tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHunted: Predator Versus Prey

Hunted: Predator Versus Prey


**Author's Note**
Hello and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review my previous stories or send me emails gently prodding me to get writing again ;-) I'm still having fun with Sasha and Suzanne, although again this story is not meant to follow on or tie in with the original two Hunted stories in any way.

Please feel free to read, hopefully enjoy, and (fingers crossed) review if you can. But *please* heed the warning in the summary. As usual, this is not for kids or the faint of heart!

Please note: all characters are above 18 years of age; where Sasha says "little girl", it is just a nickname.

Suzanne's personal space was constricting into an increasingly claustrophobic bubble as the ring of soldiers advanced on her, faces leering and dirty fingers grabbing at her clothing menacingly. She wasn't sure why they had decided to pick on her, but she had been dragged into a small, bare outbuilding that was now gloomily lit by a bare bulb hanging from the neglected and peeling ceiling plaster.

She was panicking; didn't know where to look and kept turning around suddenly, trying to fight off the groping hands that would squeeze a thigh or slide under her skirt whenever she had her back turned for too long. She counted around fifteen or twenty of them, all dressed in varying degrees of what might pass as a soldier's uniform, and – in her current state of mind, at least – they all looked mean as hell.

They were expecting her not to put up much of a fight. They were the crowd, and she was alone. And she was terrified of what they were going to do, and of the fact that she had little chance of escape. However, she was not going to just give up without a fight.

One man stepped within the ring of soldiers to stand in front of her. He was smiling nastily, had every intention of grabbing at her clothes and revealing some skin. When he got within touching range, she rushed towards him and shoved a knuckle into each of his eyes before smacking the heel of her hand into his nose for good measure. He staggered backwards in pain, and was swallowed by the crowd again.

She backed away quickly, almost hyperventilating. The rest of the soldiers were simultaneously angered and amused by her efforts, but by no means were they discouraged. A second man stepped into the ring with her, ensuring that he kept his eyes on her hands as he advanced. Suzanne feigned surrender until the man was within a foot of her body, then grabbed him by the arms and used his own body for leverage as she brought her knee into his balls with enough force to hurt her own leg.

Suzanne knew that she had been lucky up until now. The soldiers hadn't expected any resistance, but now they knew what they were dealing with. The third soldier stepped into the ring, and paused as he muttered to her "English bitch. You're going to have cock in every one of your holes before we finish with you, little whore!"

The words chilled her to the bone. She had known the reason why they had dragged her into the little building, of course she did, but to actually have it spelled out to her in such a crude and brutal way made the reality of her situation hit home. She felt tears pricking at the corners of her eyes as she started to feel the first insidious tendrils of defeat slither through her veins.

This guy was a big, ugly, hulking man, but he moved a lot more quickly than Suzanne had first expected. He grabbed her by her coat collar and started tearing it from her body mercilessly. She didn't notice the jeering crowd go silent until the circle parted to allow another man through. The hulk grabbing her coat retreated to the outskirts of the circle quickly, taking the garment with him as he went.

If she had been scared before, it was nothing compared to this moment. The man who now joined her within the circle of soldiers was not as wide or as tall as the hulk who had just made a swift exit, although he was still over six feet in height. But what really made her afraid, was the fact that it was clear that the other soldiers both feared and respected this man. Nobody tried to get in the way of him, or even question his right to enter the circle when he had only just entered the building.

He was dressed in combat pants and the same sturdy boots that the soldiers were wearing; however the boots were the only part of a soldier's uniform that he seemed to bother with. His jacket was zipped up half way, showing a black t-shirt that he had on underneath, and he also wore black fingerless gloves to protect his hands from the rather harsh weather outside. Suzanne noticed that his short, dark brown hair was slightly matted down against his head, and he had a couple of scars through his eyebrows that she might have found quite fetching under different circumstances.

Then she noticed the rifle strapped to his back, which also had one of the scopes that snipers use attached to it. Although she had seen guns many times on film, it was a different thing entirely to see one up close. Her fear seemed to increase in severity with each passing second, and did not seem to ease in the slightest even when the man took the gun from his back and held it out to a soldier in the crowd for them to look after it for him. He did the same with a handgun that he took from a shoulder holster.

Sasha looked the girl up and down for a few moments before deciding to move. She was relatively tall for a woman – he would guess at about five foot eight inches – and had a medium build for her height. Chocolate brown poker straight hair fell down to the small of her back and was also currently falling into her eyes. He was looking forward to wrapping her hair around his fist while he slid his cock down the back of her throat later. Her eyes were the same dark brown as his own, and were currently filling with tears as she weighed up her odds of escape, and found them to be against her.

He started to circle around her, sliding out his hand to stroke over the bare skin of her forearm or a creamy expanse of thigh whenever she didn't manage to turn quickly enough to keep herself facing him. She whimpered in fear; couldn't even back away as if she did, the circle of soldiers would start grabbing at her arse or sliding fingers under her skirt. Her breasts were bigger than usual for a woman her size, and the bra she was wearing caused them to press together invitingly.

The man was advancing on her slowly now, herding her towards the edge of the groping circle of hands. She reached a point where she had to stop, or risk being at their mercy. But the man kept walking towards her, until he got into touching range.

Sasha grabbed the girl by the wrists and dragged her towards him, pinning her arms behind her back in one of his far stronger hands. She yelped in fear and started struggling immediately, trying to wrench one of her hands free so that she could try to push him away. The crowd began their jeering again as soon as Sasha grabbed the girl, alternately saying words of encouragement for the current show to continue, or discussing what they wanted to do to the girl first.

Suzanne felt tears spill onto her cheeks as the man dragged her towards him and started to speak. "Are you going to be a good girl, baby?" he growled softly. His accent was strong, but his English was good. "Or am I going to have to teach you to follow orders?" Although she knew that she couldn't win, and could not even stop the tears from falling down her own face, there was no way that she was going to just submit to these men and let them have their way with her. Not without a fight.

The girl was crying, but she was also trying to struggle free of Sasha's grip on her wrists. She had no chance of accomplishing this, but she was fighting nonetheless. Sasha appreciated her courage, but he was also relishing the idea of forcing her to submit to his will. He stroked his free hand over her jaw gently, first enjoying the feel of her soft skin on his fingertips, and then smiling at the look of terror on her face as she desperately tried to escape his touch. He pulled back his hand and slapped the girl across the cheek sharply, then stopped to savour the angry red handprint that appeared across her face.

Sasha had decided to play nice at first, and his initial warning blow was done open handed and without any true force behind it. However, he wasn't really one for giving second chances, and as she continued to struggle, he clenched his hand into a fist and landed a blow to her jaw that would have knocked her off her feet had he not been holding her against him. She whimpered sharply as her face was thrust sideways, the force of the blow knocking her senseless and causing her world to explode with pain.

It took several moments before Suzanne was able to refocus her eyes as the man who was holding her grabbed her hair and pulled her head upright again. Her body was trembling, and she gasped in fright as she noticed the look in his eyes. He was enjoying causing her pain.

"Why don't you think about your situation?" he said to her softly. "You're not going anywhere, so eventually you're going to have to do as you're told. So how much pain do you want to have to go through before you behave, little girl?"

How much pain could she go through? Suzanne didn't know. But it would probably be less than what he would be prepared to inflict, she was pretty sure of that. However, the thought of being raped by these men was still more frightening than the thought of being beaten. When she made no move to respond, the man hit her again. And then again. He continued past the point where she started screaming, and then to the point where she stopped again.

The girl was a fighter, and Sasha was becoming even more turned on as she continued to struggle against him, regardless of how many times he hit her. She never lost the look of stubborn defiance on her face. Eventually though, her strength began to fail and she had stopped screaming, and hung limp in his arms. He slid his hand to her chin and lifted her eyes to meet his, checking that she was still conscious.

Suzanne vaguely noticed that the jeering had stopped. The soldiers were waiting to see Sasha's next move, to hear what he was going to say to the girl. She knew that she had a look of defeat on her face, but she just couldn't take any more. Her face was hurting so much that she almost didn't care what they were going to do to her now.

"Want me to stop, baby?" Sasha asked, and although she hated herself for it, she nodded shakily. "Are you going to behave?" he asked, and she nodded again. Although, she had no idea how much her body would stick to that promise once one of the soldiers laid their hands on her. Sasha lowered her to her feet slowly, making sure that she was able to stand up on her own before he took his hands from her arms.

"Take off your clothes, little girl," he growled softly, and as her face flushed with shame at the order, the jeering from the soldiers started once again. Suzanne had never felt so intimidated in her life. Her fingers shook so hard that it took a full minute to unbutton her shirt and slowly slide it off her shoulders. As it began its descent towards the floor she grasped it in her right hand for a moment, reluctant to let it go. However, as she caught the look in her attacker's eyes, she didn't dare do anything other than let the garment fall to the ground.

The girl was stalling for time, Sasha realised. She slowly started unzipping her boots and sliding them off her feet, not wanting to reveal the rest of her underwear. Eventually though, the boots were off, and she had no choice other than to unbutton her skirt and slide it off her hips. Her skin was beautifully creamy and smooth, and the curve of her hip gave way to equally beautifully shaped thighs. From the sounds that the soldiers behind the girl were making, she must also have a pretty inviting backside.

Suzanne paused for a moment, her hands behind her back ready to remove her bra. She was terrified of what would happen if she did not comply with this man's orders, but she just couldn't bring herself to bare all in front of him. She had never stripped in front of anyone else before, and this was rather a daunting way to start. As much as she did not want to look at him, she was trying her best to focus on him rather than thinking of the hoard of soldiers waiting their turn around her.

The girl was shaking, and there were tears running down her bruised face again. Sasha thought for a moment that he was going to have to force her to continue, but she eventually slid her hands behind her back and unclasped the bra before dropping it onto the pile of clothing by her side. He was pleased to see that her cleavage had not been artificially produced by the bra, and her breasts were large but perky, and had rosy pink nipples which were currently standing to attention in the cool air. She moved her hands to her hips, and slowly slid her last item of clothing to the ground. She kept the hair at the top of her legs short, and the little triangle of dark brown fur disappeared between the curve of her thighs invitingly.

Suzanne couldn't tell if the burning look in her attackers eyes was arousal, amusement, or a mixture of the two. He made no move to touch her, and so she stood still for a moment, trying to ignore the taunting crowd around her as much as possible. Her face was still burning; she could feel the heat of it in the cold room, and it almost made her even more embarrassed that her attacker knew how much he was already making her suffer. She wanted to cover her body with her hands, but knew it would only make herself look ridiculous. So, she tried her best to hold her head up high and maintain some dignity, regardless of the situation that she was in.

Almost as if he knew that she was trying to block the other men out, the man giving her the orders lifted one finger into the air and twirled it around, telling her to turn around for him. The look of dignity that she had been trying to maintain fell at the order, and the smug look on the man's face confirmed that he had done it just to make her squirm.

The girl knew that she had no choice but to do as she was told, and she slowly started to pivot in a circle, so that the soldiers surrounding her could get a view of all of her body. Her ass was a little bigger than he'd expected, almost as if it was designed to balance out her breasts, but it was a gorgeously rounded shape and creamy like the rest of her skin. He was tempted to reach out and squeeze for a moment, but he didn't want to do anything to take the girl's focus off the attention she was receiving from the crowd around her.

As Suzanne started to turn towards the circle of soldiers, she was mortified to catch a glimpse of one of the men nearest her. He was sticking his tongue out at her and waggling it obscenely, to the amusement of his fellow soldiers. Another man had reached out two fingers towards her and was making thrusting motions. Several of the others hand their hands to their crotches, as if they were intending on showing her what was to come. She tried her best not to show any reaction, but by the time she turned back towards the man in the circle with her, she was almost hyperventilating again.

Sasha had moved back to the centre of the circle, and as the girl turned back towards him, he beckoned for her to follow him. She obeyed, and as she came within touching distance, he reached out and slid his hand into her hair again, dragging her against him and upwards almost to his height. She was standing on her toes and whining at the pain in her scalp. He slid his mouth to her ear as he started whispering into it softly. "You bite me baby, and I will fucking kill you. After they're finished with you. Do you understand?"

Oh, god. Suzanne knew exactly what he was referring to, and those few words confirmed what she was going to have to do next. She absolutely did not want to do this, but the pressure on her head was so great that she had to agree immediately, to relieve the pain as quickly as possible. She couldn't nod, and so finally had to speak, whispering a "yes" as quietly as possible.

Sasha lowered the girl back to her feet, but did not let go of his fistful of hair. As much as she had promised to behave, the look in her eyes clearly showed that she was still going to fight him. All the better; he hated whining bitches who stayed limp as if they were either dead or had no mind of their own. He tugged on her hair as he pushed her head downwards, showing that he expected her to get down onto her knees. Unsurprisingly, she did not move.

Suzanne knew that refusing to move was only going to get her into deeper trouble and cause more pain, but the thought of having to kneel in front of this man and suck his dick while the rest of the crowd looked on was absolutely humiliating. He wasn't prepared to take no for an answer, however, and he growled softly as he used his hand in her hair to force her to her knees, while unzipping his pants with his other hand. She gasped as she was suddenly face to face with his dick, and although she hadn't seen that many of them, she immediately knew he was both too long and too wide to fit into her mouth anywhere near comfortably. She brought up her hands and braced them against the man's hips, trying her utmost to keep him from touching her.

The girl was flat out refusing to do as she was told, and as much as Sasha wanted to beat the hell out of her for it, his cock was screaming for attention. He reached down in front of the girl and found her left nipple, stroked for a moment to ensure that it was as hard and as sensitive as possible. She squeaked in alarm, but didn't open her mouth to scream until he started to squeeze the little nub of flesh viciously. He could have taken the opportunity to shove his cock down her unsuspecting throat, but he wanted her to open her mouth and take him in voluntarily.

Sasha had continued to squeeze until the girl's screams had become slightly hysterical. "Had enough, baby?" he asked as he looked down at her. She nodded miserably. He released her nipple slowly, smiled at the little moan of relief that she gave as he let her go. She didn't need any further encouragement.

Suzanne slowly slid her left hand from the man's hip and gently gripped his dick at the bottom of the shaft. She licked her lips to wet them, and then realised how dry her throat had become. She leaned forward slightly, and allowed the head of him to rest against her lips. She sucked gently for a moment, until her mouth began to automatically fill with saliva. She then swirled her now wet tongue around the head a little, heard him sigh softly in contentment.

He still hadn't let go of her hair, and he pulled her head towards him slightly in encouragement. Suzanne did as he wanted, and slid a little more of his shaft into her mouth. She stroked her hand at the same time, allowing her saliva to lubricate her palm so that she didn't hurt him as she started to increase her speed. As awful as her situation was, in a way it was better to have something to do, rather than just standing around and being ashamed of her own nakedness.

Sasha hated having an audience during sex, but he kept the others around because of the affect they had on the girl. She was painfully embarrassed by their attention, and she had to be wondering if he was going to let the rest of them have their way with her once he was finished. He hadn't yet decided on that, but as she slid her mouth further down onto his dick and started sucking a little harder, he lost the ability to think clearly.

Suzanne's jaw was aching, and she was painfully aware of the fact that if she let him even half an inch deeper into her mouth, she would gag and probably bite him accidentally. So to try to distract him, she slid her free hand onto his balls and started to stroke gently. He groaned softly, and he absently allowed his hand to tighten in her hair. She started sucking a little harder again, swirling her tongue against the head of his dick on each upstroke.

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