tagFetishHusband Is a Fuckboy

Husband Is a Fuckboy


I told you how my husband worships my bald pussy and loves to suck and lick my asshole. And how, when we got our sex toys, it turned us both into cockwhores. After that great fuckfest and me coming 5 times with my husband, we had another hot sex fest.

The next day was Saturday so we had the whole weekend to play. In the morning we took a shower together. I was in the shower alone when my naked fuckboy entered with the 10" dildo in his hand and stuck the suction cup end on the shower wall.

"I want to watch you suck cock. Does my slutty wife want to suck cock for me?"

I didn't say a word, just got down on my knees, opened my mouth and wrapped my whore lips around that huge fake cock and bobbed my head up and down like the cock loving slut I am. I love having my husband watch me suck cock in front of him. I could tell he loved it too because his big dick was hard and standing straight out. So I grabbed it with one hand and jerked his dick as I continued sucking the dildo. And suddenly he left.

"Where are you going?" I asked

"I'll be right back my slutty whore."

He came back with our camera.

"I want to take pictures of my cockwhore with a hard cock in her mouth."

So I sucked the huge dildo cock while my husband took pictures. That made me even hotter and hornier. He told me he would put them on the internet and jerk off to my pictures later.

I shut the shower water off, took the dildo, dried off and went into the hallway. I stuck the dildo onto the wall at the perfect level to be on my knees and get that horny fake dick in my mouth.

"Come here and suck this cock with me. I want to share a hard cock with my fuckboy."

So hubby got down on his knees with me and I watched him engulf the huge fake cock.

"Yeah cocksucker, suck that dick for me." And then I took his picture!

I got down on my knees too and we both sucked that cock together. I on one side and my cocksucking husband on the other as we went up and down the length of that dick and both our bottom and top lips touched as we sucked. We were kissing each other as our lips were wrapped around each side of the hard cock. That was when we shared our first cock as a couple of cock sucking cockwhores. It was hot!

"I want to share a REAL cock with you fuckboy! Will you suck off a cock with me and have it gush on our faces?"

"You want to ride this big cock, don't you slut?" he asked

"Yes" I replied.

"You want to fuck this beautiful hard dick while I suck your clit?"

"Oh yeah baby, I want to get fucked while you suck my pussy."

I turned around and bent my knees slightly to get my ass in a good position.

"Show me how a slut rides a hard cock," he ordered. "Wrap your hot pussy around that dick!"

It was fucking wild! And then fuckboy hubby put his head between my legs with his back to the wall and started to suck and lick my clit while I fucked the dildo stuck to the wall. The balls were touching my clit as I slammed my ass against the wall being fucked by the huge dildo dick. My hubby's mouth and tongue were sucking me off while he licked that cock's balls and my clit at the same time.

"Oh fuck baby, suck my pussy and watch me get fucked! You like watching your slutty wife-whore getting fucked by a huge cock? You're gonna make me cum! Oh fuck, that's so fucking hot watching your lips on my clit and that cock right next to your mouth. Are you gonna suck that cock too, fuckboy? You want that pussy soaked cock in your mouth?"

I pulled off the fake cock and watched as my husband took that dick in his mouth and deep throated it.

"What a cock slut you've become," I said. "You like pussy AND cock, don't you?"

"I love watching you get fucked. I just want to make my slutty wife cum." My husband said.

"Maybe you'd like a turn with that dick in your ass. You like hard dick in you boy pussy, don't you? Would you like that fuckboy? Here, turn around, I want to watch you get fucked while I suck YOU off!"

I quickly got the lube and soaked the rubber dildo cock with it. I rubbed lube on hubby's ass cheeks and all over his balls and butt hole all the while stroking his hard dick.

"Okay cocksucker, your turn now. Back up on this hard cock and spread your ass cheeks!"

He did it! He got the 10" rubber dick into his ass!

"Are you a cockwhore fuckboy? You like to suck cock and pussy and get fucked in your boy pussy? Bounce on that dick, bitch," I commanded. "You want me to suck your cock, baby?'

"Oh yeah, suck my cock," he begged.

"You want me to suck your hard cock while you get fucked, whoreboy? Say please."

"Please suck my cock baby," hubby begged some more.

"Tell me you're a cockwhore, fuckboy and maybe I'll suck your cock. Tell how you love to suck cock and get fucked!"

"I love to suck cock and get fucked!" he replied.

"Now tell me you're a cock sucking slut and need to suck a REAL cock for me."

"I'm a cock sucking whore and need REAL cocks to suck for my slutty wife."

"Will you suck those cocks and get them nice and hard and wet so they can fuck your slutty wife? Will you lick and suck my pussy while they fuck me?'

"Anything baby, just please suck my dick for me!"

So I sucked his cock while he was fucking that fake cock with his asshole.

He was about to cum when I stopped sucking. I had a better idea. I quickly got the strap-on harness from our bedroom and attached it to my waist. I got a chair from the kitchen and put it next to fuckboy's face. Then I knelt on the chair so the strap-on cock was in front of fuckboy's face.

"Suck my dick, slut!" I yelled. "You're going to get it from both ends fuckboy! Suck my cock while you're getting fucked!"

My husband looked like a complete cockwhore and cum-slut with a fake dick in his ass and mine in his mouth.

"I want you to jerk your dick for me, cocksucker. I want to watch you squirt your load for me. Turn around and cum on that big cock that's fucking your ass. Would you like that? To squirt your big cum load onto that dick? Then you can suck it off! Will you suck a cum covered dick for me, fuckboy?"

That was too much for him! (He loves to be called fuckboy)

"Turn around and squirt on that dick!" I commanded

So fuckboy shot his load all over that rubber cock. Cum landed on the wall, on the shaft and balls of the dildo as he fisted his dick. He must have squirted 5 or 6 times. Each time looked more intense than the one before.

"Down on your knees, fuckboy and suck that cum covered cock. I want to see you eat cum. Show me what a cock slut you are!"

It was so fucking hot. I undid the strap-on and quickly grabbed the dildo. I sat on the chair, opened my legs and fucked myself. I fucked my pussy and made myself cum while watching fuckboy suck the cum off that 10" fake cock.

"I wish I had a real cock baby." I told him. "I would fuck your ass and then stick it in your mouth!"

Mmmm is all he could say.

We both went back to the shower and cleaned and caressed each other's bodies. It felt good to be naked with my honey hubby. I loved when he lathered my neck and shoulders. He washed my butt and my pussy. And he sucked on my tits. He sucked my tits like they were little cocks. I kept thinking how much of an oral suck-boy he was becoming. He would suck every part of my body upon command.

"I need a boy toy to worship my ass with their mouth. Would you do that for me baby? Will you worship my ass with your face? Will you bury your lips in my asshole and pussy?"

All he could say was Mmmm.

So I went to our bedroom and got on the bed on my hands and knees with my ass pointing straight up and my legs spread wide open. My hand opened up my fuck holes so he could suck me from behind.

"Make me cum you ass-whore. Bury your fuckboy face in my ass. Make sure you suck my pussy too, while you adore my assholel! C'mon ass-boy suck me off, make me cum in your face!"

He is so fucking good at oral sex! He made me cum in his face. But I wanted more. I needed to get fucked! I love cock in all my holes but I wanted his dick in my ass.

"Are you ready to fuck me baby? Is your dick hard enough to fuck me? You wanna fuck your slutty wife in the ass? I need your big fucking cock in my asshole baby. But I need to be double fucked. Get that rubber cock and stick it in my pussy. Then you can fuck my slutty ass. I need cocks in all my holes!"

My husband loves to fuck me in the ass. He took the fake dick and slapped my clit all the while he was licking my asshole. My ass was up in the air and he shoved that rubber cock in my pussy. I waited for him to fuck me in the ass, but while he lubed my asshole with the oil, he kept telling me how hot I would look with two cocks in my pussy.

I really wanted him to shove his cock in my ass while I had that dildo in my pussy.

Instead, fuckboy worked his cock into my pussy while the fake dick was still in me. Oh my, what a feeling! Two dicks in my wide open pussy at the same time!

"Do you like getting double fucked, my slutty whore?" He asked.

"Yeah baby! I love cock!

"Tell me how you love to fuck."

"I love cocks in all my holes. I want to get fucked and I need cum in my ass and pussy! I need cocks, I love cock! I love to fuck!"

I now had my husband's dick and the fake cock in my pussy at the same time. The two cocks fucking me while they rubbed together. Dick against dick. Cock against cock as hubby, fuckboy slammed by fuckhole.

"Do you like being a slut?" he asked

"I love being a slut!"

"Do you like to get double fucked?"

"I love to be double fucked!"

"Tell me you love cocks!"

"I love cock."

"No, tell me you love cocks!"

"I love cocks!" As in more than one, many cocks, all my holes.

"You're a fuckboy!" I had to say.

The feel of two cocks in my hot pussy was too much. My fuckboy made me cum like never before and I kept thinking that he'd let me fuck two REAL cocks at the same time. I wanted to have two hard, cum squirting dicks in my pussy. As long as hubby's dick was one of them!

I wanted to ride two dicks while I sucked my husband's cock. And for so many reasons I knew fuckboy would be okay with that. Me, having a hot, hard dick in my asshole while another fucked my pussy and my hot, big dicked fuckboy sticking his dick in my mouth.

I wanted to have a fuckfest with five cocks as big as my hubby's, to suck, fuck and fill all my slutty holes. I wanted two REAL cocks in my pussy, one in my asshole and one in each hand to jerk off and suck between the two.

"I want five cocks to suck and fuck, baby. Will you let me fuck and suck five hard cocks? I promise to let you cum in my ass, if you let me be a slutty cockwhore!"

Fuckboy then stuck the other dildo in my ass. No warning, he just shoved it in my ass.

"Yeah baby, fuck my holes!" I yelled.

Two cocks in my pussy and one in my ass! I came and came and started to shutter.

And fuckboy pulled out of my pussy and jumped to my face. He jerked his dick for a moment and all his spunky cum juice squirted onto my face and into my open whore mouth.

"Stick your tongue out and open your mouth!" he ordered.

I wanted cum in my face and in my mouth and all I could do was open my mouth and have his cum gushing cock fill my face, mouth and tongue. I quickly wrapped my lips around that dick and swallowed as much as I could. I wanted to prove to him that I was a true cum sucking slutty whore. And that he'd be back for more from his slutty wife.

And all he said was...


What a slut!

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Suck cum off a strapon

There aren't many stories that ever mention this but it's so sexy. Love it!

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