tagIncest/TabooHuman Cattle Ch. 02

Human Cattle Ch. 02


With the kind agreement of riviere7

Translation is a devilish exercise and I would have written this story directly in English rather differently. Keeping the French version rhythm in the sentences may sound not English at all and I present my apologies to the purists. Looking at a few other translations on literotica helped me to partly relieve myself of the burden of the guilt : some are really funny to read (sorry, no quotes). They have a maxim in Italian that applies quite well : traduttore, tradittore (translator, betrayer). Moreover, writing another quite similar story may lead me to confusions and discrepancies that someone will surely point out. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to improve my translation.


The cattle van with Virginia on board arrived in front of John's house around 5 AM. Brigitte and her husband had been awaiting their arrival for an hour. The nearby houses had a plunging view on the entrance. Thus, it was clearly impossible to have Virginia walk on the sidewalk stark naked. John had found a way out. He entered the van with a large blanket. He kissed Virginia feverishly on the lips before unhooking the ties that had steadied her during the travel. He noticed that her ass hole was swollen and partly open while sperm was oozing out. There were other revealing stains around her mouth and on her chin. It was clear that the friend who had driven the van had stopped not very far from there for a last fuck. John had no objection about it as it was a part of their agreement. John kept Virginia's wrists tightly manacled in her back.

Any way, Jean Pierre was a close friend of old and they met twice a month at least. Virginia would have many occasions of frolicking with him on the grass or elsewhere in the near future. John wrapped the lithe and delicate body of his niece in the blanket to carry her inside. Virginia turned herself toward the other girl who was still secured in the van. She tried to speak a farewell word but the vet in Saint Azul had made a perfect job : her vocal cords, thickened with a rapidly hardening gel only allowed her to emit bass and elongated sounds. Whatever she wanted to say was transformed into what really looked like a cow moo. Virginia was perfectly aware that the gel would dissolve in about a year and should be applied again if her master wanted her to be kept mute. Nevertheless that temporary handicap was extremely frustrating at the moment. She just wished that she would get used to it soon!

John took her in his arms and carried her to the house. The night cool air felt very cold under the thin blanket. He helped her to stand up as soon as the door had been closed behind them. Brigitte took off that flimsy veil that was her only protection from the eyes of her aunt. She took on a companion table a leather collar she fitted rapidly around her neck. Virginia's aunt who had been so caring and loving since her niece had joined their household seemed to have forgotten her maternal habits of the previous week.

- Good, Virginia, I wish that you had a fine trip. I can see that Jean Pierre continued to educate you during the travel. It was for the better.

Virginia tried to answer with a little thanking word but it became an inarticulate groan. Her aunt continued without bothering to notice :

- This crude tack is provisional. I've already taken an appointment for you in two days. Your body will receive a whole set of piercings. You'll have a ring in the nose to attach your tether for any call even in house. You'll always be tethered whenever you aren't in a locked room, barn or meadow. You'll be also tethered to the furniture or a ring on the wall in the kitchen when you'll prepare our meals or when you'll be expected to provide fresh milk for visitors. The tether will be attached either to your nipple, cunt or clit rings. The clit ring is very useful to prevent you from moving even with the most severe thrashing, you'll soon see why!

Virginia was beginning to seriously worry : a nose ring, like a real cow and a clit ring which will be extremely painful if there is any tension in the tether! What else were they preparing for her?

- You'll have a ring on each nipple, two sets on your cunt lips and one on your clit hood and to complete your decoration, a last one in your navel. That one will have just for aesthetic reasons but the one at your clit will permanently stimulate you. In a few weeks, you'll be permanently in heat, eager to be fucked and the need will just get more urgent if you are not sated. You'll weep, cry, moo to be covered as we call it in our gobbledygook. The rings on your cunt lips will be used to padlock your cunt, a way to punish you if you aren't sufficiently obedient but also a way to be sure you'll be covered only by the male John will have picked for you when he decides to use you as a breeder. With the clit ring, you'll try to lure any male to fuck you, man, dog or whatever else.

Brigitte's words were clinically precise, describing every operation that would be made on Virginia's body who would find it very difficult to oppose it with her very submissive character, and her mute state. Brigitte emphasized her words by pinching between her thumb and fore finger the place where the piercings would be made. All pieces of information her aunt was giving her were very precious for Virginia as her aunt had been for years another cow girl, completely at the mercy of a man who could at anytime decide when she would be bred and who would sire her offspring, something completely unusual for a young modern woman.

The simple fact of evoking her present and future slavery she had herself begged to be reduced into was sufficient to have her drooling with desire. Her cunt was oozing love fluids that were dripping down her thighs. She was ready to submit to any man, young or old, handsome or ugly, rich or poor if only he agreed to plunge his hot rod into her virginal cunt.

It was obvious that Brigitte's speech had excited her husband as he led his niece to the low table in the sitting room. He made her lie on it on the narrow side. That way, her breasts and her head were hanging on the opposite side. Her bottom was offered without protection. John parted her ass cheeks without regard and he brutally shoved his cock in. He reached for her breasts and mauled them carelessly while fucking her ass.

The huge volume of sperm Jean Pierre had unloaded in her bottom during the trip found a very needful use as a lubricant at that moment as otherwise, Virginia would surely have been injured by the furious assaults of her uncle. Virginia who had still been a pure virgin two days before surprised herself when she swooned under the brutal, almost bestial treatment her uncle inflicted to her. She gradually began to push back when he was hammering his dick inside her ass hole and when he pulled back, she accompanied his move to keep him longer into her bowels.

My God! If just a day after her sale, she already behaved like a bitch in heat, what would she do when she would have been John's slave for five or ten years? Would he and Brigitte still be able to keep her at attention? John spewed his sperm deep into her bowels and the impact of his sperm jets against the walls of her intestine, gave Virginia the first true anal climax of her career that would be much longer than she expected but she didn't anticipate it at that moment.

Brigitte led her with her makeshift leash to a small room adjoining the garage. Virginia knew it as an innocent locker where a variety of things used for gardening or house cleaning were stored. Everything had been put into cases against the garage back wall. The ground had been covered with hay, the workbench that occupied the back of the locker had lost its top and had become a quite efficient feeding trough with a watering place similar to what Virginia had used in Saint Azul. The feeding trough was also equipped with a chain linked to a ten pounds weight. When Virginia pulled on the chain fixed to her collar, she had to lift the weight and when she returned to the trough, the weight fell down to the ground with a muffled noise. That way, the chain was always tight and there was no risk of having the chain warped with her feet.

- Good, Dear, I'm rather tired, I leave you alone with our niece who is so hot that it's a pleasure to fuck her! You may use her as you want provided you don't try to take her cherry.

When he left the room, Brigitte considered her niece with a lusty eye. Virginia's completely naked body was of unequaled perfection from head to toe: she was a real beauty with wide hazel eyes slightly drawn into almond shape. Her skin was golden. Her long hair was chocolate with honey color natural reflects. Her apple shaped breasts were highly strung and seemed to defy gravity even though they looked full and appetizing. They should be gorgeous when the hormone shots she had been given would have done their effect. If Brigitte's memory was correct, she hadn't been able to sleep normally for two or three weeks as her breasts seemed on fire permanently. Her nipples had remained taught and erect like gun bullets for months.

Virginia had inherited the exotic face with Indian like features from her mother whose beauty had always drawn to her the eyes and the attention of connoisseurs at Saint Azul. Since her wedding, she hadn't been auctioned but her husband had still exhibited her at the fair, marketing her milk and offering her three holes to paying customers. He could have earned lots of money thus as she was always in high demand but his only goal was to completely sate his wife during these few days. He always chose for her partners that were together gentle, caring and well hung. Brigitte had accompanied her most of the times and shared the same stall. She was less gorgeous than her friend but some of her suitors enjoyed being able to enjoy two girls or have Brigitte make them hard again to fuck Virginia's mother.

Brigitte was terribly excited just thinking that her friend's daughter gloriously naked in front of her was at her total disposition. She could punish her at her whim for any fault, for laziness but also just for her own pleasure.

Now that Virginia was standing, her breasts aggressively pointed toward her mistress as if she wished Brigitte to take care of them. Virginia's dark brown nipples made Brigitte's mouth water. She grabbed her submissive's breasts with her fingers and planted her long polished nails into the tender flesh offered just under her eyes. Virginia moaned but never tried to escape the pain. Oppositely, She pushed her breasts forward to offer them to the searing pain Brigitte inflicted them.

- This pain is good for your breasts, dear! If your breasts are caressed or manipulated in any way, it will stimulate blood circulation and your breasts will grow faster and larger.

- Yes, Mistress. I love the pain you inflict me. I beg you just to do it harder. Make it more painful for me, Mistress!

Brigitte rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger, clawing them with her nails or squeezing them between fingers. Virginia never tried to escape the pain but she needed just a few minutes to moan then moo in distress louder and louder as her aunt explored the caresses that were the most effective on her niece. That way, Brigitte inexorably deepened her domination on Virginia. She placed her hand on the smooth and flat belly of the girl. The skin was smooth to her touch and quite hot. Her hand got further down and squeezed past the very wet and quite open cunt lips of her submissive. Virginia spread her thighs without waiting for orders. Her moans were now continuous and her belly was shaking with incoercible spasms. She was forced to lie on the straw as her legs were no more able to support her.

The still virgin girl felt the long expert fingers of her aunt exploring her unviolated cunt. Her caresses were sweet, delicate and made her crazy with desire. A finger penetrated her at last. It very gently nibbled against her maidenhead. Virginia screamed or better mooed in ecstasy. She pushed her belly forward trying to impale herself on the finger which explored her, to force her aunt to burst her cherry and reach orgasm at last. But Brigitte was far more shrewd than that. She pulled back her finger and resumed her caresses on her clit. She drew several times her victim on the edge before stopping at the last moment. Virginia was weeping in frustration.

As soon as her niece's breathing calmed somewhat, Brigitte resumed her sweet caresses. Virginia's body was now gleaming with sweat and she was still moaning, lost in a violent mind blowing desire she wasn't able to satiate. Brigitte perfectly knew that such an unfulfilled desire would make the young woman more pliable, more submissive to her mistress. Her body was strewn by spasms and her breasts were swollen by the permanent excitation to which she was subjected.

Brigitte finally got bored by this cat and mouse game. She left alone her panting victim. Virginia had not cummed and that was precisely Brigitte's goal. John would take care of it later by drilling his dick into her ass hole. It was extremely important that Virginia got used to cum only with a big cock up her back passage. That way, when her cunt would be used, she would be able to concentrate on the pleasure of her partner and not on her own. This could have been obtained through excision of her clit but the rules of Saint Azul club excluded that barbaric custom. Brigitte was reasonably sure that training would have the same result.

As John was still sleeping, Brigitte decided to have Virginia exercise under her coaching. Two hours of intensive aerobic and step, nude, with a long horse whip to make her work harder whenever her rhythm faltered. She would have three more hours that afternoon of abs and dance. Virginia would soon become an expert in any erotic dances : pole dance, lap dance, strip tease as well as more classical belly dance and she would be expected to demonstrate her skills in public in bars and receptions and in private for the pleasure of paying partners. Afterward, Brigitte kept her niece manacled as she gave her a well earned, if very cold shower. She then applied Argan oil or Karite butter on the appropriate places before combing her hair and applying carefully gala make up. When she finished her job, Virginia didn't any more look like a savage girl wearing makeshift clothes. Her new look, together very sexy and very sophisticated, suited her perfectly.

John's sudden return surprised both women. The only noises were Virginia's labored pants. Brigitte watched her husband with a contrite smile.

- Don't worry, John : it's just girl to girl action. She is still as virginal and pure as she was when you let us alone. In fact, I checked her virginity but she'll never more be a pure and chaste girl. She is ready to be fucked by a battalion of marine troops. . .

John couldn't detach his eyes from his niece spread on the ground, her thighs wide open. Her offered body was calling for any brutal penetration. His cock was ridiculously making a tent in his trousers he had buttoned back. Emotion paralyzed his throat. At that precise moment, he was bitterly regretting his decision not to deflower the girl immediately after the auction as the old custom requested it.

The first precum droplets oozed from his cock and stained his fly. Brigitte jumped to help him and rapidly unbuttoned his shirt from bottom to top before freeing his cock. She then pushed the back of her niece toward her husband's belly. Virginia instinctively took her uncle's cock in her hands that were still manacled behind her back and therefore ideally placed to caress his ready to explode cock. On his side, John was completely free to roam just another time Virginia's proud breasts. Such foreplay could have lasted a long time as neither of them was ready to leave the prey he and she voluptuously manhandled. Brigitte came to their rescue when she aimed the tip of his now very impressive shaft on her niece's anal rosette. It was obstinately closed. Brigitte stood up and with a swift gesture slapped Virginia's face very hard.

- Don't forget that your prime job is to be fucked whenever your master chooses, day and night, any time. If your Master is kind enough to pay interest to your unworthy ass, you just open it immediately without delay! Did you understand it, my dear fuck slut?

Virginia desperately nodded, unable to answer. To force the lesson into her head, Brigitte twisted her nipple and ferociously pinched it. Her niece mooed plaintively and hastened to push back from inside, helping herself with her hands to facilitate the penetration of her still tight ass hole.

When John was fully impaled into her back passage, Virginia was told to turn her head and offer her lips and mouth to her uncle. Her cuffed hands were now busy carefully massaging his balls. Virginia who had never touched and even less caressed a man in her life was actively benefiting from an advanced course in the art of pleasuring a man. He took her lips delicately and pushed decidedly his tongue into her welcoming mouth.

Virginia was without contest, the most beautiful and the most exciting girl he had ever dancing on the tip of his cock. He really intended to use her quite frequently for a very long time. Brigitte, somewhat jealous for good reasons, drew back her husband's neck, grabbing his hair. Their mouths regretfully ceased their long searing kiss. Virginia's hands still massaged his cock and his love bag while John's hands continued to maul her breasts. He was about to cum deep into her bowels when an unexpected order from Brigitte surprised him.

- Bite her neck, John, now! I want to see her blood flow! Mark her for life!

In a daze, John opened his mouth and obeyed. His teeth sank into her skin just under Virginia's neck. A few blood droplets appeared, just enough to stench her aunt's bloodthirsty desires. Brigitte, suddenly fallen from her frenzy, felt ashamed, just thinking to the mad idea that had blossomed in her mind : having John throating his niece with his bare teeth! Fortunately, the wound was very light and would disppear in a matter of days.

Brigitte reunited their mouths that glued to one another again with just a pleasure sigh. Virginia's half open mouth, together hot and avid, opened as wide as she could to accommodate her uncle's tongue while he spewed his cum into her bowels. Virginia discovered at this very moment a new talent when she began to milk with her sphincter his cock. John began to moan:

- My god, this little slut is milking me divinely. It's so good!

John disengaged and turned his niece to him, kissing and fondling her breasts. He focused his attentions on her nipples. He forced her on her knees and offered quite casually his stained cock to clean with her tongue. Virginia was back in known conditions as the van driver had done the same thing ar each rest stop during her trip from Saint Azult. There was nothing new there for her. She took care of that job without even thinking to the awful disgust she had felt when she had been ordered for the first time to clean a cock just out of her own ass.

John went back to mow the lawn, letting Virginia in Brigitte's expert clutches. When he came back one hour later, his wife had placed a bowl on the center of the empty garage ground. She had filled it with a mixture of raw meat bits and pieces of dog vegetable biscuits and dried fruits. She seemed to have had a few difficulties convincing her niece that the meal was highly gastronomic as her bottom was bright red with a lattice of belt and horse whip traces all over it. Her cunt must have also received its fair share of strokes as her lips were bright pink and swollen. But she was eating with apparent appetite her feed, on her four on the cold concrete. Her breasts were sweeping the ground as she was eating her chow.

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