and no means no.

Melody, Sara and Daniela encouraged each guest to experiment with their desires and literally reach out and grab a body part that looks interesting. We also had a stage area set-up in the great room, encouraging guests to try a sexy performance for an admiring audience. I always enjoyed the performance/voyeur activities, as it was usually more interesting to watch the audience. Even the more conservative nudists in the audience would begin to masturbate, seemingly unconsciously, when everybody around them was doing it also.

As I was sizing up the afternoon guests, it was interesting to guess who would be the first couple to start the hard-core sexual activities. My wife, Keiko, promised that if there wasn't a pussy being stuffed by late afternoon, she would just bend over in front of the closest willing dick and start the games herself. But as her typical high standards, the guy must have a nicely-shaped dick. She just couldn't stand ugly dicks, even if they were sprouting from a real hot guy. Luckily mine is up to her high standards, as she often tells the story about when we first met at a nudist resort.

Upon arrival, each guest, or group, was escorted to the changing room by one of the hotties, Melody, Sara or Daniela, who stayed with them through the clothes shedding process. The girls would offer encouragement, answer any questions and, as a bonus, be the first to start the exploratory games by either stroking a dick to near full erection, or maneuvering a couple fingers up a pussy. If anybody with excessive pubic hair was discovered, they were quickly escorted down the hall for a complementary shave job from the voluptuous Vietnamese stylists.

My old college friend Teresa and her husband arrived in the van with Melody. They were reluctant to go fully nude in the van, but did strip below the waist and stay relatively quiet. It was a struggle to convince my old college friend to fly down from DC for a nudie party, as she really hadn't done any nudist things since my college parties [See story: Co-eds Introduced to Nudism]. But with some serious prodding, she finally agreed to come with her husband. I was excited to see her and introduce her to my family and all our nudist friends. They removed their remaining clothes right away and were hanging out in kitchen, finding it easier to stick close to Keiko instead of venturing out amongst all the strange, nude people. Teresa had kept her taught Japanese figure and smooth skin from her college days, nearly twenty years in the past.

She received lots of admiring leers from the guys, who all wished they could take her for a spin, but Teresa felt safe knowing her muscular husband was always nearby. But even though she had a rocking body, Keiko was teasing her about that big bush of pubic hair that was so out of place with the modern woman, especially in a nudist environment. Keiko pressed hard, encouraging Teresa to shave that thing right away and for the first time in her life feel the breeze tickle her bare pussy lips. Providing a full inspection of her own smooth pussy, Keiko also related that not only does it look better, but the increased sensitivity would definitely improve their sex life.

By this time, Teresa's husband was obviously imagining all the lurid possibilities, as anybody in the kitchen could see his dick on the rise. Her husband's reaction was convincing enough, so Teresa agreed to a trim job. But before she headed into the back room for a professional grooming, Keiko made her promise that for the rest of the day she had to introduce herself to each party guest, and show off her freshly shaved pussy, but without acting like she was showing it off. Keiko revealed a few tricks about how to pose, which ensured full pussy exposure to the target audience. Teresa began to turn red with embarrassment while trying to cover her crotch with both hands. Keiko wouldn't give Teresa any slack and explained how it was necessary to quench that last bit of shame. Keiko didn't reveal the real reason for all the attention though.

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