tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHumiliating Ordeal of the Nude Model

Humiliating Ordeal of the Nude Model


David was a young student in his final year at art college. He was preparing a photographic thesis on the nude female and needed a model. Having met Laura on the internet he booked her for a two-hour session in a local hotel. She said she’d had lots of experience at modelling both for artists and photographers and was willing to do just about anything.

He’d booked two adjoining bedrooms in the Sunshine Hotel for the shoot. This offered plenty of room and two beds - one conventional and the other a four-poster.

As David unpacked his equipment there was a quiet knock on the door.

“Come in!”

Laura peeped hesitatingly round the door and held out her hand shyly as she walked towards David. “Hi! Nice to meet you.”

“Glad you’re a bit early,” replied David. “I can explain what I want you to do. As I said on the phone I want a series of photographs for my thesis on the nude female. I’m going for a complete female sexuality theme with no holds barred.”

Laura blushed slightly as she looked down at the floor, a smile playing round her generous lips. “Well, you’re in charge,” she giggled. “Just tell me what you want me to do.”

“I’ve booked two rooms. Through that door over there is another bedroom with a four-poster bed.”

Laura walked over and had a look through the door. “Mmmm. That looks very photogenic.”

“Just what I thought. OK then, we’ll make a start. You seem to have the sort of slim, curvy figure I need. Just get stripped so I can see what you look like naked.”

Laura was rather taken aback at David’s direct approach, but she knew she was expected to pose naked, so she took off all her clothes and placed them in a pile on the bed.

David scooped them up in a careless fashion. “I’ll put them in the bathroom so they won’t get in any of the shots,” he said.

When he returned he picked up his camera and got straight down to business with some rapid-fire instructions to his nude model.

“OK, Just go over and stand by the window where the soft light coming through the curtain flows across your body. Hands above your head and lean back on the wall. Good! Turn around. Press your hands against the wall out to your side. That’s right. Now bend over and grasp your ankles. I want a shot of your pussy between the backs of your legs. Spread your legs more. Excellent!”

Laura didn’t know quite what to make of Michael’s demanding ways but felt she had no choice but to obey him. To have an attractive young man ordering her around in such a direct manner appealed to her femininity and she started to feel a distinct stirring between her legs. Also she could see her nipples were hard and protruding rather more than usual.

David continued: “Now get on the bed. I want one kneeling up and looking at the camera. Good. That’s it. Now look up and arch your back more. Look as though you’re stretching. That’s it. Your nipples look great with the light shining across them. Now kneel down and lie back on the bed. Put your legs more to the side; I want a good shot of everything between them. Good. Now I’ll take a close-up. Arch your back even more and put your hands behind your head.”

David approached nearer his model, just touching the foot of the bed. He looked steadily between her legs. “Mmm. Yes. I like the way your vagina is starting to open. I really love your shaved mound thrusting our from between your legs. I’ll take a close-up so I can reproduce it life size in my photograph.”

He leaned on the bed and took a few shots of Laura’s pussy. She began to wonder just how many of his friends would have a fine time looking at them. The thought turned her on a bit more and she felt her vagina starting to get wet. She knew it would be turning pink by now.

David went over to the window. “OK Now lie on the edge of the bed with your hands behind your back and one foot on the floor. That’s right. Now you’re opening more. Just spread your legs for extra exposure. No, I meant the other leg.”

David was a bit impatient and moved forward towards Laura. He pushed her leg open and then spread her vagina lips further with his fingers “You don’t mind do you?”

“N..n..no,” replied Laura, although she was somewhat surprised at David breaking the usual rule of no contact with the model.

David continued to take a large selection of his nude model in all kinds of poses on the bed. Then he paused and looked at his watch. “Right! I want to do some more before room service brings the coffee I’ve ordered. You’re already half-way there, but I need some shots of you with a fully open vagina and some juice showing, so rub your clitoris a bit and stand on the other side of the bed.”

Laura, feeling more vulnerable by the second, stroked herself until she had a good hard clitoris. She would have preferred to have done this without David watching but she knew he was looking at every move she made.

“That looks pretty good to me. Now open your legs and look towards the door so I have a slight side view. Great!”

David went on taking shots of his aroused model for some time. Then he looked at his watch again.

“OK. Just a few final shots which I want to be especially sexy and erotic. Sit on the corner of the bed and put a leg each side. Now lean back and put your hands under your head. Good! Now arch your back. I want to see you tense all your muscles and point your toes downwards. With the window light shining across you that looks fabulous. Now don’t move. I want every angle on this. I really should put my reflector somewhere to fill in the shadows.” He tried to balance it on a small chair but it kept falling off. Eventually he gave up and continued shooting without it.

David became very active and enthusiastic. There was a quiet knock on the door. “Come in!” yelled David as he continued to take more shots.

The door opened and in walked a young man pushing a service trolly. When he saw Laura spreadeagled naked on the bed with an aroused pussy he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked as though he’d been turned into stone. David casually looked over his shoulder at him.

“Oh, you’ve brought our coffee. Good. Will you take it over to the window and pour it please. You won’t be in the shots over there.”

Laura felt completely embarrassed at having this other man looking at her completely naked and with a juicy pussy. He was a man in his late

thirties and looked at Laura hungrily. He seemed to be much more interested in her than in pouring out the coffee. She couldn’t grab any of her clothes as they were in the bathroom so she just had to lie there feeling very vulnerable in her nudity.

David spoke to the room service man. “Thanks for the coffee. What’s your name, by the way?”

“Er... um...Max he stuttered.”

“Are you in a hurry to go?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I really need someone to hold my reflector in the right place and I can’t do it on my own. I just wondered whether . . .”

The man looked at Laura with a gleam in his eye. “Oh, yes. I ‘ll give you a hand.” He looked briefly at David and then back at the uncomfortable Laura. He thought this was much better than looking at the supplements in glossy men’s magazines which showed semi-nude women. For Laura, being totally exposed in the presence of two clothed men ensured that her open, wet pussy did not subside in any way.

Laura didn’t like to ask whether she could put her clothes on while they drank their coffee so she was forced to drink it nude in the presence of the two men. After they’d finished, David continued with the help of his new assistant, who seemed to relish holding the reflector, sometimes within a foot or two of the naked Laura. Her pussy remained pink and wide open as a result. When both men came in for a close-up she could feel the juice starting to flow.

David then decided to take a few last shots on the bed. As he was in full flow the door leading to the next room suddenly opened and two teenage cleaning men walked in. They froze with mouths agape when they saw two clothed men in front of them and a naked woman showing a very pink and wide open vagina.

“Who are you?” demanded David.

“I’m Ted,” said one.

“And I’m Fred,” joined in the other. All the time their eyes were riveted on Laura’s exposed body as she tried to cover herself with her hands. It was obvious that the boys were twins and were only about eighteen years old. They were typical bubbly teenagers and their only sexual experience had been a small amount of fumbling under the sheets with girls about their own age. This, slightly older and more curvaceous woman really appealed to them.

“We’ve just cleaned the bathroom in the other room,” said Ted. “We didn’t know there was anyone in here.”

David was keen on resuming his work. “Oh, well, alright. Get on with cleaning the bathroom but don’t get in the way.”

Both lads went into the bathroom in a chorus of giggling and whispering. From time to time they peeped through the door to peer out at the luckless Laura who now had four clothed men surveying every detail of her naked body.

As the girls emerged from the bathroom David announced “OK We’ll go into the other room to work with the four-poster. I want to do something rather special with that. He looked into his equipment bag.

“Damn!” he exclaimed. “Forgot it!” He walked over to the two boys who by now were almost by the door but still looking over their shoulders in complete fascination at Laura.

David spoke in a confidential voice to the two boys. “Is there anywhere in the hotel you could get me a bottle of oil and a few yards of cord?” he asked.

“We can ask the manger,” volunteered Fred.

“OK,” repled David. Bring it to the next room. We’ll be in there.”

David stood looking at the four-poster bed for several minutes. Laura was apprehensive as she wondered what he had in store for her. She was also well aware that her clothes were in the other room and she was stranded, naked and vulnerable, with these two men.

“Laura, just stand by the foot of the bed. In the middle. That’s right. Now hold your arms out sideways. Oh, good they just reach the two posts. That should be OK.”

Suddenly the door burst open and Ted and Fred entered closely followed by a man whom they introduced as John, the manager of the hotel. He was in his early forties and had spent so much time climbing the ladder of promotion in the hotel industry that romance and any permanent relationship with a woman had passed him by. As soon as Fred and Ted had told him about the nude model, he became extremely interested. To try to get some sort of sexual satisfaction he had visited a few dodgy female strip shows in order to see nude women posing for him. This situation looked much more promising. He looked quizzically at Laura standing naked at the foot of the bed covering her crotch with her hands, but her hard nipples standing out were in full view. John then spoke to David.

“Er...I understand you want some cord and some oil.”

“That’s right,” returned David looking at the coil of cord and the small bottle of oil being held out to him in John’s hand. “I want some photographs on the ‘naked slave in bondage’ theme so I want to tie my model to the bed posts. I really need four assistants. Would you like to help me?”

John could hardly believe his luck. He took one look at David, licked his lips and said, “Most certainly. This looks like being fun.”

David cut the cord into four pieces and asked the men to tie Laura’s hands and ankles to the bedposts. They laughed and chatted as they did so and really seemed to be enjoying their job. Laura ended up with her legs and arms spread wide and completely unable to do anything about covering up her throbbing vagina.

Then they stood back while David faced Laura and prepared his camera for some more photographs. He took two and then stopped abruptly.

“Oh, I forgot. The slave would, of course, be struggling to get free so she would be sweating. I meant to ask you to cover yourself with this oil, Laura. As you can’t do it yourself now, and I can’t because I don’t want to get oil on my camera, I’m sure the four guys will do it for you. All five approached Laura as David unscrewed the bottle of oil. He poured a small pool into each hand.

“Now, rub it all over her and be certain not to miss anything out.” He watched smiling at Laura’s obvious discomfort at having eight oiled male hands wandering all over her body. He laughed as he noticed that, despite the fact that her pussy and breasts had already being covered in oil by Max, all the others insisted on oiling them as well.

This humiliating and arousing situation did nothing to help Laura to try to control her urge to come and attain release.

When they’d finished they stood back in a line by David and looked at the naked gleaming female body before them.

“Doesn’t that make a difference?” commented Fred. “She’s shining everywhere now.”

“Mmmmm. She certainly is,” John remarked. “I really like the way her nipples are standing straight up. It exposes her open pussy between her legs too.” He licked his lips and wondered what it would be like giving her a good licking.

David’s camera then went into swift action taking shots of Laura from all angles and with several close-ups.

“OK. I think that’ll do for those,” he said with some satisfaction. “Ted and Fred, will you get a couple of towels out of the bathroom, please, and wipe the oil off Laura. She won’t want to get her clothes oily when I eventually let her have them back.

The delighted 18-year-olds needed no second bidding and soon they were busy wiping the oil off their naked prisoner taking particular care not to leave any oil between her legs or on her breasts.

When the two boys had finished, the five stood in a line looking steadily at Laura, tied naked and helpless with arms and legs spread wide and aching for complete release from her sexual tension. She desperately wished she was untied so that she could get to the bathroom and have an orgasm. She’d have given anything for a session with her vibrator. Then David looked at his watch. “Almost out of time,” he said. “OK guys, just a few last shots.”

He looked thoughtful for a few seconds then started to get very enthusiastic again. “Right. I want a few shots with all of you in. Ted and Fred go and sit by the side of Laura’s feet.”

They gleefully obeyed. “Sit leaning against the outside of her legs, one leg bent under you and the other stretched out to the side. That’s right. Now put your one arm around her legs with your hands on the inside of her thighs. No. higher so that you are just brushing the sides of her vagina lips. Great!

As Laura felt their eager strong young hands encircling her thighs she wondered that she didn’t come there and then. She didn’t want the humiliation of coming in front of five men so she tried desperately to control the feeling.

“Now, Max and John, I want you one on each side of Laura kneeling on the bed with your arms around her and one hand cupping her beast. Both men took up their positions with alacrity and squeesed her nipples to make certain that they stayed up.

Laura felt completely humiliated with eight male hands fondling her naked body and a camera pointing right at her. But she was tied tight and could do absolutely nothing about it. She looked down and could see the insides of her thighs glistening with shiny juice. She ached and felt that the slightest touch on her clitoris or vagina would shoot a stream of juice right down her legs.

“OK,” snapped David. “Just look at the camera and smile. Good. Now I want another with you all looking between Laura’s legs.” The four guys started laughing as they had a close-up view of the juice dribbling down her legs. “Great,” commented David with satisfaction.

“And one special shot for Fred and Ted. As you look so much alike I want you to lean towards each other more and kiss Laura’s pussy. Just lightly.” The two boys started to laugh and giggle at the thought, but they did as David asked.

“That’s it. Now flick your tongues out so that they are reaching inside the lips of her vagina. Excellent.”

The boys’ firm wet tongues drove Laura even nearer orgasm but again she fought it back. The camera fired and the moment was over.

David then screwed his camera on top of a tripod. “OK guys. I’m going to join you in this shot. I’ll use the self-take mechanism. That means I’ll have only ten seconds to get into position before the camera fires. Max, could you make a space for me to kneel on the bed by the side of Laura. I’m hoping this will be a great shot.”

David put his finger on the self-take button. “Ready? Here we go.”

He dashed across and flung himself on the bed by the side of Laura. Putting his left arm around her body he rubbed her clitoris briskly and rapidly fingered her wet vagina. He increased the speed as the red warning light started to flash on the camera. He quickly withdrew his fingers from her vagina. There was a loud cry of “Arrrrgggh!” from the open mouth of Laura as she experienced her long-awaited release and a jet of juice shot down her thighs. At the same time the flash fired on the camera.

Laura felt utterly mortified at being forced by David to come in front of the group of men without having any say in the matter.

“I think it’s worked!” yelled David in a triumphant voice. Quick guys, let’s see what we’ve got.” Fred, Ted and Max went to have a look at the picture on the screen of David’s digital camera. They crowded around eagerly.

Some of Laura’s juice had landed on John’s forearm and, seeing the others preoccupied with the camera, he eagerly licked it off and swallowed it. He looked up at the panting Laura. “Mmmmmm. I haven’t tasted pussy for months.”

Then, seeing the others laughing and yelling about the photograph, he plunged his firm tongue between the wet lips of Laura’s vagina swirling his tongue round and round and up onto her erect clitoris. He swallowed and then joined the others.

David looked triumphant. “It worked! It worked!” he cried jumping up and down in great joy. Just look at that photograph. A naked woman and five clothed men and I’m forcing her to come just when I want her to.”

“Let me have another look,” asked John. “Mmmmm. Look at all that juice running down her legs. And Laura’s face is a real study. Look how her mouth is wide open as she’s shouting out in relief.”

“Well, she’s been tied there with a panting pussy for quite a time. I could see she desperately wanted release but I denied her so that when I wanted it she would come quickly. It worked! It worked!”

Max’s eyes narrowed with lust as he viewed the picture. “Ooooooh! Just look at that sight. What a picture!”

“Yes,” said David. “I’ll use this one as the cover shot for my thesis folder. What’ll I put as the title? Yes - ‘The Female Orgasm’.”

Laura was now feeling drained both physically and mentally. She remained tied to the posts as her vagina and clitoris started to relax. She felt totally humiliated by these five clothed men, and her head drooped. She wondered just how many other men would gaze at the photograph of her having an orgasm in front of these guys. She hardly dared to think about it.

David spoke to Fred, “Will you get Laura’s clothes from the other room, please.”

Then he looked at Max. “Would you kindly untie Laura Max?” He obeyed with speed and his hands wandered over her as he slowly did the untying.

David walked over to her and showed her the photograph. “You really did well in the last one, Laura,” he said. She looked at the picture and realised that it was the perfect shot for the ‘naked women, clothed men’ genre.

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