tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHumiliated at the Grocery Store

Humiliated at the Grocery Store


Hello everyone, I am new to this stuff, so here's a little back stops on me. I am a very shy 26 year old woman, I am 5'2" and 105 lbs. My bra size is 34C, and I have shoulder length reddish brown hair. Up until recently I have had a very normal sex life, no one had even seen me naked until I was married (yup virgin bride). In fact a crazy night for me before was if my husband, who I will call Josh, and I switched positions so I was on top!

So you may be asking, how did I go from that to this? I did it for my marriage and I stand by my choice. Josh was in a bit of an unhappy mood for a little while now and I finally got him to tell me what was wrong a few weeks ago. Josh admitted to me that he has felt unfulfilled with our sex life. He mentioned that he did not feel like he would ever be able to realize his sexual fantasies with me.

Not long ago, in an attempt to help my marriage, I read a healthy marriage book that had a portion that said for a relationship to truly work, both partners must try to fulfill the other's sexual needs. At the time I didn't know sex was a problem. I really wanted Josh to be happy again so I took the book's advice and prepared for the worst. I let josh know that he could be open with me, and even though I wasn't very experienced I would do my best to fulfill his needs no matter what they were.

One of his desires was for me to write about my experiences, being completely honest on how they make me feel and post them on the net so he could read the comments it gets with me, so here I go.

Josh told me that his greatest sexual fantasy involved women in public embarrassment. He said he had an outfit for me, that he was hoping I would wear and go with him somewhere he had picked out. He looked at me with worry and sadness in his eyes and said, if this is to much for you I would understand.

Though I was terrified of the phrase "public embarrassment" and what kind of outfit would go along with that, I was determined to make him happy again by fulfilling his fantasy. So I assured him with a sweet voice that I would try anything for him because I love him dearly.

Josh smiled at me, said I love you too and told me I was very sweet for trying this. He pulled out a short black skirt, a white flowing cut off shirt, and black high heels. He asked me if I would go put them on and show him how it looked .

I sorted through the items, a little uneasy at the revealing nature of the clothes, and asked if I there was anything else to go with it, I was really hoping there was.

Josh told that was everything, in fact he even preferred I not wear any underwear with the outfit.

I started feeling very nervous. I nodded shakily at him and went into the bathroom to change. I first slipped on the skirt. It sat low enough on my hips that the v shaped lines that lead to my crotch were clearly visible and if I had pubic hair (Josh asked me to shave it off) it would have been showing over the top. It was also very short, barely coming down below my butt. It was not tight so it swayed when I moved. Next I put on the shirt; it had a deep loose neckline, stopping only a couple inches above my nipples. The bottom of the shirt was cut short, by my husband from the look of the hanging threads, it hung loosely just below my breasts. The shirt was sleeveless and the arm holes were very large coming down almost to the bottom of the cut off shirt. The thin white fabric clung to my nipples and left little to the imagination. I put on the 3 inch heels and stepped out into the bedroom where Josh waited.

I could tell he was turned on by the way he was looking at me and this made me feel shy, but happy. It had been a while since I got that feeling from him.

He took me to a mirror and asked me what I thought.

I didn't know what to think, it was embarrassing just to see myself like that, let alone go outside wearing it were other people could see me! I could see my skirt was so very small, there was only inches of material to spare concealing my privates. My shirt was just as bad, the large arm holes allowed a small peek at the side of my breasts, and it was cut so short that if I raised my arms a little the bottom of my breasts were exposed. Because of how loosely it hung around me, depending on how I moved I could end up showing a lot more! It looked like something that required an under-shirt. Eventually I just shrugged and asked meekly "do you like it?"

Josh smiled a huge smile and said it looked even better than he could have imagined. He told me that he loved it and how happy he was that I was doing this for him. Then he told me that if I was ready we should head to the car before it got to late in the day.

I was so close to begging him to let me at least wear underwear before we go anywhere, I was so terrified of people seeing me like this! However, I fought off the temptation. This was his fantasy, and I was determined to fulfill it. When I had calmed down a little I stuttered out "I thi- I think I'm r-ready."

Josh hugged me closely and whispered in my ear how thankful he was to have me. He kissed me softly on my neck a few times, which made me realize this was already helping. When he let me go I realized that the hug caused one of my breasts to come out the neck of my shirt. I fixed it thinking of how careful I would have to be with it. Then we slowly made our way to the garage, only because I was walking at a snails pace do to my fright.

Luckily our garage connects to the house so I was able to get in the car without the neighbors seeing me like that. When I sat down, my skirt was too short to sit on so my bare butt was on the cold leather. Josh got in, gave me a hungry look, then hit the button to open the garage and we were off.

We drove a long way from home, about an hours drive. At first I was nervous being in the car dressed like that but after a while I realized no one could tell what I was wearing in the safety of the car. For a while during the drive Josh rubbed his hand up and down my exposed thigh and between my legs. This drove me crazy! Because he had been down for so long I was not used to affection like that and I was really enjoying it, besides the fact that it really helped take my mind off of how terrified I was.

Finally Josh pulled into a parking lot for an old discount grocery store, he parked as far from the doors as possible and turned to me. He looked at me with nervous hopeful eyes, the way he looks when he really wants something but is worried I will say no.

I was hoping this trip would be to somewhere a little less public like a mostly empty park or something but a grocery store? I thought hopefully to myself that maybe he parked so far away because we were staying in the parking lot.

This was not the case Josh asked me nervously if I would go shopping with him?

I wanted to cry I was so scared but the look on his face and the happiness I wanted for him forced me to agree with a nod, I didn't dare speak for fear of sobbing.

Josh smiled with excitement and gave me a list telling me that he would like me to get everything on the list. I was very nervous at this request, I was terrified to be seen wearing what I was. I didn't want to make Josh think I would refuse so I held in my fears. I nodded again.

He went on to say that he checked this place out yesterday and wrote down the items that would cause me a little embarrassment. He wanted me to walk ahead of him at all times so he could stand back and watch me and other people's reactions. He also handed me my phone and said to keep it with me for further instructions. Then he asked if I had any questions.

I was shaking all over in fear! How was I going to go shopping like this?! I thought about a million questions I wanted to ask, all of them involved getting out of this or changing my clothes, but the excited look on his face stopped me. If I could do this just the way he wants, I thought to myself, he would be so very happy. I shook my head and managed to mutter, that I trusted his judgments.

He thanked me and grabbed me tightly, giving me a kiss that was more passionate than I ever received in my life and added with my nerves made my head spin. This gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing, even if I was scared to death. Then he got out and opened my door for me.

I carefully stood up pulling my skirt down and made sure nothing was poking out of my shirt in a futile attempt at decency. Josh chuckled softly at me and told me he knew I felt exposed and embarrassed, but asked me if I could refrain from touching my clothes again until we got back to the car no matter what.

I agreed with a shy nod.

Josh handed me my debit card and closed the door behind me. Looking at me with the happiest smile I had seen on him in a very long time, he softly caressed my butt for a second and asked me to lead the way.

I slowly began walking to the store, trying to act as normal as I could, which was an impossible task. I felt so exposed. There was a chill in the air and just a slight breeze. I had goose bumps and my nipples were stiff causing little points in my shirt. Every little gust of wind fluttered my too short skirt and loose flowing shirt. I felt the breeze flutter around my breasts, between my legs and on the bottom of my butt. The feeling was making me feel even more exposed!

It was about 1pm on a Monday so there were only a few people in the parking lot and none of them noticed me at first. There was a young couple ahead of me walking towards the store, an elderly couple coming out and a man in his forties loading his groceries into his trunk three cars in front of me. I looked back quickly to see Josh, he was about 10 feet behind me watching me with an excited smile.

The man at his car noticed me as I was two cars away, just as he looked at me a slightly stronger gust of wind came lifting my shirt up a little exposing the bottom of one of my breast for a brief moment and almost let the other slip out the deep neck line. I gasped and blushed deeply, grabbing my shirt before I remembered I wasn't supposed to touch it. I looked back at Josh in apology and he shook his head at me. The man at his car stared at me open mouthed as I passed by him.

As I passed the elderly couple on my way to the doors the man smiled a happy smile at me while the woman scowled viciously at me. I thought she would say something mean to me but she kept walking.

As the automatic doors opened for me and I walked in a gust of air rushed into the store with me. The gust blew the back of my skirt up and caused it to cling in that position uncovering half of my butt! I freaked and jumped a little, luckily the extra force on my next foot fall caused my skirt to fall back down. It only lasted a second, but I was so ashamed. I looked around and I was pretty sure no one saw, well besides Josh who was chuckling to himself. My skirt still felt a little odd and I wanted more than anything to smooth it out with my hands but I stopped myself from touching it, besides I could feel the fabric on my cheeks again so I thought it must be back to normal.

Later Josh told me that my skirt was still a little bunched up exposing a little of the crease where my cheeks meet my thighs when I stepped. He told me this lasted quite a few minutes, until I reached for something and it straitened out, and got me some interesting looks from people behind me.

I looked at the wrinkled up list, it was not long but some of it seemed very embarrassing, here is what the list said:

-1 Carrot

-1 Cucumber

-2 40 lbs bags of rice (bottom shelf)

-3 Large bags of flour (top shelf)(don't use steps)

-4 Sirloin steaks (bottom, back)(1 at a time)(bend at the waist)

-6 Cans of soup (top shelf, back)(one at a time)(use steps)

-1 Vibrating toothbrush

-1 Box of each kind of condom

-3 Tubes of personal lubricant

-2 half gallon skim milk (bottom shelf)(furthest in back)(bend at waist)

--When finished await further instruction on your phone

----I love you more than anything in the world!

Now some of you may have noticed a pattern in the list, I didn't. I was to worried about the specific instructions. I tried my best not to worry about that just yet however. I grabbed a shopping cart and headed quickly to the produce department, wanting to get done as soon as possible. Holding the cart handle with my arms outstretched like normal opened the side of my shirt a little so I held the cart right up against me with my arms bent. I picked up one cucumber, and one carrot, thinking to myself 'who buys one carrot?' But that is what the list said. I received a text from Josh that asked me to straiten my arms again. I did what he asked. Pushing the cart like this allowed the holes on the side of my shirt to flutter openly while I walked and I could tell that someone looking from the side would be able to see a good portion of the side of my breasts.

I noticed two middle aged women to my left whispering to each other and staring at me with disgusted looks on their faces, obviously shocked at what I wore to a grocery store and what they could see. I looked down blushing violently and headed for my first isle.

First was the 40 lbs bags of rice on the bottom shelf, I looked at them for a moment, trying to determine the safest way to pick them up and put them in the cart. I decided since they were so heavy that I would squat to pick them up. I was hoping the isle would empty out but there was always someone coming or going. Finally I decided to go for it when there were just two people in the isle reading labels.

I squatted down and grabbed the first bag and held it to my chest as I lifted it up, no easy task in high heels. I squatted back down to grab the second bag just as a barely out of school teenage employee walked down the the isle and saw me. I quickly grabbed the bag, held it to my chest and lifted. I didn't have very good grip and the bag began to slip.

The teenage employee hurried over and asked "Ma'am do you need some hel... Uh, I mean, um..."

When the bag slipped it pulled my shirt down just enough for my left breast slip out the neck line. The boy was just standing there staring at it. I dropped the bag to release my shirt but it was stuck under my breast. I looked over at Josh with a humiliated look, he had a huge smile on his face, I was hoping he would give me some sign that I could adjust my shirt but he didn't. I was desperate, I grabbed the bag of rice and lifted it quickly with a strength born of desperation all the way up so that it lifted my shirt and rubbed against my exposed breast. This did the trick, my breast was covered, barely. I threw the rice into the cart, turned away from the boy and shook my shoulders to even out my shirt. I turned around, horrified to see that the woman down the isle, who was reading labels had noticed as well and was staring with her mouth open. I had never been so embarrassed in all my life!

Josh was staring at me smiling a genuinely happy smile. I could not understand why my humiliation was making him smile, all I knew is that I wanted him to smile more and he smiled a lot that day.

The boy who was staring at me stammered some nervous apology and almost ran down the isle. The woman who saw the show regained her composure and gave me an odd look and she left too.

Once I had calmed down again I moved on down the isle slowly, my legs were a little shaky from my nerves. The flour was almost at the end of the isle, closest to the registers. There were many types but only one on the top row, which was what my note said I needed. There were little steps I could pull over to use but my note said not to, which meant with my short height I would really have to stretch to get the bags down. This worried me since once I raised my arms my shirt would come up. I looked around, there were a few people waiting in line by the register but they were mostly paying attention to loading up groceries. There were also people milling around down the isle, the way I came. I thought maybe if I grabbed them quickly no one would see. I quickly reached up, feeling the fabric of my shirt slide up over my nipples, grabbed a bag of flour and almost threw it in my cart. I looked around and no one seemed to be looking at me. A little relieved I reached up quickly to grab the next one, again exposing my breasts, and put the bag in the cart. I looked around again and it looked like a couple down the isle were pretending not to look at me, but they kept glancing over. Finally I grabbed the last bag turned to notice the wife/girlfriend covering her mouth giggling. I quickly grabbed my cart and left the isle and turned down the next.

This isle didn't have anything from my list, but the back wall did have the steaks that I needed. This item seemed to have the hardest instruction out of all of them, there were about 5 shelves for the meats and I had to get 4 steaks from the bottom, all the way in the back, which would cause me to need to get very low to reach them. Combine that with the fact that I had to bend at my waist, which would expose my butt, and the fact that this area was the most visible in the store. There were people coming and going from everywhere, there was no way I wouldn't be seen! I decided to save this one for last, after all Josh never said I had to go in order. I looked over at him and mouthed that I would be back for these, he just nodded grinning at me.

I moved on to the next isle where the soup was, pulled up one of the little steps and put it in front of the cans I needed. There was only one person down this isle and he was walking away so I hurried and got started, I climbed the three steps, this would have allowed anyone to see right up my skirt so I had my knees touching. I leaned forward a little and reached back to grab my first can, once in hand I hurried down just in time for an old woman, driving a one of those motorized carts, to pass by. I looked over at Josh breathing a sigh of relief. I put the can in the cart and did it two more times without incident.

On my third time I almost ran right into a girl who looked around 20 years old on my way back down the steps. She was leaning her arms on her cart looking up my skirt with a big comic smile on her face. She stood up strait in front of me but did not move. She was tall and fit with reasonably attractive features. Her hair was short and unnaturally blond ,it was carefully styled to stick out in every direction. She was wearing black tights and a cut-off, though not as cut-off as mine, Elmo shirt to show off her sparkling belly button ring. She stood there blocking my way looking up my shirt. She laughed softly and asked if I had lost a bet or something? I was bright red and trembling all over, I didn't know what to say so just shook my head and looked away in embarrassment. I realized she wasn't moving so I stepped down and squeezed past her. She moved a little at the last minute as she tried to press me for more information but I just put my soup in the cart and stood there staring at the ground trying to stop myself from running out the door in tears. She quickly realized I wouldn't be responding any time soon so she told me she would let me get back to whatever it was I was doing. She didn't leave however, she just stood there watching me!

I didn't know what to do so I looked to Josh for help, he just nodded and motioned with his hand for me to continue. I was shocked how could I continue with this woman watching me!? I looked back at Josh with a pitiful face begging him to let me move on. His smile began to fade and I saw his eyes growing dim again, he thought I was going to give up on his fantasy I thought. I couldn't stand to see that happen so I took a deep breath and hurried up the stairs for another can as I looked back at Josh, he was smiling again.

The girl behind me, I'll call her Elmo girl, laughed again and said "you do know I can see your, well, everything, when you do that right?" I was so humiliated! I didn't say anything in response I just threw my fifth can in the cart and hurried up for my last one, as I got my hands on the last can I heard Elmo girl's voice talking, telling someone about what I was doing and laughing. I came down with my last can to see her on the phone explaining how she was able to see right up my skirt! I dropped the can in the cart and hurried off to the next isle, as I left she called out "aww shows over already?"

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