tagMind ControlHuman Android Ch. 07

Human Android Ch. 07


Anne was tightly encased in a blow up outfit that took the shape of an arm chair when inflated. Her mouth was held open at the front of the seat, where John had sat. It had been overkill, to be left helpless, like a humble piece of furniture. Anne had no option but to faithfully obey orders from the influence of the implant in her head, so there was no need to hold her captive. Encased in clear plastic, unable to move, she was physically, as well as psychologically, powerless.

He had abandoned her there in the lounge, like a piece of furniture, an object owned, to attend to his wife as part of the usual daily routine. Leaving his sperm to trickle over the plastic seat, dribbling into her mouth, she had to swallow or choke. Her mouth was held open so there was little she could do, as the sticky fluid dripped onto her tongue, where it slowly ran to the back of her throat.

If he had dismissed her, to the guest room, she could have taken the opportunity to deactivate the implant. Instead, he came back to free her physically.

"Come on lets get that thing off you. It's an interesting concept, I might try it out again," John told her.

She certainly hoped not! It was bad enough having to obey his every whim. Being made into a piece of household furniture made it all the more humiliating.

"I'll help you into this, it's very tight," he said. John was surprised she didn't complain after being freed from the chair. He was trying to push her beyond her limits of endurance, yet she seemed to take it all in her stride. He could see his sperm glistening on her chin, knowing it had run into her mouth, yet she accepted that too. He was especially pleased with how much cum she had inspired him to produce.

He squirted talcum powder into the leather cat-suit, as he pulled it up her legs. It had been his wife's, some years ago, and it was a tight fit on Anne. Having pulled it up over the hips, he realised it wasn't going to fit over the large breasts. Unzipping the openings might work, so he pulled hard, lifting her up onto her toes.

The thin leather worked its way up between her cheeks, for a very pleasing view of a firm rear, though he still hadn't managed to pull it up over her shoulders.

"Crouch a bit, hunch your shoulders," he told her.

He managed to tug the suit over one shoulder then the other. He went to stand before her.

She was hunched forward, with her breasts lewdly protruding out the unzipped openings. They looked enormous. "Stand up straight, slowly," he advised.

The black, all in one cat-suit gave a little, and stretched, pulling taut between her lips. When she took a step it was obviously difficult. It was so thin the tight leather clung to her body, like a second skin.

As she walked around the room it stretched enabling her to move less awkwardly. John couldn't keep his eyes off the leather hugging her pussy, showing it off more rudely than if she were naked. It pursed her lips, exaggerating their openness, as though she were a wanton hussy.

"You are a wanton hussy," he murmured. From the way she had behaved that didn't begin to describe what she was. Whatever he put her through, she accepted, without demurring in the slightest. "You're not a normal woman, you're a sex doll, a mindless sex doll," he declared, with a pleasant chuckle.

Anne groaned silently. Was this worse than being a slut? She was about to find out, unless he summoned up some other role, from the rich repertoire of unpleasant programs available. In Larry's apartment, a long list of awful sounding sex games had been displayed on his computer, which she hadn't dared contemplate.

He gave her an apron to protect the suit while she prepared a meal. She stood by him while he ate, not speaking, behaving like a mindless doll as ordered. He couldn't help running a fingernail over her sex, as the lips were so distended, on show. It gripped her sex so tight it looked as though it had been pulled up from inside her gaping holes.

The more he played with her, the more her sex seemed to explode from the black purse, cupping her lips. Both cheeks were held firmly with the leather disappearing between them. It was cunningly fashioned to grip tight, pushing right up her ass when she stood tall. In a moment of inspiration he had her slip on a pair of high heels.

Forced to stand upright, with shoulders squared, they pulled the leather even tighter around her crotch. Her breasts were pushed out in an exaggerated presentation, begging to be pinched and caressed at every opportunity; which he made sure was often.

"You can prepare some food for my buddies, its card night," he announced.

Left in the kitchen she tried quickly to complete the order, though it wasn't easy in the tight outfit. Once finished preparing snacks the command would be too, so she could go to her room and deactivate the implant. The need to be free of his games was vital.

Anne froze. She heard someone entering the lounge. The voices were joined by another as she continued to lay out chicken pieces form the oven. He had lived for sometime as a bachelor on frozen and tinned food.

Inside she smiled thinking he would dismiss her pretty soon, and she could sneak upstairs, for he wouldn't want her to be seen like this. The gossip would race through this small community like wild fire. Anne was startled when John walked in though as a doll she showed no emotion. At last she was to be dismissed to her room where she could switch off the implant. Patiently she watched him rummage around in a kitchen draw.

"A nice spread, you've done well," he told her. He noted again the change in her behaviour and worked out it was from telling her she was a doll. She stood mute effectively accomplishing this latest act, even to the point of holding her face in a passive expression. It was unnerving and therefore no way would he introduce her to his friends.

"You can stop playing a doll right now," he said. The expression of relief was evident. Her whole body relaxed and she took a deep breath ready to say something.

At last she was nearly free! The game had been terminated, so she was ready to scamper back to her room, switch off the implant, change her clothes, and run for the safety of home, while he was busy with his friends.

"You can be a maid for the evening, and serve my friends," he ordered.

"As you wish sir," she answered, with a curtsy. Anne was struck with dread. The hope of escape had lasted only seconds before it was snatched away. How could he exhibit her dressed like this? Parading around with her breasts out on show, and the lewd way her sex was clearly outlined in the thin leather, tightly pursing her lips, it would be outrageous.

She could only stand the exhibitionist humiliation by letting go completely to the implanted program, running around to its rules, behaving like his sexy little maid. Not that she had much control left, so whatever he asked, she would jump to obey.

"Leave the apron on," he added. The full length, white cotton apron, covered her breasts and thighs, leaving her bottom tightly encased and on show. "Come on, I'll help you carry this stuff out," he said, with a playful slap to her bottom.

Anne giggled from the slap, playing faithfully to the role, rather than chastise him for being familiar. It served to remind her how thin the material was and how vulnerable she was.

The room went stonily quiet when she walked in and the strangers stared at her. She purposely looked away from them with the shame of this terrible display of her body. This as well covered compared to when Ben had her yet with these older men it felt more shameful.

"Our lovely maid will be serving us tonight, say hello to the guys Anne," he said.

"Hi guys, I'm your sexy little maid, here to serve you, whatever you want, sir," Anne said, in a cute little voice and with a saucy wink. The program was pushing her into a well learnt role. She had played this game with her husband, only then she had some control left. Here with strangers it was dangerous to flirt and be pushed into being as sexy as she could with them.

She leant over the table with drinks, knowing they could see her breasts through the non-existent sides of the apron. At least that was the only thing of her body that was bare.

"Take off the apron, you don't need it now," John told her.

They all watched her make a show of lifting it up and over her head, in an exaggerated stretch, arching her back, lifting her breasts. The guy sitting to her left, Pete, sighed loudly.

"Nice tits!" Leonard exclaimed.

The others gave him a hash look thinking she would be offended.

"I'm glad you like them, sir," she said, with a saucy smile. As expected it encouraged the others, for they were no gentlemen. What could she expect dressed like this? They were hardly going to treat her with the respect a university professor deserved.

"They're so big, I've never seen anything like them," Joe said.

Pete couldn't take his eyes off them, even as he lifted his cards from the table.

"How do you like the outfit?" John asked them.

They reluctantly looked away from her large breasts to study the rest of her. She walked around the table giving them all a good look at her body. She was covered but it didn't feel like it. It felt as though she had been body painted and it looked it too.

"Now that is tight, is it uncomfortable?" Leonard asked.

"A little, sir, but if it pleases you then it is worth a little discomfort, sir" she answered.

The others chuckled with mirth covering their interest at the way her lips moved in the tight purse. John was more interested in her ass. He had plans for that hole.

Serving John a drink she stood by him waiting for further instructions. His free hand came up between her thighs. He pressed her there then ran a finger between her cheeks, where the outfit gripped tight, cutting her globes into separating them, so her asshole showed. The wrinkled hole showed as an indentation in the thin leather. After he had pushed at it the material was stretched inward even more.

The drinks flowed and the hands patted her bottom or stroked her thighs, though none of them were as personal as John. They all appreciated how much more revealing the outfit became as the evening wore on. Distinct indentations had been pushed into her pussy and asshole.

"I want to stay in the pot but don't want to put any more money in, so what do you say if I offer something else?" John asked. He wrote on a piece of paper and handed it around.

Anne watched the piece of paper passed from hand to hand, with a great feeling of humiliation, having seen it written, over his shoulder. She cringed inside on seeing them nod eagerly in approval.

"Do you agree?" Leonard asked her.

"Of course sir, I am your maid, here to serve you," she giggled.

As predictable as a fox in chicken coop, John lost the hand. She had lost something too.

A big smile lit Joes' face after concentrating hard on his cards. He pulled the chips toward him with the little piece of paper. He beckoned to her and in deep shame she walked round the table to him. He had won her left breast! Even in front of his friends, he would make use of it she was sure of that.

Anne demurely presented her breast to him as though she was about to breast feed him.

"Go on Joe, you know you want to," they encouraged.

He lifted both hands to cup hr breast and guided it to his mouth. A little gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. She wasn't so sure it was the program compelling her to play the game. She could feel her sex clenching and swelling. He sucked as much as he could and cradled as much as he could in both hands yet it still wasn't covered completely, not that it mattered.

Anne was enjoying it! After such provocation and the unremitting implant working away at her all day she was ready for anything. With this stranger sucking on her breast, she knew for certain how ready she was. In such an aroused state it would be difficult to hold back but under that rules of the game she was even less able to hold back.

"Mmmm, that's so good, sir," she murmured.

Soon another piece of paper was written out though this time no one bothered reading it they eagerly played while Joe toyed with her breast and held his cards in the other hand. Often he turned his head to lick or bite on a nipple. Each time she would present it to his mouth, like a dutiful mother to a child, wanting feeding.

Positioning their chairs either side of her Joe and Pete gripped her breasts while sucking on them powerfully. Anne leaned her head back and moaned gratefully. "Thank you sirs, it's wonderful," she groaned.

Sated, the two men sent her to wipe her breasts down and fetch more drinks. Returning to the table she noticed another piece of paper in the pot. Her nerves were on fire with lust so she didn't care, but still wondered what part of her body was up for grabs this time. She soon found out.

She stood by Leonard who didn't say anything he merely presented the piece of paper. How could she let him do that to her, he was a stranger. These breasts were all her for they weren't implants but had been induced to grow. They were still relatively new to her and not thought of as a part of her body, so it didn't seemed so bad to let these men fondle and kiss them.

It dawned on her that she was thinking under the influence of the implant. She was already marked down as whore, so this was just another small step toward the full thing. She shuffled her feet apart and looked at him, hoping he wouldn't, yet knowing he couldn't resist.

She felt his fingers run between the lips of her pussy, through the thin material, so keenly she might have been naked. She put her hands on his shoulders and dropped her head to rest on his. "Oh! Sir, that is so good, more please, sir," she moaned.

The fabric was stretched to breaking point, pushing deeper into her pussy, tantalisingly grazing her bud, on every stroke. To her dismay she began to gyrate upon his fingers, rubbing herself on them, rubbing her breasts in his face.

"I think the sexy bitch is having more fun than me," Leonard light-heartedly complained.

"Put her over your knee, that might calm her down," John suggested.

Leonard got a good grip of her hips and pushed her away then grabbed her hair, dragging her over his lap. He gave her bottom a slight slap. She squirmed on his cock pocking her tummy so he slapped her hard.

"One, sir," she responded.

Leonard looked around the table with a bemused look. "Two from each of us," John laughed.

Leonard smacked a cheek hard this time and was ready for the counting. Eight wallops he administered and with each she responded by counting them. She stood up unsteadily, only just refraining from rubbing her sore bottom.

"Your naughty maid deserved a good spanking, sir. Thank you for correcting your naughty maid, sir. Your maid will not try to get off on your fingers without permission again, sir," she intoned, in a little girly voice, sounding contrite.

The men looked on in disbelief. Their faces turned to John who was suppressing a silent guffaw. Little did his friends know this was an important professor, standing before them after receiving a spanking, and apologising for her lewd behaviour! The stuck-up bitch had been trying to get off on his fingers too. She was so far gone with these games she couldn't control herself, even before strangers. She had turned out to be the biggest slut he had ever known. Perhaps it was all those years of sexual repression.

"It's not your fault Anne, your just a sexy little maid, ready to satisfy us all, isn't that right?" he asked. The brief look of fear on her face was a picture that told him he was right.

"Yes, sir, I am here to satisfy my betters, sir. What ever I must do to please you all, sir, it will be a pleasure" she stammered. Inside she cringed with dread, expecting them to take her, for she had offered herself to them.

"I bet it will," Leonard added.

"You had better lean back over the table, so the winners can make use of their winnings," John told her.

Without a word she lifted her bottom onto the edge of the table and laid back. Two of them leaned in over her to grip her breasts and suck on her nipples. Leonard worked upon her lips pushing more strongly at the leather. She felt the crotch give. He was inside her with a big fat finger, exploring delightfully.

At first a gentle teasing stroke was used then a more vigorous, twirling motion was used. Another finger found her most sensitive place and worked on that with a hard relentless pressure.

"Yes! Please, sir, make me cum, sir," she wailed. "Bite my breasts, ram your finger up me, rub my clit hard, please, sirs," she wailed. "Please fuck your maid, sir, fill your maid with cock, I need to cum, please sir," she honestly pleaded.

Leonard looked at John, with pleading in his eyes, as much as she had expressed. John nodded and he stood up, unzipped his jeans and had his cock in his hand in an instant. He plunged in the open wet hole. Hearing her shriek as though in anguish, everyone knew she had an orgasm, and were impressed with its intensity.

They felt pleased to have contributed to such an obviously gratifying experience. Anne lay across the table like a sex doll with a puncture, her breath hissing, her limbs limp. She didn't hear them leave or thank John for an entertaining evening.

"If my wife's agreeable we can do the same next week at my house," Leonard quipped.

"Not with Marjorie, please," Joe answered him.

They all laughed as they trotted out.

John had his maid tidy up the mess, which was an advantage of having her play as a maid. She no longer said much as she looked thoroughly tired out. He wondered what she might make of playing the role of an anal slut. Would this be pushing her too far? There was only one way to find out.

She stood by him while he massaged her tight buns with a finger tracing her now very obvious asshole.

Anne guessed what was coming next, and it would be him up her ass. This had been taboo, something she deplored the very thought of. She clenched her little virgin hole knowing it was useless to resist. If ordered she would offer it to him with enthusiasm, for she had no delusions as to how far it was all out of control.

With her back to him she shed a single tear. It rolled its lonely way down her cheek. She knew there was nothing to stop him doing anything he liked with her. He was obviously a very experienced man at playing games too. Was there no end to the torture and deep humiliation?

Having been under the control of the implant all day its influence was almost total. She no longer knew which were her own desires and the game pushing her into something dreadful. It all seemed the same now. Whatever anyone wanted she would relent and play along with as though it was what she wanted too.

That deep satisfying, overpowering, orgasm was real. That gave her something to think about. Three men using her body while her Uncle watched and she had let go so fundamentally, she became lost in the throws of a primitive, animalistic orgasm. No longer a staid professor, she was nothing but an animal, lustily rutting.


The phone rang interrupting their individual thoughts, both dwelling on sex.

"OK! You can rely on me, don't worry! Elizabeth, I'll take car of it," John hung up the phone, with a look of exasperation, from the woman's harassing manor. Her anxiety was catching, so he took a couple of deep breaths to relax, and think it through.

A neighbour was having a problem with her daughter and the latest episode of the drama left her in hospital. Elizabeth was waiting with her, and as usual, everything took far longer than expected. The son, Richard, was due home from a camping trip, with no-one to see him into the house, and he would be worried not knowing where they were.

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