tagIncest/TabooHusbands Fantasy Comes True

Husbands Fantasy Comes True


It all started one day when I was at work when I started to receive some text messages from my husband Paul. We texted a lot so it wasn't out of the ordinary. We started chatting about sex and our fantasies. Kind of makes the long boring day at work a bit on the bright side.

We have a healthy sex life. We are very open and express our desires and wants and needs and we have sex a good 3 times a week. Not bad for a married couple who has been married for 24 years.

I just turned 45 and my husband is 51. He still calls me his beautiful bride on occasion and of course makes me feel like it. At my age I still try to maintain a sexy appearance. I exercise a few times a week and I eat pretty decent. I'd say I weigh around 130lbs and I have short brown hair to my shoulders. I, however, am the pale one of the family. My 2 children, got their skin pigmant from my husband who tans too easily. I have to go through a few good sun burns before I begin to tan if I do at all.

My husband was texting me about a fantasy of his and telling me that he always thought it would be hot if I had sex with a younger guy. When I asked about the age frame he said anywhere of legal age til early 20s. I got to thinking about it and the thought of course turned me on. There are so many young guys around and they all have the great bodies. Definitely a turn on I thought to myself. I asked him how serious he was about his fantasy and asked if it was something he really wanted me to do. He said he would probably go through with it if we found a guy that we both agreed upon.

Well later that night we got online and chatted around searching for guys. We met some and brought up what we wanted and some guys were on board and some figured we were messing around. Well we didn't really come to trust the guys online. You never know with the ratio of std's now days. Anyone can have them.

So later in the week we decided to head out on the town to some local night venues and a few bars and see what all we could find. Still we had a hard time finding a guy that met both of our standards. It was harder than we thought.

On the way home my husband made a statement that he wanted a guy to have our sons qualities, in the fact that he was a normal, handsome, and not to crazy. But he wanted an average guy. I agreed with him. And I blatently asked him if he ever thought about this guy being our own son. At first I was nervous as I asked him that and he replied with that he didn't. I thought it was dropped then because how awkward it would become afterwards should that happen.

On the rest of the drive home we were pretty quiet but I couldn't help think about what we were just discussing. Our own son? My own son? Would he be into it? Would it be weird? Has there been other women out there who have tried this? I kept trying to convince my self that it was very wrong but in the back of my mind, it made it kind of exciting. But would I actualy go through with that if the occassion arose.

My son, Adam, is 19. A freshman in college but he still lives with us. My daughter is 22 and is out ofthe house and married as she has a baby on the way. I considered ourselves an average normal family. Adam is really cute with dark hair and dark eyes and of course his tan skin color. He is thin but has some muscle tone to his upperbody. He played basketball for his high school team and he still plays for fun when he can so he is in good shape.

We arrived home and it was late around 10 pm and we both got ready for bed. I came out of the bathroom wearing my normal nighttime attire of a little tshirt and underwear.

I layed down in bed next to my husband and rolled over and kissed him as he was watching Leno. I layed there watching it also but in my head I was thinking more about our earlier conversation and I decided to bring it up again. Knowing our son was in his room I said "you know Adam is just right down the hall" but in a joking manner. He laughed and said yeah I know. I asked if he had thought about it anymore and he asked me the same. I admitted that I had and, he asked if it was somethinng I'd be willing to try. I shooked my head as if I was unsure but he got it out of me that it intrigued me somewhat a little. We talked about it more and he finally said if I wanted to go to his room he would be ok with it but to come back and give him details. I asked if he was sure and he said yes so I got up and went back in the bathroom. I was shaking because I had gotten really nervous.

I decided to put my robe on but, I took off my tshirt and left my underwear on. I probably should have changed it as I had pretty heavy moisture from all of this thinking in my head. I fixed my hair some and tied my robe and walked out looking at my husband. He just looked at me and just smiled. I walked out of the room thinking how crazy this was, should it happen, and thinking how it could start. I knew he had a laptop so I figured it was one way I can start a conversation.

As I got to his room the door was shut but I heard his tv on. It also was on Leno. Like father like son! I knocked softly while cracking the door open to find him laying there but awake. I asked if I could use his laptop for a few minutes to check a few emails and he was fine with it.

I got on the computer and opened my gmail pretending to read some emails while keep looking back at the tv seeming as if I was interested. We also may some small talk here and there before I asked him why he stopped hugging and kissing me before bedtime anymore. Of course he laughed at my little joking comment. I said and you don't snuggle either with me. He laughed more.

I unplugged the power cord to the laptop and got up and went to sit by him on the bed. I said since you don't come to me anymore I guess I have to come to you. It was funny but my thoughts inside my mind were growing more intense. We sat there for a minute engaging in conversation when I decided to pretend to find some porn on his laptop. I showed him somethng I searched pretending it was in his history. He laughed in response. I got up and went to close his bedroom door because I had forgotten to shut it on my way in. I pressed the lock button and turned and said, your dad would flip if he knew we looked at porn together. He nodded but I made my way back to this bed this time laying down on my back propping the laptop up on my belly bracing it with my knees. I asked for him to tell me some good sites and he was willing to. We looked at porn for a few minutes and I was growing more and more horny by the second. There I was beside him, looking at porn. Never once had I imagined this moment in my entire life but I was going with it.

We looked at pictues and some videos for a bit when I decided to pretend I was cold and I manuevered his comforter around to throw over the lower half of my body. When I stopped moving around my foot has rubbed against his leg and I held it there embracing the moment feeling his leg against my toes. I loved every minute of this and he did not adjust his leg either. I kept moving my foot around on his leg til I got the courage to rub it up and down his lower leg a few times and I told him his legs were warm. Silence overcame us as we laid there looking at stuff online and I kept making little comments about how fun it was to do this and about his dad and how he would flip.

Probably about 5 minutes later I closed the laptop and put it down on the floor by his bed and laid back down but I rolledover to face him. I had my hand under the blanket and I placed it on his chest and he looked at me and I went and kissed his forehead. He had a breif smile. I rubbed his stomach asking him if he remembered me doing this when he was young and he did. I made my way further down his shorts but pretended I had a scratch on my leg. As I went to scratch I brushed against his penis and noticed he was hard. I then had a feeling that it would go where I wanted it to go if I made that move.

When I got done scratching I placed my hand back on his lower abdomen region on the waist line of his shorts and I slowly moved my hand further down while my eyes were focused on Leno and the tv. Both of us making little laughs to his jokes made the moment a little better. Before I knew it my entire hand had came to rest on the outside of his shorts on top of his hard penis. He didn't move or adjust so I had a feeling he was into it. I rubbed my fingertips up and down his shaft as I began to feel a bit of wetness through his shorts. His precum was beginning to soak through. I took my hand and with my fingers lifted the waist band and placed my hand under untili found his dick and I grabbed it. It was hard and very warm and yes it was a bit wet on the tip from his precum.

I looked at him and asked him if it felt good that I was touching him this way. He nodded yes and he started to bite his lower lip. I told him to lift his butt up and I slid his shorts off as he assisted in pushing them off with his feet. We both laughed a bit before I resumed touching him.

I started to stroke him slowly up and down feeling him. It wasn't to big and it was about an average size and that was fine with me. The more and more I stroked him the more wet my hand was getting from his precum.

I then raised the comforter enough over his penis and I was staring at it. I loved it. I leaned down and kissed his stomach as I got closer to his penis. I was only inches away when I decided to jus go for it. I stuck my tongue out and touched the tip and tasted his precum. It was a lot as a string of it attached to my tongue as I pulled it away it. This made me want it more so I opened my mouth and placed it over his head and started to slowly take it deeper in my mouth. It was amazing. I was sucking his dick and I had no regrets. I no longer felt weird for it. I enjoyed this and it appeared he was as well.

I took my mouth off of it and continued stroking it with my hand. I had gotten it very wet from my saliva and he seemed to love it. I commenced sucking him and stroking him on and off for a few minutes before I stopped and looked at him. Our eyes met and I asked if it felt good and he said yes. I said you don't hate me do you and he said no. I continued with my hand rubbing his dick. I leaned in and gave him a kiss on his lips to discover he wanted an open mouth kiss. So I went with it, touching my tongue to his while I moved my hand to his face feeling it.

After our kiss I pulled away and laid back on my back using my hands to slide my underwear off. He noticed what I was doing as he tried to glance down and I caught him looking and we both smiled. Once they were off I rolled back over facing him grabbing his hand and placing it in between my legs. It only took a second before his fingers made their way to my pussy massaging it. I was so wet. One of his fingers found my hole and he slid it in. I closed my eyes tight feeling it as I whispered how I wanted him and how good it felt.

Before I knew it two fngers had made their way inside of me. He wasn't doing it hard. Just slowly with just enough pressure as he felt around inside my pussy. I went and leaned in and kissed him again causing his fingers to slip out of me.

We kissed and then I rolled over on top of him. Still with my robe on, I sat straight up and untied It, letting it fall down as my breasts were bare to him. I tossed my robe onto the floor.

He was looking at them and it was so hot and sexy. He reached his hand up and felt them. As he was feeling them I manauevered my way on to his dick rubbing it against my slit. I asked him if he wanted to go inside of me and he nodded with a yes. I raised myself up with my knees and reached down with my hand guiding him to my hole but not sliding him in. I placed both of my hands on his chest and then I let myself loosen as it went right inside me, the whole length of it. He was so hard. I sat there a moment feeling it and looking at him before my hips start grinding on him. His dick was perfect. It fit well. I rode him slowly for about 2 minutes before he whispers for me to wait. I looked at him as he seemed he was holding his cum in as he wasn't ready to come yet. I asked if he was ok and when he said yeah I started back grinding on him.

I grinded on him faster and harder where his dick was putting so much pressureon my clit and I was close to orgasm. But I didn't.

I stopped and layed down on him pressing my breasts against his bare chest kissing him, our tongues embracing full force and our saliva meeting cause a very wetkiss.

We lay there kissing as his dick still inside me and I start moving up and down on it slowly. His hands on my back moving to my sides trying to assist me as I am riding him.

Every few moments I press down really hard to feel him really feep in me.

Then I ask him to get on top of me and he does. Our bodies completely naked embrace again as he lays in between my legs. My hands up by his neck caresing him as he enters me once more.

The feel of laying there having my sons dick inside me sent shivers up and down. It felt so long and thick.

We weren't fucking. We were making love. Slow and steady. He wasn't going fast. He raises himself up supporting himself by his arms and I am able to look down and see his dick going in my trimmed mound soaking wet. My legs spread wide for him relaxed down around him with my feet flat on his bed.

While he is inside me I reach down and pull the comforter up over him to his lower back. We continue to make love like its nothing for what seemed for eternity. My son in perfect rythym as he is going in and out of me. I glanced at the clock on the desk and I thought about my husband and how he won't believe this is happening. What he will think when I tell him...if I tell him.

I focus my attention back on my son as his body presses completely on me and we kiss. My legs wide as I wrap them around his lower legs. My hips insync with his thrusts as he gets in deeper.

I start to get a chill feeling as I do before I orgasm. I feel one coming on and I ask him not to stop. It was time for me to get off. He keeps pressing into me as my orgasm approaches. His pace picking up but still not fast. He leans up supporting himself again as my hands move from his back to his face caressing him. My orgasm is here. My legs tighten around him my eyes closed tightly and my pussy clinched around his dick squeezing him with every throb of my orgasm. I cum on his dick and he feels it. And my orgasm lasting for about 20 seconds before it winds down.

My son pauses for a few moments loooking at me. We kiss again and he lays on me and trusts again and again in me this time faster and with more force. I knew he was ready to cum. I look up at his eyes and whisper to him I love him and that its ok for him to cum inside me when he is ready. About 45 seconds later he is going fast and all of a sudden I feel his dick throbbing as its shooting his cum inside me lasting for about 10 seconds and he lays down on me. Every few seconds I still feel his dick throbbing as his orgasm comes to a hault.

We lay there rested, sweaty, and juices running down my legs as my body is limp from our sex. I don't want to move, I am in no hurry. He gives me a soft kiss on my lips and my hands stroking his back slowly.

Eventully he lifts up and his dick slides out of me letting his cum drip out of my pussy onto his sheets and he rolls off of me onto his back. I lay there beside him looking at him and smiling saying how that was so good and fun but how I didn't know what came over me to do all that. He said it was ok and he enjoyed it and that he thought I was really attractive. I said well thank you and that he wasn't suppose to do that to his mom, jokingly.

He laughed. I sat myself up trying to find my underwear as I did and slipped it back on. I stood there for a minute looking at him before leaning back down kissing him on his lips. I tell him I should be going and I made my way back to the hall way to the bathroom across my his room. I walk in and clean myself up and splash some water on my face as I was still sweaty.

I drape my robe back on and tie it and head towards my bedroom where my husband was waiting impatiently. I walk in and see him laying there with a smile asking what all happened. I was gone for about 30 minutes.

I went into to my bathroom and put my robe back up and changed panties which my husbnd noticed. He asked if it happened and I just smiled. I layed back down beside him and he was begging me for details and more information. Then I finally admitted to it and how we started it and how it finished with my husband asking if I let him cum inside me to which I told him I did.

A few minutes later my husband wanting to rip my underwear off and fuck me hard as I let him. I was wet from everything still and was ready for more sex. And we did for about 3 minutes before my husband cums inside me.

Still so tense from the night withmy son I didn't sleep that well. Tossing and turning all night wondering if he was awake and what his thoughts were. Finally the morning arrives and I head to see my son and wake him up. Him stil being naked, I take my finger and rub up and down on his dick as he slowly awakes seeing me. He gets hard right away as I ask him if he is ok and he says yes. He had to be at work in an hour and I just wantd to make sure he was ok and to my satisfaction he seemed ok.

With his dick hard I didn't want to fill like a tease so I stroke him some and go down on him for a few minutes. While I'm sucking him I can still taste the wetness of our sex on him. I'm sitting there on the edge of his bed sucking him when all of a sudden I feel his cum shooting in my mouth. I totally was not expecting it. It was a lot but I can handle it as I just swallowed it with ease. I released it from my mouth swallowing the last bit of cum left in my mouth and pat him on his stomach and make my way out of his bedroom with a smile on my face I look back and put up my finger to my lips and whisper shhhh...

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