tagLoving WivesHusband Watches Black Sex

Husband Watches Black Sex


Lady Denisa’s Husband R.A.F. Group Captain Lord Henry had returned from his Commander in Chief’s post in Africa. It’s 1945 and the Second World War is over. Denisa at 48 years of age had always been faithful to her husband. That had changed when after three years of separation she had met a young black American pilot.

After just one night of wonderful illicit sex the black youth had been killed. However she’d realized she’d changed forever, found another young black lover and joined her fellow service wives in a V.E. day gangbang.

Now with her loving husband home she’s come to her senses and resolved to become faithful to him once more. However she missed her cuckolding lovers and her husband’s unenthusiastic lovemaking was no compensation. He seemed to have no imagination and style, so when she had sex with her husband it was her black lover she pretended was fucking her.

However her husband seemed different now, was it his wartime experience‘s that had changed him. Denisa held him and asked what was wrong. Henry had broken down and told her he’d been unfaithful to her and would she forgive him!

While pretending to be shocked Denisa was secretly pleased, she felt less guilty knowing he’d also succumbed to sexual frustration. She told him with a stern face that she’d only forgive him if he told her everything.

Henry agreed and explained he’d succumbed to the charms of a local black girl. She had been eighteen and had climbed into his bed and mounted him. Her skin had been ebony with an alluringly pink vagina.

He’d fucked her most days from then on; she’d become pregnant and had his half-caste baby girl. Henry begged for forgiveness and fully expected Denisa to divorce him. Denisa had to think quickly, she pretended to be shocked but said she’d forgive him if he told her everything including all his desires.

He husband shook tried to speak then paused. Unable to put into words what for a nineteen forties officer and peer of the realm would be seen as decadent. But then still shivering and with perspiration running down his brow he plucked up enough courage.

Not being able to look into his wife’s Lady Denisa’s eyes he confessed his longings not shared with his closest confident let alone his wife of thirty years. He told her he’d overpowering urge’s to watch his ‘chaste wife’ being fucked by other men. Not only that as he’d had sex with the black girl he wanted to see a black man fuck her!

Denisa’s heart leapt this was wonderful; her pussy was wet with anticipation. Using all her self control she kept her face impassive and said in a low voice she didn’t know if she could, but she loved him so much she would try to do what he asked. She even suggested that Henry bring the black girl and his daughter to England to live with them. She could be hired as the child’s nanny; he’d even be allowed to have sex with her.

Henry thought this was wonderful, his wife allowing him to fulfil all his sexual desires despite her misgivings. He asked her to arrange to employ new servants for their manor house while he returned to Africa to arrange for his black lover and child’s return to Great Britain.

Before I Denisa left the base for our manor house Kenny my eighteen-year-old black aircraftsman lover came to say goodbye. I mounted his long black cock and fucked him hard all night. When our lust had subsided for the moment he told me he was being demobbed the next week. He didn’t know where he would go as his grandfather’s home in London had been razed to the ground by the Nazi bombing.

It was so obvious what I should do, I suggested he come with me and become my paid driver. I explained my husband’s fetish about wanting to watch me being fucked by a black man. Kenny agreed to do what Henry wanted though with some misgivings as he was frightened of my husbands high rank and status. I explained it would be all right and that he’d be paid in cash get free housing and full board by my husband plus sexual favours from me as a bonus.

He was excited about the idea and asked if his seventy-year-old grandfather could be employed as a gardener for me as he didn’t want to leave him on his own. I said that was all right as they could live in the gatehouse in our grounds.

Kenny then told me his father who was thirty-seven had been badly wounded, paralysed in fact. He wondered if he could eventually come and live with the two of them so his grandfather could look after him. This I also agreed to, anything to have this eighteen year old black boy with his ten inch cock available for me to use at my pleasure.

Kenny introduced me to his grandfather a tall skinny old guy with coal black skin and white hair. The septuagenarian was called Tommy a wrinkly skinned old man with few teeth. The two black men were pleased with their new gatehouse home and both got to work immediately.

Tommy cleaning up the leaves in the drive while his grandson Kenny was driving me to a local beauty spot. After laying a thick blanket on the ground I’d mounted his cock and fucked him unmercifully in the open air for the first time.

The cold air and the possibility of being seen turned me on so much I came several times before I allowed my paid young lover to fill me with his cum. Just before our last act of mutual coupling I noticed an old woman in tweeds watching the action. This did it for me pushing me to my biggest orgasm to date as the old lady rubbed her pussy below her skirt in time with our thrusts.

My husband returned and I told him of our two new employees. The fact that they were black men pleased him very much. It wasn’t long before he begged me to have sex with a black man while he watched us. I pretended to be reluctant and allowed Henry to persuade me to give it a try although appearing to still be reluctant.

What a cow I was pretending to have stayed faithful to him and being reticent about allowing him to fulfil his fantasy. On the other hand it was part of what he wanted to see his ‘chaste wife’ giving in to his desires despite her misgivings.

I owed Henry his fantasising and resolved to play up to his desires. I spoke to Kenny and instructed him to pretend reluctance to have sex with me. He should act as if he was a virgin having a woman for the first time. He agreed though he was worried what my husband would feel or do and if he himself could get it up with Henry watching.

My husband had more surprises for me; he was kinkier than I’d thought. He had me dress in sexy black mesh stockings and suspender belt with a platform bra that made my C cup boobs look huge. Then he blindfolded and gagged me and tied me face up on our four-poster bed with silk scarves.

Henry then mounted me and thrust a few times before cumming inside my pussy. This as usual turned me on but left me needing much more to make me cum. However I was expecting my young lover Kenny next so my clit was twitching in anticipation of full release.

I heard the bedroom door open and soon four hands were fondling my body, all of them seemed reluctant and hesitant. Well done Kenny I thought, don’t act as if this is what’s normal with your mistress. My boobs were lifted from my bra and fondled by one man while the other caressed my tummy and genitals.

I was soon soaking wet with desire and my husband’s sperm seeping from my pussy. I so desperately wanted Kenny’s cum to join it soon. I didn’t have long to wait I felt a huge cockhead part my swollen labia and press into my vagina’s entrance.

I could feel he was taking me bareback and that this had to be with my husband’s approval. My spouse was giving me permission to cuckold him, to have sex with the black man he’d arranged to fuck me while he watched.

Bliss, this vaginal intruder wasn’t my husband’s five and a half inch penis for sure but a much bigger cock I knew was black. At the same moment Henrys limp prick was placed in my mouth, this was the first time he’d ever done this. It seemed his black woman lover had taught him other techniques. I was happy with this so used my lips and tongue to re invigorate his member. After all he was allowing my black lover to penetrate my cunt.

My one previous gangbang had made the idea of more than one man on me very acceptable. I loved multiple male’s attention in fact! The big cock slowly but surely was working its way inside me, my Vagina stretching steadily from its careful intrusion.

This restrained entry was so different to Kenny’s normal animalistic fast thrusting; however it was making me just as Horney. I felt the urge to grab my lover’s buttocks and drag him fully into my depths, but my silken restraints prevented this option.

Deeper and deeper the big cock moved inside me, great restraint Kenny, I thought, don’t let my husband realise you’ve fucked me nearly every day for months. It took ages for the big black cock to reach my wombs entrance and force its way inside, by then I was climaxing. This is new; this is good, we must try this again and again, I Thought.

Now the massive cock was moving in and out but only a few inches at a time. So very slowly and sensuously and at the same time pressing against my clitoris. Wonderful sensations were building within me; the clitoral and vaginal stimulation were lifting me to sexual heights I’d never reached before. This combined with the feeling of my husband’s smaller cock swelling within my mouth were impossible to resist.

I came so violently if I hadn’t been tied to the bed I’m sure I would have thrown both my lovers from my body with my almost volcanic powered convulsions. As it was I felt the small but hard cock in my mouth buck and force itself into my very throat as it shot sperm into me. My husband Henry said thank you lover as he released his load deep within my oral tract. This was the first time he’d cum twice in me in one day; the black girl had been a good influence it seems.

Still the wonderful huge cock within me hadn’t cum or speeded up its movements. All the time keeping pressure on my clitoris the huge appendage moved slowly and deliberately within me. This was so Horney, I was orgasming continually now, small shudders within my tummy interspersed with huge eruptions of emotion and lustful abandon.

My god I couldn’t live without Kenny’s ten-inch fat knob, I never wanted to let his cock leave my vagina. I felt so emotional I thought I would die with the fantastic orgasms he was giving me. These were so much more intense emotional and physically exciting than I’d ever experienced in my sexual life.

What had caused this extra super excitement that made my vulva ache for him? Why did my uterus long for his sperm? Was it because I knew my husband had arranged this tryst and been thus been part of it? Or that he’d admitted his own adultery and impregnating the black girl? Perhaps it was because Instead of me mounting his male member my lover was doing me with his long black cock while I was hopelessly tied down, that he for once had full power over my body?

For nearly two hours his rock hard cock slowly tempted and internally caressed my vagina, forcing countless orgasms from me without shooting sperm into my womb. I realized he was playing with me, to make me multiply orgasm, stopping just before he came. My vagina was so sensitive by this time I could feel his entire length throb as if to fill me with his cream. Only then he’d calm his movements within my body and subside his cum reflexes without giving me the prize of his own orgasm I now craved for.

Then I sensed he could hold on no longer, this time even his huge rod lying still would not stop him shooting within my very womb! I shouted a muffled cry and tried to spit out my gag and my lovely husband released it for me. I screamed, “Cum inside me lover!”

As I felt his first long hard spurt into my deepest parts my husband released my blindfold. Then absolute shock, before my startled eyes and coming inside me wasn’t my eighteen-year-old lover Kenny but his wrinkly septuagenarian grandfather.

Though bewildered at first we both came with such force I didn’t care! I was still spasming violently and realized I was happy to have this old mans cum, I wanted it badly in fact.

Now I had two black lovers one young and one very old, what a wonderful contrast in sexual technique they provided, the best of both worlds in fact! At that moment of ecstasy I decided to continue fucking both my black lovers as long as they and my husband wanted me to!

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