tagIncest/TabooHurricane Mom

Hurricane Mom


Fierce winds battered the Thompson's island cabin as they quickly loaded the back of the jeep with their belongings. There was a hurricane approaching quickly and things would soon turn from bad to downright nasty.

Susan Thompson rushed from the cabin with a handful of belongings. She passed her 18 year old son Jason.

"Sweetie, do a quick walk through the cabin to make sure we didn't forget anything." She shouted.

Jason rushed inside and began scanning each room. When he arrived in his parents room he noticed something sticking out from under the bed.

Going over to investigate Jason found that they were a pair of his mom's panties. He looked them over, a tinge of excitement jolting through him.

While at home Jason had often snuck into his mom's laundry and sniffed and sucked the crotch of her worn panties. Yes, he was a bit of a perve, but he didn't care.

Jason lifted the delicate pale-pink lace sting bikini panties to his nose and inhaled. The stong, pungent smell of his mom's sex made his eyes roll back in his head.

In just seconds he felt as if every drop of blood in his body rushed to his cock causing it to strain against his shorts.

"Smell good?" A voice asked from the doorway.

Jason quickly lowered the panties and spun around. Susan stood in the doorway with her arms folded across her big breasts.

"Mom...uh, I was just...um..." Jason muttered.

"Smelling my panties." Susan said.

Susan moved towards her son. She wore a flowing three-quarter length skirt and a pair of high-heeled sandals that showed off nearly all of her sexy little bare feet. Her top was a skin-tight black spandex and Jason could see her massive breasts quivering with each step. She stopped in front of him, her eyes searching his.

"Do you do this at home too?" She asked.

"No...I...it's just..."

Suddenly a voice called for them from the front door of the cabin. It was Jason's father.

"Mom, please don't tell dad." He begged.

"Jason Thompson, I need you to be honest right now. Do you do this at home?" She asked sternly.

Jason lowered his head shamefully.

"Yes." He muttered.

"Susan, are you back here?" Her husbands voice was coming closer.

Susan stuck out her hand and Jason gave her the panties. She quickly wadded the panties up in her hand just as her husband entered the doorway.

"There you two are. What's going on?" He asked.

Susan turned and looked at him.

"Nothing, we're just chatting." She said.

"How 'bout you two chat when we're on the plane. In case you haven't noticed there's a hurricane on its way." He said, then disappeared.

Susan turned back to her son.

"I guess when we get back you and I have some things to discuss." She said.

"Okay." Jason said.

Heavy rain pelted the jeep as it made its way acoss the tiny island.

The Thompson family arrived at the gate to the airport. A single small airplane sat nearby, it's engines roaring.

"Are we too late momma?" Susan's daughter asked worriedly.

"I don't know, sweetheart. I hope not." Susan answered from the front seat.

"Maybe he's just warming it up for us." Susan's husband said, hopping out of the vehicle.

Jason sat in the back seat next to his sister. He looked towards the front and found his mom staring back at him through her visor mirror. He could tell the "panty incident" was still heavily on her mind.

After talking to the Captain of the airplane Jason's dad struggled back to the jeep through the wind and rain.

"What did he say?" Susan asked.

"There's already a couple people inside. He's only got room for two. He won't risk another trip. The wind's getting too strong." Susan's husband explained.

"What are we gonna do, momma?" Susan's daughter asked.

Susan looked at her husband decisively.

"You and Shauna get on the plane. Jason and I will go back to the cabin and ride out the storm." She said.

"Don't be crazy, Susan. It's a hurricane." Her husband exclaimed.

"The cabin's on high ground and it's boarded up. There's enough food there for weeks. Jason and I will be just fine." She said.

"It should really be me that stays." Jason's dad continued.

"John, you have to be back to work on Monday and Shauna has ballet. This storm's likely to last a week or even longer. Go." She said.

"You okay with this, sport?" John said, gazing back at his son.

"Yeah, fine." Jason said, glancing at his mom.

She was looking back at him, her big pouty lips curled into a tiny smile.

After saying their quick good-bye's Jason's dad and sister boarded the plane and he and his mom set off back towards the cabin.

Half-way there Susan pulled up next to the small island store.

"I hope they're still open. We need a few last minute supplies." She said.

Susan and her son rushed into the tiny store and were greeted by a small native woman. She spoke broken English.

"Oh, ma'am. Lucky you catch me. Store 'bout to close." She said.

"Hi Gina...so much for our sunny vacation." Susan giggled.

"You no catch plane?" Gina asked.

"There wasn't room. Jason and I are gonna stay and rough it out." Susan said.

Susan looked at her son as she threw a few items into a hand basket.

"Sweetheart, can you get a couple gallons of milk." She asked.

Jason rushed to the back of the store. His mom made her way to the check-out counter and Gina began bagging her items.

"I need condoms, Gina. Do you sell them?" Susan asked.

Jason stopped dead in his tracks as he heard his mom's request. His heart began to pound hard in his chest. Did he hear her right? He wondered.

"Yes, mum. Have boxes." Gina answered.

"How many come in a box?" Susan asked.

"Six, mum." Gina answered.

"Oh good. Give me six boxes please, hun." Susan said, getting out her checkbook.

Jason couldn't believe his ears. He quickly did the math. Thirty-six condoms. That was enough for a fucking football team.

He brought the milk up to the counter. Gina glanced at the condoms, then at Jason with a little smirk.

By the time they arrived at the cabin the wind was howling and the rain was coming down in sheets. They grabbed their bags and rushed inside.

Susan slammed the big wooden door and bolted all the locks.

"Wow, I think we're in for a doozy." She said, catching her breath.

"Looks that way." Jason said.

"Sweetie, why don't you get a fire going. Warm it up in here." She said.

"Okay." Jason said, then set to work.

Susan disappeared into the back bedroom. By the time she emerged Jason had a roaring fire going. He sat on the big fluffy sofa just in front of the fireplace.

"Wow, it's warmer already." Susan said as the rounded the sofa.

Susan had changed into a white short silk robe and Jason's eyes couldn't help but be drawn to her long silky-smooth legs. Her cute little bare feet tapped against the cold wood floor as she neared the sofa.

Jason could tell his mom didn't have a bra on by the way her big boobs wobbled beneath the thin silk covering. Susan had a big bowl in her hand than was nearly overflowing with individually wrapped condoms. She set it down on the coffee table, then turned to face her son.

"Sweetie, I want to thank you for being honest with me earlier...about the panties. It took a lot of courage. That's all I expect of you is honesty." She said.

Jason glanced at the rubbers. His mom looked down at them too, then back at her him.

"There's thirty-six latex condoms in that bowl and over the next few days they'll all be sliding onto your penis. Where they go from there is up to you." She said.

Jason's heart was nearly pounding out of his chest. Could this really be happening.

"Are you ready to be honest with me?" She asked.

Jason opened his mouth, but nothing came out so he nodded.

Jason watched as his mom reached up under her robe and took hold of her panties. She pushed them down, letting them slide along her long gorgeous legs until they dropped to the floor. As she did this, Susan studied her son's reaction closely. She reached down, picked the panties up and put them in her robe pocket.

"So how long has my baby boy had his little panty fetish?" She asked.

"Um, I don't know...a couple years I guess." He said.

Susan crawled onto the sofa next to her son, bringing her legs up and curling them underneath her.

Jason sort of hung his head.

"Hey...look at me." She said tenderly.

Jason look up into his mom's eyes. They were big brown and beautiful and her little smile told him everything was fine.

"Do you love me?" She asked softly.

"Yeah, of couse." Jason said.

"Do you trust me?" She asked.

"Yeah." Jason said, taking a big gulp.

"I want you to stand up and take off your shorts." She said.

Jason slowly stood up, undid his shorts and let them fall to the floor.

His cock was crazy hard causing his boxers to tent way out.

"Boxers too, kiddo." Susan said.

"But, mom...I..." Jason sputtered.

Susan quickly rose to her feet and took her son by the hands.

"Hey..." She whispered lovingly. "Look at me."

Jason looked back at her uncomfortably.

"Relax." She said lovingly.

"I'm sorry, mom. I'm just a little nervous." Jason said.

"I understand." Susan smiled. "Do you want me to help?" She asked.

Jason slowly nodded and Susan squated down in front of him until she was face to face with his bulging erection. She carefully hooked her fingers along the elastic waitband and pulled at his boxeres.

Jason's boner was pulled down as it caught on the elastic. It finally sprang free and catapulted upward, slapping against his stomach.

Susan pulled them the rest of the way off and reached for a condom. She tore it open and Jason watched as his mom fit the latex ring over his big bell-shaped cockhead.

He was amazed at how matter-of-fact his mom was being as she rolled the condom onto his dick, sliding her soft tiny fingers down his eight and three-quarter inch shaft.

Susan stood back up and smiled at her son.

"Sit back down." She said.

Jason sat and Susan sat closely at his side.

"Lay your head down here on my lap, sweetie." She said.

Jason spralled out on his back and rested his head on his mom's soft lap. From this vantage point the swell of her tits were absolutely amazing.

Susan ran her fingers through her son's hair, smiling down at him.

"I want you to tell me what you think about while you sniff my panties." She asked.

"I...I don't know really..." Jason said.

"That's too bad." She said disappointedly.

Susan quickly reached over, grabbed the condom by the recepticle tip and yanked it off Jason's cock with a SNAP, then threw it aside.

"Stand up!" She said sternly.

Jason got up and his mom sqauted down in front of him again. Like before, she opened one of the condoms and rolled it onto his cock.

She sat back down, her tits wobbling back and forth beneath her robe, then patted her lap.

"Come on." She said.

Jason layed back down on the couch and again rested his head on his mom's lap.

"Now, Jason Thompson...I want you to tell me what you think about while you sniff my panties." She asked.

"S-Sex." Jason muttered.

"So while your sniffing my panties, you're imagining that your with a girl and that you're getting laid?" Susan asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"Is this girl me, Jason. Be honest." She said.

"Yeah, it is." He muttered.

Susan smiled and stared off into space for a moment.

"Are you mad?" He asked.

She smiled down at him.

"No...you were completely honest with me. That's all I asked for. How could I be mad?" She smiled.

Susan glanced at her son's throbbing condom covered cock, then back at him.

"Ready to fill that thing?" She asked.

"Okay." He smiled.

"Sit up." She said.

Jason moved over and sat upright on the sofa. Susan sat at his side, curled one leg underneath her and threw the other one over her son's legs so she was pretty much facing him.

She fished a tube of something, along with her panties, from her pocket. Jason's boner pointed straight up and Susan squirted some lubricated gel on the tip.

She set the tube aside and started to massage the gel onto her son's erection. Jason groaned as he felt his mom's tiny hand begin to work its magic.

Her fist squeezed as it traveled up the shaft. The experienced mom pressed her thumb against the underside milking him vigorously. She twisted her palm over the bulb triggering his sensitive glands.

"Here baby." She said, handing her son her panties with her free hand.

"Show me what you do, sweetheart." She said.

Jason brought the panties to his face and that familiar pungent aroma filled his nostrils.

His mom's hand felt amazing as it traveled up and down his fuck-pole. Every third or forth stroke Susan's slippery fingers would travel down and massage her son's big hairless scrotum, her long nails digging into the meat of his nuts.

As Jason held the panties to his face he watched his mom's hand fly magically up and down his dick. He noticed that her robe had started to open and he could see the fuzz of her neatly trimmed pubic triangle.

Susan began to speed up a bit, staring into her son's eyes.

"Close your eyes, baby." She said.

Jason's cock pulsed as it began to be rapidly stroked. Susan clamped down on the top half of the shaft and began a succession of hard rapid strokes.

"Do you see us, sweetie? Are we naked?" She asked.

"Yeah." He panted.

"Are we on momma's bed. Are we bouncin' baby?" She asked.

"Oh yeah." Jason wailed as he felt sperm begin to rocket up his shaft.

"That's it, sugar. Lay into momma. Make her scream." Susan cried.

"OH GOD MOM!" Jason yelped.

Susan felt the ropes begin to fire from her son's penis.

"Oh Jason. Oh baby!" She moaned

She didn't ease up on his dick. Jason's ass lifted from the sofa, his hips quivering as he fired more and more cream from his cock. So intense was Jason's orgasm that once he was finally spent he immediately passed out.

The winds outside howled. Thirty-four condoms remained in the bowl. The storm was only just beginning.

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