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Huntress of the Galaxy


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, comments and e-mails on my previous stories. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks to geekychick_76 and glynndah for their edits, comments and suggestions. Enjoy.


Zamath s'Ral hissed in satisfaction. Draining his goblet of Klamog blood, he ordered another. The fools would never find him here. The goblet crashed to the floor as every muscle in his body froze and he toppled from the stool. A figure appeared before him; a Terran female dressed in black, weapons riding low on her hips, her golden hair spilling from under a broad-brimmed hat. He tried to lunge, but his muscles refused.

"Howdy Zamath. Some folks on Aldis III want a chat with you. Nighty-night." She raised her pistol and fired. He slumped unconscious.

Rae Arizona holstered her replica .45 Colt Peacemaker and toed her fallen quarry with a silver tipped boot. Satisfied, she unclipped her antigrav carrier, lifted him and headed for the ChronoPort stage nearby. Two Peace Patrol officers rounded a corner and galloped towards her. This was Rae's third visit to Deneb IV and its centaur-like inhabitants. She pulled her Cosmic Retriever medallion from between her ample breasts, letting it dangle against her black shirtfront as the officers approached.

Their eyes narrowed at the sight of the medallion. It was a galaxy-wide passport for any wearer. Cosmic Retriever's only accepted the most difficult cases of wanted or escaped fugitives from hundreds of planets; with a double-your-credits-back guarantee if they failed, which was seldom.

"A Rigelian," one officer snorted in Unispeak. "Good riddance. They are naught but trouble. What was his crime?"

"Organlegging in the First Degree," Rae replied. "Seven counts to date. Its life in the Beryllium mines for him, that's certain."

"Peculiar weapons you carry," the second officer commented. "May we examine them?"

Rae stiffened, placing her hands on the gun butts. "Fraid not, boys. These never leave my side, never."

"It is of no matter," the first officer said, nervously pawing the ground. "Be on your way, Terran. We wish no trouble here."

"Thanks. See you around the nebula," Rae replied, tipping her black Stetson. She activated the ChronoPort's controls, drew her prisoner on the stage and disappeared.


Rae entered the director's office and settled into a null-grav chair. "Well done, Rae, well done," Hyde-Mathis said warmly. "Aldis III paid 1MCr for your retrieval. A tidy sum. Was it difficult tracking him?"

"Once I accessed the primary data bank, the rest was simple. They never knew I was there. The overconfident fool registered for citizen status and that led me right to him. It was too easy."

The proton screen behind Hyde-Mathis blazed into life. A Terran male's face appeared, middle-aged, around 80, a pasty round face, frightened eyes. "This next assignment may not be as simple. You are familiar with The Red Moon Brotherhood?"

"Who isn't," Rae drawled sarcastically. "If it's illegal, they know about it or are doing it. I helped break up a LifeSpice smuggling ring of theirs when I was with the Patrol."

Hyde-Mathis chuckled. "They have offered us 5MCr for the return of one Philo Saunders. This man. They did not say why, only that they want him alive. You're the best at bringing them back alive. Do you want this one?"

Rae thought a moment. She had been gone a lot lately. Jan was patient, but everyone had their limits. Twenty percent of 5M Creds would buy she and Jan that beach house on Arcturus IX they had been dreaming about.

"I'll take it, Cedric. I'll need a week to prepare. Send me the data."

"Tight-beamed to your house," Hyde-Mathis said. "Good luck, Rae."

"I make my own luck, Cedric. You know that. Adios."


"Jan! I'm home. Where's my baby doll?"

No answer. Rae hung her guns and belt in the closet, added her Stetson, bowie knife, derringer and boots, and then thumb locked the door.

Her hoverbug's in its port. Where is she? I know I said I wouldn't be home 'till tomorrow, but…

Bare arms encircled Rae's neck. "Welcome home my cowgirl," Jan purred, nibbling on her wife's ear. Rae sighed, rubbing against Jan, craving her warmth, her lips, her touch. Jan's hands joined Rae's as they peeled off her leather clothing. They moved to the couch, tongues swirling together, hands caressing the bodies they had longed to hold. Fingering each other's pussies, they continued to kiss hungrily, the touch of their partners skin the ultimate aphrodisiac.

"By Anubis' fangs, I missed you my love," Rae murmured, working a second finger in Jan's sweet pussy.

"And I you," Jan sighed, her fingers deep in her lovers wetness. Exchanging open-mouthed kisses, they caressed each other's clits as their entwined bodies writhed on the cushions. Jan cried out and came on Rae's hand, hips surging. Seconds later, Rae's back arched as she erupted on Jan's fingers, a gasping moan displaying the intensity of her pleasure.

They cuddled, hearts pounding, wrapped in the warm glow of love and happiness. Rae rose and helped Jan to her feet. "Let's go to bed darling. I want to sleep with your body against me."

"If we do go to sleep," Jan chuckled, hugging Rae. "You know what you do to me."

Moments later, they were gently rocking on the null-grav bed. Spooned together, they drifted into slumber.


Rae awoke; fully alert then relaxing in the familiar surroundings. She listened to the soft whistle of Jan's breathing, the warmth of her companion soothing against her back. She and Jan had met on Crowninshield IV, Rae a Lieutenant in the Peace Patrol, Jan an agent for the Galactic Consortium. Together they captured a gang of LifeSpice smugglers, Jan receiving a wound in the fighting. Rae visited her every day in the hospital and their affection grew.

One evening, Jan asked Rae to share her bed and they made love through the night, much to the distress of the RoboDoc monitoring Jan's vital signs. They wed a sun cycle later, both leaving their employment and living on their savings, only interested in each other. When Cosmic Retrievers approached Rae with a job offer, they discussed it and Jan reluctantly agreed, knowing her wife would be gone for weeks at a time. Both lived for their passionate reunions and their time together.

Jan awoke and kissed Rae's neck, "Good morning my love."

Rae turned and kissed Jan as they embraced, Jan rolled on top, rubbing her pussy on Rae's stomach. "I wish every morning was like this," Rae murmured, her hands on Jan's round ass. Jan wiggled against her wife; their breasts pressed together, nipples hardening.

"Fuck me darling," Jan said huskily. "I want you in me."

Rae arose and took their favorite dildo from its case, carefully coating it with lube as Jan watched with hungry eyes. Formed of synthoflesh, it offered dual stimulation to the wearer and a 20 cm penis to the receiver, absorbing and radiating body heat. Jan spread her legs, fingering her pussy and moaning as Rae activated the straps and climbed on the platform, easing the slippery head between her loves' engorged pussy lips.

Rae leaned forward and they kissed; Jan gripped Rae's ass and pulled her on top of her, the dildo sliding smoothly into her wet pussy. Rae began a slow thrusting as Jan crossed her ankles around Rae's waist, her hands kneading her partner's breasts.

"By the gods I love you fucking me," Jan moaned. "I dreamt of this every night while you were gone."

"I dreamt of it too, my love," Rae panted, speeding up her thrusts. The dildos stubby end was working in her pussy, the ridges massaging her clit, each stroke giving pleasure to them both. Tongues swirling, their kisses grew more intense as their orgasms rose within them. Rae and Jan rocked on the swaying platform, sweat rolling from their bodies, wanting to give each other maximum pleasure.

Jan's body stiffened, her vaginal muscles gripping the false cock. Her head snapped back and she howled with joy as her orgasm shook her to her very core. Rae continued fucking her until she had two more orgasms, then her own erupted as she wailed and shuddered in release. Jan clung tightly to Rae, wiggling the harness against her wife's clit until another orgasm raged through her. They kissed tenderly, their passions spent. Rae lifted herself from Jan, the dildo withdrawing noisily, causing them to giggle. She put it on the nightstand and they lay basking in the afterglow.


The week passed all too quickly and then Rae was buckling on her guns. Jan was dry eyed as she and her wife kissed and embraced a last time. She knew Rae loved what she did and would never try to prevent her from leaving. However, her heart was heavy. When they became a couple, both continued on assignments constantly concerned for the others safety. Jan barely escaped death on Cassiopeia IX when an ice worm attacked her. Rae ran into an ambush on Crittenden's World and spent six days without food or water. They both decided to quit their jobs so they could live together in peace. Then the offer arrived from Cosmic Retrievers.

"Come back safely to me my love," Jan said.

"If I have to crawl across the galaxy, sweetness," Rae replied. A final kiss and an embrace and she was gone.

Jan watched until Rae's hoverbug was a speck in the distance, and then went inside. The loneliness had returned.


Rae stepped off the ChronoPort and looked about. She had never been on Arcturus III, but the briefing chip indicated a breathable atmosphere, humanoid inhabitants and a Class 2 culture with a central government and reasonably advanced technology. The square where she stood was deserted, the heat of the sun reflecting from the pavement. She strolled towards a shop offering food and drink and went inside.

Slowly, her eyes adjusted to the dim interior from the blazing sun outside. Several humanoid beings sat at tables, slumped forward, snoring noisily. Rae wondered if mid-day sleeping was a local custom.

She had analyzed data regarding her quarry, determining it was highly probable that he was here on AC III. Once she found living quarters and privacy, she would scan their central data banks to narrow down her search.

The beings began to stir; green, yellow and blue eyes of various hues flicked open and stared with vertical pupils at the stranger. She calmly returned the gaze of the feline evolved humanoids.

A server walked towards her table, his fangs bared in what Rae knew was a greeting. She showed her teeth in return.

"Frisst of the Sheathed Claw welcomes you. I recommend the Prey of the Day, Haunch of Nuropod."

"I will have that."

"You wish it cooked?"


"Rushberry wine is fresh today."

"A goblet of that as well."

"It shall be a moment."

The being walked away, greeting other diners.

Rae looked about. Every inhabitant's fur was different. Some one color, some mottled, some striped, their faces and heads leonine, humanoid in shape overall. Their sole garment consisted of a wide belt with pouches and Class VI weapons, appearing to be lead projectors.

Her food arrived and she ate slowly, savoring the tender meat. The wine was above average and complemented the meal perfectly. Paying her bill, she inquired as to where she could find lodging. Given directions to The Inn of Yellow Pelts, she was soon behind a closed door, preparing to scan the planet's data banks for information about Philo Saunders.

Rae reached for her weapons as someone knocked on the door.

"What do you seek?"

"I am Sith of the Swift Leap. I seek one Rae Arizona. I offer the Covenant of Peace."

Rae stood and leveled her guns.

"Come in, slowly. No quick moves."

The door opened and a feline life form strode in, paws extended.

"Enter. Sit. How do you know my name?"

"I am an agent with the Galactic Consortium. I know of your wife Jan. Her techniques are taught at the Academy."

Rae's guns never wavered. She frowned.


Sith blinked and an ID hologram appeared. It was genuine. Rae had seen Jan's many times.

She relaxed and sat back on the bed.

"What can I do for you?"

"You seek one Philo Saunders. I seek him as well. I know this planet. We can assist each other in capturing him."

"What is the Consortium's stake in this?"

"He possesses valuable information concerning the inner workings of the Red Moon Brotherhood. It could go far in reducing their influence throughout the galaxy."

Rae laughed. "You want him and so does the Brotherhood. My assignment is to return him to them. If we join forces, and we find him, what then?"

"I am sure we can come to some understanding."

"I understand I will lose a fee if I don't return him to The Brotherhood."

"The Consortium is prepared to compensate both you and your employer for any losses incurred."

Rae thought for a moment. "Fair compensation seems reasonable. I agree."

Sith removed a data chip from his belt. "Here is all the pertinent information on our subject."

Rae smiled, Sith was thorough. She liked that.

Sith stood and walked to the door. "I will meet you here after sunrise. We will begin our search, Rae Arizona."

"Call me Rae, Sith. If I may ask, are you male?"

"Male? Yes. Is there a problem?"

"None at all. Adios."

Sith nodded and left.

He's handsome, with that brown-tipped white fur and those green eyes. I wonder if he likes… Rae brushed the thought away and prepared for bed. She and Jan loved each other and no one could come between them. They had agreed if either would make love with someone else that they would tell their spouse about it and no hard feelings. Both thought an occasional dalliance put more spice in their sex life.


Sith arrived promptly at sunrise in a land crawler and they crossed the city to their first destination. "This is Philo Saunders last known address," Sith said as they parked before a shabby block of apartments. "His rooms have been thoroughly searched and we found nothing."

"Mind if I browse around? Just for a minute?"

"Not at all. I have a key. Nothing has been touched."

Rae walked slowly through the rooms. The local Peace Patrol squad gave it a good going over, that was obvious. Then she saw it, a misaligned screw in the heating grill. In the duct, she found a deactivated tracking device.

"We're too late. The Brotherhood has him."

"How shall we find him? Presuming he is not off planet already."

"I think I can activate this bug's control beam, and then we can trace it to its source. We get Saunder's and accomplish our mission."

"I will call for assistance." Sith reached for his communicator.

"Don't bother. If we come rolling in there with an army they'll kill him. We'll handle them ourselves."

"As you wish, it is late, I desire sleep. I will return you to your lodgings."

Rae took one more look around and they left.


Rae closed the door to her room, activating the palm lock. Unclipping a repair kit from her belt, she soon had the tracker emitting a communication beam. A quick analysis determined the base station was a warehouse on the riverfront, on the fourth floor. Three-dimensional blueprints indicated the most advantageous attack points. The stage was set.

The water shower was a pleasant novelty for Rae to whom sonic showers were common. Being wet and using cleansing lotions aroused her. She imagined Jan's hands on her body, pulling on her nipples, gliding over her legs, dipping in her pussy.

A knock on the door interrupted her erotic thoughts. Wrapped in a towel, she grabbed a pistol.

"Who is it? What do you want?"

"Sith. I need to speak with you."

He entered the room and stood nervously shifting from paw to paw.

"What is it Sith? Is something wrong?"

"I am unfamiliar with Terran customs. I do not wish to offend."

"You can speak freely. We are partners."

"I desire you Rae Arizona. I wish to mate with you. We are different species, but…"

"Wait Sith. Our being of different species doesn't bother me. I am flattered that I am the object of your desire. To be honest, I am aroused by you as well."

"You…you wish to mate then?"

"We call it making love, Sith. Or more crudely, fucking. Yes, I wish to mate with you."

"I am pleased, Rae. I am also aware you have a life mate on your home world. I do not wish my urges to create discord between you."

"You are so thoughtful Sith. It will not create discord. We may mate with others, but we always return to the person we love and desire more than all others."

Rae placed her gun on the nightstand and dropped her towel. Sith dropped his carrybelt stepped forward and they embraced. His silky fur felt wonderful in her hands.

Sith shuddered at her touch, so gentle, so arousing. Her skin was velvety against his paws, soft and warm.

They kissed, tentatively at first, then with increasing passion. Sith cupped Rae's breast, his thumb rubbing her nipple. She reached between his legs, stroking his hardening cock as it emerged from its protective sheath. It was so big and thick. Rae shivered at the thought of it in her pussy.

Sith's fingers entered Rae's pussy, curling in the pink wetness. Her hand on his cock was incredibly exciting. He slid his fingers in further and she moaned in his ear. Rae gently pushed his hand away and straddled Sith's cock, slipping her wet pussy along it's length as they kissed hungrily.

Sith lifted Rae and carried her to the bed. She lay back and spread her legs; Sith knelt between them, his cock glistening in the dim light. He eased the purplish head between her pussy lips and slowly slid inside, letting her become accustomed to its girth. Rae gasped as Sith's cock entered, stretching her open in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She had never felt so full, so utterly and completely penetrated. She moaned and Sith hesitated.

"Am I hurting you Rae? Are you in discomfort?"

"No Sith. By the gods, your cock feels wonderful. I need more."

"As you wish. You are so tight, unlike my own females."

"Fuck me Sith! Fuck me now!"

Sith's cock slipped further into Rae's pussy, its velvety grip stimulating his mating urge. Rae thrashed on the bed, blonde hair flying as his cock filled her, Sith's furry body warm against her skin. He made a sound between a growl and a purr when their pubic bones rubbed together.

He moved slowly at first, withdrawing only slightly, easing back in as she moaned in pleasure. Rae locked her arms and ankles over his back, hips rising to meet his, gasping as Sith took longer strokes in and out. His mouth clamped down on her neck and she felt his fangs. She was more aroused, not frightened, and when he grasped her shoulders, she hardly felt the sting of his dewclaws penetrating her flesh.

Rae's nipples stiffened as Sith's chest fur rubbed against them, his body heavy on hers as he pumped faster into her pussy, the rough hairs around his cock stimulating her clit with every thrust. A delicious warmth spread through her as her orgasm approached and she clung harder to him. Sith panted in her ear from his exertions, his breath smelling of fresh meat. He must have eaten before he came here. Gods his cock feels so damn good. I want to fuck him forever…

Rae shuddered as her orgasm burned through her, spine arching lifting the two of them from the bed. She screamed with joy as her pleasure center overloaded and her pussy gushed warm juices past Sith's pounding cock. She fell back, head spinning from the sensation. Sith stopped abruptly, still fully inside her, a worried look on his face.

"Rae, are you in pain? Have I hurt you?"

"Gods no, Sith. I have never had an orgasm like that. It was wonderful."

Sith's nictating membranes fluttered over his eyes and a look of distress appeared on his face, his voice a rumbling purr.

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