tagErotic HorrorHunting a Fur Fan

Hunting a Fur Fan


We all know we're not the only scary things that go bump in the night. We're just one part of the cornucopia of frightful things that would scare mere mortals shitless if they knew of our existence. From the bloodsucking vampires that we're always feuding with for feeding grounds to the brain hungry zombies that are hilarious to wrap up in toilet paper. There's one thing out there; however, that occasionally likes to bump into us.

It's common knowledge that succubi are soul drinking demons that lure men with their seductive ways. One thing you may not know is that sometimes they get a taste for fur. The other thing to know about succubi is that they're immortal. Well, almost. Sure you can cut off their head, rip 'em to shreds with your claws, or blast them away with a shotgun, but you'll just have to deal with them again in a few days when they raise from the depths of hell to get revenge. The only way to get rid of them for good is to make them cum. You heard me right. You have to bring them to orgasm. That climax of carnal pleasure temporarily binds them to the mortal plane. Kill them shortly after making them cum and you'll have them out of your fur permanently. Problem is, no mortal is up to the challenge. Even most of us werewolves don't have the stones for it. Well, tonight I'm mad and feeling lucky.

We've been having trouble with a particular succubus over the past month. Occasionally we'll have one of our younger, more naïve pups killed by a succubus. It's obvious. Their goofy smile, shriveled body, and rock hard cock, even when dead, are clear work of a succubus. We usually chalk it up to an accident, that the succubus didn't know her victim was a werewolf. Four in the last month, though, that's no mistake. This bitch is a fur fan.

Her last victim, a close pack-mate of mine, was a regular at this nightclub and was seen here right before his death. I'm here to catch the bitch in her own game and put her down for good. Don't worry, I've come prepared. I've already had a handful of various boner pills washed down with a few ultra strength energy drinks with a little nose candy to top it off - the perfect cocktail for a night of fun. I also waited for a full moon so I can be at peak performance. I'm at the nightclub, scanning the crowd and watching the door for my hunter and prey.

I can feel the beat of the inner beast, wanting to break out, wanting me to go full wolf and rip all of these juicy mortals to shreds, wanting me to feast on their blood and flesh, but I've got a job to do tonight. I order my first drink and sip it slowly. The alcohol helps to quiet the inner beast. The party cocktail hasn't kicked in fully so I'm as smooth as a criminal. A hot young redhead with perky tits walks through the door. Her short red dress clings to her lithe body. We lock eyes as she enters, her lips curling into a guilty grin as she walks right up to me, shaking her ass with every step. She sits at the barstool right next to me.

"Hey there cutie, how 'bout you buy me a drink?" Her voice is sultry and inviting.

Out of everyone in here, she comes right up to me. Maybe she knows what I am. Maybe this is the succubus I'm looking for. I turn on the charm and smile. Hey, I might be a bloodthirsty killing monster, but I clean up well. I pound the rest of my drink and turn to the bartender.

"Another whiskey on the rocks, and..." I turn and gesture to the sexy redhead questioningly.

"Make it two," she answers.

This is a good sign. Out of all of my years of experience, I've never seen or heard about a succubus ordering a "girl drink." The sexy redhead leans over me and "reaches" for her drink which is easily within reach. Her hand goes to my thigh for balance. The party cocktail is starting to kick in and makes me even more "gifted."

"Ooooo...excuse me," she says, pleasantly surprised. A big grin spreads on her face as she takes a quick glance at my package, which is starting to bulge against my jeans.

"It's no problem at all," I smile back proudly. "It's so refreshing to see a woman order a real drink."

We make a toast to real drinks and each take a swig. She doesn't even flinch from the whiskey, another good sign. This sexy redhead definitely wants some of what I've got, but I have to make sure she's my mark, mortal pleasures aren't on the menu tonight. After a few minutes of flirty conversation, she leans in close and looks deep into my eyes, her hand on my cheek, stroking my 5 o'clock shadow.

"Wow, what gorgeous eyes you have."

"The better to see you with," I reply.

She smiles knowingly, her fingers stroking down to my lips, gliding over them back and forth.

"Oh and what soft lips you have."

"The better to kiss you with," I lean in and kiss her, slipping my tongue between her lips slightly. Her lips are sweet and soft. She kisses down my neck then up to my earlobe. She gives it a quick flick of her tongue then gently nibbles and sucks on it.

"Mmmm...and what tasty ears you have."

"The better to, um, get you hungry for more...with," is the best I can come up with in reply to tasty ears.

She pulls back and laughs at my awkward joke. She gets up and takes my hand.

"Let's get out of here, I'm hungry for more," she tells me as she leads me out of the club.

This has got to be her. It's obvious that she's pegged me as the big bad wolf that I am. That and she's hungry for more. Yeah, like my soul. She leads me out to the parking lot to her car, a bright red Lamborghini Diablo. Of course. She tosses me the keys and answers my perplexed look before I can even ask the question.

"Well, my hands are going to be too busy to drive," she smiles and hops over the door into the convertible.

"Alright, where to?" I ask.

"My place, 666 Hellview Terrace." Wow, could she be more obvious?

"Hellview? Really? Hellview?"

"Did I say 'Hellview'?" she chuckles naughtily. "It's Hillview, 666 Hillview Terrace."

"You take a right out of here, and get on the highway..." she starts to give me directions but I cut her short.

"Yup, got it," I actually know where it is since it's a familiar feeding ground of mine in the suburbs.

I hop in, crank up the car, and peel out of the parking lot. In no time she's got her hands all over me, up under my shirt, running her fingers through my chest hair. I quickly work through the gears to top gear so I can have one hand free to get this succubus bitch hot. She kisses up to my ear and nibbles on it.

"Mmmm...you make me so hungry," she whispers breathily into my ear.

She kisses back down my neck, and down my chest, lower and lower as I reach around behind her to grope and fondle her breast. She makes her way to my crotch, fondling and stroking my aching rock hard cock through my jeans. She unbuttons and unzips my jeans as she looks up at me with that same guilty grin. She reaches in and pulls out my dick from the prison confines of my jeans, gasping a little at the sight of it.

"Oh my, what big cock you have."

"The better to fuck you with." I look down and smile at her, she smiles back, sticking her tongue out, giving the head of my dick a quick flick.

The party cocktail is kicking into full effect. She starts to stroke my member, wrapping her hand around it, working it slowly up and down. I try to even the score by pinching her nipple, but her bra gets in the way. I can multitask as well as the next guy, but trying to undo a succubus's bra with one hand, through her dress, while dodging traffic, is not going to happen. So I slide my hand down her side, to her thigh, then up her dress.

Perfect! No panties!

I glide my finger up and down her slit as her tongue twirls along the head of my dick. As she wraps her lips around my cock, slowly going down, filling her mouth, I plunge a finger into her, curling it up to rub her G-spot. This ends up being somewhat counterproductive, as the moan she lets out vibrates on my dick and drives me wild. She's definitely got the advantage here, so I decide to put the pedal to the metal to get to her place as fast as possible. I have to remind myself that the goal here is to get her off before she can drain my soul. I plunge another finger into her wet pussy and finger fuck her as furiously as I can. Her head bobs up and down on my cock as she expertly swirls her tongue around it. The vibrations from the car seem to be having an effect on us both. Luckily she's unable to deepthroat me due to the weird angle, but that doesn't prevent her from trying.

We make it to her place in good time. The car stopping seems to get her attention somewhat.

"Hrmmmph?" is all she can get out with a mouthful of me.

"Hey, we're here." I tell her, running my hands through her hair.

She pulls off of me. A long string of spit between her lips and the tip of my dick shimmers in the moonlight. "Already? That was fast." Apparently she was too busy to notice how fast we were going.

She opens her door and steps out. I do the same, not bothering to cover my bulging erection. It's dark and there's no one around, so fuck it. I follow her to the door and wrap my arms around her waist, pressing my dick against her ass and the small of her back as she fumbles with the keys to get the door open. We burst through the door, our hands all over each other, our tongues down each other's throats. She tastes so good.

By the time we make it to her bedroom, our clothes are just a strewn path from the door. She pushes me back on the bed and pulls out a pair of handcuffs and a whip. At this point, I'm able to get a view of her entire body as she straddles me, leaning over to handcuff me to the headboard. She has a gymnast's body, thin with perky tits and small bright red nipples, and yeah, the curtains match the drapes, a small bright red triangle adorning her otherwise shaved pussy. I could easily resist, but I need to be subservient and wait for my time to strike. She pulls the whip out and there's that guilty grin again. She starts whipping me furiously as she grinds her pussy up and down the length of my shaft. I feign some worry and pain, but it just tickles. After a few minutes of that she straddles me and grips my rock hard cock, guiding it to her dripping wet snatch. She rolls her head back and moans as I slowly slide into her. She grimaces a little with the size, but after a short time she's riding me hard and fast. She's as fiery in the sack as her hair. After just a few minutes of riding me, she seems like she's close so I prepare to finish the job.

As she arches her back and throws her hair back, screaming in orgasm, I go full wolf, my muscles rippling, my body covering in fur. Being lost in her climax, she is oblivious to my transformation. I easily snap out of the handcuffs, the sound getting her attention. She looks down in shock and horror, the color draining out of her already fair face. I pop claws and sink them deep into her abdomen, gripping her tight, leaning up and biting deep into her neck, blood spurting everywhere. As I feel the life drain out of her, I ponder how easy and familiar it is. Too easy. She doesn't burst into hellfire, or sprout wings and a demon tail. Succubi always show their true form before killing their prey and definitely before they would cum. It's at this point I notice the family photo of my victim with her parents. Succubi don't have places in the suburbs and definitely don't have parents. Well, shit...

As a werewolf I'm supposed to cover up my kills so as to not draw attention, and I've become quite good at it over the years. Tonight, though, I really don't feel like it. I'll let the local authorities clean up the bloody mess. A few days in the tabloids and this whole thing will boil over on its own anyway. I don't have time to savor this kill so I concentrate and revert to mortal form, the blue balls and the inability to enjoy a fresh meal are doubly frustrating. A cold shower is little relief, but it gets the blood off. I gather my clothes, get dressed, and head back to the nightclub. The night is still young.

By the time I make it back to the nightclub, the place is packed. My inner beast is pounding to break free to fuck, kill and eat all these delicious gyrating bodies, and not necessarily in that order. The willpower required to keep my beast at bay is giving me a headache, but I must remain strong.

I head to the bar and order the strongest thing they have. The barkeep pours me a glass.

"Leave the bottle."

"Sir, I can't just..."

I cut him short and lock eyes with him, grabbing the bottle. "Leave...the...fucking...bottle..."

"Uh...uh...ok...sure," the barkeep stammers and scampers away, leaving the bottle.

I down the glass and guzzle down a fair bit of the bottle. Ugh, this stuff could probably remove paint, but it helps calm me down. Time to continue the hunt.

The hours pass and I make my way to the bottom of the bottle with nothing at all out of the ordinary happening. Suddenly I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It feels like someone is watching me. I scan the crowd and catch a glimpse of a pale face with dark eyes. Our eyes meet and her black lips curl into a weird smirk before she disappears into the crowd. It might just be some weird goth chick, but it's the best lead I've had so I get up and make my way into the crowd to try and find her.

I catch another glimpse of her, then another, every time she's staring right at me. I keep trying to make my way to her, but every time I see her, it seems she's just as far away. Just when I feel like I've lost her, I feel two arms come around me, hands coming up my torso to my chest.

I feel a soft breath on my ear and the smell of bacon and a bitch in heat permeates the air.

"Want to dance, big boy?" the combination of her soft touch, scent, and breathy whisper sends a shiver down my spine to my cock which jumps a bit.

I turn around slowly to get a look at my stalker. She's about my height with help from her black high heels. Her long, straight, jet black hair perfectly frames her ivory face. Her little black dress hugs her sensuous curves. Her ample breasts seem like they could pop out at any moment. She has a simple silver cross necklace hanging around her neck so that the cross is nestled snuggly into her cleavage. I can feel the heat from the silver like a candle's flame. As I look into her eyes it seems that I could get lost in them forever.

"Bring it on," I reply, wrapping my arms around her lower back, pulling her to me.

We start to bump and grind to the music and the rest of the nightclub seems to fall away. I glide my hands up and down her arms. Her skin is soft and smooth. She turns her back to me and grinds her ass against my crotch. She lets out a soft moan and lays her head back against my shoulder as I bring my hands to her waist, pulling her to me. I inhale her scent deeply. Mmmm...bacon and a bitch in heat. It's like breakfast in bed with a horny werewolf girlfriend. If you are looking to hook up with a werewolf, this would definitely be the scent to wear.

I kiss her shoulder, careful to avoid the silver necklace. I make my way up to her ear and gently nibble on her earlobe. She slips a hand behind her, under my waistband, and starts to caress my balls. I cup her tits in my hands and squeeze them firmly, growling lowly into her ear. My head starts to pound and I begin to see red. I pull away from this sexy temptress. My inner beast is howling and I don't think I can keep it at bay much longer. She turns around and looks at me.

"You look like you could use a drink."

I can only nod, feeling that if I open my mouth, I might accidentally eat someone.

She strides toward the bar and I follow. It seems that the crowd somehow moves out of her way as she moves. She signals a two to the barkeep and by the time I get there, there are two beers at the bar. As I reach for my beer, my date gets my attention and points over my shoulder.

"Hey! I think I know that guy!"

"Huh..." I turn around to see who she's pointing at, but all I see is a crowd. I turn back around and look at her.

"Oh, nevermind," she picks up her beer and takes a drink, motioning at my beer for me to do the same.

I pick it up and it looks like it is fizzing differently than a normal beer. I bring it up to my mouth then my nose picks up a hint of wolfsbane. I hesitate a moment and take another look at my beer. It doesn't even look like as much wolfsbane I would usually take on a full moon to keep myself in control. I didn't take any tonight because I wanted to be at the top of my game, but without it I think I'm going to lose it right here. I look over at my date and give her a quick smile before I guzzle down the whole beer. Ahhhh...that's better. My head stops pounding, my vision returns to normal, and my inner beast quiets down.

Now that my head is a bit clearer, I start to put things together. My date seems to have only been interested in me. With the scent she's wearing, it's obvious she's looking for a werewolf. Since she spiked my drink with wolfsbane, she's familiar with werewolves. She can't be a werewolf herself because she's wearing silver and no werewolf is that smooth, even in human form. So I've narrowed it down. She could be a mortal werewolf hunter, a vampire looking for a little fun with a werewolf, or the fur fan succubus I've been looking for. Well, if she's any of these, she needs to be dealt with.

My date leans over and kisses me, rubbing my hard cock through my jeans.

"So, you want to get out of here?" her smile hints at a night full of fun.

"Absolutely," time to get to work.

She leads me out the door and up the street. I follow behind, enjoying the view of her ass shaking with each step.

"So, where to?" I ask, not caring exactly where we're going.

"Oh, there's a no-tell motel just up the way."

"Sounds perfect."

We make our way to the motel and walk up to the front desk. The overweight, balding clerk doesn't even look up from the TV he's watching or put down the potato chips he's eating.

"Hey, we need a room," I try to get the clerk's attention but he just ignores me.

My date leans over the counter and turns off the TV. Her dress rides up and I get an excellent view of her bare ass and shaved pussy.

"Who the fuck do you think..." the clerk gets up, clearly agitated at his sudden TV interruption, but gets one look at my date and his jaw drops, speechless.

"Excuse me..." my date starts, staying bent over the counter, giving the clerk a clear view down her dress to admire her tits. The clerk can do nothing but stare. My date looks back at me and smiles, shaking her ass invitingly.

"We need a room..." my she continues, as I rub my hand up her thigh to her pussy, sliding a finger up and down her slit. She's soaking wet so I plunge a finger deep into her. She grips the counter a little harder and moans.

"Mmmmm...single bed," she finishes her request with the clerk.

Without a word, and without taking his eyes off my date's tits, the clerk reaches behind him and grabs a key and hands it to her.

"So, you ready?" my date asks, dangling the key in front of me, smiling mischievously.

"Are you?" I reply and return the smile.

She laughs and leads the way to the room. In one fluid motion, she puts the key in the lock, turns it, and opens the door. She enters the room and tosses the key onto the dresser. I follow her inside and close the door behind me. She spins around and grips me by the collar of my shirt, pulling me to her. She kisses me deeply, diving her tongue down my throat. I groan into her and caress my hands down her back to her ass, squeezing it tight and pulling her to me.

Her hands go to the bottom of my shirt, and she starts to pull it up. I pull back and pull my shirt off slowly, flexing my muscles as I get it off.

"So, you like?" I smile proudly.

"Oh yes, very nice," she replies as she caresses my chest up and down, her eyes feasting on my bare chest.

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