tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHumiliation with a Tail Plug

Humiliation with a Tail Plug


Hello everyone, in case you didn't read either of my last entries here's a little back story on me. I am a very shy 27 year old woman; I am 5'2" and 105 lbs. My bra size is 34C, and I have shoulder length reddish brown hair. Up until about 4 months ago I have had a very normal sex life, no one had even seen me naked until I was married (yup virgin bride). In fact a crazy night for me before was if my husband, who I will call Josh, and I switched positions so I was on top!

So you may be asking, how did I go from that to exploits of public nudity? Well, I did it for my marriage and I stand by my choice. Josh was in a very unhappy mood for a while and I finally got him to tell me what was wrong. He admitted to me that he has felt unfulfilled with our sex life. He mentioned that he did not feel like he would ever be able to realize his sexual fantasies with me.

Not long ago, in an attempt to help my marriage, I read a healthy marriage book that had a portion that said for a relationship to truly work, both partners must try to fulfill the other's sexual needs. At the time I didn't know sex was a problem. I really wanted Josh to be happy again so I took the book's advice and prepared for the worst. I let josh know that he could be open with me, and even though I wasn't very experienced I would do my best to fulfill his needs no matter what they were.

One of his desires was for me to write about my experiences, being completely honest on how they make me feel and post them on the net so he could read the comments it gets with me, so here I go again on my next "adventure" as Josh calls them.

For all the people who have commented on my stories saying hurtful things about my husband, know this, I am happy. I get gifts for no reason, I get random kisses whenever he is around, Josh brings me flowers and cuddles up close to watch movies, he tells me a thousand times a day how much he loves me, he holds me close and I feel that love. Josh asks my opinion on everything and is always willing to watch a chick flick with me, or even go shopping. And most importantly he is happy, every day, no matter how rough his day was, he comes home to me with a smile on his face. So if all I need to do for all that is to fulfill his fantasies and feel some humiliation I gladly accept it. So back to my "adventures"...

This most recent adventure involved something I recently tried for the first time, anal. As odd as it may seem, I actually didn't mind it, and Josh was very gentle so it didn't really hurt at all.

We have tried it out a few times now, with both toys and the normal way, so Josh suggested for this "adventure" I wear a butt plug under a mini skirt in a public place. Of course I agreed, not knowing then how bad it would be, not that I would have denied him even if I did.

Josh brought me the outfit he wanted me to wear for the adventure. I didn't even bother looking at it before I put it on. I knew it would be revealing and I was not surprised in the least to see that it didn't include a bra or panties, but that's not to say it didn't make me a little nervous anyway. Once the outfit was on I looked in the mirror to see how bad this would be.

The outfit consisted of a tank top, skirt and heels. The tank top was white and very short; it came down just below my breasts. The skirt was light blue cotton and loosely fitted to flutter around when I walked; it was also very short and came down only a few inches below my butt. My shoes where simple strap heels with an open toe that I might wear any day of the week. The sight made me instantly nervous, as I always get when I know I am going to perform one of these "adventures".

Josh whistled as he looked me up and down and said "Nice! I never tire of looking at you in these outfits!"

I blushed and giggled a little, oh how I love the way my husband makes me feel.

After a moment of looking me over Josh held me tight and kissed me passionately and said "I love you so much, let me go get the rest!"

Until then I almost forgot that I still had to put in the butt plug. I was a little nervous about walking around with a butt plug in me but as I said I was starting to get used to anal play so it was not too bad and it would be under the skirt so it wouldn't be too bad, though I had a unpleasant feeling that it would get revealed at some point or another.

Josh got back up and holding the plug behind his back. He said "turn around I want this to be a surprise love."

I laughed a mocking laugh, though inwardly the "surprise" part made me a little nervous. I turned around as he leaned me over on the table.

I heard a little squirting noise and Josh said "now I am not going to put too much lube on here because I don't want it sliding out again. It is water based lube so if I put it on lightly most of it should wear away after a little bit."

With that he began to work in the butt plug, slowly twisting, pushing and pulling on the plug. Inch by inch the plug began working its way into my anus. Though it is kind of embarrassing to admit, even to total strangers, I kind of like the feeling of anal so this part actually turned me on a little. This plug was just slightly bigger than we had played with yet, because josh wanted it to stay in, but Josh took his time and when it finally did reach its apex it only hurt slightly. Then Josh gave the plug just a little more pressure and it quickly slipped inside me causing me to moan and shiver as I felt the bulb quickly plunge into my anus. I noticed once the plug was firmly in place that the indented portion was also quite a bit bigger than I was used to as well.

Josh pulled my skirt back down and said "you can go ahead and stand now so you can look in the mirror."

I calmed myself down from the excitement and stood up as Josh asked. Once I stood up strait and my butt cheeks came together I immediately noticed something different about this plug. It didn't seem to have an overly large base at the end to stop it from slipping in further, just a slight bulge that seemed to stick out a bit because I could feel it sticking out between my cheeks. This struck my curiosity and I quickly moved to the mirror and turned to get a look at the plug. Before I had even turned fully around I gasped in shock! The plug had a 1.5 inch black plastic tail on it that stuck out the bottom of my skirt, curling out and slightly up a few inches, scrunching up the back of my skirt ever so slightly.

I turned to Josh and stuttered "b-but people will see the... the t-tail going up into my... my butt."

He held my face in his hand and said "they will not actually see it go into your butt; they will just see it disappear under your skirt. Now I am sure some people will figure out where it is going and will therefore know you are walking around with something inserted into your anus. But that is part of the adventure love; remember it is supposed to be embarrassing. And it is perfectly legal; I had a lawyer look into it for me... Will you still do it? If not I will understand."

I could see that Josh was putting on a good act trying to not look too disappointed, but I could tell he really was looking forward to this so I said with all the conviction I could muster "Of course I will still do this love, I would do anything for you..."

He scooped me up in his arms and held me tight saying "Oh baby, I love you so very much. You are the best wife ever! Now let me detach this for the car ride."

As he spun me around and began unscrewing the tail from the butt plug I replied "I love you too dear."

He got the tail section of the plug off leaving the bulb and the slightly flared base inside me. Josh ran off in excitement to get stuff in the car and I followed behind him with worry and nervousness.

Once we got in the car Josh said "Jenni wanted to be a part of this but since she is still out of town she couldn't, but she did actually help me out figuring out some of the details."

I replied "So that is what she meant when I talked to her yesterday. She said she had been working with you on a surprise for me."

Josh just laughed and we talked a little about Jenni and her past experiences with me for a bit.

For those of you who may be jumping into this story without reading my other "adventures"; Jenni is a friend of mine who we met on my first "adventure" and is the only one who knows Josh and my real names and the activities we perform. She has actually been involved with a couple of them and she always looks out for me, and also torments me on occasion. We are supposed to be having a big party soon where I will be the main attraction, but that there is no word yet when that will be.

We drove a very long way this time, over two hours. The entire time I was squirming against the butt plug that I still had inside me. To make the drive even more difficult Josh kept reaching over and rubbing between my legs making me incredibly horny. I was going nuts by the time we made it to our destination. I wanted so badly to orgasm; in fact I was so distracted I totally forgot about the humiliation I was about to endure.

Once we stopped I remembered why we were here and began to feel my anxiety build back up and wash away my desire. I noticed that we had arrived at another large mall barely after noon. Since it was a weekday it seemed we had hit the lunch crowd because there were a lot of cars in the lot. This made me even more nervous.

Josh opened the door for me and I got out of the car. He crouched down behind me and re-attached the tail section back to the butt plug. He turned me toward him and held me close. He kissed me passionately and to my surprise pulled my skirt all the way up with one hand while holding me close with the other. I instinctively tried to jerk away at first but controlled myself, reminding myself that this was his fantasy.

Josh pulled away and while I looked around nervously to see if anyone had seen he laughed and said "Don't worry love I made sure no one was around; though I love that you let me do that not knowing that."

I just said "Anything for you." Which was true, I would do anything for him.

Josh picked up a small bag and asked "Are you ready?"

I still have no idea why he keeps asking me that; like I could ever be ready for this kind of thing. But I just nodded to him nervously.

He smiled and said "Ok, you lead the way. I want you to go inside and follow the instructions I text you." As he handed me my phone. "Oh and if anyone asks what the tail is, or how it feels you must answer honestly, if anyone asks anything else look to me for the answer ok?"

I shuddered a little and nodded my head in agreement.

Josh gave me another kiss and then pointed to the mall saying "Ok love, lead the way."

I paused beside our car and looked both ways waiting in terror as a young couple passed by going to the mall. The young man looked at me as he passed but otherwise they did not pay me too much attention since my tail was not visible to them. Once they passed I took a deep breath and with all the courage I could muster I stepped out into the open. As I left the privacy of the space between the cars I immediately felt very exposed. Even though I was technically not showing any of my private areas I knew the tail was highly visible and would cause anyone who noticed to stare and wonder where it went. Plus my outfit was much more skimpy than most people would every wear to the mall.

I walked down the parking lot and was almost immediately passed by a car from behind, I was too afraid to look at the driver but Josh told me later that it was a middle-aged man and he was staring intently at my butt as he passed. I just shivered a little and kept my eyes down. Once he passed and I looked up again I noticed that in front of me there was another car coming towards me as well as two men and a woman. There were other people around at varying distances looking at me but none that were close enough to be personally involved.

The car passed me first and I angled myself slightly in hopes of hiding my tail from his view, which seemed to work. Next came one of the men, he was a well-dressed man who appeared to be in his late thirties. He glanced at me before he passed but immediately averted his eyes once he saw me looking at him. He passed me by awkwardly looking away from me, but I was sure he would look back as soon as I passed him, though I didn't dare look back to see.

Once the man was out of ear shot Josh came up a little closer and said "Until we make it into the mall I would like for you to look back every time someone passes by you ok? That last guy was priceless!"

I just nodded again in agreement, even more nervous at having to see them when they noticed my tail.

Next was a young woman probably right out of high school. She looked me over and lost interest quickly. A couple seconds after she passed me I looked back but she was just walking away, not interested enough for a backwards glance and therefor missed seeing my tail. This relieved me tremendously.

Before the other man got to close to me I noticed a couple of guys getting out of a car just ahead of me. I slowed down to let them get in front of me but they were taking too long to get out of the car and Josh cleared his throat behind me which I knew meant I should keep going. I heard them finally shut the doors a little after I passed their car. They were still within earshot and I heard they were talking about where they were going to eat, but then they suddenly got quiet and I could no longer hear them. I knew this had to be because they noticed my tail, I did not look back, as Josh said I just had to look back at the people who passed me and they did not, they were following behind me, which in my predicament was much, much worse.

By this time the other man I saw was coming up to me. He was an older man, probably in his sixties, and he was looking at me with curious eyes. He did not look away when I looked at him like the last guy, in fact he smiled and even went so far as to say "Afternoon miss" and nod to me as I passed him.

Again after a couple seconds I looked back to see the man staring back at my but with a happy but slightly confused look on his face. I also saw the two men behind me who were watching me intently and talking in hushed tones to each other. Once they saw me looking back they laughed and one of them nodded towards me with a smile. This caused them to laugh even more.

I jerked my head back and just tried to keep walking forward without falling on my face from nervousness. I noticed as I looked forward that a couple of women had come out of the mall doors as I was getting close to it.

I had to stop at the end of the row of cars to let a car pass by, which unfortunately put the two men right behind me. I heard them chucking to each other and fearing they would talk to me I hurried across the street towards the entrance to the mall where I passed by the two women. I was so worried about getting some distance from the men behind me that I forgot to look back after I passed the two women, but I doubt they cared enough to look back at me. I did notice out of the corner of my eyes however that there were now more people coming up behind me from other areas of the parking lot. I hurried into the mall and almost accidently knocked over an old lady in my haste. I apologized and passed by her, keeping my front to her at all times.

Once in the mall I was hit with another wave of fear as I noticed how many people were all around me. There was no way to keep my tail hidden from sight. I looked around in terror as I noticed some people already staring at me, and my tail, in confusion. I was so very embarrassed. I felt my phone vibrate and I quickly looked to see what it said.

Josh sent me a message saying "Find a store that sells costume jewelry."

I walked quickly to one of those map stations they have in malls and quickly found a store that would do the trick. I hurried off in the direction of the store and got another text saying "Slow down." With a sigh I slowed down to my normal speed and made my way to the store. I was surprised to note that even though I got a lot of strange looks no one bothered me.

Once I got to the store I got another text saying "Pick out a bracelet you like and take it to the counter."

I found a simple looking bracelet right away. Turning toward the counter I noticed the two girls working there were staring at me. Both looked about 19 or 20 and were skinny, one was blond while the other had black hair with purple and red dye in it. Blushing red, I walked up to the counter where the two women were and just as I was about to set down the bracelet I got another text.

This text said "Ask the girls behind the counter if they have any jewelry you could use to decorate your tail. Turn slightly, stick your butt out and gesture toward your tail when you do."

I turned my head toward josh and gave him a pouty face.

He just smiled and nodded toward the counter.

I turned to the closest girl, the blond, and asked her "Do... do you have anything you would reco-recommend to decorate my uh... my tail?" As I said it I turned and stuck out my butt a bit pointing at my tail.

The other girl, the dyed one, tried to suppress her laughter without much success. This made the blond I was talking to blush and smile.

The blond replied "Um... are you messing with us or something?"

I just blushed more and said "N-No, I just want to... to get something to decorate my... this." Pointing at my tail again.

"Why are you even wearing that thing in the mall anyway?" asked the woman with dyed hair.

I looked at Josh and he just shrugged at me so I just replied "Um... I just... I like to wear it sometimes, that's all." I am not a very good liar so that was all I could come up with at the time.

"How does it stay there? Is it attached to your skirt? Or a bikini bottom or something?" asked the blond.

I got really nervous now; this was one of the questions I was trying to avoid because I would have to tell them what it really was. I cleared my throat nervously and with a slight tremble in my voice I replied "Um... well... it is a um... pl-plastic tail that is attached to um... attached to a b-butt plug."

The blond just stared at me with an open mouth while the girl with the dyed hair said in a shocked voice "No way... you gotta be shittin me."

I just stared at the counter in shame trembling all over.

The blond stammered out "So... so that... thing [pointing at my tail] goes... you know... in your ass?!"

I trembled with humiliation and just nodded in response.

The two girls just stood there for a moment and I didn't know what to do.

Finally the blond chimed in again and said "why would you choose to wear that? And in public too?"

I just repeated "I um... I just do... I don't know. Now could I please just get... well could you suggest something to decorate it so I can leave?"

Again my horrible lying was not helping me, in fact I think it made the girls behind the counter even more confused, and curious.

They just shrugged and probably too stunned to know what to say. The one with the dyed hair finally said "Why do you need to decorate it? Isn't it bad enough that you are walking around with a tail in your ass? Now you want to bling it out!?"

The blond seemed to brighten up saying "Speaking of bling, we could poke some ear rings into it!"

I didn't really know what I was supposed to agree to so I just said "Um... maybe that would work."

Just then I got a text said "Tell them you changed your mind. Thank them for the help and leave the store. Now I want you to find a store that would sell dresses."

I did as I was told and rushed out of the store as the two girls stared after me. I found another map station down the hall a ways and began looking for a clothing store. I found a one on the map and started walking quickly to its location but caught myself and slowed my pace to normal. I made my way across the mall to the clothing store. All around people stared at me as they noticed my revealing outfit and even worse, my tail. Luckily no one bothered me on my way to the store; they just looked at me without comment, or at least not any I could hear.

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